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No, I was using quotes to say didn't loosely.  Really, I meant to say yes and no.

Actually, something I'm noticing on the other episodes, they now say 2013 on the date of restoration.  So these are very brand new transfers.  I think Moon Trip had 2006 because it was partly restored at the time (but not the whole thing before mentioned).  I hope the other two will be on Youtube soon.  Meanwhile, I'm really enjoying this Kabillion journey.  These will be fun to plug along the way.  And it gives me something to watch when nothing is on TV in my living room.

^ No it "didn't" .  The "Gumby on the Moon" part was, but everything else was all 16mm prints.

There are more episodes on the on demand service (Little Lost Pony and Mirror Land)

First episode is here, and boy you're gonna love what you see:

^ It would, but it wouldn't "appeal to today's kids." 

Sorry for this majorly old Thread to be bumped, but my question is...

Any news on this release?  :popeye:

Jerry Beck said that if more cuts are happening in the home video department, all bets are off, and I kind of think that's where we're going.  I saw another article out there about cuts.  I hope that the sales of Batman changes their minds about DVD sales.

Toadette:  But for now, we notice Bugs and Mickey working out a deal.

 :bugs2:  Alright doc, that's that.  We'll have your cartoons on TCM this December.
  Oh, gosh.  I hope nobody on your end don't mind.
 :bugs2:  Don't worry, it's not like we're showing Frozen or anything like that, just the older yet more rarer stuff. Well...let's announce it now:

Toadette:  But suddenly a big bright light.
 :daffy:  What..more walk ins inviting themselves???

A beautiful figure appears.

  Queen Serenity.....
Queen Serenity:  Hello my Sailor Guardians and the many characters before me.  I've come to warn you that one of you has betrayed the moon kingdom. 
Everyone:  GASP
Venus:  I don't think I have, have you, Jupiter?
Jupiter:  No not at all.
Mars:  Maybe Usagi here? [snickers]
  Ug...You're such a brat, Rei.  I would never do such a thing.
Queen Serenity:  [smiles and chuckles] No no...all you scouts have been very noble.  I was talking about someone dressing as a guardian only to pass off for free food.  I believe that person calls their self  Sailor Planet XJ9.
  Sailor Planet XJ9, huh?? [mean grin look]
Everyone turns towards Bender.

Bender: whistles....Uh oh..just got a call for help.  Gotta go.
Sailor Scouts:  NOT SO FAST
Bender:  WA.AUGH..
Mars:  FIRE......SOUL!!!!!!!!
Bender:  AUGHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Because of Bender's reaction to heat since he's made of metal, all of his disguise burns off.
Bender:  Uh oh.
Arnold: You again?!

Bender is thrown out
Bender:  Oh no room for Bender ehh??  Well I'll have my own Thanksgiving Feast...with Flapjack...and fact, forget the Feast.  Eh, I'll find a way in yet..

  Thanks Queen Serenity.
Queen Serenity:  You're welcome...Princess Serenity...
 :daffy:  JUST A PAR BOILED MINUTE!!!  How come they get to stay?  They weren't invited!
Queen Serenity:  Because of the dedication on saving their friends, they are welcome to the feast.
 :daffy:  Yeah but still..[Queen Serenity quickly disappears]....ughhh.... 

Toadette:  But what of Sailor Moon and the Sailor Scouts?  Queen Beryl captured they're "boyfriends" and in order for their safe return is to give up the Silver Crystal. 

  What are we going to do?  The fans are already ticked at us for dragging this story along.
Jupiter:  What we need is someone who is fast as lighting to take back our boyfriends.
Venus:  Yeah but who would be silly enough to do that?

1960's British pop music plays.

The Royal Guardsmen: In the knick of time.....a hero arose.....a funny looking dog with a big black nose.  He picked up the scouts and went zooming stop Queen Beryl on Thanksgiving Day   

  Here's the WWI Flying Ace helping our anime friends in need saving their boyfriends from Queen Beryl.
The Royal Guardsmen:  In Queen Beryl's lair, our heroes is a miracle, that they all survived....Beryl attacked, but Snoopy fought back, Beryl's defeated...the plot's back on track  

Toadette:  So Snoopy, and Sailor Moon, and the Sailor Scouts all saved the day and their "boyfriends".  They all landed near Bugs's place.

