Titles by MPAA Number
MPAA NumberTitle
34 Orphan's Benefit (Disney)
95 The Girl at the Ironing Board (Warner Bros.)
132 Holiday Land (Columbia)
148 Parrotville Fire Department (Van Beuren)
153 Krazy's Waterloo (Columbia)
228 Tale of the Vienna Woods (MGM)
229 The Old Pioneer (MGM)
242 The Sunshine Makers (Van Beuren)
248 Mickey Plays Papa (Disney)
264 The Shoemaker and the Elves (Columbia)
265 Jolly Little Elves (Walter Lantz)
317 Japanese Lanterns (Van Beuren)
344 The Goddess of Spring (Disney)
360 Once Upon a Time (Audio Productions)
374 The Picnic Panic (Van Beuren)
375 The Wayward Pups (MGM)
383 Spring in the Park (Walter Lantz)
392 Merry Kittens (Van Beuren)
392 Parrotville Post Office (Van Beuren)
418 Toyland Premiere (Walter Lantz)
429 Little Dutch Mill (Fleischer Studio)
429 The Song of the Birds (Fleischer Studio)
430 Babes at Sea (Columbia)
451 Dizzy Divers (Fleischer Studio)
453 For Better or Worser (Fleischer Studio)
482 Mr. and Mrs. Is The Name (Warner Bros.)
485 King of the Mardi Gras (Fleischer Studio)
487 Popeye the Sailor Meets Sindbad the Sailor (Fleischer Studio)
489 Betty Boop and Grampy (Fleischer Studio)
491 Time For Love (Fleischer Studio)
522 The Little Stranger (Fleischer Studio)
534 You Gotta Be a Football Hero (Fleischer Studio)
571 Vim, Vigor and Vitaliky (Fleischer Studio)
586 Musical Memories (Fleischer Studio)
587 Somewhere in Dreamland (Fleischer Studio)
593 The Cobweb Hotel (Fleischer Studio)
593 Greedy Humpty Dumpty (Fleischer Studio)
594 The Spinach Overture (Fleischer Studio)
613 Adventures of Popeye (Fleischer Studio)
623 Betty Boop and The Little King (Fleischer Studio)
629 The Hunting Season (Van Beuren)
645 A Clean Shaven Man (Fleischer Studio)
646 The Rag Dog (Van Beuren)
656 Parrotville Old Folks (Van Beuren)
656 Mickey's Service Station (Disney)
694 Never Kick a Woman (Fleischer Studio)
701 Buddy in Africa (Warner Bros.)
705 I-Ski Love-Ski You-Ski (Fleischer Studio)
705 Elmer the Great Dane (Walter Lantz)
706 The Calico Dragon (MGM)