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TTTP In Exile / Re: Cartoon Carnival: The Documentary...on Kickstarter
« Last post by Tom Stathes on December 30, 2014, 04:15:58 am »
Congratulations on being able to make almost halfway to the stretch goal, Mr. Stathes! I only wish it could have been fulfilled.

Still, I am looking forward to the completed documentary! ;D

Thanks Toadette! I'm still rather stunned that we made it after!  :felix:
TTTP In Exile / Re: We may have lost ANOTHER animation resource page
« Last post by King Delbert on December 30, 2014, 01:25:10 am »
TTTP In Exile / Re: We may have lost ANOTHER animation resource page
« Last post by El Hombre Pez on December 30, 2014, 12:57:37 am »
This time it's stuff from GAC.  The Looney Tunes on Television Guide.  First of all all the articles moved to Kevin McCorry's website.  Second, his website is DOWN.  It's been down for 2 days.  Are we REALLY LOOOSING OUR CARTOON SITES?  Those are a GREAT source of information such as episode guides and such.

Is there ANY way to contact this gentleman?  Is it on that Wayback site like the Toontrackers and Dave Mackey's sites are?

EDIT:  Looks like I answered one of my own questions
Thunderbean Animation Releases and Offers / Re: Tons of Toons Shipped!
« Last post by Treadwell on December 30, 2014, 12:16:42 am »
I noticed that, too. Also, I might have seen one, but never taken notice before of a unilateral optical track.
Holiday Party Threads / The special breaks down as a result
« Last post by King Delbert on December 29, 2014, 11:50:02 pm »
Cut to live action of me at the University TV station that I work at.  I am in the control room trying to get this special over the air.

Me:  What?  [I say a few curse words here and there]  Sigh...
I take my cell phone out to call my boss, Theresa (no last names will be mentioned tonight) to see how to get it fixed.
Me:  Hi Theresa,'s hard for me to explain, but the broadcast is acting up.  First the color got distorted, then more weird stuff I can't explain happened, and now it's playing the 2003 feed.
Theresa:  Sigh...ok, I don't know if this will help, but try clicking 360-03.
Me:  Ok...I see it, I'm gonna try it.  Bye.  [hangs up]
I click on it, the system starts making even weirder noise, then KABLOOM!  The whole system is shot. 
Me:  AW [four letter word].  [another curse word here]  There's no way of explaining this to Theresa.  I don't know if it will be fixed.  Ah, who watches these old cartoon characters anyway [I used to like them, but I grew up and gotten into sports]
I fall asleep for about 5 minutes, when I hear a noise.
 :bugs2:  hey....doc...
I wake up
 :bugs2:  hey....doc...
Me:  Bugs Bunny?  You can't be real.
 :daffy:  Please...please fix the'll disappoint the children.
 :popeye:  And besides...ya gonna disappoint me...
 :sylvester:  Sufferin'll disappoint all the toons.  We wanna see what happens.
Me:  Oh yeah, like my childhood innocence is gonna make me try to fix it.  All you old toons I used to watch as a kid.  Tsk..I'm over that.  I don't know if there is anything I can do.  I tried. 
  Aww..c'mon Justin, there certainly must be one toon you must of cared about enough to still be in you're heart.  [winks to one particular toon]
Me:  NO WAY!
Then the voice of that particular toon began to speak
Toon:  Please...
Me:  huh
It was Sailor Venus!!!
Venus:  Please try to put the special back on...would you...could it for me?
Me:  Sailor Venus?  :o 
I grew up as a kid having a crush on Sailor Venus and it kind of stuck with me all those years.  Soon ALL of the toons were gathered around me.  I started to cry.  I rushed to Venus's arms.
Me:  Oh how could I disappoint my favorite girl!!
But as I was going to hug her, ALL the toons just disappeared.  All of them..gone.
Me:  Could...could all this be a dream?  Hmmm....[I call Theresa again]  Hi Theresa, me again.  Hey, now the whole system had crashed and I don't know what to do
Theresa:  Oh that's easy.  Just hit the restart button.
Me:  The restart button....[I push it]

Toadette: It was now 5 minutes til midnight...

Me:  It works!!  Wow.  Well hey thank you, and have a good evening!  Alright, buh bye. [hangs up]

Ami:  Be alert you guys.  My computer just detected some strange...

Me:  geesh...that was some dream.

Ami: be ready.
the rest of the scouts:  Right!

