Author Topic: Cartoon Discussion of the Week - 5/12/13 - The Flying Mouse  (Read 2578 times)

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Welcome back folks! I'm ready to start up the CDOTWs again, and here's our first, Walt Disney's The Flying Mouse.

Release Date: 1934
Studio: Walt Disney
Cartoon Series: Silly Symphonies

This is one interesting short. I felt bad at the mouse when his brothers were laughing at him for trying to fly. The fairy encounter was surprising and unexpected. I kinda laughed when the wings he was given were bat wings. Then I went back to feeling sad for the mouse because of everyone being scared of him and even the bats calling him a nothing. The mortal in this tale, "Be yourself", is something that I found cool in this Silly Symophony, a mortal and an enjoyable short film. I also found those bats really cool, especially the first one's voice. Overall, a great short for all ages. v=8rPU7q5nWzs
I love classic cartoons!
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Re: Cartoon Discussion of the Week - 5/12/13 - The Flying Mouse
« Reply #1 on: May 13, 2013, 09:18:30 am »
I don't know. While I really like this cartoon (especially the song "You're nothing but a nothing") there's definitely another message coming from Disney. That is, don't try to expand your horizons. The fairy was a little thoughtless here ... when the mouse said he wanted to fly, she should have just got him an airplane instead of turning him into a freak.


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Re: Cartoon Discussion of the Week - 5/12/13 - The Flying Mouse
« Reply #2 on: May 15, 2013, 01:26:38 pm »
There's lots to enjoy in this early technicolor short, which is, I believe, an original story which aims to be in the tradition of the existing classic fairy and folk stories on which many other Symphonies are based. However, as Eutychus point, this short is marred for a lot of people because the moral seems to say "don't try to expand your horizons". I don't believe that is the intended message, since that goes against Walt's own achievements. I think the message is supposed to be "Be Yourself", but it's all muddled up by a somewhat confused story.

When the mouse dreams of flying he imagines he has bird wings, but his reward for saving the fairy is a pair of bat wings so he never really gets a go at flying as he imagined it.  At the end, when the fairy says "Start anew, Try your best, Be yourself" it doesn't quite ring true, because he was trying his best even before he had the bat wings – he'd inventively tried to make wings for himself and he'd shown bravery, kindness and politeness. I suppose the cartoon tries to say that all his positive traits are enough for him to go far in life, without him wishing to be something he's not, but the trouble is he never wished to be something he wasn't – he wanted to be himself with the added ability of flight.