Lambert the Sheepish Lion
Studio: Disney Release Date : February 8, 1952
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Lambert is a lion cub who is mis-delivered to a flock of sheep. Because he is different, he is ostracized by the rest of the lambs. But things change when he grows up and a wolf attacks the flock.



Jack Hannah


Eric Larson
John Lounsbery
Don Lusk
Judge Whitaker


Bill Peet
Ralph Wright
Milt Banta


Joseph S. Dubin


Ray Huffine


Yale Gracey

Effects Animation

Dan MacManus


Sterling Holloway


Walter Elias "Walt" Disney


Nominated for the Academy Award (Oscar): Best Short Subject


RKO Radio Pictures

Included in:

The Great Cat Family


Donald's Quack Attack (Season 1, Episode 56)


United States

Disney's Best: The Fabulous 50's
Willie the Operatic Whale


Donald Macht nie Pause
Willie the Operatic Whale
Vorsicht Löwe!


Disney Parade 6


Il Meglio Di Disney
Il Meglio di Disney
Willie, the Operatic Whale

CED Disc

United States

The Fabulous 50's

Laserdisc (CAV)


The Fabulous 50's

Laserdisc (CLV)

United States

The Prince and the Pauper
Cartoon Classics : Limited Gold Editions II : Life With Mickey


Winnie the Pooh and a Day for Eeyore
Disney Cartoon Festival 6


United States

Melody Time
Disney Rarities
Three Little Pigs
Walt Disney Animation Collection : Volume 2 : The Three Little Pigs


Zauberhafte Marchenwelt 5
Musik, Tanz und Rhythmus


Melodie Cocktail


Lo Scrigno delle Sette Perle
Walt Disney Le Fiabe 4

United Kingdom

Walt Disney's Fables : Volume 5
Melody Time


Melody Time

BluRay Disc

United States

Melody Time

Technical Specifications

Running Time: 8:18
MPAA No.: 15531
Animation Type: Standard (Hand-drawn-Cel) Animation
Aspect Ratio: 1.37 : 1
Color Type: Technicolor
Sound Type: Mono: RCA Sound Recording
Print Type: 35mm
Negative Type: 35mm
Cinematographic Format: Spherical
Original Language: English

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From Mary Wendel :

Lambert the Sheepish Lion is the best ever short cartoon. I have fond memories of watching it as a child. I just wish it was still around today. I love that cartoon!

From Hayley Shoemaker :

I have always loved the story of Lambert the Sheepish Lion. I used to watch it all the time as a kid. Not many of the people I know have seen it before so they don't think that it is a real cartoon. Oh, well. I still love Lambert!

From Emily Smith :

I used to love watching Lambert! I am 21 yrs old now and am looking to own a copy of it because it reminds me of happy times as a child. It is one of the cutest and definately one of my favorite Disney shorts!

From Heidi :

I love this story. It is a classic yet sadly there are not many people around who still know the story. I wish they still showed it on tv but I never see it.

From Erika Stutts :

I loved Lambert as a child but could never find anyone else who had heard of him. I would love to buy a video with his story on it because I think it is just wonderful. Just out of curiosity, has Lambert ever been shown at the beginning of "Fun and Fancy Free" or "Dumbo?" I think this clip is definitely a 10!

From Alyson Webber :

I drive on a street named Lambert every week. Whenever I see it, I begin singing the song from it. It's great because the lyrics are on this site! In anycase, I've been inspired to see it again, and thought I'd go browsing on the internet to see if I can find anything on where I could see it again. Anyone have any ideas?

From Michelle :

Of all the Disney shorts I have seen, this one sticks in my head the most. I have only seen it twice when I was a kid and I still remember the lyrics. I think it is the best one ever made and I am looking to own a copy so that my son can enjoy it as much as I did.

From Elizabeth Garcia :

I think it is the cutest cartoon short I've ever seen.

From Amy Arellano :

This is one of the best shorts I have ever seen. It is wonderful.

From Katie :

This is such a wonderfully memorable short. It is such a sweet representation of the classic "Ugly Duckling" type of story with a heroic twist and a wonderful theme song. As a child I recall it being a favorite and it is still a classic Disney work. I am so glad it is widely recognized on this site!

