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TTTP In Exile / "Boo Moon" on 3-D Blu-ray
« on: November 24, 2014, 10:30:36 pm »
3-D film historian and archivist Bob Furmanek and his 3-D Film Archive have been working on a new Blu-ray 3D set of rare 3-D short films, called "3-D Rarities", set to be released by Flicker Alley in June 2015. Included on the set will be the 1954 Paramount 3-D Casper cartoon Boo Moon, restored from original 35mm Technicolor left and right prints and presented in its original widescreen format.

TTTP In Exile / It's a Grand Old Nag (1947)
« on: August 04, 2014, 03:39:11 am »
For those not already aware, Thad K. recently posted a transfer of a nice 16mm print of the Bob Clampett cartoon released by Republic Pictures, It's a Grand Old Nag, on his blog:

TTTP In Exile / MGM cartoon reissue/rerelease list
« on: August 06, 2013, 07:13:43 pm »
*Update: List posted below.*

For what it's worth, I've been digging through Shorts Charts (booking charts) in old issues of the BoxOffice trade magazine, which are freely viewable here at the official BoxOffice website (thanks to them for scanning and making such past issues available to the public for free!), and have compiled a list of all MGM cartoon reissues/rereleases (a.k.a. "Gold Medal Reprints", the heading they were listed under in the charts, probably a marketing ploy similar to WB's "Blue Ribbon Hit Parade"/Blue Ribbon Merrie Melodies) from November 1947 to August 1958.

I should note that the BoxOffice charts also listed release dates for new MGM cartoons of the time, and while most of those dates match the dates given in Thad Komorowski's MGM Cartoon Filmography by Production Number, some of them do not. I imagine Thad got his release dates from reliable sources/documentation (although it's possible there's the occasional error; wasn't Tom and Jerry in the Hollywood Bowl released on 9/16/1950, Thad? Your filmography says 9/16/1951), so it's possible that some of the dates in the BoxOffice charts are inaccurate (they wouldn't be the only errors to show up in the charts  ::) ) Therefore, I can not guarantee that the rerelease dates I've listed are solid in accuracy, even though most of them probably are accurate. They should at the very least, though, be "close enough" to still be useful, narrowing down the rerelease dates of these cartoons more than just by looking at the style of the reissue opening and end titles alone.

So, with that in mind, would you folks be interested in seeing the list posted here? I don't know of any other complete list like this.


I was just curious: are there any other prints of the 1934 Fleischer Color Classic Little Dutch Mill available anywhere other than the splicey old print that is missing its opening and closing logos (except for the first few frames of the dissolve into the Paramount end title) that was used for the Somewhere in Dreamland DVD set? It would be great if there is a print out there that has the complete opening and closing music.
That said, I'm also curious if there are any unaltered copies of the aforementioned print anywhere with all of its frames intact? The Internet Archive has a copy (, but strangely and unfortunately it looks like that copy is a PAL copy that's had every 5th frame deleted to bring the FPS down to 20.  ???

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