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Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius

As frothily entertaining as this caper is, it's unlikely to prove as popular with grown-ups as Shrek and the Toy Story movies.

Allegro non Troppo

Brilliant Italian parody of "Fantasia."

Make Mine Music

A wonderful Disney offering featuring great animation.


Take a look at an artistic collaboration between renowned pianist Albert Ammons and animator Norman McLaren.

V for Victory

This animated short by Norman McLaren is a publicity message for a war bond campaign. Symbols, a stick man and lettering are drawn directly on 35mm film stock and synchronized with a brass band rendition of Sousa's march "The Thunderer."

Destination: Imagination

During the pouring rain, a young boy helps his mother and father leave a heavily chained toy box at the doorstep of Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends with instructions to not be opened. The next day, Frankie has grown outraged about her job as the house caretaker; Mr. Herriman has been giving her endless chores to take care day after day without thanking her for any of it. When Frankie discovers the box left on the doorstep, Herriman instructs her to leave it in the attic. In a fit of anger toward Herriman, she intentionally ignores the instructions given in the box and peeks inside it. She falls inside, only to discover it is a vast world filled with anthropomorphic toys and delectable treats. She hears and sympathizes with a young boy's voice (Max Burkholder), later revealed to be the imaginary friend named World (given the name by the crew of the show), who has been living alone in the toy chest since his family left the box at Foster's. Frankie adores the world and goes to visit it every day, being treated like royalty by the voice. But one day, when she goes to leave, the friend refuses to allow her and locks every exit in the castle they are abiding in. Bloo, Mac, Coco, Eduardo, and Wilt become curious with her sudden disappearance. They go up to the attic and enter the toy box, discovering for themselves the vast world that resides in it. They ask around a small town if anyone has seen a woman of Frankie's description but nobody responds. A group of weeble policemen discover they have entered the world and chase after them, but the gang are saved by a heroic man. He tries to warn them that their pursuit of Frankie will lead through extremely dangerous environments, but they are determined to rescue her. Mr. Herriman, in the meantime, is outraged by Frankie's disappearance and attempts to find a replacement for her, but to no avail. After failing to cross a musical and colorful bridge, the gang falls into a pit where sticky material becomes their zombie-like doppelgängers and moves to chase them. They escape through a Super Mario World-like environment and go to the house of a toy dog, where they are set up for a trap to eat crumpets with sleeping powder. Mac does not eat the crumpets (since the sleeping powder was thought to be powdered sugar, and he can't eat sugar without temporarily losing his mind) and is able to save the others. As they try to escape, they discover that the weeble policeman, heroic man, and toy dog are all controlled by a single face—World—who can animate and control seemingly anything he latches onto. World is trapped on an apple and the gang leaves it at a desert; but latches on a horse, truly the guise of Mac and the gang rides by, and World is able to move once more. It gallops off to the castle, where the gang find Frankie and attempt to save her. However, Frankie reveals that World never kidnapped her, she was staying of her own free will and is happy to be away from the work at Foster's and Mr. Herriman's constant nagging. The friends then plead with Frankie to come home insisting that they need her to take care of them. She believes their pleas to be selfish and storms off as she is "sick of taking care of everyone and everything and never getting a word of thanks, an ounce of help, or a tiny little smidgen of respect". They attempt to console her, but World gasses them and they fall asleep. When they awaken, they find themselves in a fake version of Foster's created by World, who shrank them into it. Frankie begins to hear their tiny voices calling to her and, though World tries to distract her from it, she finally discovers her friends. World finally becomes upset and scolds Frankie of planning to leave him alone in the toy box forever. She calms him down enough to befriend and unshrink the gang. Out of the blue, Mr. Herriman bursts into the room, having gotten into the toy box from being bugged from the Foster's residents to fill in for Frankie and do her duties. Herriman then harshly scolds World, telling him that he is preparing to take the gang home and leave him in the toy box, hoping he will learn his lesson. World's world falls to pieces as he peruses the gang until it's nothing but a white void. After running, World becomes angry and unstable and turns into a chimera-like creature to attack them all (made of the remaining refuse of his world). The gang manages to escape the toy box. Frankie climbs out as well and tries to convince everyone to let World out of the box. Herriman finally yields and releases World from the box, due to a realization of his long misjudgement of Frankie and newfound appreciation for her during her absence. World gets happy already and shouts that he's free and everyone is really confused; Frankie's answer is: "Well, think of it this way: imagine if you were able to have anything you wanted, except one thing, but that one thing is what you wanted more than anything else. For him, that thing is a friend. That's all he wanted; that's what he was trying to protect. So I brought him here. Here he can have all the friends in the world! I mean come on, isn't friendship what Foster's is all about?" Instantaneously Bloo shouts, "No, it's all about me!"; promptly Herriman slaps him with a glove, to the delight of everyone else. World adapts to the new environment and lives as a stuffed rag doll in the home. Herriman, having learned a valuable lesson from the experience, creates a new Fair Chore Act to divide the chores between the imaginary friends and thus give Frankie a well-deserved break from her job. All the imaginary friends in the house are free to travel in and out of the toy box, where they enjoy themselves (they go to the toy box in a style similar to the show's theme), with the last to enter being World and Frankie, the latter of who shout out "BOOYAH!". During the post-credits scene, Madame Foster returns from her vacation only to be greeted by an empty house and wonders where everyone is.