From Tiffany Cassara :

I think about this cartoon all the time. I remember that I couldn't wait to see it as a kid during nursery school. Cartoons were so simple back then and today they just don't hold the same meaning and they don't stick in your head. This one has stuck in my head for almost 30 years. I've always loved it and have alot of fond memories from my childhood when I think of it. For some reason, I just thought about it tonight and got on line to see if I was the only one who remembered.

From Julie :

Thanks to my now ex-husband I discovered Lambert. I believe it was shown after Dumbo ran on network TV one night within the last 10 years. I am the proud owner of 2 copies of it and cannot wait until my 1 year old can share her mommy and daddy's love of the big cuddly guy ... don't know what it is but you gotta luv that lion!

From Kearn Schemm :

I saw this short many times as a kid and each time I almost cried when Lambert finally snapped and became the brave soul we all knew he could be. I think this film has something special and I remember it fondly. I'd love to get my hands on it to share with my kids.

From Amber :

I am so absolutely thrilled to see this! I have seen this so manty times in my 20 years that i almost know it word for word! I wish that i could see it again! I havent seen it in such a long time. Its my favorite! Now that I know that its on Melody Time, I have to run and go get it! I LOVE LAMBERT!

From Lesa :

This is weird, but I didn't realize how embedded in my psyche the Lambert cartoon was until the day my boyfriend's face was awashed with a "sheepish" look. I instantly dubbed him Lambert! He asked where I got the name from and at first, I couldn't remember. Then it dawned on me that it was from the cartoon. To this day, whenever he gets that look on his face I refer to him as Lambert! I came on the site to find a picture of the sheepish-lambert-look. Thanks!

From Ryan W. Lambert :

For obvious reasons I have always had a special appreciation for Lambert the Sheepish Lion. All my life I have had to patiently endure the refrain of "L-a-a-a-a-m-b-ert" countless times. But what a moral the story has! I think that every child should learn the lesson that being different is not a weakness, and that hidden talents can make all the difference.

From Liz Branch :

In my opinion the most memorable Disney short. The music is great. The story might not be original but it still drives the point across no matter how different you are, you have your own talents and weaknesses, and the people that loves you, does that just because you are you, and not because the way you are expected to act or behave. Because of that love and that inconditional acceptance, you will become the best that you could ever be. Isn't that a wonderful message that has gotten lost in the turmoil of the fast-paced, over-filled with all kinds of activities life that our children are leading now. A kind of life where you have to be part of whatever they tell you to be, or you are nobody at all. A life where parents call the college to get their kids into fraternities or sororities so their children will belong and be somebody, only teaching them that everything will be done for them. I wish Disney would bring Lambert back, some of us will remember, and others will learn that everyone is an individual, with weaknesses and talents, and no matter how different we are, we should love and accept each other. In a way we are all Lamberts.

From John Smith :

One of the best Cartoons shorts of all time. The wolf's change of expression on hearing Lambert roar is one for the ages. I haven't seen the cartoon in several years and just thinking about it still makes me laugh.

From Seán Mc Laughlin :

In your comments, you wonder why so many people have taken this short to their hearts. Well I can't speak for everyone else but after having only seen this once when I was about 14 there are still to this day scenes that I remember fondly almost 20 years later.

1) The obvious pride Lambert's "mother" shows in having such an enormous "lamb".

2) The wolf's face when he first sees Lambert.

3) After discovering his Lion-Roots and trapping the wolf at the end of a log over-hanging a cliff. He roars ferociously and lunges at the cowering wolf only to head-butt the hapless wolf off the log. (Priceless)

The rest, I agree is quite ordinary/standard for Disney but even now thinking of these three scenes I'm smiling to myself.

From Dave Lambert :

In grade school the kids teased me because of this cartoon, but I secretly liked the attention.

From Ryan :

This short was not too interesting for me. I do, however, enjoy the background art and animation. There is a reference to another Disney movie in this short; the stork is similar to the one from "Dumbo."

From Natalie :

I saw this cartoon just last weeekend on saturday on ITV - a british channel - and from then on I have not stopped telling everyone about it . A most magical piece of animation , my eyes were swelling up when it finished . Superb.

From David Willis :

I don't know why I love this, I just do. In England for some reason it seems to get shown all the time and each time the line at the end about the wolf not going hungry because the bush gets berries every spring always makes me laugh.

