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Holiday Party Threads / Nothin' much
« Last post by The Dogfather/Toadette on December 29, 2014, 01:43:16 pm »
Me: Now, before I continue with the story, let me take the opportunity to fire myself from the narrator's post. ;) My attitude can best be summed up by what :buzzy: said the first time I fired him:

Quote from: Buzzy
I know I'm supposed to be narrating and all, but Toadette fired me, telling me about how she'd rather approach these parties as if they were actual animation with the readers visualizing through the descriptions.

These words have held up pretty well, and in fact I honestly regret that I partook in the practice during Thanksgiving rather than already putting an end to it then and there. I mean, think about it: would the :coyote: and :roadrunner: be NEARLY as entertaining if some narrator were telling you what was going on? What about, say, "Operation: Rabbit" with a narrator intoning in and contradicting :coyote:'s constant assertions of being a genius? That's best left to the viewer, I say! Huckleberry Hound is a different matter; even then, Huck had some neat dialogue with the narrator, who himself didn't constantly show up. Same for Tex Avery's "The Cuckoo Clock"; there, the narration served for Poe-satiring humorous effect, and only showed up at the beginning and end of the cartoon.

It depends on the situation, really. But even though these parties don't have the benefit of visuals, I still think the narration is becoming a crutch. Let's see if description can be relied on......and a local station announcer will do things like sponsor plugs. ;D
:bugs2:: Eh, I'm not too sure about these bars. I feel a strange aurora emanating out of mine.

:daffy:: Relax, palsy ol' :bugs2:! Come to think of it, what's YOUR New Year's Resolution?

All the other toons: Yeah!

:bugs2:: Oh, my resolution? Let's put it this way: to make sure that WBA makes the new "Wabbit" revival IN-HOUSE, including layouts and cel animation!! Oh, and also to make sure the writers and directors, whoever they are, study our cartoons closely down to Freleng's timing, Jones's expressions, Tashlin's live-action sensibilities, Clampett's wackiness, and McKimson's solid drawing, not to mention the good taste in gags of Maltese, Pierce, and Foster! Not to mention that whole nonsense about "cliched anvil gags"; not like we had them in EVERY cartoon!

Huckleberry Hound: You know what my resolution is? To find a stragedy to raise money so that the WB executives can actually pay the Capitol music holders. Then people could finally enjoy the adventures of me, Pixie and Dixie and Mr. Jinks, Yogi, Quick Draw, Snoop and Blab, and Augie Doggie and Doggie Daddy again!

Dixie: Hear hear!

Mr. Jinks (still shaped like a chandelier): Aha! So there you miserable meeces are! *scramble off*

Pixie: Run, Dixie! It's the attack of the feline chandelier!! *zip off*

As they run, Jinks, with a great pounce, ends up crushing those meeces to pieces due to his giant chandelier-type form!
General Discussion / Re: Boomerang Looney Tunes airings thread
« Last post by MeepMeep on December 28, 2014, 09:52:41 pm »
Here's this week finishing off 2014, then going into 2015:

Monday, December 29
Looney Tunes
12pm - Sock A Doodle Do/Tweetie Pie/Boston Quackie/Duck! Rabbit, Duck!/War and Pieces/Claws in the Lease/Lumber Jack-Rabbit

2am - War and Pieces/Duck! Rabbit, Duck!/Sock A Doodle Do/Lumber Jack-Rabbit/Bill of Hare/Daffy's Inn Trouble/Tweetie Pie

Looney Tunes Show
5&5:30am Devil Dog, Foghorn Leghorn Story

Tuesday, December 30
Looney Tunes
12pm - Kiddie's Kitty, A/Devil's Feud Cake/Design for Leaving/Boulder Wham!/Hawaiian Aye Aye/Zip Zip Hooray!/Wearing of the Grin

2am - Broom-stick Bunny/Zip Zip Hooray!/Wearing of the Grin/Hawaiian Aye Aye/Devil's Feud Cake/Design for Leaving/Kiddie's Kitty, A
The Looney Tunes Show
5&5:30am Casa de Calma, Eligible Bachelors

