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April Fools!
« Reply #60 on: April 01, 2014, 03:48:41 pm »
Amanda: Wait, isn't Shirley an animated character? I thought...

Ms. Priceisright (who now has my voice): You numbskulls! We were still pretending.

Amanda (who has Pug's voice): Oh, duh, sorry, boss!

Me (unzipping the Ms. Priceisright costume): Too late to say that. Our cover has been blown because A. you thought it was that Shirley, and B. "Ashley" here couldn't think of a better name.

After I say this, all the scenery falls apart and the stock high school students turn out to be various Muppets! We are actually in the writers' room.

Ashley (Louie unzipping his constume): Uh, gee boss! Sorry, boss!

:buzzy:: Eh, not like this April Fool's joke was that convincing, to be honest. Y'know, Boss Dog, you could've taken advantage of the fact that both Pug and Louie had Daws Butler inside them and made, say, one of those early Hanna-Barbera cartoons; Louie, in particular, could've made a good Blabber Mouse!

Me: Well, Mister Bighead decided that a live-action tweencom would be a more bizarre joke. Oh, and by the way, Thunderbean is actually going to release a complete set of you. Here's the link.

:buzzy:: Wow! I better check this out!

:buzzy: goes inside the transcript and follows the link.

Me: So, April Fool's, everybody! Anyways, the Easter Egg Hunt Extravaganza is going to be held at Friz Freleng Memorial Park starting today, given what little time we have...anyways, all of the toons (except for us here, as well as :buzzy:) have gathered there.

:foghorn: Welcome, I say welcome to the first and possibly the last Easter Egg Hunt here in Toontown, followed by the Toontown Annual Spring Beauty Pageant! Now, before we get started, I would like to ask that we keep an eye out for any frogs here. As you know, there was a heist some time ago at the Felix-Huey Beatoon Archive, and the crown, I say the crown that will be rewarded to Miss Toontown at the conclusion of the pageant is worth more, I say more than any of them jewels that got stolen.


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Re: IAD St. Patrick's Day Jig/Easter Egg Hunt
« Reply #61 on: April 01, 2014, 08:16:17 pm »
(I'd love to contribute to the story,but my mind is blank right now. I just want to say sorry to the writers,for forgetting about this thread. I hope all goes well and eutyhcus solves the case of the profiles,without having to switch the software.)
Come and edit and contribute to the crazy wild story at the thread.Remember,the zanier the better!

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Just a model to build upon for the next several posts...
« Reply #62 on: April 07, 2014, 07:32:36 pm »
Well, it seems that eutychus has gotten the users problem solved...meaning that this party can finish on schedule! Anyways, :foghorn: has laid out various explosives, pies, banana peels, etc. that the toons can use to put each other at a disadvantage.

:foghorn: (holding a spanking board to a sleeping Barnyard Dawg's rear): Ready...set...

To the MGM gunshot/hard hit sound, :foghorn: gives the rear a hard hit, signaling GO!

Like in pretty much any other :foghorn: cartoon, Barnyard Dawg starts chasing :foghorn:, only to be held back painfully by the rope around his neck. Meanwhile, the other toons have started hunting Easter eggs; in particular, they are searching for a golden egg. And somebody has already found it...

:daffy:: That golden egg is mine! It's worth two hundred of the usual measly eggs!

:scrooge:: This is a game of finders keepers! I saw it first, and there's nothing you can do about it!

:daffy: (in angry Mel Blanc voice): OH YEAH!?

:daffy: takes out a detonator. Pressing down, the ground underneath :scrooge: explodes and turns him into roast duck! The golden egg is safe, though.

:donald:: Hey! You can't do that to my uncle!

:daffy: (who has gone 30s again): Who says I can't!? Woo-hoo! Woo! *presses the detonator again, causing :donald: to explode into roast duck*

:daffy: woo-hoos all over the park with the golden egg in hand. Meanwhile, on a nearby cliff, :coyote: is watching. He rolls a boulder down to try and crush :daffy:, but :daffy: just grabs it.

