Mission 2: Training
Studio: DHX Media Ltd. Release Date : November 1, 2019 Series: Snoopy in Space
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WildBrain / Schulz Studio


The gang take a trip to the Houston Space Center, having been given tickets as a consolation prize for Snoopy's failure to get into the space program. But Snoopy has plans for sneaking into the training area.


(Voice: Terry McGurrin)
(Voice: Robert Tinkler)
Charlie Brown
(Voice: Ethan Pugiotto)
Sally Brown
(Voice: Hattie Kragten)
(Voice: Christian Dal Dosso)
Lucy Van Pelt
(Voice: Isabella Leo)
Linus Van Pelt
(Voice: Wyatt White)
(Voice: Holly Gorski)
Peppermint Patty
(Voice: Isis Moore)
C.A.R.A. (Computerized Astronaut Recruitment Advisor)
(Voice: Nicole Byer)

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