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TTTP In Exile / Kiddie Cartoon Matinee- proving historians wrong?
« on: January 04, 2015, 02:23:55 pm »
With all this talk about "This was meant for an adult theater-going audience", aren't people forgetting about "Kiddie Matinees"? Theaters would run these adult cartoons and show them to kids. And with kiddie merchandise, ever wonder that cartoons were for kids then as they are now?

General Discussion / Happy New Year!
« on: January 01, 2015, 10:06:32 am »
Want to wish everybody a happy new year!

Holiday Party Threads / IAD Christmas Carol After-Party
« on: December 22, 2014, 02:23:07 pm »
 :daffy: Well, I've changed my you're all invited!

*Stampede*  YAYYYYYY!

General Discussion / Is anyone replying to my TTTP in Exile threads?
« on: December 05, 2014, 03:55:49 pm »
I feel like nobody wants to talk about the stuff I posted in the main board......kinda empty......

General Discussion / Weirdly edited Charlie Brown Christmas
« on: December 02, 2014, 09:12:16 pm »
Now, before you tell me ABC was greedy, I know there's going to be a second showing airing it unedited with one of the awful sequels.

It's almost like they didn't care at all, with more commercials and the snowball scene edited for the first time since 1997 . In fact my local ABC station and cable provider played commercials over the special. They didn't offend the fundementalists though, as Linus' speech is kept intact as well as most of the other Biblical references (except for poor Shermy).

It reminded me of a terrible version of "Big Bad Sindbad"  :popeye:

TTTP In Exile / Disney original titles discussion part 2
« on: December 02, 2014, 01:47:09 pm »
Here is a contiunation on this thread:

I've just discovered that "Clown of the Jungle" had "A Walt Disney Donald Duck" plus the RKO legend was there. That and the orginal end title was the only things missing in the reissue. Also it didn't have the Donald Duck theme, but the 40's Mickey theme (the one that played on both the original and reissue of Mr. Mouse Takes a Trip). It also had the usual bugs  in the original which the reissue card is missing the MPAA seal.

I wonder why certian cartoons weren't reissued with an MPAA seal.

Are you tired of finding rare original titled-prints of cartoons only to lose or way too expensive? Are beautfiul prints too hard to find these days? Well, take it from me who won an eBay auction recently with these tips.

#1: Don't buy faded prints unless there's a missing scene or if the cartoon was not made in Technicolor.

You see lots of red these days, because since there was no home video and film rental companies used cheap Eastmancolor to print it. The only thing you should buy that shifted to red is original broadcasts of TV shows and specials with commercials (especially Christmas specials!) Anyway, they're nothing but junk for theatrical cartoons, with bad reissues

#2 Sometimes, one screenshot is a thousand words
You can get a better bargain if they are listed with just one series card, character head, screenshot or poster.

That's how I was able to get a beaten up but bright Technicolor print for cheap that looks better than the DVD master, as well as a gorgeous blue track of a wacky adventure with a certain ill-tempered duck.

WARNING: Please read the description or ask the seller when doing this, because not all prints are guaranteed to be what the seller listed. I had to return a print that didn't have enough Paramount Technicolor footage a year ago or so, I would have forgiven the description if the seller wasn't vague about how much footage was from a red Harveytoons print of a "Herman and Katnip".

Anyways, I had confidence because I know Blue Tracks have original titles for this particular studio, and the seller was a fanatic of that studio's original distrubutor.

#3 Don't get something you already have with original titles on DVD

I skipped buying  :magoo: cartoons in Cinemascope that a popular eBay film seller had since I already own the DVD. If you thought it signfigantally looks better in IB Technicolor where there's a huge difference between the Blu-ray and the film print go ahead but it's just time-travel double-dipping.

#4 Ask the seller

Don't bid on the print unless the seller says it has the original titles on it. This works if tip #2 applies to your bidding

#5 If you have a big pocket, look at the screenshots

Look at the titles and the print before bidding if screenshots are available. However more people gawk at the original titles so bids will be expensive. Like if it's a UM&M print of a  :betty:  or Fleischer Screen Song, you can pass.

#6 Ask for gift cards on those special occasions

Birthday, Christmas, whatever you celebrate if presents are partly involved ask for eBay Gift Cards from your relatives. Collect your eBay gift cards and you're GUARANTEED to WIN THE AUCTION.


