The Long Awaited Fight
Studio: Toei Animation Release Date : June 22, 1994 Series: Dragon Ball Z

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Studio Live


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Kazuhito Kikuchi


Kunihiko Inoue
Ai Kikuchi
Ayako Kurata
Tomoko Tanifuji

Asst. Director

Jun'ichi Fujise

Animation Director

Yukio Ebisawa

Key Animator

Yukio Ebisawa
Yuko Inoue
Toshiyuki Kanno


Sumio Uetake

Contains Clips From:

Terror on Arlia
The Darkest Day
Goku vs. Vegeta
Saiyan Sized Secret
Krillin's Offensive
Mighty Blast of Rage
Z Warriors Prepare
Cell Returns!
Save the World

Technical Specifications

Original Language: Japanese
Original Country: Japan

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