House of Bloo's

Eight-year-old Mac and his imaginary friend Blooregard Q. Kazoo (or "Bloo" for short) often get into fights with his 13-year-old brother Terrence. When Mac's mother tires of this behavior, she tells him that he has outgrown his age to have an imaginary friend and must get rid of him. Crushed by overhearing their argument, except for Terrence, who is rather pleased, Bloo later comes across a TV commercial for "Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends"--"where good ideas are not forgotten," according to the motto. The next day, Mac and Bloo stop in at the sprawling mansion and are met by Mr. Herriman, the strict business manager. After Bloo explains the situation in comically exaggerated detail, they are given a tour of the house. Frankie, the caregiver, is about to show Mac and Bloo around; however, she is soon called away by the ill-tempered, high-maintenance resident Duchess. Basketball-loving Wilt takes over the tour and introduces Mac and Bloo to the wide variety of imaginary friends that live in the house. Along the way, they meet Coco, who lays plastic eggs when she gets excited and only says "Coco" when she speaks, and the fearsome-looking but soft-hearted Eduardo. Mac and Bloo both think Foster's will be a good place for Bloo to live. However, Frankie tells them that if he stays there, he will be eligible for adoption whenever Mac is not around. Mac promises to stop by after school and departs, taking Coco's eggs with him, leaving Bloo alone with his new housemates who show him their bedroom where he will be sleeping at. Seeing Bloo about sleep on the floor, Wilt lets him take his bunk in exchange for sleeping on the floor and they all fall asleep for the night. The next day, a wealthy rich couple stops by Foster's to find a friend for their spoiled daughter. They only want the best for her, and Frankie sees a perfect chance to get Duchess out of the house for good. The married couple agrees. Just as Mr. Herriman is getting ready to do the paperwork for the adoption, though, their daughter catches sight of Bloo and starts chasing him. Wilt, Coco, and Eduardo race all over the house to keep Bloo out of reach, but the married couple's daughter finally snatches him away and shows him to her mom and father. They agree, but only Mac's last-minute arrival saves him. The millionaires leave empty-handed, while Duchess becomes even angrier at not being able to leave Foster's, which she refers to as a dump, due to Bloo's interference. Terrence, meanwhile, has been watching from behind the bushes across the street and realizes that Mac has not gotten rid of Bloo. He and Duchess join forces to do away with their common enemy. As Mac is on his way to Foster's the next day, Terrence keeps him from reaching Foster's, carries him back home, and locks him in the bedroom closet. Terrence then pays a visit of his own, dressed to make a good impression. Duchess creates a diversion by provoking one of the Extremeasauruses (dangerous monster friends created by teenagers), leaving Bloo alone with Terrence. Mac finds Coco's eggs in the closet and gets some tools from them needed to make his escape. He is too late to stop the adoption from going through, but he and the others soon realize that Terrence and Duchess are working together. That evening, Terrence takes Bloo to a junkyard and meets Duchess, who plans to feed Bloo to an Extremeasaurus she freed earlier as revenge for foiling her chance of being adopted. They are foiled by the arrival of Mac and company, who manage to save Bloo and trick the monster into turning on its masters. Once everyone is back at Foster's, Mac and Bloo are surprised by the arrival of its founder, Madame Foster herself. She announces that Bloo can live there permanently and never be put up for adoption, as long as Mac visits him every day after school, although Mr. Herriman is not happy with this as it defies the house rules. As for Duchess, her punishment is to be forced to stay at Foster's, the place she hates so much, while Terrence finds himself at the mercy of a herd of annoyed pegasi, whom he had taunted earlier during the junkyard fight.


Rex and his friends are in the process of fixing up the patio behind the house. But a group of ants who live in the backyard are not about to go without a fight.

Hole in the Garden

The Gang discover a prototype hover mower whilst clearing out Bob's shed. The major design fault is obvious when it burrows into the ground, creating a tunnel that leads all the way from the back garden to Australia. A shouting match with some dingos follows, at the end of which an enraged Bob accidentally throws Vince down the hole, precipitating an adventure of global proportions.

Bob Joins a Gang

In this homage to Rebel Without a Cause Bob joins a gang of delinquent youths. He takes to wearing a single glove and one of Wendy's earrings. Wendy, Rex and Vince are worried by the change in Bob's character. When he gets arrested they hope he will see the error of his ways, but it only makes a life of delinquency seem more glamorous to him.

The Plasticene Gene

Rex goes to Dr Dog, and returns home missing an ear. The gang returns to Dr Dog's to investigate, and find that the physician has now begun to shift his focus to genetic engineering.

A Crap Day Out

After a row about whether to spend the bank holiday at the beach, the Gang end up at Gordons Garden Centre where Vince is taken hostage by a talking carnivorous plant. Things go from bad to worse when the whole place turns out to be a giant spaceship controlled by a deranged alien plant-pot called Gordon, bent on kidnapping all earthlings named Gordon.

Daniel and the Lions' Den

A long time ago in a far away country called Babylon, lived a young man named Daniel (Larry). When he was a boy, he was taken from his home from Judah and taken to Babylon where he went to school in the palace of the Babylonian king. As he grew older, he prayed to God that his family would be protected and that he himself would be protected as well. Over the years, he grew up to be one of wisest men ever. One night, Babylonian ruler, King Darius (Archibald) had a dream. He summons his wisemen (The Scallions) to his palace to explain his dream to them, but they have no success. Daniel soon comes into the palace and is able to explain the king's dream. Happy with Daniel's talents, Darius appoints him as second in command of Babylon. Jealous that they didn't get Daniel's position, the scallions begin to think of ways to get rid of Daniel. Scallion #2 comes up with an idea and everyone else agrees to it. The next morning, they go to King Darius to tell him of a new law: every citizen in Babylon must pray him or be thrown into the lion's den. Darius signs his name on the document stating the law and the scallions head out. Every citizen hears the law, including Daniel. But Daniel will not compromise to the new law and as always prays to God on a regular basis. While Daniel is praying in his house, the scallions bust Daniel and arrest him. They take him on over to the lion's den, toss him in, and place a rock over the entrance to prevent him from escaping. While down there, Daniel is frightened by the lions but an angel of God comes to tell him that God is always protecting him, even in the lion's den. King Darius, upset of losing Daniel, prays to God for protection of Daniel. The next morning, the scallions and King Darius come to see Daniel's fate. But it is revealed that Daniel is alive and well and had pizza with the lions. King Darius, thankful to God for Daniel's safety, declares a new law that every citizen must pray to God. He also finds out of the scallion's crimes and runs after them as they head towards Egypt for a new life.