I realized this when buying that certain cartoon with the ill-tempered duck. I bid about $120 but ended up having to pay the starting price. What a deal

#8 Film Collecting Terms to look out for:

-IB Tech
-IB Technicolor
-Blue Track


I don't buy reissues. I just don't. Some of the few exceptions are:

-Rainbow Parade titles of "The Sunshine Makers" and "Pastry Town Wedding"
-Alpine for You  :popeye:
-Lost films
-Recently banned films (i.e. "Mouse Cleaning" and "Cassanova Cat"  :tom: :jerry:)
 -Color prints of Technicolor films only seen in B&W dupes (The Snowman)

#10 Bidding isn't gambling on eBay

If you lose an auction, your money isn't paid at all. Only when you win do you need to worry..........

#11 Search often......

You never know when a deal pops up!

Well, that's most of my tips for winning eBay auctions. What do you think?

Holiday Party Threads / An IAD Christmas Carol
« on: November 30, 2014, 09:17:49 am »
*Three Note Eric Siday synth tune playing*

IAD presents the program in Ultra High-Definition!


The Corporation for Flavored Water Foundation, representing the bottlers of clear, fruit flavored bottled water for a healthier lifestyle proudly present ...........

An IAD Christmas Carol

Starring Daffy Duck as the modern day Scrooge

Directed by Chuck Jones and Bill Melendez

Music by Milt Frankyln and Winston Sharples

Narration by Jackson Beck as "Buzzy"

Fade out.

 :buzzy: We begin our tale as Bugs and Daffy were planning a Christmas party.....but, ohhh, things weren't going well for  :daffy:

 :daffy: Look buster, we had to deal with multiple brawls, a Toontown jewel heist, and most importantly a Pumpkin that was as villianous as the 1959 version of Malefeicent. That Halloween was with death and destruction and death! CAN'T WE JUST TAKE ONE %$&$# break from inviting toons?

 :daffy:  Humbug, Christmas is nothing more than a Christianized-pagan holiday! Sooooooooo.............

 :buzzy: Daffy then ripped and shredded the invitations and the invite list and threw the pieces into the fireplace

 :bugs2: DAFFY! Now look what you've done! Now you're leaving them cold and alone! Remember when you cried during Linus' speech?

 :daffy: I've learned from my mistakes with these parties, and being kind on Christmas when everyone misbehaves is just sick! I'm going to sleep for the winter until after Easter, so just NEVER INVITE ANYONE. In fact I got a 24-hour security system to get rid of people who want to sneak in or drop by

 :buzzy: Daffy got ready for bed and took his secret stash of Chip an' Dale's hibernation pills on a big bed and slept on sound asleep. Little did he know what frighful things were going to happen to him!

Writer's note: Do not have anyone drop by. No subplots, no nothing. This will be straightforward,  Daffy will be visited by mulitple ghosts of past, recent past, present and future. For now, we'll only do flashbacks.......then you could be a little more creative. Please King Delbert, try not to include Sailor Moon into this if you can, maybe a quick story in one of the flashbacks.

General Discussion / Happy 85, Berry Gordy!
« on: November 28, 2014, 09:48:40 pm »
I couldn't find a place to wish Berry Gordy a Happy 85 without registering, so let's make birthday wishes to this great man who founded Motown Records!

TTTP In Exile / my dream last night.....
« on: November 04, 2014, 11:55:43 am »
I dreamt that "Mouse Cleaning" and "Cassanova Cat" were included when Warners apparently attempted to revive Tom and Jerry GC V2.

 :tom: :twoshoes: :jerry:

Too bad it was only a dream........

Did you ever dream that while you were asleep?

 :scrooge: has been generous to make a legal city lottery game where you could win up to $900 Billion (in pretend money).

Here are the rules:
Pick 5 icons of cartoon characters embedded above. Then pick a random emoction.


 :coyote: :twoshoes: :flip: :fox: :fethry:  :redface:

5 people play. Wager fake imaginary money and if you lose the amount, your "bank" will subtract negatives instead of regular numbers. Status will be given for users at the end of each drawing.

I draw 5 random toons plus an emoction.

Here is the prize table (Bugs and Smiley face will be used for example)

 :smile: $1
 :smile: :bugs2: :bugs2: $100
 :bugs2: :bugs2: :bugs2: $1,000
 :smile: :bugs2: :bugs2: :bugs2: $1,000,000
 :bugs2: :bugs2: :bugs2: :bugs2: $5,000,000
 :smile:   :bugs2: :bugs2: :bugs2: :bugs2: $1 Billion
 :bugs2: :bugs2: :bugs2: :bugs2: :bugs2:  $5 Billion
 :smile: :bugs2: :bugs2: :bugs2: :bugs2: :bugs2: JACKPOT!

