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Hmm..Kabillion skipped some episodes.  Lion Around is now up on demand.  I hope the other episodes show up soon.

Holiday Party Threads / Re: A GAC/IAD Black Friday 2014
« on: November 28, 2014, 04:24:10 pm »
Toadette:  So The Grinch took the cart...he took the Wii games...he took the Wii controllers....he took the Wii Console...he cleaned out the video game department as quick as a flash...why The Grinch even took Guitar Hero Starring Slash.  Then he stuffed them in bags to the sled with glee.
  And now...
Toadette:  Grinned the Grinch...
I will take away the tree.

Toadette:  Nearby we see Usagi doing some Black Friday Shopping.  You know Usagi, always wanting to do everything.  What an airhead. 
  HEY! HEY!  I just wanna go shopping, Toadette!
Toadette: she drug Chibiusa along with her just for company.  She's too young to be experiencing this IMO
Chibiusa:  Usagi, Rei would be the perfect partner for this, why can't she go and I'm here?
  Chibiusa, it's because something's wrong with Rei ever since yesterday at the Thanksgiving Feast.  She has a headache and not feeling herself.  I hope she's ok.  A little sneak peak of what's to come in An IAD Christmas Carol
Chibiusa:  Usagi..look...
Usagi and Chibiusa noticed The Grinch taking the tree
  Saint Nick?
Chibiusa:  Santa Claus??
  What's he doing with all that stuff and why is he taking that tree??
Toadette:  As The Grinch took the tree and as he started to shove, he felt a small tug from below not above.  He turned around fast and he saw a small Toon.  Little Chibiusa, who is also known as Chibi Moon.  She stared at The Grinch and said...
Chibiusa:  Santa Claus, why?  Why are you taking that Christmas tree?  Why?
Toadette:  But that Grinch was so smart and so slick, he thought up a lie and he thought it up quick.
  Why my sweet little tot..
Toadtette:  The fake Santa Claus lied...
There's a light on this tree that won't light on one side.  So I'm taking it home to my workshop my dear.  I'll fix it up there then I'll bring it back here.
Toadette:  And his fib seemed to fooled Chibiusa, but as soon as he began to pat her head to bring her confidence...
HOLD IT RIGHT THERE!!  I know who you're no Santa're THE GRINCH!!
  Well, aren't you the smart one.
Usagi Transforms into Sailor Moon
But Sailor Moon is in shock, a note that read:  You took too long to transform yourself.  I left with the tree like a greedy old elf.  signed: The Grinch
Chibiusa:  Usagi, let's go home...

Toadette:  Up and up The Grinch went up Mt. Crumpit.  He took all the gifts to the tip top to dump it.
  Poo Poo to the Toons
Toadette: He was grinchly humming.
  The end has come.  No Black Friday is coming.  The Toons are freaking out, they won't know what to do.  Their mouths will hang open for a minute or two, then the Toons down in Toontown will all cry, "BOO HOO!!"  That's a noise I simply must hear before we dump all this junk.

Holiday Party Threads / Re: A GAC/IAD Black Friday 2014
« on: November 28, 2014, 01:03:41 pm »
Toadette:  Meanwhile on Mt. Crumpett, The Grinch now dressed as Santa loaded some bags and some old empty sacks on a ramshackle sleigh and he whistled for Max

  Hurry up Max, I'm ready to go.
Max: whimper whimper

The Grinch hooks Max up

Toadtette:  Then the Grinch said...
Toadette:  And the sleigh started down toward the homes where the Toons are shopping crazy in their town.

And then the wild sleigh ride down the hill as seen in The Grinch happens.

Holiday Party Threads / Re: A GAC/IAD Black Friday 2014
« on: November 28, 2014, 11:58:43 am »
Toadette:  And up Mt. Crumpett, whatever the reason his heart or his shoes, The Grinch was standing outside his cave hating Black Friday.  Staring down from his cave with a sour Grinchy frown and the Wal-Mart and Macy's and more below in Toontown.  For he knew every Toon down in Toontown now was busy shopping til they shop no more. 
  And they'll shop and they'll shop....and they'll shop SHOP  SHOP  SHOP  They'll buy this for their mommy they'll buy this for their daddy.  They'll even buy their relatives a Krabby Patty.  And then....they'll do something I hate most of all...every Toon down in Toontown will see that one product and one will say I want that one and this one wants that one and then they'll start fighting using their anvils and dynamites and TNTs and nowadays they'll Super Smash Brother each other and Mario Kart each other....I must stop this whole thing!!!  Why for year after year I've put up with it now.  I must stop Black Friday from coming...but how?

