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Eutychus has allowed me to start the Cartoon Discussion of the Week for this week. Here we go...

Louvre Come Back to Me!
Release Date: August 18, 1962
Studio: Warner Bros.
Series: Looney Tunes (starring Pepe le Pew)
Directors: Chuck Jones, Maurice Noble (co-director)
Click here for the IAD entry of this cartoon.

Even though this cartoon was made shortly before Warner Bros. animation studio closed (most cartoon fans seem to turn away from shorts made in this time period), this cartoon is actually one of my favorites of the Looney Tunes/Merrie Melodies series. This cartoon marks the final appearance of Pepe le Pew  :lepew: in a "classic" Warner cartoon.

The cartoon has great art direction. Jones' designs marry perfectly with the simplistic background art. The humor revolves around fine art as Pepe chases Penelope (again) in Paris' finest art museum, the Louvre. I have been an appreciator of art since my art class days in high school which is the main reason why I enjoy this cartoon. A few recognizable pieces including American Gothic (Grant Wood), Mona Lisa (Leonardo da Vinci), The Persistence of Memory (Salvador Dali), and Venus de Milo (Alexandros of Antioch) were featured.

The cartoon features a love triangle. An unnamed cat also joins in on the chase for the girl. The role-played battle between Pepe and the cat was truly humorous.

This cartoon can be seen on the Pepe le Pew: Zee Best of Zee Best DVD. What do you guys think of it?
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