The Jimmy Timmy Power Hour 3: The Jerkinators!
Studio: Frederator Studios Release Date : July 21, 2006 Series: Fairly Oddparents, The
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Associated Studio(s)

Nickelodeon / O Entertainment / Yeson Entertainment / DNA Productions


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Timmy Turner
(Voice: Tara Strong)
(Voice: Daran Norris)
(Voice: Susanne Blakeslee)
Mr. Turner
(Voice: Daran Norris)
Mrs. Turner
(Voice: Susanne Blakeslee)
Sheen Estevez
(Voice: Jeff Garcia)
Cindy Vortex
(Voice: Carolyn Lawrence)
Mr. Denzel Crocker
(Voice: Carlos Alazraqui)
Jorgen Von Strangle
(Voice: Daran Norris)
Chester McBadbat
(Voice: Jason Marsden)
(Voice: Gary LeRoi Gray)
James Issac "Jimmy" Neutron
(Voice: Debi Derryberry)


Nickelodeon (Original broadcast network)


The Fairly Oddparents (Season 5, Episode 20)

Technical Specifications

Running Time: 48:29
Animation Type: Combined Standard Animation and Computer Animation (CGI)
Aspect Ratio: 4 : 3 (Television)
Color Type: Color
Sound Type: Dolby Digital
Print Type: Video (NTSC)
Negative Type: Digital
Original Language: English
Original Country: United States

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