Wednesday, December 31
Looney Tunes
12pm - Beep Prepared/Tweet Tweet Tweety/Baton Bunny/Dime to Retire/Bugs and Thugs/Canned Feud/Carrotblanca
2am - Bugs and Thugs/Tweet Tweet Tweety/Banty Raids/Dime to Retire/Carrotblanca/Canned Feud/Beep, Beep

The Looney Tunes Show
5&5:30am Peel of Fortune, Double Date

Thursday, January 1
*Pre-emptied for Scooby Doo airings because of New Years*

Friday, January 2
Looney Tunes
12pm - Hare Remover/Devil May Hare/Drip Along Daffy/Chariots of Fur/Box Office Bunny/Raw! Raw! Rooster!/Bird In a Bonnet, A
2am - Chariots of Fur/Drip Along Daffy/Raw! Raw! Rooster!/Crowing Pains/Box Office Bunny/Bird In a Bonnet, A/Hare Splitter
The Looney Tunes Show
5&5:30am Bugs & Daffy Get a Job, That's My Baby

Saturday, January 3
The Looney Tunes Show
11&11:30am Off Duty Cop, Working Duck
5&5:30am Sunday Night Slice, DMV
Looney Tunes
2am - Yolks On You/Canary Row/Chaser On The Rocks/Robin Hood Daffy/From Hare To Eternity/Bugs Bunny Rides Again/Prince Varmint
Holiday Party Threads / New Year's Resolutions
« Last post by King Delbert on December 28, 2014, 09:35:59 pm »
Toadette:  The hour to doom was rapidly approaching, but none of the other toons know that as they make some resolutions.
Rocky:  Bullwinkle, do you have any resolutions?
Bullwinkle:  Of course Rock, we'll dress up as Indians and throw tea into the harbor.  Then we'll stand on our ground and protect our homeland with our very lives!!!!!  Then we'll..
Bullwinkle: hm.
Rocky:  That's not a resolution!
Bullwinkle:  Oh..I thought you said revolution.
Rocky:  Tennessee Tuxedo?
Tennessee Tuxedo:  No more scamming to make money.  We're gonna earn it the right way.  Right Chumley?
Chumley:  Duh, yeah...
Rocky:  Ruffle Feather and Running Board?
Ruffle Feather:  hdehf;eofhopafhopjhhfhihfdfhohfhahoihoahio
Bullwinkle: What did he say?
Running Board:  Him say we not get upset over the name Washington Redskin anymore.  Not start riots. 
The Go Go Gophers have their fingers crossed
Rocky:  Uncle Waldo?
Waldo:  Oh just the same as Tennessee Tuxedo's you know..being a con man all my life you know..
Filmore:  Duh..and a liar too.  He's a good one too.  Why just a few seconds ago he told this great lie about having a New Year's Resolution.
Waldo:  Thank you Beauregard for that information.
Filmore:  Duh, it's FILOMORE!!!
Rocky:  Fred Flintstone??
Fred: make more money in a big way.
Rocky:  Hey that's good, but how?
Fred:  I've already started a wrestling federation with Mr. McMagma.  We start in March.
Rocky:  Oh boy....Daffy?
Bugs nuges Daffy a little
 :daffy: Ohhh be more willing to invite every toon during our parties.  There are you happy.
 :bugs2:  Ehh, what about you Gumby?  You've already seem to have started yours.
Gumby: That's right, I'm going to be more vigilant with more TV ventures.
