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Steve Stachfield has a wonderful project, one of many to improve a bankrupt city. The DIA will have a "Art of Peanuts" gallery, ranging from artifacts courtesy of the Schulz museum to Bill Littlejohn's production art.

But you haven't heard the good part.

Starting June 8th,also at the DIA,  a series of screenings of uncut Charlie Brown specials, starting with "Charlie Brown's All-Stars" and ending with "A Charlie Brown Christmas" will be shown with original commercials,  bumpers, pre-emption slides, CBS ID's, sponsor tags, logos, integrated commercials, the works…complimentary special glass Coke bottles will be given as refreshments courtesy of the Coca-Cola Company and local bottling plant. The bottles will be made with cane sugar instead of corn syrup (And it ain't Mexican Coke you're tasting!). Also the local Hostess bakery will give Dolly Madison snack cakes for Halloween's "It's The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown", as well as  other specials they cosponsored in the initial telecasts, like "It Was A Short Summer, Charlie Brown". Here is the schedule……

June 8th 2015- Charlie Brown's All-Stars
June 14th 2015- You're in Love, Charlie Brown
July 21st- 2015 He's Your Dog, Charlie Brown
Labor Day- It Was A Short Summer, Charlie Brown
September 20th 2015- Play It Again, Charlie Brown
October 27th 2015- It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown
November 1st-"Peanuts" CGI movie first 15 minutes plus "A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving"
December 9th 2015- A Charlie Brown Christmas

All screenings will have an introduction by Lee Mendelson, Craig Schulz and Monte Schulz

The first 50 who attend any event will get a DVD/Blu-ray combo pack of the same version being screened, not from any WHV masters, just uncut prints with all the bells and whistles!

Steve made me rev up for the event when he visited last time. The sad part?

….. he said APRIL FOOLS!

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