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TTTP In Exile / Re: Kiddie Cartoon Matinee- proving historians wrong?
« on: January 04, 2015, 02:43:52 pm »
For Paul Terry, he wanted for sure to grab the kids attention first...that way the parents would notice they're paying attention and they might be able to enjoy as well.

The cartoons still ran in theater, and whether or not it was for a kiddie matinee they were still part of the movie going experience of ANY movie (horror, drama, comedy).  You'd get a trailer, a cartoon (or two), a short, and maybe a newsreel.  That was the MAIN point of cartoons at the time in general.

General Discussion / Re: Boomerang Looney Tunes airings thread
« on: January 03, 2015, 02:01:29 am »
WOW, I think this might be the first time Super Rabbit has aired on Boomerang since their return in 2013 (I know it only ran once on CN back in 2011 when they returned over there).!  That's a classic!

Wishful Thinking also appeared on demand (they skipped ahead).  It may be because Kabillion is sort of celebrating their birthday and it's a birthday themed episode.  I can think of better episodes that though.  It's still pretty good, but that's when Clokey wasn't involved due to the divorce. 

TTTP In Exile / Re: YouTube Thread, Part 14
« on: January 01, 2015, 10:54:59 am »
Some good ol'  '80's cheese: "Flash Beagle"

No not in my opinion.  I personally love it and rock to it. 

"The Black Knight" is on their On Demand channel.  What I didn't unstand in that short was how did the Black Knight caused a curse the dragon.

Thanks Nic

TTTP In Exile / Re: We may have lost ANOTHER animation resource page
« on: December 31, 2014, 05:24:52 pm »
Cue the professor:  GOOD NEWS EVDERYONE!  It's working today!!!!   ;D  I'll check on it every couple of days or so though.  Still...FINALLY!

TTTP In Exile / Re: We may have lost ANOTHER animation resource page
« on: December 31, 2014, 01:09:46 am »
If you must know chrome.

EDITORS NOTE:  I sense a disturbance with the fans, so I'll get the Sailor Mars plot over as quick as I can, and leave the rest of it for more funny gags.  Fair enough??
Bugs slaps Daffy around
 :bugs2:  Snap out of it!  Snap out if it!
 :daffy: But but...
 :bugs2:  Look around you, look at you, look at me. You're a tasty treat!  It's 2015 already and YOU KNOW IT!
 :daffy: But but...
 :daffy: ....thanks, I needed that.
Mars:  The rabbit has got it right; you are ALL my meal and you to be that way at midnight tonight.  Now which one should I eat first?  Ahhhh...YOU
 :donald:  Hey, what's the big idea!  PUT ME DOWN!  BAWAWAWAWAWA!
Mars:  Well, bottoms up...
Mars:  Huh?
  I am the pretty guardian who fights for love and for justice...I am Sailor Moon!  You shouldn't be messing around eating all our beloved cartoon characters. 
Blabber:  We're still beloved??
Snooper just shrugs.
  And now in the name of the moon, we will punish you.
Mars: GRRRR..I thought I made you my tasty treats as well?!  Oh well....FIRE......SOUL!
Sailor Moon and the other scouts dive for cover.
  Rei!  C'mon!  Stop!  This isn't you!
Luna: Sailor Moon!  Use the moon healing stick!  Trust me!
Another bright light reveals a video...a video to change Mars' ways:
Toadette:  And what happened then, well in Toontown they say...that Sailor Mars' small heart grew..hey that's not in the script!
Nelson:  HA HA!
Toadette:  Anyways, Rei began to realize that what she is doing is wrong and that her desires were a mental issue.  Because of that, her desire to eat toons just disappeared.
Mars:  [actually crying this time]  Ohh my gosh..I feel so bad. 
 :donald:  There there...I've been down that road before.  I almost ate our cow for need of food.
Jupiter:  There you see, everything's getting back to normal.  Rei feels much better now.
 :bugs2:  I eh, hate to interrupt the mushy scenes, but eh, how do we get back to normal. 
Mercury:  All we need to do is have Sailor Moon run another Moon Healing Escalation over the toons and everything will be back to normal.
Mars:  Hey, where'd that meatball head go?
Venus:  oh no...[points a direction]
  AHAHAHAHAHAHA...[holding the gummy Yosemetie Sam]  You guys are so cute like this...
Luna:  groan..
Luna:  USAGI!
Alright..[pulls out her moon stick again]   MOON HEALING.....ESCALATION
Everyone was back to normal.
Luna:  And now's not the time to celebrate, now's the time to go after the one who caused all of this in the first place...SIMON BAR SINISTER!
  C'mon everyone, let's go!

