My Little Pony: The Movie
Studio: DHX Media Ltd. Release Date : October 6, 2017 Series: Feature Films: Lionsgate
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Hasbro Studios / Allspark Pictures / Top Draw Animation Inc. / Feitong Cartoon Graphics Services


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Twilight Sparkle
(Voice: Tara Strong)
(Voice: Asheligh Adele Ball)
Rainbow Dash
(Voice: Asheligh Adele Ball)
(Voice: Tabitha St. Germain)
(Voice: Andrea Eva Libman)
Pinkie Pie
(Voice: Andrea Eva Libman)
Spike (II)
(Voice: Cathy Weseluck)
Princess Celestia
(Voice: Nicole Lyn Oliver)
Princess Luna (Nightmare Moon)
(Voice: Tabitha St. Germain)
Starlight Glimmer
Apple Bloom
Big "Mac" McIntosh
(Voice: Peter New)
Granny Smith
Cheese Sandwich
The Storm King
(Voice: Liev Schreiber)
Queen Novo
(Voice: Uzo Aduba)
Princess Mi Amore "Cadance" Cadenza
(Voice: Britt Analisa McKillip)




  • Takes place between the end of season 7 and the beginning of season 8 of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.


United States

My Little Pony: The Movie

BluRay Disc

United States

My Little Pony: The Movie

Technical Specifications

MPAA No.: 51120
MPAA Rating: PG
Animation Type: Toon Boom Harmony
Aspect Ratio: 2.35 : 1
Color Type: Color
Sound Type: Auro 11.1
Print Type: 35mm
Negative Type: Digital
Cinematographic Format: Digital Intermediate
Original Language: English
Original Country: United States

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