Then I saw a wondrous sight.  After that line, I saw Minako turn her head and winked at me.  That's when I realized that the whole thing was not a dream. 

EDITORS NOTE:  Tomorrow for sure (hopefully by morning) for the climatic scenes.  Sorry, but I couldn't resist and had to figure out a way to get back to the show with that previous gag.  Also, I would say half of what I just said was false.  It was all for dramatic effect.   ;)
Holiday Party Threads / Florence the Friendly Chapman....and a twist
« Last post by ParamountCartoons on December 29, 2014, 07:59:37 pm »
Warning: Some material may be contreversial

Everyone: AHHHHHHHH!

Suddenly, a "Chapman" flies and rescues Snooper, Blabber, and Kirby!

Blabber: Just how many John Lennon asassinitation puns are we going to get in this party?

Florence: I'm Florence Ballard, the Friendly Chapman Ghost. I'm not directly related to the deranged man!

Blabber: A friendly Chapman?

Florence: Sigh, that was the surname they put on my grave. I'm the John Lennon equivelent in the Supremes, but more upstaged.  Well, here you are at Toontown

Flo then drops them off to  :bugs2:'s mansion

Florence: Well, better be heading to Detroit!

 :bugs2: Now where in Louie's name have you been Snooper, Blabber and Kirby?

Snooper: We tried run away from a bunch of hippies, then some celebrity ghost flies us away to your mansion

 :bugs2: You've had too much sugar. Let me melt the Hershey's candies with my laser beams

*Makes Microsoft Sam sounds*

Sammy t3h Snake: Now calm.....down.....

Embit: What just happened first it was Toont-

Sammy t3h Snake: Sammy t3h Snake Land

Quacky: What is going on here?

Waddle: Waddle's VCR on the old IAD forums........

Nostaliga Critic: I haven't touched a VCR in years!

Ben T. Looney: I need to rant on 4K Blu-ray players

Rowdy: You mean like the players Charlie Brown is going against?

Mr. Coat: Like Blue Sky's new movie?

AniMat: I hope they don't ruin it with modern pop songs and I hope they give it a G rating

Stu Shostak: Please let this CGI be good here

Stuart K Reily: He does pretty good CG for a YouTube Poop

Mr. Enter: This CG on YouTube's animation looks like a bad 90s videogame and is TERRIBLE!

Pieguyrulz: This 90s cartoon had a few good plot points! Good episode!

Suddenly, colors distorted

Hoo ahh dairy got corporation fod-ddd--d--ddd

Suddenly things get weird showing 500000000 of my 2003 thoughts in a split second

Linus crashes into the coke sign over and over again

A traffic light goes on green

*Static*It's December 2003 now!*

*TV  Turns on*

Now New Years is 2003 going on 2004!

Holiday Party Threads / "Imagine" this scene...
« Last post by The Dogfather/Toadette on December 29, 2014, 06:31:05 pm »
Warning: This could be very controversial.

Mars: Say, now that I've thunk of it, where's Snoop and Blab?
earlier that day...
Snooper and Blabber are in their office in one of the Gaudí-esque buildings near Toontown's Pinscreen Pavillion. Blabber is vacuuming, but the vacuum is not seen.....yet.

Snooper: Ah, New Year's Eve! When we can light up firecrackers and let our nostrils take in the smoky air.....provided it's not made of sulfur, that is.

Blabber: It's also a good time to clean up in time for the new year. And luckily, Snoop, we have a Kirby-brand vacuum!

And indeed, Blab's vacuum turns out to be Kirby sucking up dust and other particles on the floor!

The telephone rings.

Snooper: Blab, turn off that sucker! *answering the phone* Snooper Detective Agency, wishing you a Happy New Year's Eve! If your party has a tasteless song by John Lennon, we'll go McCarthy and dub you Lenin!.......A 215? Sorry, we don't have time for that case, 'specially if you can only cough up $30. *hang up*

Blabber: Who was that, Snoop? And what's a 215?

Snooper: It was Usagi. And a 215 is "Magical girl sick after Thanksgiving overindulgence." *phone ringing again, with Snooper answering* Yes?.....wait, Toe Debt!? We haven't borrowed any toes.

Me (on the other side of the phone): No, Snoop, it's Toadette, as in the little adorable shroom-girl from Princess Peach's castle in Videoville!

Snooper: Ah, me favorite toe-debted spore kid!