The Grinch heads back to his cave to find Max watching his blu-ray copy of How the Grinch Stole Christmas.
  Max; What are you watching?!  Can't you see I'm busy trying to...he sees the scene where he's dressed as Santa giving him an idea
Toadtette:  Then he got an idea; an awful idea.  The Grinch got a wonderful...awful idea.
  I know just what to do.
Toadette:  The Grinch laughed in his throat.
  Max, fetch me my Santa Clause hat and coat.  I'll go down to Toontown dressed as St. Nick.  I'll steal Black Friday with this nifty trick.

Before the thread closes, I have a few parting words:

I wanna thank you guys for going along with some of my gags.  I know "Sailor Moon" is not the choice that is on everyone's minds all the time, but hey, it's what I like...and I notice a few Nintendo characters here as well.  This gave me an opportunity to try to write for some of my favorite characters.  Being this is my first party, I really enjoyed myself.  I hope to join in with the IAD Christmas Carol. 

Happy Thanksgiving. 

The Fantastic Farmer is now up on demand. 

They ARE a trademark to Macy's and Macy's know that....NBC would be the problem here.  What I do notice, it was just one long commercial for the new stuff each company is promoting.  Snoopy flew because of the new movie.  Thomas flew because there's a new theme park coming (news to me).  See what I'm saying?

New episode is here, Mirrorland!:

Thank you for posting that; I forgot to mention it.

Also coming soon to the IAD Christmas Carol:

It's Rudolph's 50th, but with the evil popularity of Frozen, does anyone cares?  Is Elsa to blame, or was she brainwashed?

With Daffy Duck not allowing anyone over to his house, where are all the toons going for their party (don't worry, they'll find a place)

And what is Simon's Evil plan this time (and Queen Beryl's); is Sailor Mars gonna be ok??

There's a thrilling time ahead in my neck of the woods for this forum.

Toadette:  So every toon was at the mansion that was invited (save of a few that decided to go home).  But before hand, Daffy had one other thing up his sleeve.
 :daffy: Oh by the way, I invited just a few more toons
 :bugs2:  Oh who'd ya invite?!
Door opens
 :daffy:  Colonel Montgomery J. Klaxton and his family

The Colonel, his wife Maggie Bell, and his wife Sister Sue are at the door.

Toadette:  So now everyone was enjoying their meal at piece.  No Negaverse attacks, no Mario Kart attacks, nor arguing, no Simon Bar Sinister, ZIP....  After the meal, The Colonel was so satisfied that he made a speech.
Colonel:  Dearest cartoon characters.  It is with deep pride...that you have invited Maggie Bell, her Sister Sue, and yours access your party and meal over the holiday....I hearby retaliate that instead of Bugs' mansion having the feast...I invite everyone to our year from today....for a delicious Thanksgiving Treat from IAD and GAC. 

All the toons (except Maggie Bell and Sister Sue): For he's a jolly good fellow....For he's a jolly good fellow...For he's a jolly good FELLOW.......Which nobody can deny
Maggie Bell:  Montgomery, why in the world would you make an invitation like that.
Colonel:  Look a year from now the forum would have forgotten the entire thread.
Sister Sue:  We haven't got the money and room to fit all of these characters in our apartment.  Why you big blabber mouth, you shouldn't have had that much of Toad's secret stuff.
Everyone Else:  Which nobody can deny  HORRAYY!!!!  YAY!!!!!!!!!!  HORRAY!!!!  CHEER!!!!!!!!!!

And that's all from me, Delbert, for this Thanksgiving.  I have a few ideas for Christmas and wish to use them (hopefully) at the time including something for Rudolph's 50th Anniversary.  From my family to yours, I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.  You may now continue with the story

Holiday Party Threads / Meanwhile, Simon plans for Christmas evil
« on: November 25, 2014, 04:45:09 pm »
Toadette:  While I was driving Bugs Batty, things are getting heated up.  Simon Bar Sinister is back to normal (thanks to the Negaverse and Bad Writers like King Delbert) and has some plans for Christmas evil (he'd do it on Thanksgiving, but we have no time for him to do so).

