Author Topic: Cartoon Discussion of the Week - March 3rd, 2013 - The Mouse of Tomorrow  (Read 2096 times)

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Hello everyone, I'm officially coming back and doing on each week! I've had a nice relaxing break, and now I feel regenerated to throw some cartoons back onto my plate!

To make CDTOW's a more entertaining experience, I will once again notify Patrick about what short I'll be doing each week(Sorry Patrick about not doing it recently, hope you understand. :))so that the cartoon of choice may be put up on the IAD website for your enjoyment.

Also, I will be actually taking time in my reviews each week and actually taking time and watching some shorts I haven't seen as many of my CDOTWs have been shorts that I've seen already.

Another thing on my to-do list: Continue the 100 Greatest Cartoons thing and complying a list of GAC CDOTWs.

Now with that over with, let's get onto some discussing! Today's short is "The Mouse of Tomorrow."
Release Date:  October 16th, 1942
Network: Theatrical
Studio: Terrytoons
Grade: B+
Review of Short: The short's first couple minutes were just an average cat and mouse fight, nothing really that special. As the short went on, the gags got better, and the origin of Mighty Mouse was nice to see too. (Unfornitly, I think the version I had was redubbed to say Mighty Mouse instead of Super Mouse. :/) All in all, good short for what it is.
Fun Facts: First appearance of Mighty Mouse, then named Super Mouse.
YouTube Link:

Hope you enjoyed and we'll see you next week with a review of another cartoon! Make sure to support IAD by watching the cartoon on the site as well! :D
I love classic cartoons!
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A nice and somewhat clever introduction to Super (Mighty) Mouse.


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 :mighty:  Loved The Mouse of Tomorrow!!