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Re: An IAD Christmas Carol
« Reply #30 on: December 22, 2014, 02:21:40 pm »
 :daffy: How can that be? I tried to sleep for the winter, but I halliucenanted about my past, as well as Bugs' meeting his "gay" equivelent, and go on some plot that no duck should go on

 :daffy: (reads label of Chip and Dale's hibernation pills) Side effects for ducks include redemption nightmares a la "A Christmas Carol" and ghost visits. Do not take if you're Donald Duck. Ha. Ha.

 :daffy:  It must've applied to me as well too.....What day is it today?

Toadette: It's Christmas Day!

 :daffy: I'll get the finest KFC and McDonald's that there ever What The Freak ingredients!

 :daffy: does his hoo-hoo bit like Avery and Clampett's  :daffy:......

 :daffy: I'll invite everyone, including the Peanuts gang!

 :buzzy: And so, Daffy and the toons had a merry Christmas......

Chorus humming........


From Toadette to Bugs and Daffy in every dream
Have the healthiest alternative to ice cream
Start the year off right with Flavored Water.
It it sugar free and keeps hydrated
But watch out or you'll be migrated.
So to kick off the season
Drink Flavored Water......
The Corporation for Flavored Water Foundation,
representating the many bottlers of Flavored Water, clear sports drinks and many fine non-alcolholic beverages.

Mister Bighead
Justin Delbert

Bashful Bigshots

in IADcolor

A Daff in the Baff Presentation

 :wolfie: Awooo!

An IAD Films Production
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