 :bugs2: Sure Gumby sure.  How about you Alvin?  Alvin?  ALLLLLLLLLLVVVVVVVVVVVVIIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNNN!
Alvin:  Bugs, I am playing Xbox with Bart.
 :bugs2: ehhh..that's Alvin.  How about you Charlie Brown?
Simple, I'll be wishy one day, and washy the next.  That way I'm not so wishy washy.
  Charlie Brown, your always so wishy washy that you'll never be able to live up to that expectation. 
  Good Grief!
Rocky:  And how about Spongebob?
  Argh..don't you see me boy, Spongebob's already as good as gold for a New Year's Resolution.
  Perhaps being a little more quiet can be one.
Rocky:  Homer?
  Watch more television and DRINK MORE BEER!! Woo-Hoo!
Rocky:  That's not a resolution, Homer..
  Who cares?  It makes me feel like a better person.  Woo-Hoo!
Rocky:  And Donald..
 :donald:  To be kind and friendly like Uncle Scrooge
 :scrooge:  What are you doing with my punch, Duck?  I was supposed to be the one drinking it!  And give me back that bootleg of The Interview!
 :donald:  Doggone son of a.. BAWAWAWAWAWAWAWAWAWAWAWA
 :goofy:  Alright Donald, that's enough.
Rocky:  Hmmm...[suspiciously] what about our host..Sailor Mars?
Mars:  Uhhh..well...I g..I guess it's to help Bugs and Daffy out by having more parties like that in the future [in thought] Like they'll be a future for these my stomach..
Rocky:  Are you sure?  This whole thing seems fishy to me.
Mars:  [getting all nervous]  I..I...
Bullwinkle:  Oh come now Rock!  If it was fishy, she wouldn't have invited us.  Besides, she's got cable TV.  All we have is Netflix and hulu.
[while playing xbox with Alvin]  Yeah, don't have a cow, man.
Mars:  Exactly..and now I have a treat for you..
 :donald: Oh BOY..Hershey's Chocolate, my favorite!!
Mars: Ah, but this is no ordinary chocolate bar..
It's Hershey's chocolate!!  Jynks!  You owe me a beer.
Mars: sigh..Yes they're Hershey, but they are special chocolate bars..
Bullwinkle:  Because it's the Baby New Year!
Mars:  WILL YOU ALL JUST SHUT UP AND LISTEN?!  Anyways, these bars have something special to them, so you must each eat them before midnight New Years Day for something very special to happen [then smiles daintily]
 :donald:  OH BOY...GIMMIE!!! BAWAWAWAWAWAWAWA [he's already eaten his].  Oh yeah that's good..
Luna:  Special chocolate bars...something isn't right..I can sense it.
Mars:  Now it's 11 o'clock now, so you have an hour to eat it ALL up. 
Yogi:  Roger that..Over and out.  Nay ay AY!!
TTTP In Exile / Re: Cartoon Carnival: The Documentary...on Kickstarter
« Last post by The Dogfather/Toadette on December 28, 2014, 08:09:08 pm »
Congratulations on being able to make almost halfway to the stretch goal, Mr. Stathes! I only wish it could have been fulfilled.