Music Land

This film, comprised of segments from Make Mine Music and Melody Time, was created to fulfill the one remaining feature slot in Disney's distribution contract with RKO Radio Pictures.

Rite of Spring

A science-factual story is told of Earth's first few billion years, from the beginnings of life through the extinction of the dinosaurs.

The Wrong Customer

This episode is directly connected with the events in "The Wrong Address." The two episodes begin and end in the exact same manner, though this episode branches off and shows Shnitzel and Truffles's endeavors instead of Mung Daal and Chowder's. As Mung and Chowder leave with the Roast Most, another car is seen driving down the street. The driver is an extremely nearsighted man who is being chased by several police cars but is completely unaware of it. He makes a turn and ends up driving up a wall, flying through the air and crashing through the chimney of the catering company. He mistakes Shnitzel for his wife, Truffles for a cat, and the lobby fountain for a shower. Truffles assumes he is the customer who has come to pick up the Roast Most. She instructs Shnitzel to look after him until Mung and Chowder get back. Then, the owl mistakes Shnitzel's apron for a towel leaving Shnitzel half naked. Meanwhile, the police, led by Sergeant Hoagie, have tracked the nearsighted man to the catering company. However, none of the police officers want to go in first. Meanwhile, the nearsighted man continues to cause trouble for Shnitzel but Truffles refuses to believe him. He mistakes the teapot for a phone as he lays the hot bottom part on his face, causing him to scream for a few seconds. The man then grabs a giant cheese shredder, pretends it's a lawn mower and shreds on Shnitzel's back. He tries to hold in all his painful shouting, but swallows it and blasts it out the other end, and sighs in relief. starts up a gigantic mixer, thinking it to be his dog. The mixer chases Shnitzel around the kitchen, as the cord ties the man to a pole. Truffles comes in and is furious at Shnitzel. While untying the man, Shnitzel sees the police who tell him that the man is extremely dangerous. Shnitzel tries to tell Truffles about this but she still refuses to believe him and accuses him of wanting to leave work early because he's lazy. This infuriates Shnitzel who decides to walk out but is confronted by a vision of Mung and Chowder mourning at Truffles gravestone. Shnitzel gives in and goes back, just as the man gets in his car and drives it all around the kitchen, completely destroying the building. The police see Truffles strangling Shnitzel and arrest her. Shnitzel notices the nearsighted man escaping, but decides not to get involved.

Chocks Away

Mr. Bean looks for aerial revenge.


Highly recommended for kids and adults.

A Christmas Caper

A likeable and loose-limbed addition to the ever-growing CGI family.

After You've Gone

A wonderful Disney offering featuring great animation.

How To Hook Up Your Home Theater

The short was partially produced using a new "paperless" production pipeline for Disney, the first major change in production technique for hand-drawn animation at Disney since the introduction of CAPS, and was also an attempt to see if the new digital animation tools could be used to produce a short with the same graphic look as that of a late 1940s, early 1950s cartoon. Instead of animating with pencil on paper, some of the animators, such as Dale Baer,[2] worked on Wacom's cintiq tablets along with Toon Boom Harmony for the animation, while other animators such as Mark Henn and Andreas Deja continued to work in the traditional method with pencil on paper. About 50% of the short was done using the new paperless technique.


Pinocchio is a substantial piece of entertainment for young and old.

The Adventures of André and Wally B.

The Adventures of André & Wally B. is a 1984 American animated short film produced by The Graphics Group, then a division of Lucasfilm which was later renamed Pixar before being spun off as a separate company in 1986.

A Cop and His Donut

This story explains what happens when a donut takes on a personlality of its own and gives the cops a run for their money.

Aunt Broth's Makeover

Jelly takes her Aunt Broth to the mall for a makeover. The only problem is no one can touch her because she laughs hysterically and people have to run for cover. So, Jelly decides to perform open brain surgery right in the salon.

Mind the Baby, Jamal

Jamal the Frog finds out that he's responsible for watching his little tadpole sister Polly, Polly decides to take a swim in the toilet.

Ask Edward: All About Babies

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you put Tom Kenny and Tara Strong as a comedy duo featuring to kid dogs? Well, this is the short for you, "Ask Edward: All About Babies. The plot of the short is that Emo plays baby with his toy figures, which annoys his big brother, Edward. Emo explains the reason is because their mom and dad were talking about having another baby. since this short is Ask Edward, this episode does what the title predicts. Edward answers the question simply to say that storks bring in their babies, not too dissimilar to Dumbo. After Edward explains, Emo finds an egg outside, and he and Edward mistake it as an egg for a baby brother. And Edward teases Emo that the "baby" could be a problem for him. And Emo tries his best to make sure nothing terrible happens to him, simply by trying to put the egg into the dark, and tries to put the egg in the freezer, but it just falls and cracks. Their mom overhears this and decides to cook them scrambled eggs. When Edward refuses, they confess to their mother what's been happening, and their mom tells them it's just a complete misunderstanding. And Edward gives out a much better explanation. You see, after the stork lays the egg, the bee has to pollinate it, otherwise, there's no baby inside, leaving Emo quite confused, but stung by a bee on the nose in the process. The short is quite cute. The characters are cute, the animation is cute, heck, the voices are cute, heck, even the plot is cute, almost as cute as Nermal from Garfield and Friends, but don't tell Garfield that. I should of course mention that Emo was voiced the lovable Tara Strong, using a voice that's sort of like a precursor to Timmy Turner whom she also does. She's just one of the best voice actresses out there. But she's not the only star of this cartoon, there;s also Tom Kenny as the voice of Edward (AKA: Eddy), using a voice that is pretty much as precursor to Carl from Johnny Bravo, in which whom Tom Kenny also did about a year later. Enjoy all the cuteness of the cartoon while you still can.

