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Holiday Party Threads / The GAC-IAD 10th Anniversary New Year's Wrap Party
« on: December 26, 2014, 11:05:30 am »
Open on Sailor Mars's mansion in Tokyo Toontown. Fade to the interior, where the Japanese Beetle is the first guest, and effectively the only one in the house; Mars is currently bedridden. As he celebrates Christmas on both 25 December and 7 January (which is 25 December according to the Julian calendar—the more Christmas, the happier!), he is hanging up Christmas decorations.

Japanese Beetle: Fol we need a rittle Christmas......light this very minute......Candres at the window....Carols at the spinnet, yes—*looking at the fourth wall* Ah, I just cannot wait fol Varentine's Day! I have been placticing arrow-shooting. Rike this!

An arrow goes out from the Beetle's bow outside. To a backwards WB ricochet and the Jay Ward explosion....

An off-screen voice: HEY! I spent thirty years making this mecha!

Whoever the person is, he throws a wrench at the Japanese Beetle, which hits his head to the WB "Clang!".

Japanese Beetle (rubbing his head): Ooh! Very dishonorabre hit! He should consider himself rucky that that wasn't actual Cupid arrow.

The doorbell rings.

Japanese Beetle: Mole guests! *zip out*

When he opens the door, though, instead of guests a dirty hand swats him into the ground (to a different variation of the WB whack) with a robot arm! The hand slams the door.

Japanese Beetle (flattened): Oh! That wasn't just any lobot palt. That was "Super Special Beetle-Destroyer with a Flyswatter on Top!" Onry most enthusiastic mecha-builders use it—and as far as I know, there are no mecha anime with that arm.

TTTP In Exile / Camera shots and angles in Chuck Jones's work
« on: December 20, 2014, 09:26:08 pm »
NOTE: Sheesh, as originally posted, the pictures never wanted to show on any two computers. So I'm just going to link to them instead. Sorry for any inconvenience!

As this post by Thad Komorowski points out, one particularly unique trait of Chuck Jones's (borrowed from Frank Tashlin) was to use different shots and angles, a technique more reminiscent of live-action than most animation. It creates a cinematic atmosphere unmatched by the typical horizontal plane.

In addition to the wonderful pictures in the post above, here is, from Mark Mayerson's blog, an angle from "Bear Feat":

And since the clip of Frigid Hare in Mr. Komorowski's post has been removed, I'm going to attach some stills from it....wonderful sequence indeed!

In his later years, Chuck Jones was occasionally capable of firing up the spark of his best days. Here are some shots from an extended musical sequence in his rather underrated "A Very Merry Cricket":

General Discussion / Stephen Hillenburg returning to SpongeBob
« on: December 13, 2014, 12:35:24 pm »
I know that Cartoon Brew and SpongeBob are rather taboo here, but I feel like pointing this out for those who care:

General Discussion / Happy Thanksgiving, IAD!
« on: November 27, 2014, 08:11:10 pm »
I originally posted this in the Holiday Party Threads section, but I thought that everybody on these forums should see this, so I'll repost it here.

Let us be thankful to those wonderful folks who have contributed towards the advancement of animation as something worthy of serious consideration. Let us be thankful first to all the masters that excelled in animation: the foundation-layers like Bergdahl, Cohl, McCay, Bray, and Messmer, not to mention Van Beuren and Ted Eshbaugh, the folks who helped perfect animation like the Fleischers, Walt Disney, Tex Avery, Friz Freleng, Chuck Jones, Bob Clampett, Hugh Harman and Rudy Ising, Hanna and Barbera, and John Hubley, not to mention such writers as Michael Maltese, Warren Foster, and Tedd Pierce, the animators themselves like Ken Harris, Ben Washam, Bill Littlejohn, Grim Natwick, Bill Tytla, Marc Davis, Ward Kimball, and Emery Hawkins, and even the more unique filmmakers like Norman McLaren and Jacques Drouin. (And I know I might be forgetting various others here who should be on these lists; I apologise if anybody feels I've forgotten someone particularly important.)

Let us also be thankful to Michael Barrier and Joe Adamson, both of whom are, in effect, the founding fathers of animation history. Even if you disagree with Barrier's analyses, in particular, Barrier and Adamson still deserve credit for going out and being the first to interview all the old Golden Age artists.