Good Luck!



Next Drawing is Tuesday Morning! Good Luck!

TTTP In Exile / I'm having trouble finding something rare on ebay.........
« on: November 02, 2014, 01:30:45 pm »
I'm trying to find one of the following on ebay:

An IB Tech print of a 1936-1956 Paramount cartoon (the whole enchilada execpt Popeye)
An original CBS broadcast print of a Charlie Brown special
An IB Tech print of a cartoon with an original title sequence NOT on DVD or commonly found (can be from any studio, preferably the "A" ones that Jerry tells like a broken record on PD collections)
An original poster of "Screen Songs" (I couldn't use ebay when one was listed)

I would like to buy original cels, but they're a waste of money if you want something that's high bidding.

Other stuff I might want to get on ebay that's not really cartoon releated:
A Supremes album or photo autographed by all of the original 3 (Mary, Diana and Flo)
Arcade machine (ones I grew up with because they're cheaper).

And if I ever had the dough, a working geniune Namco Japanese Puck-Man (Pac-Man) cabinet, or a Japanese Galaga cabinet.

I've been having trouble shopping to get what I really want, I wish davespeanuts would find more theatrical prints of cartoons with original titles.

General Discussion / Charlie Brown lost sponsor animation
« on: November 01, 2014, 10:27:04 am »
I would love to do something similar to a rival strip of Garfield's thanks to the Garfield Restored thread.

I would like to get all of the Coca-Cola/Dolly Madison openings and closings (intergrated bumpers and commercials for one in particular) to Charlie Brown specials, from the intial airings and several retaken versions from subsequent airings. I don't know if they vary in market like milk council ads do. There's plenty of copies found for Charlie Brown's All-Stars' 1969 broadcast (The special aired in 1966, which robatsea2009 has the original Coke standalone opening for that year I believe).

For more information on this check this website........

And yes, King Delbert, I know WB won't release them properly with the plugs and there's nothing I can do, this is more of what to find on YouTube and what hasn't been found yet.

I just recently had Volume 4 of Betty Boop in the mail, and the restorations are more mind boggling. The contrast was a bit more better than Volume 1, since Olive has improved since then. Allthough I wanted to see "Poor Cinderella" as the main attraction, I wanted to see the ones with the UM&M titles cut on the negative. How the Paramount references in the body of "Stopping the Show" slipped past the UM&M editors, I dunno. (Don't you wish Ray Pointer was here on the forums to clear it up?)

But anyways, after seeing all of the cartoons, I finished with a certain cute cartoon puppy. One had a similar ending to Swee'Pea's first cartoon (Spoiler Alert: Riding the Rails!). But then, I put on this cartoon. The opening credits music arrangement was a more brassy variation of "The Swing School"'s varation of the :betty: signature tune. We begin with a tabletop stereo optical background run of the cat villian (more menacing than Katnip IMO) who wants to exterminate mice for a living. He gets out of the car and looks at Pudgy happily guarding the mice. Then the cat catches a wind-up mouse to fool Betty and gives him his business card. Betty Boop fires Pudgy. and the mice get caught. However here's where things get strange. Instead of killing the mice as followed, he out of nowhere drinks cider and gets drunk. There is no reason, he sipped drops of cider before fully intoxicating himself. He gets too drunk to catch the mice, and they throw the cat out, Pudgy gets his job back, the end.

The whole "getting drunk while motivated to catch mice for no reason" is the reason why it's so strange. I wish Thunderbean would haves asked Paramount for a lavender print with original titles, and added the EVEN MORE STRANGE educational short "Out of A Milk Bottle"  to put on a second volume of "The Strangest Cartoons Ever Made".

I can see why Pudgy cartoons are among the worst Paramounts ever made for cartoon buffs along with Famous Studios' "Big Bad Sinbad" and "Camptown Races".

1.5 Stars out of 5 for this cartoon!

I haven't reviewed a Paramount cartoon in goodness knows how long, and you can at least give me credit than praising "Old MacDonald". again.

Go easy on me NicKramer.

General Discussion / Happy Birthday to ME!
« on: October 21, 2014, 08:34:21 am »
I am 21 now, plus I did a entry for "Great Pumpkin" thread that says so! Today's my actual birthday?

Who wants to wish me a happy birthday?

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