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General Discussion / Computer problems: Help!
« on: December 31, 2014, 11:38:32 pm »
Okay, a wierd thing happen with my Windows XP computer.  While it was working fine earlier today, the computer started to act dysfunctional after I took a nap.  First the internet has trouble loading normally and is acting sluggish.  Second, the Wave setting of my volume control keeps resetting itself every few seconds and sometimes, I get audio ad and broadcasts from nowhere when I turn the wave volume back on.   I don't know what happening as I haven't installed anything recently.  I tried rebooting twice and the problem is still there. 

 I got two virus protecters (which I have for a while).  One is Norton Anti Virus and the other is Anvi Smart Defender.  I'm using the latter to check on the problem as we speak and it takes several hours to go through about everything. 

Meanwhile, what should I do? 

TTTP In Exile / Cartoon Caper at the Ohio Theatere 2014
« on: June 21, 2014, 01:13:50 pm »
Well, this year marks the 10th Anniversary of the "Cartoon Capers" shows as part of the CAPA's Summer Movie Series at the Ohio Theatere.  Hard to believe that I been to most of their showings since the Movie Series first add it in 2004.  I saw it grow from one show per year to two shows per year (more or less) and also from regular film reels to, unfortunatly, digital DVD prints.  However, the shows are still crowd pleasers and today's show was no exception.  As it was recent years, it was mostly Warner owned material with one exception being a nice Universal Lantz cartoon billed on the pamplet as a special surprise cartoon.  Also, I don't think there were any repeats this time and I rather not bother looking up to make sure since the search engine on the GAC archive fourm is useless

So, here is the list for the first show:

Cartoon Capers 2014, June 21

"Haredevil Hare" (1948, Warners)- :bugs2: :marvin:

"Puny Express" (1951, Lantz: Surprise Short)- :woody:

"Scent-imental Romeo" (1951, Warners)-  :lepew:

"Love That Pup" (1949, MGM)-  :tom: :jerry: :spikesmiliehere:

"Don't Give Up the Sheep" (1953, Warners)

"Canary Row" (1950, Warners)-  :sylvester: :tweetie:

"Homesteader Droopy" (1954, MGM)-  :droopy: :wolfie:

"The Mummy Strikes" (1943, Famous Studios)- :supermansmiliehere: :loislanesmiliehere:

"Horton Hatches the Egg" (1942, Warners)

"My Little Duckaroo" (1954, Warners)- :daffy: :porky:

"Tennis Chumps" (1949, MGM)- :tom: :jerry:

"A Date to Skate" (1938, Fleischers)- :popeye: :olivesmiliehere:

"Hook, Line, and Stinker" (1958, Warners)- :coyote: :roadrunner:

"Roman Legion-Hare" (1955, Warners)- :bugs2:  :yosemite:

Stay tuned for the content of the July 19th show, which, considering the last two years, may or may not be PD heavy.

Thunderbean Animation Releases and Offers / Thunderbean Easter Eggs
« on: May 29, 2014, 10:49:45 pm »
Recently,  I finished watching "Toddler Tales and Rainbow Parade" DVD and found an easter egg on the bonus features section that feature scenes from Ted Eshbaugh's 1933 "Wizard of Oz" short (I think the whole short is on one of DVDs for the MGM feature film).

I was wondering if any of the other Thunderbean DVDs have any easter eggs.

TTTP In Exile / Cievent 46's Annual Animation Program
« on: May 24, 2014, 12:00:35 pm »
  I just got back from this year's Cievent and thier Saturdaty Annual Animation Program.  This year's selection was very good and they included a Disney cartoon this year.  Unfortuantly, I was dissapointed that a Donald cartoon was not included as Donald's 80th birthday is coming up real soon.  I asked why, and it was because the team wasn't aware about that anniversary.  Despite that, it was good show.

 After that, I looked around the venders at the same floor and bought 5 Thuderbeans DVDs (and 1 blu-ray copy) from Steve before I lefted.
 Anyway, here this year line-up:

"Koko the Kop" (Fleischers, 1927)- Koko, Fritz

"The Skeleton Dance" (Disney, 1929)

"Reducing Creme" (Iwerks, 1934)- Willie Whopper

"The Penguin Parade" (Warners, 1938)

"The Early Bird Dood It" (MGM, 1942)

"The Million Dollar Cat" (MGM, 1944)- :tom: :jerry:

"Jungle Jive" (Lantz, 1944)

"Magic Strength" (Columbia, 1944)- Willoughby Wren

"Hare Splitter" (Warners, 1948)- :bugs2:

"Cat-Tails For Two" (Warners, 1953)- :speedy:

Hopefully, Donald will get his due next year.

