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April Fools Threads / How Much Do You Like Classic Cartoons?
« on: April 01, 2014, 08:35:12 pm »
(Inspired by ParamountCartoons' Joke)

Yesterday I was Internet surfing and found a website that said that the release date for  Tom and Jerry Golden Collection Volume 2. My heart jumped to the roof. Could it really be happening? All we've been waiting for is finally here! YES! Woohoo! It was announced that Mouse Cleaning and Casovana Cat are included,restored and uncut! In fact, 4 more shorts were added to the collection! It was also announced that Volume 3 is also in the works! And I have proof,too!:

(Watch it before Warner takes it down,and YouTube uses it's new tool where when a video gets taken down, the next video uploaded takes that URL!)

April Fools Threads / Warner Bros. Cartoons Library to be Destroyed
« on: April 01, 2014, 05:17:45 pm »
Warner Bros.  is going to set fire to ALL of it's cartoon prints from 1930-1969 in a massive explosion. Not kidding,check this source:

TTTP In Exile / Good News for Fleschier Fans
« on: March 18, 2014, 10:29:39 pm »

Yes,it's real,and you're welcome.


There's 34 pages of feedback for his 3 items,including this one.

You may want to go for this,IADers. You many never see any opportunity like this again.

TTTP In Exile / Bootleg of a complete Tex Avery collection
« on: March 02, 2014, 11:03:51 pm »

A whole complete MGM AND WB collection of Tex Avery cartoons.Is it too good to be true?No,because it's a bootleg.I wouldn't trust it,because the same site is selling a VHS with THESE cartoons:
Tokio Jokio
All This and Rabbit Stew
Daffy The Commando
Superman and The Japoteurs
Jasper and The Haunted House
Bosko's Party

Sure-those cartoons are PD,but what person with any care for what they are producing would produce a collection of all stereotypes,Japanese,African-American,and German,and on VHS?This website should not be trusted,because it won't even tell you what you're getting half the time.I looked around the site,and I would not trust it even if they have a complete tex avery collection.No matter how much I want that,this website should not be trusted(if they have a price that's cheap enough,MAYBE I'll consider having a notion of buying the other VHS).If you buy know matter who the seller is,then go for this.But the price is very high,almost 70 bucks!It's your choice if you want to buy a complete 7 DVD-R collection of Tex Avery's cartoons at MGM AND Warner,from an untrustworthy site that's obviously bootlegged and may have incredibly awful quality,but I would not buy that(note how they have no review section,to cover all possible evidence of untrustworthiness!).

(don't read the above paragraph,scince it's just me repeating over and over and over and over and over the same thing)

TTTP In Exile / Does anyone know where to find this VHS tape?
« on: March 01, 2014, 12:14:57 pm »
I can't find this tape ANYWHERE on the internet,I am searching for it,and I really want this tape!So I'm asking if any of you guys have this tape,or know where to find it.It is by Parents Approved Video.It is called "Daffy Duck and Other Cartoon Classics".The reason why I want this tape is because it's the only PD tape with a Heckle and Jeckle cartoon other than the talking magpies!I want to have it very badly,so if anyone has it or knows where to get it.PLEASE tell me so I can get it!*.I have attached an image of the cover:

*I don't trade within the forums,sorry!

So,if you have this tape or know where to get it,NOTIFY ME!

I am not knowledgable in any areas of this thing.Would anyone tell me how good/bad the looney tunes television specials 1979-1992 are?

I have seen two:

Carnival of The Animals:This one was pretty funny,but at times it got kind of boring,although I must say this one was quite entertaining.SAINT SAINTS! Gets me every time.And the sequence with the lions was hilarious.

Bugs Bunny's Bustin Out All Over:This special was in 3 new shorts,so here are my thoughts on those shorts:
-Portrait of the Artist as A Young Bunny:Pretty much all reused gags from Bugs/Elmer cartoons,except as babies.They even reused the Log(SUCKER) gag.Not much to say on this one.
-Spaced-Out Bunny:THIS CARTOON IS AWFUL!Not only is it so slowly paced,it uses the "Mysterious Carrot" gag for the gazillionth time(and it wasn't even funny then!)and puts bugs bunny in space for no reason other than to entertain the audience(which is not entertained AT ALL!)and then they just through in the abominable snowman FOR NO REASON! And they call him "Hugo".WHY THE HECK WOULD ANYONE NAME AN ABOMINABLE SNOWMAN HUGO! This cartoon has got to be one of the worst chuck jones cartoons that I HAVE EVER SEEN.Why the heck hasn't Warner Bros. burned this thing in a fiery pit of doom?
-Soup or Sonic:Best part of the special,if it weren't for the mediocre POTAAYB and the awful SOB.The ending gag is pretty much the best part out of all 22 minutes.

