Author Topic: MPI Home Video announces Quickstraw McGraw, The Complete Series DVD!!!!!  (Read 2037 times)

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Artfully package in a cheap plastic keepsake DVD case that smells of old cheese, with paper sleeved discs carelessly piled inside, MPI Home Video has licensed the perennial favorite Quickstraw McGruff the Crime Horse for general retail release on April 30.  Extras include the classic companion cartoon Wally the Gator and the Hairy Bear Bunch and Archie and the Gang singing their famous bubble gum pop hits like "Splenda, Splenda".  Box art coming soon, but I hear it features some snazzy cover girl poses by no less notable cartoon icon than Sugarfoot, Quickstraw's trusty horse/girlfriend.  S'Alright!   :shame:

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I say they should also release Chuckleberry the Hound Dog, Rough and Ready, Adam Aunt, Secret Box Squirrel Jokes (the old one, not the 1993 one), and the Apple Splits.
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And while you're at it,also release The Jetstones and their Flying Machines,Ruby-Poo!,Splashy Races,and Pokey Gulf.
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