From Auriette :

This is a top-notch cartoon. I have only seen it a couple of times, on TV, at least 15 years ago. The ends is absolutely priceless, and I still remember the final refrain of the song. In fact, I was sitting here singing it to myself (don't know why), when I decided to look him up on Google and see if anyone else remembered him. My husband's a big fan of animation in general, but he doesn't remember ever seeing it before, so I didn't know anyone did. It does my heart good to see so many people recall this cartoon as fondly as I do.

From Jessica :

I am 21 years old now and my mother complains all the time that I never remember anything from my childhood. One of the very few things I remember is watching Lambert the Sheepish Lion. I remember I loved it very much and I would even run around calling my dog Lambert when we would cut her hair so short in the spring that she looked like a baby lamb. I love Lambert. I wish I could see it again.

From Adam G :

I'm glad to see there are others out there that enjoyed it as much as I did. I agree that very few people have heard of Lambert, but he was my favorite lion growing up. I'm 30 now and you can bet when I have kids, they'll grow up knowing the story of the not so sheepish lion, Lambert.

From Preston Dunn :

Wow, this cartoon really brings back memories. I am 26 now and I was just singing this the other day at work. It's one of the few Disney movies or shorts that have stuck in my mind. I think the first time I saw it was when I was about 12 or so; I remember seeing it at one of my parents' friend's houses. They had kids that were my age and younger, and we were all watching Dumbo, and I remember seeing this after Dumbo. My brother is 21 years old still goes "haa haa the sheepish lion" sometimes forgetting about the first name (Lambert)....LOL!!! I've always loved kid stuff, like Sesame Street and Teletubbies (I'm a BIG Teletubbies fan). I wish actually you'd put the emails down of everyone who comments on this site, so people could contact each other, since we all have the same interests in this Disney short. It was just too adorable, my brother just walked in and saw what I was writing just now and he sings "Lambert, the Sheepish Lion...Lambert...well you get the point!!"... LOL :-) This one deserves an A +. I don't remember everything from my childhood, but boy, this one deserves a great rating (9 or 10). I would name my little boy Lambert if I had one, but then if I had a wife (which I don't), she'd probably tell me to jump in the lake. Actually I like Elliott as a boy's name. Anyway, off the subject......... for anyone who has never seen this short, I definitely recommend seeing it!! Although I don't know where one can get a copy. I haven't seen it for probably a decade.

From Terry :

This story stuck with my children even to today. I think it had a lot to do with the songs, even though the story line is an old one. I wish I still had a copy of it. We used to have it on a VCR but they watched it so much, the tape became ruined.

From Bob L. :

At Disney World this past September (2002) they played Lambert along with about 15 other shorts in a repeating loop. Every time it came on, my daughter and I stopped to watch. Now I'm on a quest to find it on video. No luck so far. My favorite part - when you think Lambert is going to eat the wolf, he butts him with his head - a sheep through and through.

From Melissa :

This is by far my very favorite cartoon ever! The first time I watched Lambert I was 5 years old. According to my parents I watched the tape so many times that finally it stopped working. I don't think I know anyone else who remembers seeing this and that's really a shame. I'm now 20 years old and Lambert the Sheepish Lion remains one of the fondest memories I have of my childhood.

From Jill :

I loved this cartoon as a child and now have a child of my own. I wish I could find this cartoon for sale.

From Richard Bluedorn :

I'm looking for a certain voice talent who's name I have forgotten. Who was the voice for Lambert? Only Sterling Holloway as the narrator is mentioned in all the webpages I've found so far. Isn't it strange no one else, even the Star - Lambert - gets no credit?

From Tom Siracusa :

Thank you for this web site. I was starting to think I was going crazy since nobody I know remembers this outstanding cartoon. This is a true classic, and should be on TV for the younger generations to view.

From Woody :

I grew up watching Lambert and right after Lambert was Disney's Mickey and the Beanstalk. I love Lambert, that has to be my favorite cartoon, I wasn't sure if it was still around, but come to find out it still is.

From Kathy :

Oddly, my 21 year old studdly athlete is the BIG fan of Lambert! Of all of the Disney shows this is the one he remembers the best and we will hear him singing upon occasion. I would love to get a copy of this short.

From Terri :

Lambert is my all time favorite disney short. the tune is catchy, the storyline timeless. The underdog succeeds in the end!