Let us be thankful for persons like Thad Komorowski, David Gerstein, Jim Bennie (he's the guy in charge of the Yowp and Tralfaz blogs), Jerry Beck, Keith Scott, and Mark Kausler (along with several other folks who I hope haven't been disappointed by their absence from this list) for providing modern insight into animation, and enhancing the knowledge of animatophiles everywhere.

Let us be particularly thankful for people like Steve Stanchfield and Tom Stathes, who have helped increase awareness of unknown and/or early animation studios and their valuable contributions to the medium. Stanchfield, in particular, has shown with his recent sets that you need not millions or billions of dollars to do proper restorations of old animation, but a genuine devotion to and love for said animation.

Finally, knowing his tragic death from cancer earlier this year, let us give one last big thank-you to Michael Sporn, whose films, as Mr. Barrier put it, "are so unlike most animated fare these days". His Splog remains a valuable animation resource, with a decidedly critical eye towards many things, though balanced by an obvious love of animation as an art form, and let us thank his wife Heidi for keeping his Splog up so that it "will continue to be a forum for the art of animation and all of the arts." I only wish that he had been able to complete Poe, and perhaps put up that interview with the great pinscreen animator Jacques Drouin he had been transcribing a year ago—as Mr. Komorowski said, "I doubt Michael would want to let something like his death get in the way of finishing a film, or even continuing his Splog." May Mr. Sporn rest in peace.

Oh, and let us be thankful that eutychus has provided us a forum like this where we can discuss animation. :)

-Toadette, or the Dogfather

Fun and Games / Five Word Story - IAD Edition
« on: November 13, 2014, 09:03:08 pm »
One of the very last threads on the old GAC Forums was the Five Word Story. I'll start:

One fine day in November....

Cue the 1972 \\' Warner Bros. logo as seen on The Bugs Bunny Road-Runner Movie, with upbeat Dean Elliott music and "PRESENTS" fading in with the byline (which reads "A TIMEWARNER COMPANY").


Cue a majestic multiplane pan throughout Toontown. Finally, as the outskirts of Toontown are reached, zoom in on the mansion I inherited last year, with Toadette at the door.

Toadette knocks, and I open.

Toadette: Happy natal day, Dogfather!

Me: Why, thank you, madam!

Fade to us sitting by a lukewarm fireplace.

Me: You know, what with the events and deaths that occurred during the last party, it would be awfully lonely here without you visiting every day. You know what I found particularly weird, though? During the climatic battle between Charles and the Great Pumpkin in the underground secret corridor, I noticed that some toons who had died earlier were suddenly in the crowd, cheering.

Toadette: Oh dear! You don't suppose that the underground corridor was....(look of horror)

Me: Ehhhhh, it's a possibility!

Toadette: Oh, stop it! I prayed for the dead toons during the All Souls Day mass a few days ago.

Me: It could have been Purgatory, too. In any event, nobody I talked to said good ol' Gertie the Dinosaur was there.

Toadette: Of course! Gertie was a good dinosaur.

Me: Come to think of it, were you, Clara, Toad, Professor Balthazar, and I the only ones that attended that All Souls Day mass, along with the All Saints Day mass?

Toadette: Indubitably. All the other toons spent those two days celebrating Charlie Brown and engaging in orgies of pumpkin sadism, not to mention humiliating Linus. He made a horrible mistake in ruining everything just as I was about to end the madness, to be sure, but where has forgiveness gone?

Me: That's the problem with this world. By the way, Clara sent me a Dobos torte as a a birthday cake, and the tag says you worked on it as well.

Toadette: Yup! I visited Clara and Fritz at the Land of Happy Times—or should I say of Commercialized Christmas Insanity?—yesterday, and I helped Clara make the cake there. Do you like it?

Me: Actually, I haven't tasted it yet. Oh.......*turning white*

Toadette: *gasp* Dogfather!! What's wrong!?

Me: *clasping my chest* I's a.....heart...attack.....

Suddenly, a rather 90s-looking car drives up to the mansion. Out come the 90s versions of myself, Pug, and Louie.

90s me (coming in): Uh, hey uncle, we just wanted to come by and say happy....*noticing me sprawled out onto the ground and gasping* Bank-robbin' great pumpkins! What happened!?

Toadette: He's having a heart attack!! Quick, drive him to the hospital!

