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April Fools Threads / Gumby episodes to be reset in soundtrack..
« on: April 01, 2014, 10:09:31 pm »
to ALL have the synth sound and Justin Bieber songs (Justin himself has a new face on Mt.Rushmore).

Davey and Goliath may wind up with some of the same synth music in new video releases..  :(

Hi! It has been announced that in 1970, right before the then-so named Warner Bros.-7 Arts were to close, Bill Hendricks was doing a Alex Toth
 style toon, with a blonde 16 year old teen girl, Theresa, and her friend,s Bunny, Christina), Sam, and Roger, in a rock band called..
 .with blessings from the great Milton Caniff---TERRY AND THE PIRATES at first then TERRY AND HER PIRATES. Hey, HB did a "Butch Cassidy" 1973 bubblegum show, no cowboys
 Therese aka Terry (a teen girl)-Janet Wado
 Christina, her flip do wearing reasonable tambourinist Deborah "GIdget" Walley
 Roger, her tanned bfriend- Jerry Dexter
 Bunny- dizty- long haired miniskirted Laugh In Goldie Hawn type -Julie Bennett"
 Sam-Larry Storch

 Music-William Lava, Frank De Vol.

 A very groovy cocnept, Terry has short bang on her hair and all the girls have miniskirts. You thought WB imitated HB-well, Terrytoons imitated HB's newer side with
 Sally Sargent and Ruby Eye of Monkey God (and HB's newer style with Johnny Quest in 1964 WAS based on the REAL Terry and the Pirates by Milt Caniff.)

Bunny (a human, not the Faye Dunaway rabbit from the cartoons) is the ditz. The leader, voice by Josie and Judy Jetson';s Janet Waldo (talk about Hanna-Barbera ripping off) is a teen girl very similar to Alice (HB) and Sally Sargent (Calvert/Terry_).

In talks, Sherry Alberoni, June Foray, Paul Frees and some others were in talks in 19760 to do voices..

 Now is THIS Warner Bros. trying to adapt to the Josie-Scoobiefied HB times or WHATY? Oh yeah. A laugh track and plenty of Hanna Barbera sound effects.

General Discussion / Autodafe?....AUTODAFE?
« on: January 19, 2014, 12:26:18 pm »
I go on this board, and instead of my USUAL name it says this:
"Welcome, Autodafe".

Can anybody PLEASE explain what the heck that was for?? :o

TTTP In Exile / The return of Cinecolor (in Mexico)?
« on: October 07, 2013, 11:45:36 pm »
A few films that I've seen lately, including the VERY popular bi-lingual (more Spanish as it was made in Mexico) "Instructions Not Included" have a modern day "Cinecolor Mexico" laboratory credit on them. This, obviously, is NOT a return of the old 1930s-early 50s lab, is it?

General Discussion / Michael Rye dies
« on: January 21, 2013, 02:17:44 am »
Died,2012.;l He was used many times in both his real name Rye Billsbury and his stage name Michael Rye but underused elsewhere..he did minor roles in some cartooons., including TV's The Flintstones as a cop in the opener for the whole show "FSwimming Pool" (not shown first due to its showing the boys fighting) and provided the lead voice in Format's odd jet ahge "Lone Ranger" and various post-GOlden age voices 70s-80s.Had a neat last name, Rye.:)

Preston Blair, the MGM anaimtor, is a real person of the Lincoln era, as the Lincoln filkm shows..I wonder if Steven Spielberg was DELIBERATELY making this flick because an animator had a same-named not THE Preston Blair, but a person in Lincoln's time in the picture. But I was humoursly kidding as Spielberg had always did cartoon projects and directed this film..

TTTP In Exile / "Hare-Um Scare-Um"'s original ending (lost on YouTube)
« on: October 31, 2012, 06:25:50 pm »
Why was the video taken down and made private?

General Discussion / RIP Ginny Tyler
« on: July 18, 2012, 11:13:03 pm »
My owner Gumby's part-time voice, and that of many DIsneyland record/attraction, movie, and other characters, Merrie Virngia Eggers, died over last weekend. Born either 1925 or 1932. She started bhosting kiddie radio and TV shows as well as doing odd voices on Spike Jones records, then doing animal voices and appeared on everyone's cartoons series, and was my beloved Mosueketeer along with Annette as thew hostess of reruns of the ONLY Mickey Mouse Club (No Britney or Lisa Welchel,m the one with Annette), and was on HB cartoons from 1958-59 era Yogi cartoons to Flintstones (one of the car hops along with Nancy Wble), and "Gulliver" and others, also on DePatie-Freleng Pink Patnher and "oddball Couple" cartoons (only as incidentals), though playing Sue the Invisble girls, replacing Jo Ann Pflug ("MASH',"Candid Camera '85" and my teenage crush in 74:)) bakc in 1967 in the HB version (Ginny being the DF 1978 version).


The link mentions the reissue Blue Ribbons that used this, such as "Trap-Happy Porky". I plan to cover soon such small stuff as "Daffy Duck in Hollywood",1938, to the use of the "Quick Draw" theme in "Pixie and Dixie"..

General Discussion / RIP, Richard Dawson.
« on: June 03, 2012, 05:32:26 pm »
Dawson was on, most memorably, "Hogan's Heroes" and "Family Feud" as the host who would kiss any female contestant. [Yowp's "Tralfaz" blog just blurted it out, I hadn't know of it yet, he]d done one on Dennis Day earlier this morning. Tha nks, Yowp for the info.]

He was credited for a "
HPng Kong Phooey" episode..or several.