Cad:  I gotta hand it to ya, I thought you were done with life.
Simon:  That's what I wanted the toons to think my boy.  I changed Sailor Mars forever and what will help give energy to the Negaverse for sure.  Look at my special TV screen:

We see on the screen the Sailor Scouts heading home from the Feast.  They are back to everyday school girls.  Rei still has a headache

Rei..are you ok? 
Rei: head.  My whole self what's happened to me?

Simon:  See that Cad?
Cad: But boss, I don't get it
Simon:  Simple Cad, ever since she swallowed us, she started having a craving in her body.  Science is on our side my boy.  So what we'll do is hire a non-cartoon character to meet with her as a psychiatrist and then...whispers in Cad's ear

  Maybe you should go home, Rei.
Rei:  Yes...maybe I should.

Rei walks home, but here's a sound

voice:  Psst...hey, you....

Rei sees a shadow of a skeleton thinking it's a monster.

Rei:  You're a monster?!  Alright!

voice:  WAIT A MINUTE!!  We see it is Achmed the Dead Terrorist  Ah ha...just the person I was looking for...evil like tone Sailor Mars.....
Mars: Who are you???
Achmed:  My name is Achmed, and I am a Terrori-I mean a psychiatrist.  I've been watching you, and I know what you crave.  You have a taste for toons...right?
Mars:  Uhhhh...
Achmed:  It's ok, no one is watching. 
Mars:  y..yes...I do...I DO!!!
Achmed:  I can help with with my magic powers.  He holds a piece of candy
Mars: But, it's just candy.
Achmed:  This is no ordinary piece of give these as Christmas presents to the toons this year.  And then..whispers in her ear
Mars:  Gasp...Sounds WONDERFULL!!!  Can I try doing it now?
Achmed:  NO!!!!  with innocence You'll have to wait until Christmas...I love Christmas.  I can where my Holiday Hat and sing Jingle Bombs.  Of course , this is when GAC/IAD will celebrate their Christmas Party next month... towards the audience brought to you by..McDonald's.  The place where we fatten up and Keel You.  McDonald's has the Big Mac and the best breakfast you'll ever have.
Mars:  towards the audience Yeah, and for a limited of time, you can give the gift of McDonald's 50 cent Gift Certificates holds the gift certificate where you can buy at any participating McDonald's.
Achmed:  If you don't wanna take her word for it, here's Ronald McDonald for more details..

TTTP In Exile / Re: "Boo Moon" on 3-D Blu-ray
« on: November 25, 2014, 12:30:02 am »
Hey, you know it is public domain.  He can do it.  You know just because it's public domain doesn't mean it's bad.  We think that because of the crappy releases over the years.  Now people like Steve Stanchfield are stepping up able to do restorations. 

TTTP In Exile / Re: YouTube Thread, Part 14
« on: November 25, 2014, 12:28:35 am »
I replaced the link with a public domain copy.   :shame:

I didn't mean to offend Mr. Stanchfield, which I wasn't thinking when I posted the YouTube link, which I should've posted a faded print or another animated Oz related clip, which I posted since I watched the 1939 movie. I just wasn't thinking.

I don't think it was your fault.  I think they were talking about the user who uploaded it. 

^ Don't cite Stu's Show just yet.  Jerry Beck said this on his Cartoon Research Facebook group.  Someone posted something about Warner Home Video making cuts, Jerry said "Thanks for posting this and letting folks aware."  Then someone asked about the Popeyes.  Jerry then said "If they make more cuts, all bets are off."  This was way back I think in the summer.

 :bugs2:  But I guess since everyone is gone to Charlie Brown's grandmother's
 :daffy:  You do that, I'll go to Taco Bell and grab a REAL Thanksgiving treat. 
 :bugs2: Ehh..fine doc.
The Sailor Scouts are still near the house.  They too plan on going to Charlie Brown's grandmother's condominium
Mars:  You ready to head over there too?
Venus:  Yep.
Jupiter:  Wait a minute, look over there.

We see Snoopy and Woodstock sad as they have been left behind with no place to eat.

   Hmmmm...I know what to do:

Moon Healing Escalation brings about a wonderful Thanksgiving Feast for Snoopy and Woodstock.

   They seem happy now. 
Mars:  mmm hmmm.
Jupiter:  C',mon, let's go to Charlie Brown's grandmother's.

We see Snoopy and Woodstock enjoying their Thanksgiving meal with Turkey (yes, Woodstock eats the turkey), and pumpkin pie.

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