90s me: Alright, Pug, Louie, load him onto the back seat!

90s Pug: Duh, where will we sit?

90s me: You two are going in the trunk! This is my great uncle we're talking about!

90s Louie: *snickers* Get ready for a bumpy ride together, Pug!

So the 90s versions of Pug and Louie pick me up. Before they leave, however, I say this to Toadette.

Me: Toadette.....I want you to write through my account for the Thanksgiving party this year. The first one was in 2005, but since this is the 10th Anniversary of the GAC Forums, this party will be the NEARLY 10th Anniversary edition. Oh, and don't let that Dobos torte go to waste...put it in the fridge.

Toadette waves goodbye sadly as I am carried out. Now fade to Toadette in the writers' room.

Toadette: Well, folks and fellow eccentric writers, this feast will return to a more traditional structure after the insane smörgåsbord that was the Great Pumpkin over-the-topiness. I will try to narrate this time around.

Fade to the front of :bugs2:'s mansion as Henry Mancini's cover of "Love Story" starts playing. Show the following credits in front:

An iad Production
in association with Warner Bros. Cartoons, the National Film Board of Canada, Charles M. Schulz Creative Associates, Nintendo, and Sanrio Films

The GAC-IAD Thanksgiving Feast: The NEARLY 10th Anniversary Edition

Executive Producer:

Ken Harris
Bobe Cannon
Rudy Larriva
Ben Washam
Phil Monroe
Tom Ray
Don Towsley
Rod Scribner
Vladmir Tytla
Jim Tyer
Virgil Ross
Manny Perez
Art Babbitt
Michael Lah
Carlo Vinci
Preston Blair
George Nicholas
Kenneth Muse
Bill Littlejohn

Supervising Animator for Toadette:
Masami Hata

Effects Animation:
Harry Love

John McGrew
Robert Gribbroek
Maurice Noble
Ernie Nordli
Hawley Pratt

Philip DeGuard
Paul Julian

Voices by Mel Blanc and others

Sequence Directors:
Chuck Jones
Friz Freleng
Bob Clampett
Robert McKimson
Tex Avery
Frank Tashlin
Bill Melendez
John Hubley
Norman McLaren
Toadette: Just a note, my co-writing eccentrics: Like the last time, this whole feast will take place on Thanksgiving Day.

:bugs2: (taking some stuffing out of the oven): Well, Daffy, it's been a whole year, and Thanksgiving is here!

:daffy:: It's nice that things are back to normal again, Bugsy ol' pal. I wonder if there'll be any brawls again like last time?

:bugs2:: I wouldn't count on that, doc. I got Toad and Toadette to pull Arnold (the pitbull) out of space, and they swore on their "courage, honor, and verity" not to harass him again. He'll be the bouncer, of course.

:daffy:: Well, something has to be done to make these parties interesting!

:daffy: walks into the dining room. The table is set with plates and silverware...and it happens that :daffy: has rigged guns (including a machine gun!) and even a cannon to all the silverware!

:daffy:: The moment that anybody picks up so much as a fork.....finally, revenge for all the times I've been shot! Mwahahahahaha!

Fade to :daffy: sitting on the couch in the living room watching Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. :bugs2: calls from the dining room.

:bugs2:: Oh, Daffy! I need you to taste my stuffing.

:daffy: (zipping over): Oh no you don't, you're the chef, so YOU taste it!

:bugs2:: Okay, doc. Whatever you say.

:bugs2: picks up the spoon......yet the guns are not triggered. Cue :daffy:'s looks of frustration.

:daffy: (muttering): C'mon, you guns, now's your chance! Shoot'im! Shoot'im!

:bugs2: tastes the stuffing. Still the guns are not triggered.

:bugs2: (smacking his lips): Hmmm, seems fine to me.

:daffy: (waving his arms around): Alright, alright, shoo! (:bugs2: moves out of the way.) I'll do the lip-smacking.

The moment :daffy: picks up a spoon, however, a click is heard.

:daffy: (making a typical Chuck Jones double-eyed expression): Mother!

All the guns start firing all over the place and shooting :daffy:! :bugs2: watches from the kitchen with this expression, with flashes from the guns lighting up the area at times. When the machine gun starts firing, :bugs2: rapidly shakes up and down, and finally the cannon fires, sending :daffy: across the kitchen! There is an off-screen impact to the WB junk crash.

