Goofy's Radio
Studio: Disney Television Animation Release Date : February 19, 2000 Series: Goofy Cartoon
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Goofy decides to escape the pressures of big-city life and take a vacation at Brownstone Park. He takes his radio with him, which has a curious effect on Louie, the Mountain Lion.


(Voice: Bill Farmer)

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Original Language: English
Original Country: United States

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From Patrick Malone :

The beginning of this short was straight out of Goofy Gymnastics but this time Goofy takes a different route and tries to relax in the great outdoors. I was a little disappointed that, having gone to Brownstone Park, we didn't get to see Ranger Woodlore return. But Louie, the Mountain Lion did return again and turns in a fairly comic performance. The entire short was built around a single joke; that when Louie hears the radio, he begins dancing along to the music. But there's really no reason given for this behavior, or any previous reference to that kind of reaction. Still, it was pretty funny even if it did play the same note over and over again.

From Juan F. Lara :

O.K., the radio plays and then the mountain lion dances, and you've got a ready-made cartoon. Actually, this premise could've been really funny. But shaky Toon City animation hurt the short. There was nothing special about the choreography the creators made for the mountain lion, and the way he moved when he danced was too awkward. The lion looked too grotesque for the sight gag of the dancing lion to look plausible. Still, I laughed a lot at the scene where the storytelling on the radio followed what was really happening to Goofy.

From Lee Suggs :

If you like Goofy this is a classic. Goofy goes to Brownstone Park (I believe this is the same park where Humphrey the bear sparred with Ranger J. Audubon Woodlore in the classic shorts.) to "get away from it all." Fortunately he does take his easy chair and his radio. A mountain lion tries to eat Goofy, but is undone by the radio. It seems that this mountain lion cannot help but dance (in appropriate style) to what ever music is on the radio. The numerous gags inspired by this tendency are very amusing. The final confrontation, between Goofy and the lion, is believable, and Goofy survives in his own "goofy" way.

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