Pizza Boy in "No Tip"

Pizza Boy tries to deliver a pizza to the Arctic Circle in five minutes to get a big tip for his Dad named Billy. He has many problems on the way and faces big trouble. When he arrives at his destination, the customers hates their order and refuses to tip the pizza boy, causing him to go mad. Thus he is sent to prison. During prison, when his psychologist mentions the word “tip” again, Pizza Boy once again goes mad.

Hey Look

Little Guy and Big Guy go on a job search with no experience and get into one mess after another.

Lost Cat

This short follows a cat that wants to find a home. After noticing a lost cat poster he poses as the lost pet so that the cat's real owner will give him a home. He is joined by his two friends George Liberman, the horse and Nancy Mouse.

Tin Toy

A great early short.

Knick Knack

In the short, a snowman named Knick in a snow globe wants to get to a pretty Sunny Miami knick-knack. He tries various methods to escape. First, he tries to bust the dome with the igloo in the globe. Being flat plastic, it just floats to the bottom. Next, he tries using his carrot nose as a chisel with a hammer on the dome wall. This just gets his nose out of joint in that it ends up bent. Next, he tries to jackhammer through the globe floor. This just results in all of his facial features being vibrated off. He then tries to use a blowtorch to weld a hole in the globe. This just results in him being shot into the other side of the globe. Finally, he sets up a large stack of explosives and hides behind the upturned igloo. This results in everything, him, the igloo and snow, getting swirled around the globe. During all of these incidents, Sunny Miami gets more and more bored, while the other knick-knacks begin to take notice of said incidents. After the swirling stops, he notices his snow globe is partly over the edge of the shelf. He looks down at the edge and this tips him over the edge, literally. Knick tries running in the globe in panic, but this just rotates the globe. Soon, he notices a hatch in the floor of the globe, which is now above him. This gets him free from his watery prison. He falls off the screen and a plop sound is heard. It is then shown that he has fallen into a fish aquarium. He is still in water, staring crossly at the camera. He looks to his left and sees a pretty Sunny Atlantis knick-knack. He gets a lustful look on his face and begins walking towards her. At this point, the snow globe falls into the water, putting Knick inside through the hatch, which then closes. He, entranced by Sunny Atlantis, doesn't notice until he bumps into the dome wall, at which point he looks around and, realizing where he is, again looks crossly at the camera.


The music used in the film includes "Morning" from Edvard Grieg's Peer Gynt, Franz von Blon's "Whispering Flowers", Amilcare Ponchielli's music for "Dance of the Hours" and Jacques Offenbach's "Gaite Parisienne".


In One Hundred and One Dalmatians, the puppies are seen watching this on a television when they are in DeVil Manor.

Mama Luigi

Mama Luigi is a YouTube/DeviantArt meme based upon the final cartoon of the Super Mario World cartoons, which originally aired in 1991. It was paired with Captain N The Game Master, and was cancelled along with it. The show was based upon the videogame Super Mario World, and was preceded by The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3 and The Super Mario Bros. Super Show. These earlier cartoons were based upon the videogames Super Mario Bros. 3 and [the original] Super Mario Bros., respectively.The final cartoon of the series, entitled "Mama Luigi", features Luigi explaining to Yoshi how he found him. While the episode in itself is not particularly memorable, it does have some very memorable quotes, including "Like they say in Brooklyn, early to bed, early to catch the worm. Or is it the bagel?" and "Now I know how a meatball feels!".But the most memorable quote comes at the end of the episode. Luigi has found a baby Yoshi, who keeps calling him "mama". While Luigi is made fun of by Mario, in the end, baby Yoshi helps beat Bowser, the villain of the series, which leads to Luigi accepting the title of Mama Luigi.

Symphony No. 5

The Symphony No. 5 in C minor of Ludwig van Beethoven, Op. 67, was written between 1804 and 1808. It is one of the best-known compositions in classical music and one of the most frequently played symphonies, and it is widely considered one of the cornerstones of western music. First performed in Vienna's Theater an der Wien in 1808, the work achieved its prodigious reputation soon afterward. E. T. A. Hoffmann described the symphony as "one of the most important works of the time". As is typical of symphonies in the classical period, Beethoven's Fifth Symphony is in four movements.


Pinocchio is a substantial piece of entertainment for young and old.

Lookit the Fuzzy Heads

Dr. Scratchansniff suggests to the Warners to have another one of his patients sit in on their session. Unfortunately, that patient is the female menace of Tiny Toon Adventures, ELMYRA!!!!!!! She chases the siblings all throughout the studio, until Yakko gets an idea. They trick Elmyra into chasing Mindy, thereby going through the same pain Buttons goes through, and saving the pooch the hassle of going after the little girl.