:bugs2: (hearing a ding): Oh, the pumpkin pie is done!

:daffy: (walking in quite charred and burnt with all his feathers gone, with a disarranged beak wearily saying): Oh boy! I'd like some pumpkin pie...

:bugs2: places the pie from the oven onto the table, whereupon :daffy: splats into it!

:bugs2: (taking out a book titled "110,698 Recipes for Thanksgiving", flipping to a certain page, and then taking out a carrot): Eh, *chomping on the carrot* looks like we have the roast duck-pumpkin pot pie ready.

:daffy:, clearly insulted, drybrushedly turns around with a clearly unamused face.

:daffy: (panting and pointing his finger at :bugs2:, who steps back with :daffy: following): I....I..... LOVE you!!! *stomps away angrily*

:bugs2: just shrugs.

Fun and Games / Three Word Story - Platinum Edition Revived
« on: October 09, 2014, 08:43:34 pm »
Here is a revival of the Three Word Story! Below is a transcript of the last several posts, followed by my (and the original thread's) last entry.

The reindeer got away from story and Robin Hood shot an arrow, winning $4 billion and a kiss from the Supremes. But Maid Marian objected to this winning lottery play which had been a scam created by Prince John. Then Little John told Bill Littlejohn that Snoopy had Jim Davis' profits and was planning to buy Disney. But Donald's birthday cancelled the buyout...

..., so Snoopy decided...

General Discussion / Gene Deitch's rare comic strip
« on: August 06, 2014, 02:07:13 pm »

Deitch's satire of Communist Czechoslovakia, made in 1962. It managed to last 12 weeks before the editor of the magazine caught on and pulled it, although only 11 cartoons have turned up.

General Discussion / Pictures of the early Hanna-Barbera studio
« on: July 21, 2014, 02:09:01 pm »

These pictures of the Hanna-Barbera studio in its earliest days were taken by LIFE photographer Allan Grant--three of them were used in this article from the November 21, 1960 issue of LIFE. The full archive can be seen here.

What is particularly striking is that the staff members actually look like they're having fun. I can only imagine what pictures of the studio in the 70s and 80s looked like, if there are any...

General Discussion / Odd DFE sound effects?
« on: September 05, 2013, 07:14:14 pm »
I have questions regarding the origins of two sound effects that were used at DePatie-Freleng during the 70s. One is a variation on the early Hanna-Barbera "flat peeong" that was mainly used whenever something magically poofed away--did Hanna-Barbera ever use this particular variation, or did DFE invent it?
The other was this weird "zapping ray" effect, used in tandem with the former effect in the Crazylegs Crane cartoon "Sonic Broom" and the Misterjaw "Aladdin's Lump." Was it ever used outside of DFE?
Most importantly, however, are these two effects available on any publicly-released sound effects library?

General Discussion / Yet another Tom and Jerry movie...
« on: September 23, 2012, 03:40:40 pm »

When are they going to stop trying to rework the formula OVER and over again? I mean, sure the animation is better than in a lot of the Schwartz-era movies, and the characters are "marketable", but... it's getting old.

Anyways, I saw bits of the movie when it aired yesterday (and a rerun is playing as I type this), and here's what I can confirm:

-Cringe-worthy imitation of the MGM logo, but with... the WB shield.
- :red: is in it.
-"In Memory of Earl Kress"

TTTP In Exile / The Pink Panther cartoons are gone from Hulu!
« on: April 26, 2012, 04:11:40 pm »
 A few days ago I was searching up "pink panther hulu" to watch my :pink: on Hulu. The first thing I noticed, however, was that the results weren't popping up! So I decided to look on Hulu itself, but they weren't there! Finally, I looked on Google again and clicked on a link to those cartoons, only to get a notification saying, "Sorry, this video is no longer available." What has gone on that has caused this to happen?

On the bright side, though, the other DFE cartoons (Inspector, Ant/Aardvark, Toads, Roland/Rattfink, Crazylegs Crane, even Hoot Kloot) are still up. Hopefully the removal of the :pink: means that the three remaining DFE cartoons will come up on Hulu (I CRAVE seeing restored Eustahi-er, I mean Blue Racer cartoons in English for once, and I'm curious as to just how bad the Dogfather is. I'd like to see all the Misterjaws, as well).

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