Pluto's Penthouse Sweet
Studio: Disney Television Animation Release Date : May 8, 1999 Series: Pluto Cartoon
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When Mickey and Donald head out on a double-date with Minnie and Daisy, Pluto is left behind feeling lonely. Then he spies Tiki, a beautiful Maltese Terrier, and pursues her to her sky-high skyscraper. However, once inside her penthouse suite, Pluto finds the tables turned, with Tiki in hot pursuit of him!


Mickey Mouse
Minnie Mouse
Donald Duck
Daisy Duck


Mickey MouseWorks (Season 1, Episode 2)

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Original Language: English
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From Patrick Malone :

Another good one that started out slow and then picked up a lot of good steam at the end. When Pluto is left alone by Mickey and the gang, he is attracted by a cute Maltese terrier. However once he gets to her penthouse, he becomes the pursued rather than the pursuer and begins to long for life with Mickey again. The animators apparently have discovered that most of the time, Pluto's greatest asset are his facial mannerisms and the way his face can be stretched and manipulated. This is used to a good effect in a quick elevator sequence. Tiki, the maltese terrier, seems to have more of a Chuck Jones style to her, especially in the big white-less eyes. I especially liked the gag where Pluto, after climbing God knows how many steps to the penthouse, plops all four paws onto the top step and pulls himself up by all fours. I would have liked to see more interplay between Pluto and Butch, however. Not enough was made of the rivalry between them.

From Tom :

It's good to know that they haven't forgotten some of the minor stars from the classic shorts, the dog Butch, who tormented Pluto to no end in the late forties. This seemed a bit like a gender- reversed Disney version of the WB series of LT'S and MM's staring Pepe Le Pew. It took a little to long to build up but it was worth the wait. Some great gags! Rating: B+

From Lovitz :

No comment other than: I do not like this cartoon and I hope they never show Tiki again. She has no personality!

From Juan F. Lara :

Now I REALLY DID find this short a lot more interesting than the other "Mouse Works" shorts I've seen. :-) I'll say that about any cartoon that has the romances theses characters have as the main plot. I was also glad to see a fun new character introduced. Among the females in cartoon couples I can't recall that many who were portrayed as so eager and agressive about the relationship as Tiki. I also liked her cartoony design (her corner-shaped legs as well as her Chuck Jones eyes). The makers very wisely held the time between Pluto and Butch down to one joke (though they could've cut even that one out) and spent all the time on Pluto and Tiki instead, which is what I really wanted to see.

Pluto's change of heart was awfully abrupt. He went from madly trying to get to Tiki to madly trying to get away from her in only seconds. But the change of heart did fit into his personality. Loyalty to Mickey is Pluto's overwhelming character trait. And old Mickey was a cool sight gag.

The makers seemed to be imitating Tex Avery cartoons here. Pluto did a lot of wild takes, and in the second half Tiki reminded me of the grandmother from "Red Hot Riding Hood".

DYN: They reused music from Mickey's New Car. (Listen for the Rock-a-bye Baby tune.)

From Lee Suggs :

A fun cartoon about being careful what you wish for. After Mickey abandons Pluto to hang out with the gang, (don't they know Pluto is one of the Fab Five? Pluto notices a VERY cute Maltese. She lets Pluto know she digs him too, and so he chases her home. Home turns out to be a penthouse apartment. (cute and rich too!) Unfortunately the door is guarded by Pluto's old rival Butch. After a series of escapades Pluto gets by Butch, and climbs the stairs ALL the way to the penthouse. (Pluto's exhaustion at the top of the stairs is hilarious.) When she spots him, Tiki (the Maltese) showers him with kisses. Pluto dreams of marriage, puppies, and growing old together. However, he suddenly realizes this means abandoning Mickey. Pluto (being a loyal, intelligent canine) decides that he can't leave the Mouse. (I knew I'd liked Pluto.) Tiki, however, isn't about to let him go. So we have a wild chase scene that culminates in Butch accidentally kissing Tiki and becoming her new amour. Pluto makes it home to Mickey and all is right with the world again. This was an amusing short with great use of Pluto's talent for physical humor.

From Emma Verven :

If you like funny cartoons ... watch this! It is funny! I hate that the gang left Pluto behind though. Watching Tiki chase Pluto was so funny! Tiki was acting like a insane stalker! My fave part was where Pluto walked off the building,but Tiki ran at the bottom first and was waiting to kiss Pluto and Pluto defied gravity and flew right back to the top of the building! As I said this is funny so watch it if you can!

From Baruch Weiss :

I saw this short on the House of Mouse episode Max's Embarrassing Date. It was pretty good. It was great to see pluto imagining life with his "loved one" but then he starts to think about Mickey who is depicted as an elderly mouse. So he tries every trick in the book to escape from his "Friend".

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