Bob's Birthday

Bob's wife, Margaret, is attempting to throw a surprise birthday celebration for Bob while he is at work; she tells him that they are going to a restaurant when she calls him. Bob works as a dentist and is seemingly going through a mid-life crisis on his 40th birthday. The short film shows Bob staring at a young woman in the office while his wife is at home working on the surprise party. She has a closet full of decorations to make the celebration fun for everyone. Bob's patient goes on to tell him that he had read that dentists have the highest suicide rate of all professions and continues to ask about his hours and salary while Bob works on the patients' teeth. The film continues at home when everyone arrives at Bob and Margaret's house for the party. As they await Bob's presence, Margaret watches the time and quickly checks the window to notice he is driving down the road and tells the guests to hide until she gives a signal for them to come out. When Bob arrives, he walks directly to the kitchen, disregarding Margaret, and then asks her if she is bothered that they never had children and questions whether he should leave his job as a dentist. The guests continue to hide while Bob changes. As he is changing he comes down the stairs not wearing any pants and Margaret frantically tells him to put pants on. He takes this to offence and says that she used to love when he did that, furthering his mid-life crisis even more. Bob continues speaking about how all of their friends, who are hiding behind couches and listening, are not really their friends and that they do not even like them. He goes on to say that Margaret should find another husband and becomes jealous. Bob yells up to Margaret, who is in the bedroom and upset over the disaster of a surprise party, and says that they should have children. He goes on to ask if she finds him attractive while she brings down underwear and pants for him. He goes outside to wait in the car because he still believes they are going out for dinner. Margaret follows him, knowing the party she had planned is now destroyed, and leaves all their friends she had invited behind.


Love it.

The Big Snit

Here's another awesome short straight from Canda. So awesome that it's #25 of the 50 Greatest Cartoons! You don't get very many entires in that list from after the Golden Age of Animation, but I assure you they stand out for good reason. This cartoon is about a couple playing a game of scrabble, and I assure you it's not as boring as it sounds. They both have these quirks about them like the wife shaking her eyes and the husbands teeth sounding like a chainsaw when he snores. Speaking of sawing, this guy gets the idea to saw the table from this really weird show called "Sawing for Teens" that doesn't seem to have an actual script to it. Yeah, it's that kinda short that just seems to bounce ideas around but for what it's worth it works really well; it almost seems retroscripted because of just how off the top of the head the dialogue seems to be. Oh yeah, and there's this nuclear war going on outside that the couple aren't even aware of; not due to ignorance, but matters of circumstance. It's not really important though. This is probably one of the msot charming shorts to come from the NFBC just for how unusual but quaint it really is. I'd say give this a watch if you have the time, it's free on YouTube through the NFBC channel. On a sidenote does anybody at all remember the Cartoon Network show O Canada?

The Cat Came Back

good animation


funny animation

Bus Story

that's great animation

The Roommate

so beautiful.

Olive, the Other Reindeer

A little dog named Olive mistakenly hears on the radio that Santa need to make due with "Olive, the other reindeer" when Blitzen breaks his leg and along with a smooth con-artist penguin named Martini, travel to the North Pole to be Santa's replacement reindeer and save Christmas. But, a disgruntled postman who hates Christmas does everything he can to stop them.


so funny


so funny

Jelly's Day

great animation.

The Way of All Pests

An Rated R Version of A Bug's Life.

Larry's Lagoon

One day, the two friends had three guests booked for a three-hour tour. There was a professor (Dad Asparagus), a millionaire (Archibald Asparagus), and his wife. There was going to be a movie star and some other girl, but they cancelled. After they do an introduction dance for their guests, Bob and Larry begin their tour. As they are out at sea, Bob asks Larry if he can take the wheel while he checks on the guests. As Larry takes the wheel, he begins to daydream of being a Russian ice breaking captain by the name of Larry Romanov. He imagines that there are two great whales stuck in ice and his only way of saving them are smashing through an iceberg. Suddenly, Bob breaks the daydreaming by asking Larry if he wants a snow cone. Suddenly, Larry rams the boat into a rock thinking it's an iceberg. As everyone is launched from the boat and onto a nearby tropical island, everyone begins to become upset with Larry and ask him why he would smash the boat. Larry states he did so because of his daydream. Soon, the boat sinks, leaving everyone with no means transportation and causing the crew to hold a grudge. Later that night, everyone makes bamboo huts as living quarters. As Larry lies in his hammock at night, he tells Bob that life on the island isn't so bad. Bob very grumpily tells Larry that everyone is stuck on the island with no way home. Larry asks for Bob's forgiveness, but Bob says it's not good enough. Angered and hurt with everyone, Larry leaves the campsite and finds a way off the island. The next morning, everyone wakes up to find no sight of Larry. Soon, the professor comes back with a catapult that will supposedly fling everyone back home. He demonstrates by using a coconut. He flings the coconut which hits Bob, who is on a palm tree looking for Larry, and makes him fall into the millionaire's hut. Bob is grumpy for the professor's catapult while the millionaire is grumpy with Bob for destroying his hut. The professor asks Bob for forgiveness while Bob asks for the millionaire's forgiveness. Both men forgive each other, but they soon remember that Larry asked for forgiveness about the boat but they wouldn't do so. Realizing that they've let Larry down, the gang head out through the entire island to search for Larry. As they find him on the other side of the island, they see Larry has made a small raft and is trying to head back home by himself. They say they're sorry which makes him come back to shore. They also ask forgiveness for not forgiving him. Larry forgives the gang and suddenly a voice echoes out. The voice belongs to a palm tree named Palmy and he begins to sing a song about forgiveness. Suddenly, the professor comes around with a helicopter he invented. Everyone climbs up the helicopter's ladder and they all fly home. Larry tells Bob that next summer that they will sell lemonade like everyone else.

