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Re: The GAC-IAD 10th Anniversary New Year's Wrap Party
« Reply #15 on: December 30, 2014, 09:14:19 pm »
EDITORS NOTE:  I sense a disturbance with the fans, so I'll get the Sailor Mars plot over as quick as I can, and leave the rest of it for more funny gags.  Fair enough??
Bugs slaps Daffy around
 :bugs2:  Snap out of it!  Snap out if it!
 :daffy: But but...
 :bugs2:  Look around you, look at you, look at me. You're a tasty treat!  It's 2015 already and YOU KNOW IT!
 :daffy: But but...
 :daffy: ....thanks, I needed that.
Mars:  The rabbit has got it right; you are ALL my meal and you to be that way at midnight tonight.  Now which one should I eat first?  Ahhhh...YOU
 :donald:  Hey, what's the big idea!  PUT ME DOWN!  BAWAWAWAWAWA!
Mars:  Well, bottoms up...
Mars:  Huh?
  I am the pretty guardian who fights for love and for justice...I am Sailor Moon!  You shouldn't be messing around eating all our beloved cartoon characters. 
Blabber:  We're still beloved??
Snooper just shrugs.
  And now in the name of the moon, we will punish you.
Mars: GRRRR..I thought I made you my tasty treats as well?!  Oh well....FIRE......SOUL!
Sailor Moon and the other scouts dive for cover.
  Rei!  C'mon!  Stop!  This isn't you!
Luna: Sailor Moon!  Use the moon healing stick!  Trust me!
Another bright light reveals a video...a video to change Mars' ways:
Toadette:  And what happened then, well in Toontown they say...that Sailor Mars' small heart grew..hey that's not in the script!
Nelson:  HA HA!
Toadette:  Anyways, Rei began to realize that what she is doing is wrong and that her desires were a mental issue.  Because of that, her desire to eat toons just disappeared.
Mars:  [actually crying this time]  Ohh my gosh..I feel so bad. 
 :donald:  There there...I've been down that road before.  I almost ate our cow for need of food.
Jupiter:  There you see, everything's getting back to normal.  Rei feels much better now.
 :bugs2:  I eh, hate to interrupt the mushy scenes, but eh, how do we get back to normal. 
Mercury:  All we need to do is have Sailor Moon run another Moon Healing Escalation over the toons and everything will be back to normal.
Mars:  Hey, where'd that meatball head go?
Venus:  oh no...[points a direction]
  AHAHAHAHAHAHA...[holding the gummy Yosemetie Sam]  You guys are so cute like this...
Luna:  groan..
Luna:  USAGI!
Alright..[pulls out her moon stick again]   MOON HEALING.....ESCALATION
Everyone was back to normal.
Luna:  And now's not the time to celebrate, now's the time to go after the one who caused all of this in the first place...SIMON BAR SINISTER!
  C'mon everyone, let's go!

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The tour-de-force of a climax
« Reply #16 on: December 31, 2014, 12:19:30 pm »
But right at that moment Simon Bar Sinister and Cad barge in with a ray gun that they use to drain all the Sailor Scouts' power!

:'re kidding....

Simon: I'm been spying on this party all this time, for those of you who are wondering. And if you won't obey my orders, Mars, then I'll just have to MAKE you obey!

Using another ray gun, Simon turns all the toons back into their gummy form! Cad uses hypnosis to get Mars to crave toons again!

Mars proceeds to pick up all the gummy toons and stuff them all into her mouth!! Cue a shot on the inside of ALL the toons hanging onto Mars's uvula.

Snooper: What a dastardly tribulation experience!!

Meanwhile, Cad locks the front door so that no one can escape. But then....

Me: Hold it right there!!

Pan over to and me in the corner!!

: You won't get away with this, not so long as we're here anyways!

I type on a typewriter, whereupon a chunk of the Rock of Gibraltar drops onto Simon Bar Sinister! Cad lifts it up.

Simon: On the contrary, I WILL get away so long as you're distracted!!

He takes out a film projector, and starts projecting the last scene of "Nelly's Folly" onto the wall. And and I zip over.

Me (tearing up): Oh, how I just love these happy endings! *sniffs*

(also crying): I know, I know!

and I sit there crying joyfully, while Simon Bar Sinister and Cad try to sneak out, intending to declare their takeover of Toontown.....except the door has been locked such that one cannot even get out from the inside!! And suddenly.....

:daffy:: AAAAAAAAA

Desperately :daffy: climbs out of Sailor Mars's turn, he grows back to his normal size.

:daffy:: So....*pant* *pant* a previously disabled plot device has become REenabled, Simon Bar Sinister and Cad are taking over Toontown and making Toad and Toadette cry, and worst of all, NONE OF THIS PATHETIC ****IN' PLOT HAS A TUNKET TO DO WITH NEW YEAR'S!!! Every year since 2004, THE FAECAL MATTER FLIES INTO PEOPLE'S COMPUTER SCREENS!! SOMEONE GET A BANHAMMER IN HERE, BECAUSE THIS HAS CROSSED THE LINE!!!!! I CAN'T #$%@ING STAND IT ANYMORE, I JUST CAN'T STAND IT!!!!!