Still, I am looking forward to the completed documentary! ;D
TTTP In Exile / Re: Cartoon Carnival: The Documentary...on Kickstarter
« Last post by Tom Stathes on December 28, 2014, 02:48:39 pm »
Wow-ee!! Thanks to everyone who helped....can't believe we made it. We've had a couple cancellations today, I guess people thinking they'd rather save their money now that we reached the goal, so there's actually still a risk of the number going back in the red. Hoping for the best.
Thunderbean Animation Releases and Offers / Re: Tons of Toons Shipped!
« Last post by Tom Stathes on December 28, 2014, 02:47:33 pm »
And on the strip with the opening title card: note how the artwork, particularly of the elephant, extends beyond the dark vertical "frame" line at the left. The process that led to this would be interesting to delve into.

I could be wrong, but looks to be like the picture was printed on the film first and then the soundtrack area, with a misalignment, hence the overlapping. Lots of interesting things to see when actually handling or looking at the original prints  :minnie:
TTTP In Exile / Re: Cartoon Carnival: The Documentary...on Kickstarter
« Last post by reybr on December 28, 2014, 06:53:22 am »
Congratulations on reaching the goal. Currently £2 over the goal with 11 hours to go. Looking forward to it
Thunderbean Animation Releases and Offers / Re: Tons of Toons Shipped!
« Last post by Paul Penna on December 28, 2014, 12:12:30 am »
On the images of the film strips, it's interesting to see a vintage example of the pre-Academy Ratio sound-on-film aspect ratio. And on the strip with the opening title card: note how the artwork, particularly of the elephant, extends beyond the dark vertical "frame" line at the left. The process that led to this would be interesting to delve into.
Holiday Party Threads / Re: The GAC-IAD 10th Anniversary New Year's Wrap Party
« Last post by King Delbert on December 27, 2014, 11:17:08 pm »
Toadette:  So other toons came along..naturally. 
 doorbell rings.
Mars:  Come again. 
Shoeshine Boy:  Hello.  Say have we met?
Mars:  Well uhh (realizing that she was not Sailor Mars when her and Shoeshine Boy met)...nope...never did, but I'm glad you came.
Shoeshine Boy:  Well gee thank you....[to the audience] actually, this party sounds suspicious because I remember her being sick after the Thanksgiving fight.  If something goes wrong, I shall transform into Underdog and save everybody.
doorbell rings again.
Mars:  Come on in....[smiles daintily]
Rocky and Bullwinkle enter
Bullwinkle:  Nice place for a girl eh??
Rocky:  C'mon Bullwinkle...I think something's up.
Bullwinkle:  Oh always say that. 
Rocky:  Yeah but where do we have the party for the past 10 years.
Bullwinkle: On the Internet.
Rocky:  No no Bugs' place.
Bullwinkle: yeah....
Rocky: I wonder why that is...
Toadette: As you can see, some toons were fishy, but most were gullible.  Take Homer and Marge for example...Marge is a woman of wisdom so she knew something wasn't right
  I don't know, Homer.  This is pretty weird.
  Yeah I agree with Mom.
Toadette: But Homer and Bart thinks otherwise.
  Aww come on Marge...they said there's gonna be a special treat for us.
Yeah and besides which, they have an Xbox man!

Toadette:  Outside the other scouts kept a sharp vigil from outside.
Luna:  Now stand guard...the minute something goes wrong..transform.  Got it?
  Blah blah...
Luna: Groan...
voice:  eh heh he he heh...
Luna: mm? [she peaks around the other side to find Simon and Cad on the other side also taking a peak].
Simon:  Any minute now Cad...any minute...
Luna: [in thought] I sense something bad about to happen, but I don't know what to do yet.

Toadette:  Meanwhile more characters were on their way.  Along the way, Popeye came across two familiar characters digging for scraps in the trash.
 :popeye:  Ahoy there..have you've seen me goil, Olive?
 :buzzy: Beat it buster...yeah she's over at the party!
 :popeye: Well Blow me Down...what happened to ya?
 :buzzy: We got fired from being the narrator, so we need to find other methods of food.
 :popeye: We?? [mumbles] I don't understand why these two are..
Father Time: Yes unfortunately..WE...
 :popeye: mumbles some more......OK..well Happy New Year.
Toadette:  Just figured I added that to show how much more powerful of a narrator I am. AHAHAHAHA!!!

Toadette:  Oh..ahem...the story..well, give me a moment and I'll tell you some other things that happened before the chocolate got distributed, but first let's hear another word from our sponsor
Really glad to hear you're impressed!

As for the first short, yeah, I wish it wasn't as grainy and high-contrast as it is. When time and funds permit, I have to see if there's possibly a better looking version out there. You'll notice a focus problem during some of the animation sequences...offhand this might look like a print quality problem, but it actually seems to have been introduced during the original filming. Reminds me of some of Fleischer's early Inkwell shorts after he left Bray...I think Modeling or Fishing comes to mind. For whatever reason, the picture jitters when something in the animation is moving, and static when it is not. Considering how much inventing these guys had to do as they made their films and went along with such crude equipment and no tutorials, it's amazing how good most of the films do look on the whole from a production standpoint.
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