Daffy Duck's Movie: Fantastic Island
Studio: Warner Bros. Release Date : August 5, 1983 Series: Feature Films: Warner Bros.

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Daffy Duck and Speedy Gonzales find a treasure map that leads them to a wishing well, which for a penny will grant any wish (through old cartoon footage). Daffy sets up a resort around the well and various Looney Tunes characters have their dreams come true. Meanwhile, Yosemite Sam and the Tasmanian Devil hunt for the varmints who stole their treasure map!


Daffy Duck
(Voice: Melvin Jerome "Mel" Blanc)
Speedy Gonzales
(Voice: Melvin Jerome "Mel" Blanc)
Yosemite Sam
(Voice: Melvin Jerome "Mel" Blanc)
Tasmanian Devil
(Voice: Melvin Jerome "Mel" Blanc)
(Voice: Melvin Jerome "Mel" Blanc)
(Voice: Melvin Jerome "Mel" Blanc)
(Voice: Melvin Jerome "Mel" Blanc)
Foghorn Leghorn
(Voice: Melvin Jerome "Mel" Blanc)
Barnyard Dawg
(Voice: Melvin Jerome "Mel" Blanc)
Pepe LePew
(Voice: Melvin Jerome "Mel" Blanc)
Porky Pig
(Voice: Melvin Jerome "Mel" Blanc)
Bugs Bunny
(Voice: Melvin Jerome "Mel" Blanc)


Warner Bros.

Contains the Sequences:

Captain Hareblower (Pirate Sam vs. Bugs Bunny with the ending being cut after Sam's ship explodes.)
Stupor Duck (Daffy's wish as the Well foretells: "Your fondest wish, your fondest dream. I'll make you Super Duck Supreme!")
Greedy for Tweety (Granny's wish, as the well foretells, "Your wish shall be granted. Gaze into me and see. The next time that you see yourself, a nurse is what you'll be.")
Banty Raids (Foghorn's Wish, as the well foretells, "I am here to grant your wish; the Spirit of the Well. I will knock the cockiness out of that little cockerel!")
Louvre Come Back to Me! (Pepe Le Pew's wish, as the well foretells, "I grant your wish to meet a girl of beauty unsurpassed, which, when compared with works of art, will leave the Louvre outclassed.")
Tree for Two (Spike and Chester's wish, as the well foretells, "If that's his wish, and yours alike, I'll make Chester brave and strong, like Spike.")
Curtain Razor (Porky's Wish, as the well foretells, "Discovering new talent for the world to see; a wondrous thing for a producer to be...")
A Mouse Divided (Sylvester's Wife's Wish, as she stated: Wishing Well. Oh, Wishing Well, you I do entreat. I wish our house would resound to... the patter of little feet.")
Of Rice and Hen (Part of Prissy's Wish, but only shows a little scene from this cartoon.)
Lovelorn Leghorn (Part of Prissy's Wish, but uses the whole cartoon, minus the ending scene.)
From Hare to Heir (Pirate Sam's wish, final wish to show a classic Looney Tunes cartoon, as the well foretells, "A very rich relative in poor health doth will to you his entire wealth.")


  • This was the final production written by long time Friz Freleng writer, John W. Dunn.


  • The film is a send off to the 1977 TV series, "Fantasy Island".


United States

Daffy Duck's Movie: Fantastic Island


United States

Daffy Duck's Movie: Fantastic Island
4 Kid Favorites: Looney Tunes Movies

Technical Specifications

Running Time: 1:18:03
MPAA No.: 26954
MPAA Rating: G
Animation Type: Standard (Hand-drawn-Cel) Animation
Aspect Ratio: 1.37 : 1
Print Type: 35mm
Negative Type: 35mm
Cinematographic Format: Spherical
Original Language: English
Original Country: United States

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