TTTP In Exile / Goofy cartoon question
« on: April 24, 2014, 11:50:55 pm »
I have a question regarding the final regular Goofy short "How to Sleep" (1953).  Does anyone know who narrated this short?  I can't seem to find any info about this on the regular film sites. 

April Fools Threads / Sesame Street Old School: Volume 4 coming soon
« on: April 01, 2014, 10:20:57 pm »
After more than a year,  I have heard that "Sesame Street Old School: Volume 4" is finally coming out on DVD as promised.  This is going to be a 3-disc set again and will cover seasons 16-20 (1984-89).  This will include the season premire episodes of each season including  Season 16 (where the adults start taking sides on who believes that Snuffy really exist) which was the only season opening that was not included in Noggin's "Sesame Street Unpaved" package.  Bonus features include audio commentary for the season 17 premire where the adults finally meet Snuffy, the network preview special "This Was to Sesame Street" (have no idea if the Xerox tags and mentions will be intacted), clips from the week long storyline where the Robinsons adopt Miles and the episode of the wedding of Maria and Luis, a bonus episode which will be the season 20 final (the birth of Gabi), interviews and some behind the scences material, and of course, the bonus classic clips for each season.  Hopfully they get the music rights for the show's theme song this time.

Here's the promo:

As a lot of people know that since late 2009, the updates on The Homestar Runner websites had been few due to the fact that both brothers became fathers and mostly put the site on the back burner in order to getanimation jobs that pay more such as "The Aquabats Super Show" and some of the recent Disney Channel animation shows(one of which Matt even  did voices for).  Of course, fans still wanted to see more. 

However, since today is a special day, they decide to poke fun about the lack of updates on the front page.  I suggest people go to sit now  Like, right right now:

TTTP In Exile / Walt Disney biography CD help
« on: December 04, 2013, 10:55:19 pm »
Echoing a simlar question that was asked on the GAC fourn (now missing), I need some help with a problem.  After several years of seaching I decided to finally buy the 1998 multimedia Cd-Rom on Amazon which was still shrinked wrapped.  I borrowed this at the library twice a long time ago and wanted to a copy of my own espically since this closest for me now of going to the Walt Disney Family Museum and Youtube videos arn't the same experience.   

However, while my Windows XP can run some older software, it can't run any older version of Quicktimes and for some dumb reason, the newer version of Quicktimes can't support the older features of Quicktime 2.1.3 whatever that is used on this CD-Rom!  I try running this on my laptop, but as it's an even newer version of windows (I forgot which one), I got the same results.  I tried uninstalling Quicktimes on the laptop and then try to install the required Quicktime download but it didn't work.  Any suggestion? 

Otherwise, I'm thinking of going to a second hand computer store and try to find a Windows 95 model laptop so I can run this and other Cd-Roms that don't seem to want to load on the two computers.

TTTP In Exile / Adapted by Dean Jippes.
« on: October 05, 2013, 02:50:26 pm »
I just read Walt Disney's Comics and Stories #513 (1986) and the leading story was an untitled modified adaption of of the Donald Duck short, "Donald's Happy Birthday" (1949) co-written by modern duck master, Dean Jippes.  Knowing that he also worked on an adaption to "Chef Donald" (1941), which was included in the book "Mickey and the Gang" (2005), I was wondering if anyone knows if he did any other comic adaptions of Donald shorts.

TTTP In Exile / Cartoon Capers 2013
« on: July 13, 2013, 03:00:01 pm »
Yes, I decided to continue to go to the screenings.  As I mentioned last year, the cartoons for these screenings (and most of the other Summer Movie Series with exceptions such as the Silent Movie Screening) at the Ohio Theater are digital copies now and no longer film prints as it's getting rarer to find these days.   Our newpaper made note of it ahead of time (and probably last year too, but I didn't seem to notice that).  Because of this, all the cartoons for today's show are ones that Warners put out on DVD as is.  Despite that, I went and saw it anyway as it's always amazing seeing the cartoons on the silver screen as they ment to be.