General Discussion / RIP, Robert M.Sherman
« on: March 08, 2012, 01:12:58 am »
You know him with his brother Richard B.Sherman as one of the songwriters for "Mary Poppins" You know him for "It's a Small World"[like it or n ot}. You know him for "Pooh". For "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang","Snoopy Come Home",even animated versions of Goldilockas with Bing Crosby, Kathryn, Nathanikel Crosbny. Paul Winchell, and as Goldie Mary Frances Crosby and Carlotte's Web with Debbie Reynolds, Agnes Molorehead, Henry Gibson and Paul Lynde,and so many more.

Beloeved song co-writer Robert Sherman, I can't believe happened or was never mentioned here, passed away several days ago, in his 80s. Read on another forum BOTH SIDES NOW STEREO CHAT, where I have been a member for more than fifteeen years, that two brothers did not get anlong well at all...Despite tbheir writing many non-Disney stuff, such as the projects mentioned and CHitty CHitty Bang Bang [and Robert's own solo writing some songs for "Over There", the Andrews Sisters revue whose songs made it into the blockbuster Iron Man franchise and Capt.America], we'll always rememeber him and his survivor/bnrother for writing those Disney songs...

The ads for that new Drew Barrymore film , "Biog Mirracle:, based on true events, set in '88 about some whale rescuers in Alaska has the whales named Fred, Wilma, and Bamm Bamm-no Pebbles, and Universal and HB ended their partnership years ago. But hell, this is based on a true story [set when Uni and HB WERE partnered HA HA..]

Just a wry observation. The film comes out I think this weekend, February 3, tomorrow.

General Discussion / The ORIGINAL Tootsie Pop ad with that "naked" kid
« on: January 06, 2012, 01:46:15 am »
In keeping with the "TV Commercial" spot, I thought I would devote an ENTIRE article to the original verison of that ad. Golden Age Cartoon forums [RIP] had an ad a few years ago on it. From my TOON SNOOT blog, and this is the first new post of the year of it.

But some of you have already seen that ad as I did, back in 1969.

By the many licks DOES it take?

If you're in the mood for a shortcut to the now rare version of the famous candy ad, here it is
I'll also post in the "Classic ads" thread for convience of the readers here.



My first Discussion Thread..
In keeping with LooneyTunesFans post-see my reply as well--
here is Gumby's Scooge Loose.
Predecessor to Humbug

Produced, written, and directed by ART C.CLOKEY

Voices DAL McKENNON [apparently for Scrooge and Santa as well]

All some unknown Christmas music from John Seely and BIll Loose's "Capitol Production Music", most likely from the X series, ["Experimental"?, which had such miscellaneous generes-L: Light,, D:Dramamatic, S:Short takes, and M:Mood, also existed, and all were used on all shows!] Many composers involved [started in the early 20th century as various seperate libaries, Sam Fox, Thomas J.Valento, through the 1940s as MuTel for Langloig, through Cpaitol itself which brought togtehert a lot of those operaitons recordings, even a lot, but NOT ALL, on the Hi-Q series, with composers, a handful freelancing or exclusive, from Seely and Loose, to Phil Green to Henry Russell to Roger Roger to Jack Shaindlin to Ed LuUnd and still more]and as a Gumby fan, I might start a thread about that in TELEVISION ANIMATION here. There seems to be at first only one to three stock music cue tunes. A version of "Wish You a Merry Christmas" closes this.

Original broadcast date unknown.

Sometimes watching these ["Dragon Witch", an episode of Producer/Creator Clokey's 1961  aborted supporting segment "Henry and Rodgy" as well] can result in rewarding mixups like here...Scrooge. Sherlock. Roy Rogers. That''s what's happens here as Gumby and Pokey spy through a spyglass around and spy Scrooge [even the open title, as was being done in the series around here, as the title over this activity, a la Bob Clampett's "Daffy Doc",1938,WB].

Scrooge comews out and Gumby and Pokey follow him, and get this-Gumby has to EXPLAIN to the SMART POKEY just WHO SCROOGE IS!! When this episode reaches a climax, Gumby ropes Scrooge. He then dumps Scrooge in Sant'as bag  Unflortunately, when they try to stuff it in GUmby's sleigh, they forget to inform the momentarily disappeared/now returned Old St.Nick that Santa has an unexpected vkisitor, and thus the kids.

This episode has an unusual selection of background underscore as most diehard fans will mentioned from the Capitol-Seely library used in 1958 on those fall 1958 Looney Tunes and on almost every TV show, but seldom used elsewhere. Yowp's blog has slome excellent articles on this that really go into detail on the history of that stock music and the IMMENSELY HUGE QUANITY of COMPOSERS, CONDUCTORS, ARRANGERS and PUBLISHERS,etc. who worked on it...and this is the operation credited on six WB cartoons and the other Art Clokey franchse credits "Davey and Goliath" as John Seely (associates)-he was the head at that time of the library, anyway.

Okay, I just noted that the FOUR articles on those library stock tunes can be found there except Jack Shaindlin [of the Langworth-Filmmusic nee Langlois-CInemusic].

As for the short in summation, it's posted as a companion to LooneyTunesFan's posting on the later Gumby short "Humbug". A few other oriignal era-Holiday Gumbys, also from early sixties:
"Santa Witch" [early Pokey spin off episode]
"A Pigeon in a Plum Tree"
As a sttock music fan I noted that there's a lot of unqiue Christmas music there. Yowp himself has "Seasonal Hi-Q", remixes of familiar cues or reqorking of  an "Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet,the" theme with Christmas bells jingling.

For one of the other stock music composers, from Yowp
s blog:

.Clokey had a handful of people as Gumby even in this version, with Dal McKennon ding most sixties voice.

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