Comments by S. C. MacPeter

Hobo Bobo

Early McKimson was full of these weird ideas trying to do things like Clampett but without the exaggeration, but he could get a bit more serious with it. Hobo Bobo is a fun early effort by Mckimson and Warren Foster that tells a narrative quite nice. Also the closet we'll get to seeing the Mynah Bird in HD. Highly recommend

Cans Without Labels

I think Derek S' and Popcorn Kat's comments put it best, but in my opinion, this is NO different from how John has handled his projects, only this time it was purely in his hands. He gives an interesting idea laid out awfully, wastes his times on other stuff until he HAD to make it, and overall, a waste of money and time. Don't waste your time watching this unless you want an idea of how NOT to make a cartoon. John K could never decide if he wanted to be HB or Clampett (those comedy and timing styles DON'T mix well), THIS proves it!

Fully Vetted

I felt bad Sylvester had to go through that, no wonder he just gave up on everything

One Meat Brawl

As the day winds down, I'd thought I would take a look at this one, and it still holds up as one of my all time favorites. Delightfully evil, absurd with Grover's strange sob stories (Porky breaking apart at the fact his wife has no nylons gets me), to how bad of an owner Porky is, it's one of McKimson's best! Too bad he didn't use too much of the Porky & Barnyard vs screwball formula after another try (the equally evil Daffy Duck Hunt), give this one a watch before the day ends if you haven't already!

Space Kid

The first cartoon Paramount has put out on home media from it's own cartoon since ???. This short is...okay. For Seymour's last short it's your typical hashery of the time but at least it's a little clever, and some inconsistency and wonkiness in the drawings (look at the baby in the closeup compared to the alien), and you have yourself a bang(?) to end off his career? Oh well, at least there's some history, I always like that

Ace of Spades

Having seen this one at the recent 100th Cartoon Carnival, I humbly say that this film would be a classic if it circulated better. It seems the status of Bimbo (and everyone else in the film) as "negroes" is why the film doesn't have a lot of prints floating around. The cartoon is told entirely through song (3 songs rewritten slightly to work for the film) and sung through Billy Murray in dialect, backed by a gospel choir. We see Bimbo setting up a game of poker, rigging it in his favor, while everyone mostly goes along with it. Without spoiling specific gags and details, it starts cleverly, tells itself cleverly through song, and ends on a very funny note. Hopefully someday more people get to see this film

Buzzy Boop at the Concert

Its nice to see after being lost for many, many decades, only being discovered in remarkably mint condition 4 years ago. As it stands, not too good. It is the typical "getting cool" story the Bettys were, but I must admit, it is more inspired than something like Sally Swing. I found the opera audience knowing the bore humorous, and that Buzzy's swing immediately brought interest felt more interested than needing to prove something to Betty through music. Funny animation and voices help it too

Yelp Wanted

An overlooked cartoon by Huemer/Marcus/Davis, and one of the greatest cartoons ever made. A boy who loves his dog so much he is willing to go through streets where any man displaying wealth is skinned, where kiddie gangs are willing to impersonate cops to disrupt him, comedic gold. Not the first Scrappy produced (that seems to go to BATTLE OF THE BARN) but a great debut for our star of a rather inconsistent series of cartoons, albeit with many fun and great entries