:daffy:: Don't you know how the 30s version of me works!? Woo-hoo! Hoo! *flings the boulder back and keeps woo-hooing*

Of course, the boulder smashes :coyote:, who comes out quite flattened with a very unamused expression. Then :roadrunner: stops by and surprises :coyote: with a beep-beep, resulting in a situation like this.

Meanwhile, :bugs2: is walking around with a wheelbarrow full of Easter eggs...


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Re: IAD St. Patrick's Day Jig/Easter Egg Hunt
« Reply #63 on: April 08, 2014, 08:29:33 am »
Constantine: Why don't we dress like Buster and Babs Bunny? The TMS designs, perhaps?

EB: I don't want to be the pink Babs bunny. People will laugh at me and call me names!

Constantine: Don't think of being Babs as a girl, think of her being just as good as a wise guy as her male counterpart!

EB: OK. But what are you going to do with that Pyriate (fools gold) egg?

Constantine: No time for exposition here. Just do what I said I planned.

EB: I thought you were going to egg the ladies at the beauty pagent.

Constantine: It's almost Psalm Sunday and we got to get going fast before Easter morning rolls around......

:buzzy: So they snuck next to the safe with the giant pyrite-er, fools gold egg, disguised as Buster and Babs Bunny,and lit dyanimite on the egg.....

:buzzy: Leaving the safe open for the crown and snatched it to a faraway place.........Everyone evacuated the Easter Egg Hunt due to the explosion.....we'll be right back after this commercial break from a word from our sponsor:


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Re: IAD St. Patrick's Day Jig/Easter Egg Hunt
« Reply #64 on: April 08, 2014, 09:02:39 am »
All the toons are still running and screaming in panic, except for  :bugs2: who is carrying his wheelbarrow of eggs.

 :bugs2: Hehe! I don't know what everyone is so panicky about. I'm pretty sure I found most of the eggs!


 :bugs2: Darn it! I stepped in something.

As  :bugs2: bends down to look at what was stuck on his foot, Snoopy runs up to the wheelbarrow of eggs. As  :bugs2: looks up, Snoopy takes off with the wheelbarrow laughing.

 :bugs2: You get back here, you mischievous beagle!
Happy Holidays, everyone!


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Re: IAD St. Patrick's Day Jig/Easter Egg Hunt
« Reply #65 on: April 08, 2014, 09:33:24 am »
Linus: That's just the work of the Easter Beagle. C'mon, it's not safe here. I recommmend you go home and play some board games.

:buzzy: Meanwhile, back in the mansion,  :bugs2: notices that it seemingly looks like his students Buster and Babs blew up the place.

 :bugs2: And they were 3 months from graudating from Acme Loo......ooohh, why I'll suspend those two. No, I'll EXPELL those two!

:buzzy: Which he doesn't know it's the Easter Bunny and Constantine, planning to turn Toontown into CGI Valley, and making Constantine the number one most wanted criminal.....realtively speaking, of course.

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Remember this?
« Reply #66 on: April 08, 2014, 03:03:29 pm »
:buzzy:: Now at a giant white blotch where "The Suspiciously Dark and Quiet Alley Where Criminals Often Hide Out" used to be...

Easter Bunny (still in his Buster costume): Why are we here in the first place? These garish costumes stick out in the white!

Constantine (still in his Babs costume): There's no other place to hide.

Seemingly out of nowhere, though, a wrecking ball rises up and smashes the Easter Bunny! On the top is stuck the Inspector from earlier.

Inspector (taking out a gun and handcuffing Constantine): In the name of the French law, I arrest you, Constantine, for disguising as Michigan J. Frog and stealing the jewels from the Felix-Huey Beatoon Archive! And what's this? Aha, the crown for Miss Toontown!

Somehow, the Easter Bunny has lots of strength. He lifts the wrecking ball up and smashes the Inspector AND karate-chops the handcuffs!

:buzzy:: In a corner near the alley, Snoopy has parked his doghouse and stuffed it with the Easter eggs from :bugs2:'s wheelbarrow, which is parked nearby.