  SMOOCH Kisses Sailor Moon on the lips  <3
  OOOOOOOO...that guy sure can kiss  <3 
Darian:  What's that you say?
  Ugh..nothing nothing AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...
Mars:  Come on, Usagi, get serious!  Don't you know you're kissing a dog?
  SMOOCH Kisses Sailor Mars on the lips <3
Jupiter:  Where are we anyway??
Mercury:  According to my computer, it's a place with strange characters like a rabbit that chomps on a carrot and says "What's up Doc?"  a stuttering pig, and a duck with a lisp.
  AUGH!!!!!  This is the Feast that I went to.  Let's go in.
  [signals them in;  turns out everyone saw what happened that they got an invite to the feast]
Jupiter:  Well, let's go in then.  I'm starving. 

Will this be the poorly edited version that aired on CBS a few years back or a more complete version of the special?

Given that they're giving them an extra half an hour...wishful thinking.


YESSSS!!!!!!!!   :magoo:

General Discussion / Re: animation legend arthur rankin jr has died (link)
« on: November 17, 2014, 09:10:52 pm »
Yes....we know....I think we talked about this back in January when he did pass.  Do your research before you post.

Still, it was a major loss

Another trailer in 10 days according to Snoopy's Facebook page

Toadette:  What did happen to King Delbert?  We may be finding out because all of the sudden a giant hologram of Queen Beryl appeared.
Beryl:  STOP!!!
everyone: GASP
  You...Queen Beryl!!!
Jupiter:  What d'ya want?!
Beryl:  You Sailor Scouts may have handled well with Simon Bars Sinister who was just my puppet in the whole thing.  But you still haven't given me what I really wanted...THE SILVER CRYSTAL!!!
Simon: [from inside of Mars since I assume she ate him] The Silver Crystal.....pretty much slipped my mind....
You'll never get it.
Beryl:  Noooo??  Everyone may have worked well together and agreed to save your precious Tuxedo Mask, but if I were to tell you who I have.
She shows the hostages
Mercury: Greg!!!
Mars: Chad?!!
Jupiter:  GASP!!!!  That other hostage looks like my old boyfriend!!!!!  We got to save them!
Bullwinkle: I don't suppose you can let me go if I read you some poetry??
Beryl: NO!
Bullwinkle:  I didn't think so...
Venus:  And that last can't be!!!!
King Delbert: HELP!!!  SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME!!!  [So that's why I wasn't contributing anymore]
Beryl:  And if you, Sailor Moon don't give me the silver crystal....all of my boys will suffer.....Mwahahahaha!!!!
Bullwinkle: Actually Queen Beryl'am, I'm already suffering from a cold.
Beryl:  You're not leaving these place...ALL of you are my slaves!!
Bullwinkle:  Shucks..I could have sworn that will get me out of here. 
Chad:  Dude, this is Queen Beryl your talking about, not the bad guys on your show.
Delbert:  Oh you mean Boris Badenov
Chad:  Yeah that's it.  You're the cartoon guy around here..
Beryl: SILENCE!!!!  Now...what do you want to do, hand me the Silver Crystal, or kiss your friends???  Choose wisely. [disappears]

Toadette: What will the scouts do?  We'll have to find out later.

EDITORS NOTE:  I apologize for not contributing, I got bummed out recently for no reason and I started getting busy with both school and work with the TV crew.  Hopefully I can do more.  No I am not captured in Beryl's lair, after all it's only a cartoon.    ;)

Your laptop may be a 16:9.  How's the video quality in your opinion?

So now that it's out, what do you guys think of the set? :)

Not looked at it yet.  Mixed reviews online about video quality with ghosting.  Also, the DVDs are pillarboxed.  Fine if you have a 16:9 TV and an HDMI, but the episodes are smack dab in the middle on all TV's.  That problem will be fixed on future releases and Viz is working to try to fix more problems as possible.  I think we'll be fine though.  You're happy it seems

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