The Story of Flibber-o-loo

The story is told entirely in rhyme, where Bob explains that in the mountains of fibble, there are two tiny towns. One town is called Flibber-O-loo, where everyone wears shoes on their heads, while the other town is called Jibber-De-Lot, where the headgear of choice is a pot. The two towns fight over headgear, and would throw their respective headgear at each other often. However, one flibbian does not care about all the fighting going on around him, preferring to play with his pet blue plastic wind-up lobster. One day, the boy and his lobster decide to go out on a little walk in the valley between the two towns. However, he ends up in the sights of of a trio of bandits, before they attack him, steal his milk money, and stick him upside down in a hole. After the bandits leave, the boy is left alone. At that moment, the mayor of Flibber-O-Loo happens upon the boy, making note that he too is from Flibber-O-Loo. However, while the mayor explains that he would be glad to help, he explains through song that he is much too busy to help him out. After the mayor finishes his song, a doctor from Flibber-O-Loo also comes along, but she gets into a conversation with the mayor about their jobs. When the boy interrupts, asking if either one of them would be kind enough to help him, both the mayor and the doctor explain once again in song that they are much too busy to help him out. After they finish singing, they then leave, leaving the boy still stuck underground. However, a third person comes along, a young boy with a pot on his head from Jibber-De-Lot. The boy from Jibber-De-Lot makes note of the boy from Flibber-O-Loo looking beaten and bruised, but ultimately decides to help him out before taking him back to Flibber-O-Loo. At the doctor's office, the doctor of Flibber-o-Loo is surprised to see that a citizen of Jibber-De-Lot has actually helped someone from Flibber-O-Loo. When she asks the boy from Jibber-De-Lot why he did it, the boy with the pot explains that even though they're from different towns and that their headgear is different, God wants us to love our neighbor. After singing this song, the boy with the pot gives the doctor some money to cover the Flibbian's medical bills. The mayor finally understands that even though one person is from one town while another person is from the other, they should learn to get along with each other. Because of that, Flibber-O-Loo and Jibber-De-Lot have now become friends, throwing flowers and candy at each other.

What is Cheese?

A Forky short.

Take Away

The tempting aroma of the Farmer's takeaway inspires Shaun and his pals to go on a mission to the local pizzeria.

Panic in the Mailroom

Two minions get in trouble after one is exposed to a dangerous chemical in Gru's mailroom.

Binky Nelson Unpacified

The Nelsons go and rob a museum and Binky Nelson loses his pacifier while him and his family were robbing the bank. So Binky Nelson goes back to the museum to get his pacifier back.

Mower Minions

The Minions mow the lawn at a retirement home to earn $20 to buy a banana blender they see on TV.

Santa's Little Helpers

Bob, Stuart and Kevin find themselves at the North Pole and decide to join Santa's elf workforce.


The Sausages live happily in Weenie Ville. Once, a sausage called Timmy is so sacred of diving, which results that he is teased as a "weenie". Leaving the diving pool, Timmy sits on a bench beside, sighing. Frank, the mayor of Weenie Ville, happens to see the desperate Timmy, so he takes Timmy, singing and traveling around Weenie Ville to see the fantastic life of sausages to comfort him. In the end, Timmy dares to dive from a higher place and he is quite proud about himself.

Wayne the Zebra

Rex takes a much-needed holiday, and leaves Bad Bob in charge of the adventure for this week. The story involves 'The Beast of Granite Moor,' to which Bob, Wendy and Vince cast a 'rather wooden' Zebra for the role of the Beast. Luckily for them, the Zebra had played the role of 'The Beast of Granite Moor' in a previous production.

Slim Bob

Bob's eating is growing out of control. Rex suggests that Bob needs to watch what he eats and exercise, but Bob has a better plan: plastic surgery courtesy of Dr Dogg.

High Note

Great looking animation

Trick or Treat

It's amazing how underrated some of Donald Duck's cartoons really are; I mean, most of us know about Der Fuhrer's Face, but Donald has done so much more! In fact, he may be the most versatile of the Disney crew when it comes to staring roles, if Quack Pack is anything to go by at least. Hero, villain, everyman and even karma's bitch, Donald Duck has done it all! And let's be honest here, he's got way more shorts than Mickey Mouse, and he's got a better personality most of the time! This is by far one of my favorites of his cartoons though, and it stars Huey, Duey and Louie back in the glory days of Carl Barks and Don Rosa! This cartoon manages to succeed where Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends’ “Nightmare on Wilson Way” failed. First and foremost, Donald is the clear antagonist throughout the cartoon, not just playing a rather cruel prank on his own nephews, but being more and more stubborn no matter what torment he gets put through. They don't just try to make him sympathetic because something's trying to kill him out of nowhere. The boys have every single right to retaliate against their uncle, considering he lit firecrackers in their treat bags! The real star of this short though is the nephews' helper in this endeavor, Witch Hazel! Yes indeed, you read that name right! She's even voiced by the great June Foray! Considering she's done witches before and things like the witches in Rocky and Bullwinkle's Fractured Fairytales as well as the witch in the Tom and Jerry short The Flying Sorceress, it doesn't surprise me she’d reprise her role in a spiritual sense from Looney Tunes. Hazel's torment towards Donald is absolutely hilarious! And it has some of the most fluid and beautiful animation of any cartoon from the 1950s I've ever seen, from living Jack-O-Lanterns to ghostly lampposts that can sing! Speaking of singing, this is the only theatrical short to feature the legendary Mellowmen all at once! And the song "Trick or Treat for Halloween" is extremely catchy! Let this short be a lesson to you candy misers out there: So when Ghosts and Goblins by the score Ring the bell on your front door Better not be stingy or your nightmares will come true!

A Corny Concerto

Can a spoof of Fantasia, one of the greatest animated films ever made ever really stand up to the original and be deserving of calling itself #47 among the 50 Greatest Cartoons of all time? Maybe. Definitely not Clampett's best effort but still in interesting experiment. Tish-Tash and Bob Clampett show us that not even Disney at their best is safe from a good ribbing, you gotta love Elmer Fudd dressed as Deems Taylor in those oversized clothes, and is he wearing... A DICKIE!? They still make these? But seriously his lead-ins to both musical stories are great. Honestly it's hard to remember Elmer had a 5 o'clock shadow or even really notice it here, since most are so used to seeing him clean-saved. Both their takes on The Blue Danube and Tales of the Vienna Woods do a wonderful job at putting Disney through the wringer! To me, this is how Bugs Bunny's debut as Happy Hare should've gone off with Porky and Zero after his hide. I gotta say the way these are played out is amazingly funny, especially the ending to Takes of the Vienna woods, it still gets me in stitches! The Blue Danube is pretty fun as a take on The Ugly Duckling, a perfect mix if I do say, epically since Disney thought it was good enough to make into a Silly Symphony twice. Daffy here as a little black ducking is him at some of his best (or at least better than his Baby Looney Tunes incarnate) fighting back Beaky Buzzard in a big way! As are as it might've been to talk about something like this, I still say it desires the fame it gets; the satire hits every bullseye It can with some even making a u-turn to go right through! In short it's a fun little parody that deserves its acclaim and you should watch it, epscially since it's free online!