Putting on his WWI flying ace costume, Snoopy starts to fly the doghouse and shoot lots of Easter eggs (mainly at the Easter Bunny and Constantine) while laughing maniacally!

Easter Bunny (covered in lots of yolk): That's it! Time to make another reference to a previous party...

The Easter Bunny takes out the infamous Ward Kimball expletive stamp and throws it at Snoopy at a speed of 70000000000000000 miles per hour. It makes a rectangle-shaped hole clean through the doghouse, and Snoopy crash-lands...right onto Constantine and the Easter Bunny! Cue a giant explosion, with Constantine, the Easter Bunny, and Snoopy all passed out and charred.

Snooper and Blabber are walking by at this moment.

Snooper: Do you see what I see, Blab?

Blabber: Gee, Snoop, it looks like the two bunnies that stole the crown of Miss Toontown, plus a flying ace beagle!

Now Snoopy and Constantine regain consciousness while Snooper and Blabber handcuff them. The Easter Bunny is placed in a cage made of some strong metal that has been enbalmed with the strongest tranquilizers in Toontown.

Snooper: All right, you three are under arrest in the name of the Private Eye Handcuff, Jewel, and Easter Egg Factory!

Snoopy: *tirade in Melendez-speak*

Snooper: Because you disturbed the peace with that giant explosion and all those Easter eggs! All of Toontown's great Gaudí-esque buildings near the pinscreen pavillion—what used to be the marketplace until Bad Luck Blackie dropped that nuclear bomb—are now covered in yolk!

Putting the crown in his pocket, Snooper escorts Snoopy and Constantine while Blabber places the cage with the Easter Bunny on :bugs2:'s wheelbarrow. If you look closely, however...there is actually a string attached to the crown! The string is yanked, and the crown is pulled to...Constantine and the Easter Bunny hiding behind a trash can!?

Easter Bunny: Ha! I knew those animatronic versions of us would come in handy someday!

Constantine: Shhh! This post has proven one thing—that we're more vunerable than we thought. I think all of the toon police forces have been sent after us now.

:droopy: (popping out of the trash can): Halt in the name of the law. You two are under arrest.

Easter Bunny: Wha—but you saved me from that beagle earlier! Why are you betraying me?

Constantine: Just run!

The two fugitives dash out of the film reel! Before they realize their mistake, however, my hand reaches in and takes them out of the projector in the writers' room! (I think you readers get how this works now.) They are both now the size of a frame on a reel.

Me: I'm getting quite sick of this. I'll be taking that crown, thank you—unfortunately, it's also shrunk.

Constantine: Does this always happen, Easter Bunny?

Easter Bunny: Shut up.

Me: So, :buzzy:, where do you think I should place them?

:buzzy:: Just trap them where you put :buddy: and :P.

Constantine and the Easter Bunny: NONONONONONO!!! PLEASE DON'T!

Me: Actually, I'll just replace the animatronics with them.

I place the crown back in Snooper's pocket in the film reel, then switch out the animatronics in the handcuffs and cage with the real Constantine and EB.


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Re: IAD St. Patrick's Day Jig/Easter Egg Hunt
« Reply #67 on: April 08, 2014, 06:27:55 pm »
 :buzzy: And so, Constantine and the Easter Bunny were arrested! But who will be the commercialized Easter mascot? It looks like the Easter Beagle aka Snoopy, will deliver eggs, presents and candy this year.

Writer's note: You can post for any other day, but I'd recommend you climatically put posts on the holidays leading up to Easter, or just wait until Easter Sunday.

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Duck Amuck: Internet Edition
« Reply #68 on: April 13, 2014, 12:36:57 pm »
:buzzy:: Today, on this Palm Sunday of 2014, Constantine, the Easter Bunny, and Snoopy (the Easter Beagle) have been found guilty of their crimes and sentenced to life in prison. Ultimately, this has not stopped Snoopy from trying to fulfill his Easter Beagle obligation...