Here is the list for today's show:

Cartoon Capers 2013, July 13:

"Acrobatty Bunny" (1946, Warners) :bugs2:

"Fast & Furry-ous" (1949, Waners) :roadrunner: :coyote:- repeat

"Garden Gopher" (1950, MGM)- edited

"Hatch Up Your Toubles" (1949, MGM) :tom: :jerry:

"Duck! Rabbit! Duck!" (1953, Warners) :bugs2: :daffy: :fudd:-repeat

"The Hypo-Chondri-Cat" (1950, Warners)-repeat

"Hare Force" (1944, Warners) :bugs2:

"Bird Anonymous" (1957, Warners) :sylvester: :tweetie:

"The Awful Orphan" (1949, Warners)  :porky:

"The Duck Dactor" (1952, MGM)  :tom: :jerry:

"The Three Little Pups" (1953, MGM)  :droopy: -DVNR(!)

"The Underground World" (1943,  Famous) :supermansmiliehere: :loislanesmiliehere:

"Ghosks in the Bunk" (1939, Fleischers)  :popeye: :blutosmiliehere:  :olivesmiliehere:

"Rabbit Punch" (1948, Warners) :bugs2:

Overall, it was good despite the short comings like the DVNR copy of "The Three Little Pups" from the Droopy set.  Stay tune for the Augest screening.

P.S.  Speaking of Droopy, in case Patrick didn't get my PM, the Youtube video links for the aformentioned shorts and most of the other Droopy shorts are already pre-blocked by Warners.  I suggest taking them down.  I think the screenshots are good enough for those pages anyway.  Thanks.

TTTP In Exile / Disney comics
« on: July 05, 2013, 06:31:17 pm »
Is there any news on Marvel doing a new Disney Comics line?  I was hoping that they would do one shortly after the Boom! Studioes license ended, but other than some Muppet comic reprints (and one mini-series that Boom was about to publish before they lost the deal) and some occassional Pixar one-shots, nothing. 

Is the recent liscense with Fantagraphics part of the reason why Marvel hasn't done a line?

TTTP In Exile / Hypothetical National Film Registry question
« on: May 26, 2013, 10:49:42 am »
This is a very broad and somewhat hard question, but what animated film or films (U.S. only) do you think should be inducted to the Library of Congress' National Film Registy?

One that I think should be included would be "Red Hot Riding Hood" as I think that represent Tex Avery as a whole, pehaps more so than "Magical Maestro" which is on the list.

TTTP In Exile / Cinevent 2013
« on: May 25, 2013, 04:02:37 pm »
Well, Cinevent is holding their annual show this weekend in Columbus and today was their Annual Animation Program.  This year's line-up was interesting as one of the prints used belonged to Thad (thanks, Thad).  As I predicted, one of the two Tom and Jerry cartoons that is/was going to skipped on "Golden  Collection Volume 2" (which is no longer listed on Amazon) was included on line-up.  I should mention that yesterday, they showed "Voodoo in Harlem" (1938, Lantz) in memory of a film collector who started Cienevent's animation programs, but I didn't go to that show.   Anyway, here's the line-up:

"Betty Boop's Hallowe'en Party" (1933, Fleischers) :betty:

"To Spring" (1936, MGM)

"Swing Wedding" (1937, MGM)

"Clean Pastures" (1937, Warner Bros.)

"Red Hot Riding Hood" (1943, MGM) :wolfie: :red:

"Hare Ribbin'"- Director's Cut (1944, Warner Bros.) :bugs2:

"Mouse Cleaning" (1948, MGM) :tom: :jerry: :twoshoes:

"Dough Ray Me-ow" (1948, Warner Bros.)

"The Lyin' Lion" (1949, Terrytoons)  Thad's print

"Kiddin' the Kitten" (1952, Warner Bros.)

Overall, a good show and nice that they showed "Mouse Cleaning".

April Fools Threads / Marvel's new Disney Comics line
« on: April 01, 2013, 03:55:01 pm »
Ever since Disney bought Marvel, Disney fans were hoping Marvel will do a Disney comic line again.  It hasn't happen... until now.    Today, it's been annouced that Marvel is going do a Disney line starting in Augest.  This is going include both the classic characters and the feature film characters.  Dave Gerstein has been named head editer. 

Here's more info:

P.S.  April Fools.

P.P.S.   How come Jon and Matt didn't mentioned anything about this Hot Wheel line?

General Discussion / My question on Disney's D23 site.
« on: January 28, 2013, 10:29:25 pm »
A month ago, I sent a question to Dave Smith on Disney's D23 site.  As expected, it has been published on the site here:

My question is the one about "Mickey's Parrot" (1938).

And yes, I wrote to him (as in snail mail) thrice before back when I was a kid.  My mother helped me those letters. 

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