General Discussion / Re: Christine Cavanaugh RIP
« on: December 30, 2014, 05:07:04 pm »
She did voices of my childhood; Chuckie and Dexter, and I agree she will be missed, though we never heard anything from her since 2001.

General Discussion / Re: The Boomerang Rebrand
« on: December 30, 2014, 05:06:11 pm »
NUMBCHUCKS...GROJBAND??!!  They both stink!  I won't be watching for sure.

Holiday Party Threads / Closer to Midnight
« on: December 30, 2014, 12:03:16 pm »
Toadette:  Only 3 more minutes until midnight, and not one toon still knows not what's to happen.
Ryan Secrest [on a tv]:  We are just a few minutes away from the ball to drop
  C'mon kill that dame sucker [still playing xbox with Alvin]
Bender:  Ahhh...New Years Eve.  Another pointless day where I accomplish nothing....except that candy bar which for some reason I ate considering I'm a robot.
Mars:  Two minutes!  Everybody had their chocolate?
random responses of yes I did and we sure did etc
 :daffy:  Aren't you a little young to be drinking?
  Of course, Mr. Duck. 
  That's why we drink Apple Juice
 :daffy:   :o
 :donald:  Oh BOY OH BOY OH BOY.  Everybody Count!
Everyone:  Ten..nine..
Minako: six...
Mako: five...
Ami: four...
Luna: two....
everyone in the house:  ONE! HAPPY NEW YEAR!  CHEERS  Should all acquaintance be forgot and never brought to mind...should all acquaintance be forgot for AULD LANG...
everyone is going hey what's going on what's happened and what in the world
 :sylvester: What is same hill? Gasp.
Tweety Bird is now the size of Sylvester for some reason.
 :sylvester:  Oh boy.  That candy made him acres and acres of Tweety Bird, and it's MINE...ALL MINE!
 :tweetie:  Oooo...I taught I taw an iddy bitty putty tat. 
 :sylvester: [grabs hold of Tweety] Gocthya..sniff sniff..why do smell so gummy??
  Aye Curumba...look at the size of the TV.
 :daffy:  Woo hoo...hoo hoo...hoo hoo..what a way to watch the big games for the NCAA playoffs this year. 
 :bugs2:  Ehh..I don't thing it's a new TV.  Look at the couch.
Blabber:  He's right's a 411.
Snooper:  A 411 Blab?  That means old lady run over by a martian from outer space.
Blabber:  I'm sorry Snoop..I meant to say 114, toons turning just an inch tall.
Snooper: That's better Blab. [looks to the other side in shock]  Better make it a 247 Blab..LOOK!
  sniff sniff...Woo Hoo...I've turned into a yummy gummy candy!  [takes a little bite out of his arm]  D'oh!  [takes another bite]  D'oh!  mmmmm.....[about to take another bite]
  Homer knock it off...this is serious..we've been turned into little gummy treats for someone to eat!
 :porky: B--B-But But But...who would wanna eat us.
voice:  A very good question Porky!
 :sylvester:  Sufferin Succotash!  Look!
Mars: It just so happens when I swallowed Simon Bar Sinister twice I'd devolop a crave a food that originally came from cartoon characters, so I gave you all those chocolate bars to turn you all into gummy treats for me to eat!
 :audrey:  GASP  Oh no!
 :donald: Oh no!
 :woody: Oh no!
Oh no!
Kool Aid guy: OH YEAH!