From Shannon :

Well, to be perfectly honest, my sister mentioned the story today and stirred all sorts of long forgotten memories. I'm sure I haven't heard the story for at least 17 years, but wow. I loved that story! I couldn't tell you what the wolf's expression when he was faced with Lambert, nor could I explain to you a lot of the story, but I can still, without even thinking about it, "bleet" Lambert the way his momma did... I don't know, just the sort of story that really buries itself deep. *S* I'm SO very glad that you have this site! Thank you, thank you, thank you!! What a treat.

From Crissy Atkinson :

I absolutely love Lambert the Sheepish Lion, and watched it through Junior High and High School as a kid. My older brother, Dirk and I, used to get a kick out of it, every time it aired. We could not stop laughing and saying.... llaaaaammmbert!

Even lately I'd asked friends if they remember Lambert the Sheepish Lion, and people thought I was making up stories. ... then I sang part of the song to them... then they'd all laugh when I'd do the... LLLaaaammbert part. Most would remember at the point. Then my husband stumbled across this site, and had to let me know right away.

Reminds me of how much fun you can still have amongst this chaotic world. Disney's fun for all ages!

From Jill :

I love it, I love it! It's such an adorable cartoon with the great "Lambert" song - it doesn't get any better in my opinion! I'm only 19 years old, but remember seeing it on the Disney channel between cartoons.

From David Parsons :

Lambert is the best short cartoon ever made! I literally would watch it everyday as a little kid. He was my hero and still is to this day. When my family moved to New Jersey, I lost the tape that had lambert on it. I was heart broken. But just a few months ago, I found out they put Lambert on the Melody Time DVD along with other cartoons. I bought the DVD just for the sake of having Lambert back in my possesion. Eventhough now I am a freshman in college, that still does not stop me from watching Lambert almost everyday. Lambert is one of those cartoons that makes you feel good after watching it. Nothing beats the moment when lambert grows the courage to face the wolf, it is a major adreniline rush. I recently got my girlfriend hooked on lambert. I am determined to make lambert the lion a household name. Lambert is #1 in my book. LONG LIVE LAMBERT THE LION!!!!!

From Josh Rickard :

This cartoon is nothing less of Walt Disney's style and intellect. I've seen the cartoon numerous times and it never grows old. I'd give this cartoon an A++ because it is so endearing and is yet another masterpiece of Walts' I feel wont be forgotten.

From Taylor Lowis :

I loved this short and growing up without it wouldn't have been the same!

From Karen Wallington :

I remember this short as a young child both on film and in the disney book with the accompanying record. I still have the song stuck in my head from time to time and no one knows what I'm talking about. I haven't seen it for years and years but I guess it's just one of those memories that stays with you.

From Rex :

To this day Lambert is in my heart, funny, different, silly and lovable he is! I will always remember him. He's taught me many things through my life, even yours whether you know it or not!

From Neil Soman :

I used to love this as a kid. I just caught myself singing "Laaaaambert" after so many years - some memories just stay with us. Thanks for this website.

From Danielle Gines :

I loved Lambert as a kid, and can't believe so many others did too. I wish it was still being aired but at least I have the memory and can still sing the song!

From Kristy Fifeski :

I'm 24, and I teach a speech class as a part of my graduate assistantship at a public university. We have a unique program in that we stress an accommodating environment toward cultural diversity. I plan to show Lambert to my classes, hoping to foster a discussion on principles of diversity and acceptance.

On a personal note, Lambert is my favorite cartoon (though I've only seen it a few times years ago) and I still get goose-bumps when he finally roars at the end!

From John :

I LOVE this cartoon! Not to sound like a broken record, but it is amazing that I'm not the only one with this opinion!

This is a great cartoon for shy people -- young or not-so-young. It teaches that there's a brave, "raging, roaring lion" in each of us, no matter who we are or where we came from.

From Damon Claussen :

There was something about this cartoon that makes me feel happy and sad. The characters are so loveable, and the theme song will never be forgotten.

From Derek Best :

I saw Lambert the Lion when I was young and for some reason this cartoon sticks in my mind. I have looked for several years for this cartoon on video and have had no luck. It rates quite high in my mind and I wish it was available for my kids to see.

From Lane Mixer :

I used to watch this over and over when I was a little girl (I still do sometimes.) My favorite cartoon ever!

From Franchesca :

I love Lambert. I just found this website because I just started singing the song to myself here at work even though it's been at least 5 years, more like more, since I've seen it.

