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: Paramount Announces 'Jasper' Live action feature
: Steve Stanchfield April 01, 2013, 08:53:30 AM
From Variety (thanks O. Mcdonald):

Subject Line:

Paramount announces live-action "Jasper" movie

After years of rights negotiation, a live-action version of the biggest Paramount-owned Puppetoon character finally makes it to the  big screen!

Variety announced Friday that "Jasper" was currently in rewrite/ script revision; stars have already begun to attach themselves to this project. The script is reported to have been penned by the Henry brothers, John and James (now Jenna), with notes from the Pal Family and Paramount cartoon expert L. Virgin.

Brad Grey, CEO of Paramount, was enthusiastic in a  quote released at the usual 3:00 Friday news announcements. "Viewership of many of these classic cartoons has grown more than any other time in YouTube's long, respected history". Variety has learned from its sources that the decision was likely prompted by Warner Brother's release of the popular 'Censored 11' BluRay.

"In today's market, it makes sense to tap the resources of classic backlog of cartoon characters" Grey continued. "The first place we looked was the old Paramount cartoons we sold off to different companies years ago. Now that the rights have been returned home, it's time for a reboot of this adventurous child and reintroduce this timeless, classic property to a new generation".

Paramount is careful to preserve the original integrity and look of the Puppetoon films, carefully documenting the rarest of the treasured 'NTA' release prints, highly sought by by collectors for the careful lab handeling that, to this day, preserves the original look of the classic 1940's films. Grey surmised Paramount's effort by stating "Something we noticed about the original Puppetoons that is that used a lot of red; in fact, whole films are reddish or pinkish-colored. We're going to be preserving this classic "red' look in the new feature, as well as a proposed CG series".

Some details of the plot have been leaked on the popular website Once synopsis from C. Cookie states 'Professor Scarecrow tricks Jasper into giving his favorite cell phone. Unfortunately, it backfires when a gang acquires the phone, using it to go on a crime spree involving ordering DVDs through the Columbia House catalog and selling them at "St. Mark's Place".  Now it's up to Jasper, Professor Scarecrow and Blackbird to go on a cross-country adventure to track down every last copy.  This road buddy film is rumored to be set to film at the Alamo,the Grand Canyon, New York Ypsilanti, Dexter and Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Other characters that are rumored to have cameos include Jim Dandy, Tubby The Out-oF-Tune Tuba, Gumby (rumored to be played by Eddie Murphy), and the "Screwball Army". No release date is set as of this writing.

Other names attached to the project include Halle Berry, Steve Martin, James Earl Jones, Brandon Frasier, Jodie Foster and Cedric The Entertainer.

Paramount, well-known for their sensitivity and careful business decisions related to their animated properties, ensures that the subject matter will be handled tastefully. Grey commented on their commitment to classic animation. "We have never produced content that could be considered offensive by anyone" Brad stated. "Our new film be as family friendly as the classic Disney features from the mid-40's". He also reminded the press of Paramount's commitment to these classic characters and their creators. "Our long history of honoring animation producers extends back to the 1920's. We'll continue to honor these classic characters and their talented producers, just as we honored the Fleischer Brothers and ensured their production of great animation".

Here is the source for all of this material:

This April Fools joke is brought to you by all the jokes of the animation industry in the past.
: Re: Paramount Announces 'Jasper' Live action feature
: jaboschen April 01, 2013, 11:42:35 AM
 ;D glad to here they'll be preserving the original look of the films in this upcoming feature...
: Re: Paramount Announces 'Jasper' Live action feature
: Steve Stanchfield April 01, 2013, 12:18:31 PM
Yes- for once they're going to get it right! NTA would be proud- I wonder if they'll use the alternative ways to spell people's names?