Woodstock flies into Snoopy's jail cell through the metal bar-covered window, bringing in a file. The two break apart the metal bars on the window and escape unnoticed. Henceforth, the Easter Beagle is considered a criminal in the eyes of Toontown law, but a hero among the toons who want candies, eggs, chocolates, etc.

Back at :bugs2:'s mansion...

:daffy:: So, you don't have a single Easter egg, do you? Whereas I made it out with this lovely golden egg!

:bugs2: :bugs2:: Well, Snoopy took my giant wheelbarrow filled with thousands of eggs!

:huey: (still with Daffy's voice): Wait...what's with the colorful text!? And why are there two of you!? And... *gasp* since when was I Baby Huey!?

:bugs2: :bugs2: :bugs2: :bugs2: :bugs2: :bugs2: :bugs2: :bugs2: :bugs2: :bugs2: :bugs2: :bugs2:: Excuse me, but......WHAT IS WITH MY MULTIPLYING!!!???

e: (who appears out of nowhere): Consarned writers! I'll blast that Dogfather to KINGDOM COME for mangling my icon!

:buzzy:: What's going on here? Find out in the next post.

Suddenly several WB shields zoom up. Several :dodo: s pop out from behind these shields and slingshot rocks at :buzzy:, causing him to lose consciousness.

:dodo: :dodo: :dodo: :dodo: :dodo: :dodo: :dodo: :dodo: :dodo: :dodo: :dodo: :dodo: :dodo: :dodo:: I'm taking over as narrator! Do-do-do-do-duddly-do-do-DO-DO-DO-DO-DO!!

:huey: (still with :daffy:'s voice): I think I've found out how...WHO KEEPS MESSING AROUND WITH THE TEXT!?

:ozzie: :ozzie: :ozzie: :ozzie: :ozzie: :ozzie: :ozzie: :ozzie: :ozzie: :ozzie: :ozzie: :ozzie: (all of them are actually :bugs2:): AAAAAHH!!! There's a giant garbage flow below me!!!

lsdjkahsdkl;ajghpasdurwipeth934w8519048621536584_)(*&^%$#$%^&%^#$@356g354dhg[hhs]sd]d[dfasdaaksdffvvmvmlaa//a221!$2435912-420927==`\][[[[[[[[[[[[\\]eqwweopqjuui````890`089`-8995-05ubm,f,gbkljvmtmjdfjfm bvgjkd98*/*/7*/75466547665457655321y656+6+...00021211144978``0`78140315dm./x.,<<>?ZZASLP|++_)!@#
Suddenly, "This Is It" starts playing in the background as things really spiral out of control, with :bugs2: and :daffy: multiplying and transforming into various different top it all off, the instrumental character procession has EVERYBODY!

:) ;) :D ;D >:( :( :o 8) ??? ::) :P :-[ :-X :-\ :-* :'( :bugs: :andy: :audrey: :barney: :betty: :bosko: :buddy: :crow: :fox: :magoo: :donald: :fethry: :goofy: :mickey: :minnie: :scrooge: :willy: :ozzie: :woody: :fudd: :coolcat: :coyote: :daffy: :foghorn: :honey: :lepew: :droopy: :jerry: :red: :tom: :twoshoes: :wolfie: :felix: :flip: :gandy: :mighty: :pink: :buzzy: :huey: :popeye: :yosemite: :tweetie: :sylvester: :speedy: :snow: :sniff: :slow: :shame: :porky: :bugs2: :marvin: :marvin2: :dodo: :roadrunner:
♪ Tonight what heights we'll hit
On with the show this is it! ♪

*static appears on screen*

:fudd:: We interrupt this madcap insanity to tell you that Buster and Babs have been cleared of all charges. Instead, Constantine and the Easter Bunny have been indicted for the ruining of the Toontown Easter Extravaganza. TThe Easter Beagle was also indicted, but he has escaped from jail. *picture of Snoopy on-screen* If you have seen this dog, tell the police immediately and you will be rewarded with thousands of Easter eggs. That is all.

*static that reveals that everything is somehow back to normal*

:bugs2:: Phew, that was insane! At least I don't have to expel those two.