From Kat :

I used to watch this all the time, hundreds and hundreds of times as a kid. I remember I would always hide when the wolf came out, and then dance to the song. I loved it so much, that my gramma bought me a Lambert stuffed animal, and I still sleep with my Lambert. This was the greatest Disney short ever!

From Tino :

I remember this as one of my favourite childhood cartoon shorts. I give it a 10.

From Javier :

I love Lambert! It´s my favorite cartoon.

From Carrie :

I could not believe that I found this site with Lambert the Sheepish Lion. It was my favorite cartoon as a kid. I give it a 10! I still sing the song around my dorm, and all of my friends think I'm crazy.

From Carly :

A 10! I remember it as a kid and I'll never forget it. I can't wait to have kids one day, so they can see it!

From Maria :

Definitely a 10. One of my earliest memories. I only ever talked to two other people that ever even heard of it, and everyone else thinks I'm nuts ("a sheepish lion?!? RIIIIGHT") The song is the cutest, and I even have my friend (who's never seen or heard of it) singing it with me!

From Saskia :

I love this short. I have had that song in my head for days and couldn't remember Lambert's name, so glad to have found your site! I loved this one as a kid and would love to see it again!

From Maria :

Lambert is a perefct 10. I'm a 23 year old Swedish girl who absolutely adore Lambert. When I was a kid I used to watch Lambert all the time. Nobody really knew about Lambert and I thought he was the coolest.

From Curtis Medernach :

I would have to give this little short cartoon a positively wonderful 10. It is by far my all time favourite childhood cartoon. I beleive the last time I saw it I was 9 years old, and now at 24 I still long for that breif moment of entertainment. However to my suprise it has been recently released on DVD with a variety of other short cartoons so I'm am ecstatic. I can't wait to show it to my children and my little neice. Thanx.

From theamazingjime :

I first saw Lambert while staying at Disneyworld with my kids, on the "Looped Cartoon" channel. He instantly became one of our favorites! This cartoon has got to be one of Walt's greatest ever. When the wolf grabbed Lambert's mother, and she was franticly bleating LAAAAAAMBERT and Lambert called out "mama!" his voice full of worry and fear, it just cracks us up! It's a shame there isn't any Lambert merchandise at Disneyworld.

I give this cartoon highest ratings. It is a classic in every sense of the word, and it never gets old.

From Leia Tyndall :

Awww, I found Lambert!! I think the only time(s) I watched this movie was around 3rd grade, because I remember the name of a classmate inspired me to sing the song while at school one day (his last name was Lamb or Lambert, I think). Through the years, I couldn't remember much of the lyrics, so sometimes I'd sing it as "Lambert the Sheepiest Lion," and other times "Lambert the Sheepy Lion."

I'm 26 now and that tune still pops up now and then in my mind. I think I may even go so far as to say that that story, along with a slew of others, inspired me to pursue my interest in animals and pursue a wildlife degree. I love it. Thanks Lambert!

From Jocelyn Oickle :

I rate Lambert the Sheepish Lion as a definite 10. i am now 24 years old and haven't seen this movie since i was a little girl. I came online like everyone else searching for a copy of this movie, when the song started going through my head. i was so surprised to see how many lives this movie has touched, I didn't think many people remembered this show. It is my fondest childhood memory..i even had a stuffed lion that i named lambert (even though it looked nothing like him) Just the same as everyone else i suppose, i would love to get a copy of this movie and would love to find any lambert merchandise.

From Craig Connelly :

This Cartoon is a definitely 10!!!

I am 61 and saw this cartoon as a young man. My wife and son have never seen the cartoon and do not believe it could be as good as I think it is. The expression on the face of the wolf when Lambert roars has stuck with me all these years.

From John Mann :

I saw Lambert exactly once, when the short first appeared, yet that was enough to create indelible memories that have rattled around in my brain for over fifty years. In all that time, I met no one who had ever seen or heard of Lambert; but now through the Web I have found him again at last, on Disney's "Melody Time" DVD. I would Rate Lambert 10, and 10 times 10. Nothing else is quite like it.

Review after review on this site notes strangely intense reactions like mine. Why? Perhaps because many children, like Lambert, are born into irrelevant and often cruel societies that have no use for them. Such a child might well identify with Lambert, and draw secret hope from Lambert's remarkable breakthrough. No, that isn't an original concept, but rarely if ever has it been presented in a way so well attuned to a child's way of thinking.