So yeah.Tell me what you think of these specials,so i can know If I want to watch them or not.Bugs Bunny's Mad World of Television and Bugs VS. Daffy-Battle of the music video stars looks pretty good from their descriptions.Ditto on the others.Tell me what you thing of them.I want to know.

TTTP In Exile / worst colorizing nutjob ever!
« on: February 15, 2014, 02:04:21 pm »

General Discussion / Fly Tales
« on: February 01, 2014, 07:43:12 pm »
Anyone remember this show?


Figures,it's so obscure it's Wikipedia page is this big:
Yeah.THAT obscure.As obscure as Ladislas Starevich's films besides The Revenge of The Kinetograph Cameraman from the 1910s.But it doesn't deserve to be.It has little fan art,and is so obscure the only proof that it ever aired was a early 2000's CN UK schedule where it aired for 30 minutes on a Sunday for about a month.It is actually a real treasure cartoon in the era it was in.Anyone who enjoyed sound 1930's cartoons with just adventures(like the Cubby Bear cartoons) will love this show.A five minute series of shorts with a ball shaped fly going on various wacky adventures(getting stuck in a gum machine,Accidentaly falling inside a dog etc.Almost evrey episode is on YouTube with very few views,and will never be taken down.Most of the episodes are avalible on this channel: (set on oldest-newest setting) and I encourage you to check them out.One of my favorite episodes is "Showtime" where The Fly goes inside a TV.Mayhem ensues when he enters the projection room :D .There are no words in these cartoons,just music and sound effects by the bugs!I wish there was a DVD of some sort,so we can find the last 20 episodes,which are very hard to find.If you have any of episodes 46-65 please share!I really enjoy these cartoons,and I hope you enjoy them too.

TTTP In Exile / If it were to happen,how would you do it?(WB)
« on: January 28, 2014, 08:20:25 pm »
Hello people of the IAD forums.This is the very first post I have ever made. Not that this will probably ever happen,but if it did,what cartoons would you choose for Looney Tunes Golden Collection 7? Now,I KNOW that WHV and/or Warner Archives is incredibly unlikely to make this descision,but,we can dream,can't we?. I'd be A-OK with any other cartoons,but here are my picks:

The Classics.
Disc One:Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck  :bugs:  :daffy:
1.Rabbit Every Monday
2.The Unruly Hare
3.Daffy Doodles
4.A-Lad in His Lamp
5.Fresh Hare
6.His Bitter Half
7.Hare Splitter
8.Person to Bunny
9.Hot Cross Bunny
10.Cracked Quack
11.Dime to Retire
12.Daffy's Southern Exposure
13.Racketeer Rabbit
14.The Impatient Patient
15.Design For Leaving(already appeared but cropped;original format presented)

And a disc that's long overdue...
Disc 2:Tex-Book Looney
All cartoons presented are directed by Tex Avery.

1.Plane Dippy
2.The Village Smithy
3.Don't Look Now
4.Porky's Duck Hunt(already restored)
5.Ain't We Got Fun
6.Egghead Rides Again
7.The Sneezing Weasel
8.The Isle of Pingo Pongo
9.Johnny Smith and Poker-Huntas
10.Cinderella Meets Fella
11.Belive it or Else
12.Dangerous Dan McFoo
13.Circus Today
14.Ceiling Hero
15.The Bug Parade
Don't worry,there's more on disc 4.

Now I know some people dislike these cartoons,BUT,seriously,if you don't like it,then don't watch it.Just skip around this disc if you dislike these cartoons."The bottom of the barrel's gotta be scraped sometime".Anyway,

Disc 3:Cool Cat and Friends  :coolcat:
1.Cool Cat
2.Merlin the Magic Mouse
3.Speedy Ghost to Town
4.Hocus Pocus Powwow
5.Fiesta Fiasco
6.Big Game Haunt
7.Hippydrome Tiger
8.Feud with a Dude
9.Rabbit Stew and Rabbits Too
10.Flying Circus
11.Bugged By a Bee
12.Chimp and Zee
13.Fistic Mystic
14.Shamrock and Roll
15.Injun Trouble(1969)

And the disc on(almost)evrey collection...
Disc 4:All Stars Cartoon Party  :bosko:  :buddy:  :coyote:  :daffy:  :yosemite:  :tweetie:  :sylvester:  :speedy:  :slow:  :shame:  :porky:  :bugs2:  :marvin:  :dodo:  :roadrunner:
1.Henhouse Henry
2.Tree Cornered Tweety
3.Bosko's Mechanical Man
4.Buddy's Showboat
5.Highway Runnery
6.Hide and Go Tweet
7.Injun Trouble(1938)
8.Hare Lift
9.Bosko The Speed King
10.Mouse Mazurka
11.Feather Dusted
12.Goopy Geer
13.Screwball Football
14.Fresh Fish
15.Skyscraper Caper

This is my idea. Post your ideas below!

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