Simon: Sorry, :daffy:, but yelling about it will get you nowhere. It's too—


And with that, :daffy: takes out a giant mallet and, to the WB clang, hits himself on the head with it, whereupon he.....

:daffy:: WOO-HOO!! WOO-HOO-HOO!! WOO!!

He proceeds to jump right onto ill Sailor Mars and ride her like a horse!

:daffy: (slapping Mars on her rear; oh, how very impolite!): HYAAH!!! HYAAAH!!! INTO THE BATTLEFIELD YOU GO, MARS!!!

He rides Mars towards Simon and Cad, who do a wild Tex Avery take and start banging on the door!!

Simon: Cad, how hard did you lock this door!?

Cad: Gee boss, you specifically said lock it well!!

Simon takes Cad and tries to break down the door using his big head.....while :daffy: takes out a machine gun and starts firing it at Simon and Cad! The finale of the overture of Wagner's Rienzi starts playing (it was heard during the final scene in "Bully for Bugs").

:daffy: (firing the machine gun): WOO-HOO!! WOO!!! WOOOOOO-HOO-HOO-HOO-HOO-HOO!!!

Simon and Cad, unable to break the door, zip off, narrowly dodging the bullets! (The windows are the kind covered with metal bars, so no use trying to get out through those.)

:daffy: continues to give chase riding Mars, who spits out the giant lump of toons on her uvula! They all grow back to normal size.

Up the stairs do Simon, Cad, and Mars-riding :daffy: go, with the latter now in a mask and wielding a chainsaw!!

And it turns out :daffy: has several, as chainsaws ricochet past the two villains! (One of them saws Cad's hair clean off.) The woo-hooing and whooping, not to mention all the chainsaws whizzing by, becomes positively deafening, such that the ears of Simon and Cad break like glass!!!

and I have stopped crying ever since the madness began.

: So, uh, what do we do now?

Me: We need to meet with !

And with that, and I stretch-dive out the windows (you know, the ones I earlier said could not be gone through...).

Meanwhile, the wild duck chase continues as :daffy: (and Mars) now threatens Simon and Cad with an unloaded giant Swiss Army knife!

Now on the rooftop, it looks like it's over for Simon and Cad as they are about to be mutilated by a large assortment of weapons....but no matter, as they simply run down the front of the mansion! :daffy: and Mars follow, and a chase throughout Tokyo Toontown ensues.

Finally, they are at the edge of a long-fall cliff overlooking Videoville. With one jab from the giant Swiss Army knife's screwdriver, :daffy: scares Simon and Cad off the cliff!

Simon takes out his getaway propeller-stick, and, with Cad hanging on, starts to fly up; he stops to stick his tongue out at :daffy:.....

....which turns out to be a big mistake, as :daffy: uses the giant knife's scissors to cut the propeller from the stick! Once again Simon and Cad are falling.

And at the bottom of the cliff, , , and I wait with a large firework. lights it, whereupon it flies up, catching Simon and Cad who unintentionally ride it, and then down, whereupon (to Simon's and Cad's horror) it goes right into the blocked-off Dip factory!

The pointy front part goes like a dart into one of the barrels.

Simon: Phew!

But then cue a typical Harry Love explosion!! Fireworks go off destructively within the factory, breaking all the Dip barrels and splashing lots and lots of Dip onto Simon and Cad!!! (And Dip flows all over the floor, too.)

Simon and Cad: *screaming in agony*

And with that, Simon and Cad melt into a gooey puddle of ink and paint!

The camera pulls back to show , , and I looking in through a window. We turn to the screen and unfurl a banner saying:

......of Simon Bar Sinister and Cad

Iris-out to "Beeeuwoop!"

More posts can still be written after this one, though.

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That's all on these old forums, Folks!
« Reply #17 on: January 01, 2015, 12:28:46 pm »
It seems dark and deserted in :bugs2:'s mansion, but then cue a white spotlight with :slow: sitting.


There's some clapping.....another spotlight comes on to reveal me being the clapper!

Me: I don't believe it, Slowpoke! After more than a year of singing, you finally sang the whole twelve days of Christmas! ;D

:slow:: Gracias, Toadette. Say, where did :speedy: and the other toons go? I came to Señor :bugs2:'s mansion here, only to find it was empty.

Me: They all went to Sailor Mars's mansion.

:slow:: Holy frijoles! So I missed the last party before the big shutdown of these old IAD forums.

Me: Don't worry! The Valentine's party will be on the fifteenth of January this new year, at the new IAD forums! Now I'm going to take you home. And as for you readers, I have a New Year's gift for you: Norman McLaren's strange ballet film Pas de deux!

:slow:: I just hope I didn't miss anything crazy.

:slow: walks onto my outstretched hand, and together we go off into the distance.

The following writes out in script as the variation of "Merrily We Roll Along" from "Stop! Look! and Hasten!" plays:

"Happy New Year Folks!"
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