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Received my copy and went straight to watching "To Spring" and it was gorgeous.  Also watched the fun little Tea Pot town short.  I like it, a little disjointed (and apparently incomplete) but overall an interesting little entry.  Also watched Spring Song (in Brewster Color, quite a trip) and Eshbaugh's vibrant Wizard of Oz.  Will go back to the beginning and watch more of the B&W "Nightmares" soon.  I also love the little liner notes booklet.  Thunderbean has always put forth a quality effort, but with these new combo blu-ray sets the quality of presentation just gets better and better.  And HD is clearly the way to go at this point, totally worth it.

I've watched the first three silents on the blu-ray.  The quality of the transfers is exceptional.  The 1907 entry is a little rough with such extremem age naturally, but still quite watchable.  I'm pleasantly surprised also by the excellent custom scores done for most of the cartoons by some of the best in the industry.  The booklet is very informative and well-done as well.  Overall an A+ presentation and a quality product, definitely worth owning for any classic animation fan.  Looking forward to working my way through the rest of these.

Got mine today, will watch soon.  Merry Christmas

TTTP In Exile / Re: RIP Martha Sigall
« on: December 24, 2014, 01:42:59 pm »
I saw her mentioned a few days ago on Gizmodo talking about the origin of Bugs Bunny:

When the article was originally posted they seemed unaware that she had passed just a few days earlier.  The original article title referred to her as the last "living" colorist.

General Discussion / Re: Totally Tooned In censorship and overdubbing
« on: December 20, 2014, 12:31:31 pm »
Ugh geez.  I guess music rights with cartoons of this vintage never occurred to me, usually seems to be a problem with later television cartoons.

General Discussion / Totally Tooned In censorship and overdubbing
« on: December 20, 2014, 09:38:55 am »
Just caught some TTI on Antenna TV.  The episode had a Sparky cartoon where Yippy the pup grows into a giant dog.  This episode had some of the more egregious sequences of re-recorded dialog and ill-fitting music and sfx.  This included a rather long and tedious re-recording of dialog by Sparky's mother.  The new material was so awful and poorly done, not that there's a good way to do it.  I couldn't  discern what could have possibly been offensive about the original dialog, unless there was some dialect humor going on (oh the horror).  What is the story behind these edits?  They always seem so nonsensical, replacing loooong sequences of dialog and music with poor and cheap modern substitutes .  Surely the original audio wasn't actually lost or damaged, the Columbia cartoons are otherwise so pristine.  There's almost never any detectable reason for them, and they really are awful.  Oddly the Magoo cartoons and other UPA entries seem to go unaffected, unless I just haven't  noticed.  Its mostly the older Color Rhapsody cartoons that suffer.   


General Discussion / Re: RIP Saturday Morning Cartoons (1950's-2014)
« on: June 06, 2014, 04:26:33 pm »
More E/I crapola.  They may as well broadcast a blank screen for 5 hours.

I think GoBots season 1 will be more fun to watch  :shame:

TTTP In Exile / Re: Betty Boop to be released by Olive films?
« on: April 30, 2014, 08:00:52 pm »
Got my copy of Volume 3 yesterday.  This is a good ensemble of cartoons, the theme overall being classic jazz by some legendary great bandleaders and musicians, Cab Calloway, Louis Armstrong and Don Redman.  A few have somewhat washed out or faded pictures in need of some restoration, but the transfers are clear and high quality overall.  Great to be able to own a good HD copy of these classic cartoons.   :betty:

« on: April 25, 2014, 01:09:38 pm »
The extra features are all found on the 1001 Arabian Nights discs, which is packaged in such a way that it almost seems like a separate release included in the box, but in fact the disc volume label indicates it is disc 4 of the set.  So there you will find not only the package-advertised feature about 1001 Arabian Nights, but also 2 features about Mr. Magoo and UPA in general.  The features are surprisingly good for a Shout release, which generally doesn't have the budget for such things.  They look to be on par in both substance and contributions to what you might get in a typical 2-3 disc WB animation set, with the usual cast of experts and good production quality.

« on: April 22, 2014, 10:40:35 pm »
Preordered direct from Shout, arrived today.  Great set!

Artfully package in a cheap plastic keepsake DVD case that smells of old cheese, with paper sleeved discs carelessly piled inside, MPI Home Video has licensed the perennial favorite Quickstraw McGruff the Crime Horse for general retail release on April 30.  Extras include the classic companion cartoon Wally the Gator and the Hairy Bear Bunch and Archie and the Gang singing their famous bubble gum pop hits like "Splenda, Splenda".  Box art coming soon, but I hear it features some snazzy cover girl poses by no less notable cartoon icon than Sugarfoot, Quickstraw's trusty horse/girlfriend.  S'Alright!   :shame:

Okay I at least laughed at this one, just the title first but then the gratuitous use of "fire" as the method of destruction.  Maybe was the mood I was in  ;D

General Discussion / Re: RIP Lou Scheimer (1929-2013)
« on: October 18, 2013, 11:34:24 pm »
There's so little from Filmation that I like, mostly the early super hero stuff, but I liked Lou and his passion for animation, however limited.

TTTP In Exile / Re: Betty Boop to be released by Olive films?
« on: September 28, 2013, 09:25:46 pm »
Screenshots from Bimbo's Initiation

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