Author Topic: Bill Hendricks and Seven Arts do Josie style,Sfx voices, music  (Read 1742 times)

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Hi! It has been announced that in 1970, right before the then-so named Warner Bros.-7 Arts were to close, Bill Hendricks was doing a Alex Toth
 style toon, with a blonde 16 year old teen girl, Theresa, and her friend,s Bunny, Christina), Sam, and Roger, in a rock band called..
 .with blessings from the great Milton Caniff---TERRY AND THE PIRATES at first then TERRY AND HER PIRATES. Hey, HB did a "Butch Cassidy" 1973 bubblegum show, no cowboys
 Therese aka Terry (a teen girl)-Janet Wado
 Christina, her flip do wearing reasonable tambourinist Deborah "GIdget" Walley
 Roger, her tanned bfriend- Jerry Dexter
 Bunny- dizty- long haired miniskirted Laugh In Goldie Hawn type -Julie Bennett"
 Sam-Larry Storch

 Music-William Lava, Frank De Vol.

 A very groovy cocnept, Terry has short bang on her hair and all the girls have miniskirts. You thought WB imitated HB-well, Terrytoons imitated HB's newer side with
 Sally Sargent and Ruby Eye of Monkey God (and HB's newer style with Johnny Quest in 1964 WAS based on the REAL Terry and the Pirates by Milt Caniff.)

Bunny (a human, not the Faye Dunaway rabbit from the cartoons) is the ditz. The leader, voice by Josie and Judy Jetson';s Janet Waldo (talk about Hanna-Barbera ripping off) is a teen girl very similar to Alice (HB) and Sally Sargent (Calvert/Terry_).

In talks, Sherry Alberoni, June Foray, Paul Frees and some others were in talks in 19760 to do voices..

 Now is THIS Warner Bros. trying to adapt to the Josie-Scoobiefied HB times or WHATY? Oh yeah. A laugh track and plenty of Hanna Barbera sound effects.