Me: Listen, you and the others need to get out of the office quick! They're coming.....

Snooper: Wait, you don't mean—

And just then, the office door is kicked down! Cue a bunch of hippies!

Hippies: You're going to accept the singing of that ideal world with no religion, no countries, no property, no heaven nor heck at Times Square tonight!

Snooper: Ohcrackers, we've been de-undetec-a-ted! Quick, everybody out the window in the name of the Private Eye Defenestration Society!

Blabber: But Snoop, we're ten floors above—

Snooper: Trust me, if Toadette could survive, WE can!

And with that, Snooper, Blabber, and Kirby all butt-dive out the tenth-floor window, which had been fixed from my earlier fall. Being surrounded by a bunch of hippies is a fate worse than a ten-story fall, it seems.
Holiday Party Threads / Re: The GAC-IAD 10th Anniversary New Year's Wrap Party
« Last post by King Delbert on December 29, 2014, 04:57:57 pm »
Toadette:  So all the...oh wait am I still narrating....never mind, I'm gonna keep going all the toons were still enjoying themselves.  The time, 11:40pm New Years Eve.  Only 20 more minutes until midnight.  And nearly ALL the toons have eaten their Hershey's Baby New Year Chocolate Bars.  There were still a handful that haven't yet.  One of them was that wabbit himself...Bugs Bunny.
 :bugs2:  Ehhh...I still don't think I should eat this.
Japanese Beetle:  Is something wrong, honorabre Rabbit-u?
 :bugs2: Ehhh...Look I sense something up with these chocolate bars...ehh...maybe I should just stick to carrots so that...
Japanese Beetle:  Ah, but master, honerabre host wants all the toons to eat dericious bars for a big surprise.
 :bugs2: Well I'm not one for being surprised you know...[snaps finger]
The Blue Racer appears.
Japanese Beetle: Ah, Brue Racer-san
Blue Racer  So, trying to play butler you delicious hunk of beetle you. [opens mouth and starts chomping]
The Japanese Beetle flies off and out of the house with the Blue Racer right behind him.
Blue Racer  I hope you like flying, cause you'll be doing A LOT of it.
 :bugs2:  Happy devious slant ey-
heads of Usagi, Minako, and Mako appear
Minako:  You seem to be forgetting...
Mako:  Us Japanese anime characters are on this special too.
 :bugs2:  Eh he he..I I devious rat..he he..
  [while smiling happily] GOOD!  AHAHAHAHA!!!
The heads disappear.
 :bugs2: [in thought] Hmmm...this doesn't seem right...I better get out of here. [as he's thinking this, he tries to sneak out of the house.  He bumps into Sailor Mars]  OOF!
Mars just stares at him with an angry face.
 :bugs2: ....Hello................................AUUUUUUGGGGHHHHHH! [he runs off; cue fast paced Carl Stalling music with suspense]
Bugs keeps running to a different door, but each time Mars comes rushing in to block his way.  Finally they stop at the last door.
Mars:  Going somewhere rabbit?!
 :bugs2: ehh...well you see...I was just ehh...I needed to step out of the house because....I just remembered to keep my old hole home tidy today, so ehh.
Mars:  Oh I see, I understand...BUT I certainly don't want you missing out on all the fun. 
 :bugs2: Well, I guess I could stay a while...HEY....How is it you were faster than me?  I thought you had the power of fire?!
The Runner's head pops out behind her.
 :roadrunner:  [tongue sound effect]......BEEP BEEP...ZOOOMMM..
 :bugs2: Oh so now the Road Runner works for you, huh...
Mars:  C'mon Bugs...stay a while...enjoy that chocolate bar.
 :bugs2:  Well don't each much sweets, so...
Mars: [crying...though she's really faking it]  You don't know how hard it was for me to get these nice treats for you.  Nobody appreciates what I have to go through.  [fake cries some more]
 :bugs2:  D'at's my soft spot...dames crying.  So she wants me to eat this chocolate bar.  Look, cut the crying Mars...I'll eat the chocolate bar.
Mars:[smiles]  I knew you see it my way.

Toadette:  15 minutes til midnight.  By now every toon has had their chocolate.  15 minutes does seem like a little while for a brief sub-plot of a tangent.  Does anybody have any???  While I wait, I shall hum theme songs from my favorite toons.  [starts humming]

EDITORS NOTE:  Final chance to post any last minute gags.  The big climatic scenes may start tonight!
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