In adult terms, Lambert introduced me to the intuition that I might be more than a blank slate on which the whole of truth had been carved by others. That oneself might be more than one's society accepts in a person is a rather subversive concept, but such ideas are embedded in many of Disney's works. Roger Waters, Saki in Sredni Vashtar, and Rowling in Harry Potter explore similar themes.

From Abi :

I have had the song to Lambert stuck in my head since the 80s. Great cartoon.

From Taufig Taher :

The best part is when Lambert's mom scream for help to Lambert, and Lambert worrily respond's "mama" I lost the video tape long ago but thank god they released it on the Melody Time DVD. Wonderful!

From Nicole :

I loved Lambert. I wished they showed it on TV still. It is hard to find anyone who has watched this short and when I did find someone we sang the song together. I have to say this is a 10+.

From Cristian Codreanu :

My all time favorite cartoon as I grew up over in Bucharest, Romania. I am 47 now, living in America and father of a 2 years old little Lambert. I wish to find it on DVD and introduce the two. Love the ending with the wolf forced to become a vegetarian.

From Daniel Villegas :

I have gone to Disneyland to ask about this movie and no one knew about it. Thinking about this movie brings me back to my childhood, can't wait to get the DVD to show my two year old son.

From Guy :

My favourite ever cartoon! I first saw this when I was 5 or 6, I am now 34 and just saw it again and it still brings tears to my eyes. The moment when Lambert snaps and chases after the wolf is pure gold.

From Mike :

I'll tell you why people love this cartoon so much: it's that song! I haven't seen this cartoon in years, but I remember it very fondly and would love to see it again.

From Bree Hewitt :

I first saw this short 34 years after it was originally released. I was facinated by it then and still hum the song at work to cheer myself up. It's as true now as it was then, more Lambert please!

From Sonia :

Simply put: One of the best!

From Amy :

I'm always asking if any of my friends remembers Lambert and none of them ever have but he stuck in my mind since I was 5 or 6. 20 years later I have finally found him again. I'm so glad that so many other people remember him.

From Reid Martin :

I am 26 years old and one of my all time favorite childhood movies was Lambert the Sheepist Lion. I still remember the song. I now have a 8 month old son and thinking back to my childhood I remember this song. I was very suprised and happy to see this on the website. Thank you for letting me remember my all time faviorite movie as a child.

From Shauna :

I disagree with you when you say this short isn't one of Disney's best. I loved this short when I was a child, my children have loved this short as they were growing up....and my grandchildren "holler" with excitement as Lambert protects what he had known as his family. The music is catchy and the cartoons very endearing. My copy on my old VHS is ready to die....I've ordered it on DVD. Can't wait to share it with more family as soon as I get it!

From Lindsay Marsh :

After reacquainting with a friend from highschool some 10 years after graduating, we were discussing how he remembered how I always loved lambs,and I,wanting to give him a cute nickname, I broke out in "Laaaambert!" and he then finished the jingle! I didn't even realize where I had remembered the tune from! He obviously did, and went into detail about the cartoon! I had the tune right, but must have had the memory of watching the cartoon buried! Needless to say, I am now dating this guy,my highschool crush, maybe due in part to this child-like side of him, singing the song to a children's cartoon that pulled at my lamb loving heeartstrings!

From Terry K :

I have never seen this. However, a great friend of mine seen this cartoon at a critical point in his life and it made quite the impact. I am "ah-struck" as to the impact it made on my friend, so much that I feel if I would have seen it it may very well have made an impact in my life as well back in the day.

From Stacey :

I love this movie! I used to watch this as a child . I tried a few years back to find how I could get this movie and couldn't figure it out ... this is so neat!

From Barb Sullivan :

I saw Lambert when I was 12 years old. I only saw it once, but it has stayed with me all these years. The narrative voice of Sterling Holloway was magical as was the story and the animation. What made this particular short so memorable? I was a clutzy tomboy who didn't quite know how to fit in with the emerging femininity of the girls I went to school with. Lambert spoke to me in a most personal way and I have never forgotten it. I would love to see it again and would have loved to have been able to share it with my children and grandchildren while they were growing up. Hurrah for Lambert!

From andy c :

Man,I remember watching this movie in school when I was a kid. Now I'm 26 with 7 & 6 year old sons that have never seen this movie. I love this movie where can I find it. It's got to be one of the best Disney movies.