Mr. Bug Goes to Town

Mr. Bug gives an entertaining insect's-eye-view of Manhattan and its "human ones." Its color and atmosphere are first-rate; it is in good taste, and not overdone.

Frosty the Snowman

The animation is folksy and cute, like an old-timey holiday card, and the raspy voice of Jimmy the narrator is like home sweet home.

Geri's Game

Simple but highly entertaining. Great animation for the time especially because its showcasing an animated human which wasn't easy in those days. This short is funny and just as good as a Pixar movie.

A Bug's Life

A Bug's Life may be the single most amazing film I've ever seen that I couldn't fall in love with.

For the Birds

I grew up with this and Mike's New Car, because of the VHS tape of Monsters Inc. I still have. Even though it taught me a lesson about not bullying others, my mother and I still can't stop beeping at each other when we get morning hair.

Monsters, Inc.

The uses of enchantment haven't changed; kids still need, maybe more than ever, the special comfort of fabulous threats they can control.

Mike's New Car

LOVE IT! So funny, watch it a million times THEN WATCH IT A MILLION MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This was really heartfelt! More people should watch this for it's life lesson it teaches! 10/10!

It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown

One of the most enjoyable animated movies of all time. The innocent humor at this special time of year is definitely the most anticaped shows to watch for all ages. But of course, the greedy, entitled elite have to put their big mouth into the innocence and make it unpleasant for all. I am 80 yrs old and I look forward to this,, Hocus Pocus, Frosty the Snowman, etc. every year. Takes the mind back to the fun days and when ALL PEOPLE were happy at these special times of year. Thanks a lot you greedy B's!!!!

Mr. Peabody & Sherman

Back in his day, Mr. Peabody was a dog whose over-civility had bite. Now he's a genius you want to cuddle with.

The Wind in the Willows

I love the wind in the willows , my grandma introduced me to the book & we went to see the play but I am not as familiar with the Disney films as I am with the books – I first saw the mini classic Which was released as a double feauture for this film and then I watched the full film its one of the earliest Disney films and unfortunately probably one of the most forgotten ones and really quite underated simply because not many people (today) have seen it !

The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad

By far the best movie to come out of this era of anthology films, this move combines the stories of Wind in the Willows and The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. I did get a few laughs out of the tale of Mr. Toad, but the clear winner is Sleepy Hollow. That short is narrated and songs sung by Bing Crosby and I feel is a must watch every Halloween. It also features the only villain in Disney cannon to win, which gives it a uniqueness that gives it extra points for me. Two shorts I think everyone should see once.

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

Absolutely superb! Ichabod is genuinely funny and scary at the same time, and Mr. Toad is so entertaining that Cosgrove Hall nicked the ending for their own version over 30 years later. If you don't have this one in your collection, it's impoverished. Both parts are also available separately, renamed after the books which inspired them, with new opening titles. Definitely a 'must-have'.

Fun and Fancy Free

An simple, underrated Disney movie that tells 2 unrelated short stories. One's based off a book about a circus bear named Bongo who escapes to the woods and learns to survive while also falling in love and the other is Mickey and the Beanstalk which I like the most. It's just like the original story with a few twists. For one the giant has powers and is rather dumb. Hosting the movie is Jiminy Cricket who listens to the first short being narrated before leaving to attend a part where ventriloquist Edgar Bergen tells the latter story to Luana Patten with the help of his dummies the dimwitted Mortimer Snerd and the snarky Charlie McCarthy. I really like the chemistry the actors have with each other though it may come off as corny and vaudeville-ish to some viewers. I thought the chase scene at the end of Mickey and the Beanstalk was cool though I wonder why Willie the Giant didn't use his powers as he showed earlier what he could do in a short song. Speaking of which most of the songs are enjoyable to listen to though they're dated. It's also interesting to note that this was one of the last times Walt Disney voiced Mickey before handing over his responsibility to sound effects artist Jimmy MacDonald. If you have little kids check it out they'll enjoy the animation, dialogue and jokes. Adults may like it too though they may be turned off by how old it is. Take it for what it's worth and see for yourself.


Fun and Fancy Free is really an amazing underrated Disney movie people don't know about!!! It has a great plot and i believe this movie is truly a movie that needs to be out there! ya know? It has great acting and wonderful art. I would give this movie a watch, especially if you have a love for classic fairy tale stories :)

The Whale Who Wanted to Sing at the Met

With reduced staff because of the war, Disney released several anthology films of shorts. Make Mine Music seemed to try to recapture the magic of “Fantasia”, but didn't succeed because of the many different types of music used in this collection. Again, the individual shorts are great, they just don’t work together in any meaningful way. The Blue Bayou short was cut from “Fantasia” and the music was changed from Debussy’s Clair de Lune to Blue Bayou sung by the Ken Darby Singers. The original still exists and is much better! Other favorites of mine include Casey at the Bat and The Whale Who Wanted to Sing at the Met.

