Comments by kintutoons32

Trombone Trouble

Decent Donald Duck cartoon, but not going to become a fan favourite anytime soon.

Self Control

I must say, Donald had a bit of an easier time gaining self-control in Cured Duck, but I wonder what could have changed in only 7 years. Anyway, the Duck’s temper clearly hit its peak in this picture, but in 7 years, Donald won’t lose his marbles, at least, not as much.

You're an Education

Really hard to keep a video link here. Enjoyable flick about travel brochures though.

Mad as a Mars Hare

Pretty decent for Marvin's very last theatrical appearance. Nothing too amazing or special for that matter, but at least here, there's something slightly enjoyable.

Clash and Carry

This Chilly Willy outing is somewhat enjoyable, mostly due to the live action sequence near the end. If you want to see a scene like that in a later Walter Lantz cartoon, chances are you're out of luck!

Swimmin' Hole

I have to admit, this is probably the happiest Mickey Mouse cartoon ever made! It's probably because of the ending, which I think Walt Disney would approve of greatly. I highly recommend this episode!

The Algae's Always Greener

Plankton's shining moment as protagonist, along with incredible role reversals to compliment it!


I think that the second half of this film is pretty catchy, though the rest is also very decent for it is and might as well be. Also, Oswald's theme tune whilst he was at Universal Pictures is truly an underrated gem!

Hairless Hector

Honestly, there's not much to offer here, and the mostly missing ending gag doesn't help much at all. Therefore, it's basically mediocre more than anything else.

Jellyfish Hunter

When this episode ends, you'll make like Mr. Krabs and scream for "MOAR!"

Tea Pot Town

A "charming" yet incomplete short. Of course, it'd be more of a charming attempt if it were in its entirety, but you'll just have to read the painting book from around the same time.

Dog Tired

Thanks for doing this for my late, great maternal grandfather, as this was released on his 5th birthday!

Wotta Knight

Putting Popeye and Bluto in a medieval setting was just a stroke of pure genius!

Somewhere in Egypt

Very well staged, drawn and executed in general! Check it out whenever you can!

The Old Oaken Bucket

You'd be hopping mad not to at least give this one a shot!

I'm With Cupid, Stupid

As for me, well you know I'm just to see Woody make a comeback in some form, but I also get why this might not be everyone's cup of tea.