From Willy :

Wonderful cartoon to savour... very cute, educating & allround A - class cartoon.

From Baruch Weiss :

This short is quite similar to Moris the Midget Moose. Nevertheless it's a good one, I especially loved the famous Goofy yell!

From Peter Vandenberg :

Best short cartoon in my opinion. Love the message in it and have used it often to bring out the point talking to groups. I believe it's got the born again message in it. Discover your new identity, like the Lion of the tribe of Judah, rise up and take your position against that evil wolf called the devil. My children and now my grandchildren are growing up with this as 'compulsary curriculum'.

From T. J. :

As a young boy I watched Lambert almost every day. It was shown (along with the Mickey and the Beanstalk section of Fun and Fancy Free) before the network TV airings of Dumbo in the early 1980's. This, along with its limited availability on home video, might help explain the short's popularity among those in their 20's and 30's today. With Dumbo's short running time of approximately 60 minutes the cartoon shorts were used to pad it's running time on television. A practice which, sadly, is not used anymore. My parents, having taped the airing off of television were required to watch it every day when I was 3-5 years old. They knew all the words to Lambert's song just as well as I did. At 27 years old, I could still happily sing the song if given the urge. The song is a wonderful addition to Lambert the Sheepish Lion which is one of only a handful of Disney shorts to have a brand new song composed for it. The story was both cute, sad and at times somewhat scary for young kids. It may not stand out for adults, but Lambert the Sheepish Lion seemed to have it all if you were a little one.

From Margos :

I just saw this short last night on the 25th anniversary edition of "The Fox and the Hound." I have had it stuck in my head all day! (Maybe not so good while trying to do calculus in school, but ah well.)

From Mike :

This is one of the best Disney cartoons ever. A great story and I love how he finally discovers courage at the end.

From Kim :

I Love this cartoon. It brings back lots happy memories from way back to my infant/junior school days as we used to watch films on a Monday afternoon and this is probably the most memorable and enjoyable. The song has stuck in my head nearly 25+ years after watching it.

From Sydney Simmonds :

The lambs in this short sound more as if they were women from the south. Speaking of ewes, what happened to the little lamb's mothers? Did the wolf eat them up? I hope not.

From Joan W :

I love Lambert! No one at work remembered this cartoon. I'm so happy to find this on-line. Now I know I wasn't dreaming. I would buy this short!

From Patrick Malone :

I wish someone could tell me why, but for all the time that I've been running this site and asking for comments, Lambert, the Sheepish Lion is by far the short that I get the most questioned about, the most requests for, and the most comments on. It certainly isn't (to my mind, at least) one of Disney's best. The theme of the short isn't original even with Disney. The same theme of personal success through self-discovery runs through quite a few of the Disney shorts including Morris, the Midget Moose, Elmer Elephant" and even as far back as the "Ugly Duckling" shorts. It even has a feature-length cousin in the Disney animated film "Dumbo." Still, this short seems to have struck a chord with quite a number of viewers.

The short even acknowledges it's kinship with "Dumbo" in it's beginning, with the stork delivering babies. This time, instead of elephants though, he's delivering lambs to a certain flock. The lambs are instructed each to pick out the Momma sheep they like best, which they do; each passing by one particular momma. But there is one baby left: Lambert, who picks the rejected Momma sheep as his. The Momma is overjoyed, and refuses to give up Lambert, even when informed that he's actually supposed to be delivered to the jungle.

Growing up, Lambert realizes that he might be a little different from the rest of the flock. As the song says, he "can't even baa" or "can't even bleat." He's hopelessly outmatched at the sheep games: too shy and sheepish to be too agressive. (Do I detect shades of "Rudolph, the Red Nosed Reindeer?") But time passes and eventually after a few months the sheep reach their adolescence, and Lambert reaches his full lionhood, still as shy as ever. His Momma couldn't be more proud.

And it's a good thing, because unbeknownst to the flock, there is a hungry wolf watching carefully closeby. When it tries to drag away Lambert's mom, something snaps inside him. He suddenly becomes territorial and ferocious, attacking the wolf, rescuing his mom, and becoming the envy of the flock. And the wolf? Well, we won't worry about him as he has plenty of food on the branch that he is hanging onto from the side of a cliff. At least for a short time.