Linus (who came to the mansion after the insanity ended): So are you going to go out and find Snoopy? After all, he used your Easter eggs to help capture the two criminals.

:buzzy:: In the writers' room...

Me: For those of you wondering why I made this post, let's just say that I watched Duck Amuck this morning.

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Re: IAD St. Patrick's Day Jig/Easter Egg Hunt
« Reply #69 on: April 17, 2014, 08:52:03 pm »
 :buzzy: Meanwhile, at the convention center where the beauty pageant will be held...

A few of the girls are in the make-up room getting ready for the pageant.  :red: and  :snow: are in the hallway conversing.

 :red: Hey, Snow! What do you think of my new bikini for the swimsuit portion of the pageant.

Voice (offscreen) A-bup-bup-bup!

 :snow: Is that you,  :speedy:?

Voice: I ain't  :speedy:!

 :snow: Say don't I know you?

Voice: Yes. Remember me from the 2009 GAC Christmas Party?

 :red: and  :snow: MR. CENSOR!!!

Mr. Censor (who turns out to be the unknown voice): That's right! This is a family party thread and two-piece bathing suits are not allowed.

 :snow: Golly! If you're not going to allow them, you might as well cancel the swimsuit portion.

Mr. Censor: That's a good idea. I'll let  :foghorn: know to cancel it and replace it with something else. (He leaves.)

 :red: Ugh! The Censor family takes the fun out of everything!

 :snow: Now what are we going to do now that there's no swimsuit portion?

 :red: Bunny outfits?

 :snow: Uh, Red... C-E-N-S-O-R-S!

 :red: D'oh! Right!

Smurfette (walks in with Brainy Smurf) Hey girls!

 :snow: Hey, Smurfette. Feel better after that Christmas incident?

Smurfette: Not really, but I have a suggestion for your beauty paegant.

 :snow: Lay it on us. The stupid Censor family took away our swimsuit portion!

Smurfette: How about wearing fashions from past decades?

 :red: Oh my gosh! That would be fun! It would be like a throwback to the past!

 :snow: I want to wear the vibrant patterns of the '80s!

Brainy Smurf: Well, I have several books and magazines filled with fashion from past decade.

Smurfette: Nobody cares about your crappy books, Brainy! Anyway, as for the girls, I hired Madonna, Cyndi Lauper, and Janet Jackson all the way back from the past to give inspiration.

Brainy: And it doesn't have to be '80s. It could also be '50s, '70s, whatever!

 :snow: Thank you so much for giving us this suggestion and pretty much saving the pageant! You should help us out more often.

Smurfette: Yeah, but I need to go home. I'm still getting over that Christmas thing!

Meanwhile, outside...

Finn: Hmmm... It's a beauty pageant.

Jake: You know what that means!

Finn: Adventure time?

Jake: Nope. (Holds up several Easter eggs.) It's prank time!

Finn and Jake hold up Easter eggs and laugh maniacally.

Finn: You know, we don't have to do the maniacal laugh. This is just a prank.
Happy Holidays, everyone!

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Happy Good Friday...
« Reply #70 on: April 18, 2014, 11:31:00 am »
:buzzy:: And so Finn and Jake went into the beauty pageant and started egging :red:, :snow:, :betty:, :minnie:, :honey:, Petunia Pig, Jessica Rabbit, and Lola Bunny.

Heather walks in, wondering what has been going on. Finn and Jake turn to her with maniacal faces, eggs in hand, causing her to do the Mel Blanc scream (how many times has that occurred in this party?).

Finn: If you tell us where the crown is, we won't do anything to you!

Loudmouth Mel Blanc voice: HOOOOOOOOOLD IT!!!

The voice turns out to be Louie, who pops in front of Heather out of nowhere.

Louie: You're not doing anything to my girl so long as I have Screwy Squirrel's rabies!

Mr. Censor: A-bup-bup-bup! No wackiness while I'm around!

Louie: Can it, Mr. Censor!

Louie proceeds to take those big red words seen above that he just said and clobber Mr. Censor to bits using the individual letters. He then takes a giant de-egging brush and brushes all the other girls so that they look nice again.