We'll be right back:

TTTP In Exile / Re: We may have lost ANOTHER animation resource page
« on: December 30, 2014, 11:23:29 am »
Still no for me :mad:

Can you all tell me what browser you are using perhaps?

TTTP In Exile / Re: We may have lost ANOTHER animation resource page
« on: December 30, 2014, 01:25:10 am »

This time it's stuff from GAC.  The Looney Tunes on Television Guide.  First of all all the articles moved to Kevin McCorry's website.  Second, his website is DOWN.  It's been down for 2 days.  Are we REALLY LOOOSING OUR CARTOON SITES?  Those are a GREAT source of information such as episode guides and such.

Is there ANY way to contact this gentleman?  Is it on that Wayback site like the Toontrackers and Dave Mackey's sites are?

EDIT:  Looks like I answered one of my own questions

Holiday Party Threads / The special breaks down as a result
« on: December 29, 2014, 11:50:02 pm »
Cut to live action of me at the University TV station that I work at.  I am in the control room trying to get this special over the air.

Me:  What?  [I say a few curse words here and there]  Sigh...
I take my cell phone out to call my boss, Theresa (no last names will be mentioned tonight) to see how to get it fixed.
Me:  Hi Theresa,'s hard for me to explain, but the broadcast is acting up.  First the color got distorted, then more weird stuff I can't explain happened, and now it's playing the 2003 feed.
Theresa:  Sigh...ok, I don't know if this will help, but try clicking 360-03.
Me:  Ok...I see it, I'm gonna try it.  Bye.  [hangs up]
I click on it, the system starts making even weirder noise, then KABLOOM!  The whole system is shot. 
Me:  AW [four letter word].  [another curse word here]  There's no way of explaining this to Theresa.  I don't know if it will be fixed.  Ah, who watches these old cartoon characters anyway [I used to like them, but I grew up and gotten into sports]
I fall asleep for about 5 minutes, when I hear a noise.
 :bugs2:  hey....doc...
I wake up
 :bugs2:  hey....doc...
Me:  Bugs Bunny?  You can't be real.
 :daffy:  Please...please fix the'll disappoint the children.
 :popeye:  And besides...ya gonna disappoint me...
 :sylvester:  Sufferin'll disappoint all the toons.  We wanna see what happens.
Me:  Oh yeah, like my childhood innocence is gonna make me try to fix it.  All you old toons I used to watch as a kid.  Tsk..I'm over that.  I don't know if there is anything I can do.  I tried. 
  Aww..c'mon Justin, there certainly must be one toon you must of cared about enough to still be in you're heart.  [winks to one particular toon]
Me:  NO WAY!
Then the voice of that particular toon began to speak
Toon:  Please...
Me:  huh
It was Sailor Venus!!!
Venus:  Please try to put the special back on...would you...could it for me?
Me:  Sailor Venus?  :o 
I grew up as a kid having a crush on Sailor Venus and it kind of stuck with me all those years.  Soon ALL of the toons were gathered around me.  I started to cry.  I rushed to Venus's arms.
Me:  Oh how could I disappoint my favorite girl!!
But as I was going to hug her, ALL the toons just disappeared.  All of them..gone.
Me:  Could...could all this be a dream?  Hmmm....[I call Theresa again]  Hi Theresa, me again.  Hey, now the whole system had crashed and I don't know what to do
Theresa:  Oh that's easy.  Just hit the restart button.
Me:  The restart button....[I push it]

Toadette: It was now 5 minutes til midnight...

Me:  It works!!  Wow.  Well hey thank you, and have a good evening!  Alright, buh bye. [hangs up]

Ami:  Be alert you guys.  My computer just detected some strange...

Me:  geesh...that was some dream.

Ami: be ready.
the rest of the scouts:  Right!

Then I saw a wondrous sight.  After that line, I saw Minako turn her head and winked at me.  That's when I realized that the whole thing was not a dream. 

EDITORS NOTE:  Tomorrow for sure (hopefully by morning) for the climatic scenes.  Sorry, but I couldn't resist and had to figure out a way to get back to the show with that previous gag.  Also, I would say half of what I just said was false.  It was all for dramatic effect.   ;)

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