Thru the Mirror

Original Animation Drafts

The drafts for this short are from the collection of Hans Perk at A. Film L.A. and are reprinted here with his permission.

Prod. No. UM 41 Prod. Title Thru the Mirror Draft No. Final Page No. 1 Date 3/6/1936
Seq. No. Seq. Title
Director Asst. Dir. Layout Man Sec'y
Artist Screen
B. G. Data Description
1 Wick 7-0 (7-0) CLOSEUP BOOK - Printing - start
truck back.
1A Wick 16-12 (23-12) Truck back to four field - Mickey snoring - image up out of bed - truck back full field -
image sneaks out of room to left.
2 Wick 10-4 (34-00) SHORT PAN into fireplace and mirror. X-DISS.
in full Mickey during this action as Mickey
is getting up on chair starting to get on
3 Wick 11-8 (45-8) CU MANTLE Mickey completes getting up - looks
through mirror and then starts stepping through.
Cut in middle of this action to:
4 Wick 8-08 (54-00) Reverse side of mirror. CLOSEUP Mickey is com-
pleting action coming through mirror - looks
around then down toward chair as we cut to:
5 Wick 16-11 (70-11) LONGER SHOT OF REVERSE ROOM - Mickey looks at
chair - jumps on it - truck down - chair takes
it - hat rack pushes Mickey off chair onto stool.
Dog yipping - Mickey falls on floor - dog into
chair's lap.
6 Wick 7-13 (78-08) Dog in chair's arms yipping - whining - chair
rocking back and forth - Mickey enters scene
to pat dog - dog chases him out.
7 Wick 15-12 (94-04) CORNER OF ROOM - umbrella standing against wall -
Mickey bumps umbrella and takes it - umbrella
bawling Mickey out on short pan - umbrella's
skirt down - leaves scene to left.
8 Wick 6-04 (100-08) CLOSEUP Mickey looking toward umbrella - turns
to camera with gestures - says: "NUTS" - hears
off-stage nutcracking.
9 Wick 19-08 (120-00) CLOSEUP Nutcracker finishing cracking nut - truck
back - Mickey's head enters - watches action
throwing kernel away - Mickey picks up kernel,
straightens up.