Jake: All right, that's enough!

Jake turns giant and stomps Louie. But then another Louie enters the room!

Jake: Wha--but I-

Louie: That was a clone version! And now...

Louie takes out a battleship and crushes Jake with it. (The hallway is bigger than it seems.)

Finn: NOOOOOOOOOO!!! *turns to Louie* Why, you... (takes out a sword) you SMASHED my friend!!

Finn charges, yelling with tears streaming down. But Louie takes out an insanely strong shield--when Finn strikes, he is deflected and shatters to bits.

Louie (pointing his thumb repeatedly at Finn's remains): I don't think he's learned the meaning of that parable--you know, Those who take the sword will perish by the sword. *wink as there is an iris-out*

:buzzy:: At :bugs2:'s mansion, things are going rather slow...

:bugs2:: I've got a fish cooking in the oven right now. Don't touch it, :daffy:!

:daffy:: Oh, you can trust me... *wink at the fourth wall*

:bugs2:: I'm serious!! Can't you stop with your madness for just one day?

:daffy:: Well, Louie has Screwy Squirrel rabies, and so I feel that...

:bugs2:: Just be quiet. At least all that criminal stuff has ended.

:buzzy:: Or not, for meanwhile, the Easter Beagle is busy with stealing chocolate-filled Easter eggs from a local factory.

Charlie Brown: Snoopy, what are you doing? This is Good Friday!

Snoopy: *Mendelez-speak*

Charlie Brown: Then why can't you just go to the store? Good grief, you're just not a regular dog...

Louie (randomly popping out of one of the Easter eggs): YOU CAN SAY THAT AGAIN! *flicks Charlie Brown's nose and disappears back into the egg*

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Re: IAD St. Patrick's Day Jig/Easter Egg Hunt
« Reply #71 on: April 18, 2014, 02:39:13 pm »
 :buzzy: Back at  :bugs2: 's house...

:bugs2: takes his cooked fish out of the oven.

 :bugs2: Okay, the fish is done!

:daffy: runs up to  :bugs2: , who is holding the fish on a plate, and gobbles up his roommate's cooking.

 :bugs2: (in loud Mel Blanc voice) DAFFY!!!!

 :daffy: Okay, sorry! Thank you for the fish.

 :bugs2: You ate my fish! What are the other guests going to have?

 :daffy: Snoopy should be coming back with the eggs sometime soon.

Something is kicking around inside  :daffy: 's stomach.

 :daffy: What is happening!!

 :bugs2: Oh my gosh, should I call 9-1-1!?

The kicking still happens in  :daffy:'s stomach and out pops a mutant fish with sharp teeth. It growls and hisses.

 :bugs2: (in loud Mel Blanc voice) OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!

A spotlight shines on the fish who dons a top hat and cane. He begins to sing Hello, Mah Baby! whilst dancing to some showtune-like music. He hops on  :bugs2:'s plate as soon as he sings the last note. After that, he drops himself and returns to his cooked condition from before  :daffy: gobbled him up.

 :bugs2: That. Was. Strange.

Writer's note: Yeah, I'm writing some mini-scenes because I would like for this party to reach six pages before Easter.
Happy Holidays, everyone!


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Re: IAD St. Patrick's Day Jig/Easter Egg Hunt
« Reply #72 on: April 19, 2014, 02:55:38 pm »
 :buzzy: The Toontown Beauty Pagent was over, and everyone was egged but the Little Red Haired-Girl. However, another person who was not egged was a tanned and bronzed Minerva mink. Everyone fell for her and won the Toontown People's Choice ballot award. The grand prize went to Heather, who charmed the audience with a story on her secret crush, Charlie Brown. A photo was taken escorting Charlie Brown and developed into an old Valentines Day Sunday Peanuts Strip from 1978 which Mister Peabody altered the timeline. It did nothing to the timeline, this announcer had this to say.....

