Mickey's Christmas Chaos
Studio: Disney Television Animation Release Date : September 16, 2000 Series: Mickey Mouse
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Mickey get's into a Christmas decorating contest with next-door neighbor Mortimer.


Mickey Mouse

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Mickey's Magical Christmas: Snowed in at the House of Mouse (Excerpt)


United States

Mickey's Magical Christmas : Snowed in at the House of Mouse

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Original Language: English
Original Country: United States

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From Lee Suggs :

The makers of "MouseWorks" must really like the holidays, especially Christmas. This Holiday short starts out with Mickey and Pluto decorating Mickey's house for a contest. Mortimer (who now lives next store?) keeps trying to outdo Mickey, and quite a battle ensues. Their attempts grow more and more violent, (Mickey's giant star, that drains the whole city's power, is the best gag) until both houses are destroyed. This is a very interesting short because Mickey is every bit as mean and nasty as Mortimer, and both deserve what they get in the end. This short's only weakness is that the ending goes on too long. It should have ended with Mickey and Mortimer being defeated by a more deserving opponent; instead there is one more silly gag. Still a very entertaining short.

From Juan F. Lara :

The show just can't seem to have too many holiday specials, can it?

Although Mortimer started the fight, Mickey and Mortimer became more like equal adversaries soon into the short. The short then became a "Spy vs. Spy"-type short where one character kept trying to wreck the other more and more. The short maintained that format right up to the end, where what first seemed like a moral of the story wound up satirized. It was very original to cast Mickey in this format as the format allowed him to sometimes get really nasty. Watch for the chainsaw scene, and note who ultimately destroyed both homes, and how.

The short was also highlighted by the cartoon physics methods Mickey and Mortimer used to set up their decorations. I especially liked Mickey's instant grow Christmas tree, and the switches that moved their houses around like they were parts in a machine. The short also had some well placed cameos among the decorations.

From Melanie :

This was such a funny short! I kept laughing the whole time I watched it. I'd never seen Mickey and Mortimer get into such a big fight. I think the funniest part was when Mortimer got into one of Mickey's boxes and handed him a toilet seat, although I usually detest toilet humor.

By the way, this short is called "Mickey's Christmas Crisis," not "Mickey's Christmas Chaos." (Webmaster's note: I know the short was called "Chaos" when it was originally shown on "MouseWorks." Is it possible the title was changed for the showing on "House of Mouse?")