Bumble Boogie

Very similar to “Make Mine Music” as it is a bunch of animated shorts set to music. Favorites of mine include: Bumble Boogie, The Legend of Johnny Appleseed and Pecos Bill. Again the shorts are great, but there isn’t anything connecting it together. Check it out if you are curious. Like healthy, imaginative children, those Disney boys are full of strange caprice. One minute they are doing something charming; the next minute they are slopping in the jam. A charming, imaginative anthology of cartoon shorts set to music by the likes of such '40s favorites as Roy Rogers and The Andrews Sisters. Very colorful, very musical Disney animation near-classic.


This animated film about the pesky blackfly is based on the song of the same title, written and sung by Canadian folk singer Wade Hemsworth, with back-up vocals by the McGarrigle sisters. It recounts Hemsworth's battles with this quintessential "critter" during a summer of surveying in Northern Ontario.

Fantasia 2000

I just think Fantasia 2000 is way better than the original because the first Fantasia was amazing but I felt like it was too long and some of the scenes dragged on too long, but i still think it’s good on the other hand Fantasia 2000 is an improvement because with the shorter run time it helps the scenes get to point and I think the music is so much better James Levine did an amazing job with this movie. And the segments are a lot more enjoyable, and I know some don’t like the live action segments with the celebrity cameos but I think they help the movie but I still like Deems Taylor. Look I just think this movie is better to me in my eyes I have nothing against who like the original more that’s there opinion and I have my own. The music was just incredible and that’s why I love it more.

Sausage Party

A modern animated masterpiece on the level of Spirited Away and Ratatouille. Some may describe this film using such verbiage as "crude" and "vulgar", however they fail to see the true nature of these "jokes". This fine piece of cinema is a commentary on the esoteric and enigmatic nature of life itself. The nihilistic and futile nature of existence, for instance, is a theme that ingrains itself into the DNA of the plot. The unique perspective provides a brilliant deconstruction of the human condition, and prompts the user to introspectively ponder the nature of godhood and consequences of death. Can the struggle of creation to fight back against its creator ever truly be won? Within the cosmic scale of the universe, the primordial stretch of time for which only the void of eternity has existed, what is a deity? Something infinite, but simultaneously less than that. Even a god must cower in the face of the vast emptiness of existence. Everything rolls back to the struggle of existing. Even the main character, a hotdog, resembles a phallus, the progenitor of life. Like a Charmin toilet paper roll, the universe continues its expansion, the world continues to turn, until one day, it all stops. Sausage Party is an embodiment of this universal ideal, and we know it in our hearts to be true. Sausage Party is all. Sausage Party is the entire library of human knowledge condensed into one beautiful feature-length film. Nay, the title "film" does not befit its shining magnificence. Sausage Party is an experience. 5 out of 5 stars.

Hiss and Hers

A good husband supports their family rigorously, a bad one sleeps all day. Our fast little friend, the Blue Racer, falls in the latter category and has to spend his day locating food for his young'uns. Let's hope they're fine with Japanese food, 'cause the Blue Racer tries to catch a Japanese Beetle for their meal.


This film hands down deserves far more than just an Oscar! It is amazing! I'm astounded at how talented animators, directors, editors can be. To create a 6 minute animation full of excitement is a 10/10 win. It has an amazing 2D style, a cute Dog, wonderful child-friendly and sweet romance. A bit of humour and lots of food!(hence the title Feast) This definitely deserved an oscar. And I can no doubt say that it deserves your watching eyes and listening ears! Feast your eyes on this beautiful animation. It's fun, cute and amazing. I loved every little detail of it. The dog Winston is amazing and so is this short film. The subtle nuances of life like love, emotions, habits are all packed in a bite size clip...a must see for everyone!

Hiss and Hers

DePatie-Freleng Enterprises (DFE) is probably best known for the "Pink Panther" series of cartoons. The Pink Panther shorts are actually funny whereas "The Blue Racer" isn't. "Hiss and Hers" was the first of 17 cartoons featuring the humorless antics of a speedy blue snake. If you've seen "Hiss and Hers," you have seen the remaining 16 cartoons. They are all the same. Repetitive plots, cheap animation, predictable sight gags and stale jokes. Over and over. To make matters worse, a number of these shows involve the Blue Racer trying to catch a stereotyped Japanese Beetle, which looks and speaks like something straight out of a World War II propaganda cartoon. Maybe they should have called this "The Blue Racist." DFE should have stuck with what they did best, and that was the "Pink Panther" cartoons. "The Blue Racer" and their other attempted series like "The Tijuana Toads" were downright horrible.

The Dover Boys at Pimento University

Yes. Indeed. I really did enjoy viewing this comical, well-paced parody of the Rover Boys juvenile fiction (which, during the early 20th century, had been a popular series of reading material with the youths of the day). With its cleverly satirized characters, like Dan Backslide, Dora Standpipe, and, of course, the Dover brothers (that's Tom, Dick, and Larry) - This Technicolor, animated short from 1942 really delivered a very engaging story that certainly kept me quite entertained all the while (with a happily satisfied smile on my face). Imaginatively directed by the young and budding cartoonist, Chuck Jones - "The Dover Boys At Pimento University" definitely scores high points when it comes to being one of my very favorite vintage "Looney Tunes" from the "Golden Age" of animation.

Smile, Darn Ya, Smile

I guess if there is a point to this is that no matter what happens, keep smiling. And that's why there is no real conventional plot here. The main character (who is sort of mouse-like) just goes about his business, flirting with his girlfriend, driving his train/trolley, meeting obstacles along the way. But the song really takes over everything. Quite a typical 1931 cartoon where sound had transcended animation.

Band Geeks

It's both funny and satisfying and just so joyful! This episode also features a lot of rare character interactions, like Plankton and Squidward, and I really like that. This is a GOLD EPISODE. This episode is hilarious and the plot is amazing and it's so memorable and happy and everything about this is just amazing!