:foghorn: Excuse, I say Excuse me, please! The Easter Beagle has been cleared from all charges and will deliver eggs Sunday Morning to the good will be at  :sylvester: Square, 6753 East Grand River Rd., Toontown, CA. Now the observant can attend Easter mass Sunday Morning at the local church.  :audrey: Avenue Auditorium will have a Raffle to win Lunch with the Beauty Pagent Winners. That, I say, that'll be all.

:buzzy: Now you writers have this party like a normal Easter, no twists, subplots, or mishaps. The next post will be the climatic ending to this thread, as ParamountCartoons will write the closing.

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Uh, oh! Did we start a trend?
« Reply #73 on: April 19, 2014, 04:04:06 pm »
Writer's note: This is not the conclusion to the party (as ParmountCartoons wanted to end it after his last post), but I would like to see this thread reach six pages before Easter. (ParmountCartoons did wish to make this thread the longest holiday party yet.) I didn't read Paramount's last post carefully, and I'm sorry about that. This will be my last post in the thread. Happy Easter, folks!

At  :bugs2:'s house.

 :bugs2: Hey, doc. Have you heard that #SELFIE song?

 :daffy: Yeah, they play it on the radio, like, a ba-zillion times a day!

 :bugs2: Well, actually, it may have just now been popular, but Mr. Bighead referenced the song in this party many posts ago.

 :daffy: Wan't that in the scene with Shirley and her girl friends?

 :bugs2: I think so, doc.

 :daffy: That was written back in February!

 :speedy: Wow! I can't believe our party referenced something long before it became extremely popular.

 :daffy: Oh my gosh! Does that mean we started a trend?!

 :bugs2: Eh, could be! (But, I doubt it.)

 :speedy: Well, either way, let's make sure we don't start any trends. However, our own traditions of the gangsta  :buddy:, the Toilet Shark, and crazy things happening are here to stay.

 :bugs2: I believe what happens in these party threads should stay in these party threads. (pause) Hey, where did  :daffy: go?

 :speedy: I believe he left to spread some Easter cheer across other websites.

 :bugs2: Now that's a trend he should start.

 :speedy: You can say that again!
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Happy Holidays, everyone!

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Additional things: part 1
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Me (I walked in on the conversation): Unfortunately, I still wonder about whether or not the religious meaning--the true meaning--of Easter will be spread. Remember, as I have emphasized before, it seems to be too much for even the Peanuts to handle--they decided to do a 180 and act commercialistic on their Easter-themed special!

Louie walks in on the conversation as well--he has recovered from the Screwy Squirrel rabies.

Louie: Hey, boss! Check out this old picture I found of you and me eating pizza!

Me: Stereotypical, isn't it? Too bad it's camcorder-quality, since the color seems very rich--nothing like the faded 16mm copies of our cartoons that are in circulation these days. At least it's not as embarrassing as this one.

Louie: Oh, yeah. No offense, boss, but you look like you're about to cry in that one. I, on the other hand, am ready for action! ;D

Me: And that's not the worst one. Take a look at this.

:bugs2:: YEESH! I did NOT need to see that.

Me: And speaking of party traditions, there's one that has happened in pretty much every party since Halloween last year, at the very least--the wholesale destruction of the mansion in some way near or at the end.

:speedy:: A-bup-bup-bup! ParamountCartoons wants to end this party peacefully.

Me: And that's another thing. Since ParamountCartoons is going to end the party, I wonder if he'll bring up the resurrection. Even a passing reference will do!

Louie: Perhaps he will use the ending I suggested several posts back--you know, with Bad Luck Blackie dropping the Hagia Sophia and you...

Me: Sorry, but as Pug critiqued, such an ending would be too controversial, however much I personally would like to see it happen. Perhaps I'll just suggest that the readers read the Paschal Homily on their own time.

Louie: Yeah, perhaps it's for the best. But really, I have a bit of Screwy Squirrel rabies left in me, and....*starting to do the Mel Blanc loud sneeze* eryeyeeeeee...... yeeeeyeeeeyeeeaa..... yeeeeaaaaaaa..... yeaaaaaaaaaa........ yeeeeeeeeeaaaaAAAAAAAAA.......