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If you are a Looney Tunes fan, you have heard about the release of the classic cartoons on DVD. Four DVDs of restored cartoons and all the amazing bonus material sounds fantastic and well worth the sixty-five dollars. However, something seems to have gone terribly wrong with the cover. Warner Home Video apparently made two proposed packaging samples for the highly anticipated Golden Collection. Here was one of them:

That one looks pretty nice. Bugs, Daffy, and Tweety all dressed up in their tuxedos. But Warner Home Video seems to have decided to go with this DVD cover instead:

Here is what the Looney Tunes fans of the Termite Terrace Trading Post had to say:

"Ew, that is a cheapo cover for sure. MGM and Warner always had wonderful video covers, at least, they had ORIGINAL covers. This one is made up entirely of stock clipart images, I have seen most of those character poses before on other merchandise. I think maybe it has to do with saving money...why pay an artist to draw something up when you can use your extensive library of clipart to knock something out on a computer program?" --- Matthew Hunter

"Taz is a midget, Tweety is almost as big as Marvin and Taz, Sylvester looks like he's about to strangle the Road Runner, and Wile E. looks like he's being turned on by Bugs' ears..." - Thad K

"This new one looks like something I could've photoshopped up in five minutes." - John Miles

"Urrrrgh what a horrible cover, do you think Jerry Beck likes it?" - Nick

"That is a naff cover! The original artwork is far better. It seems that Warner has let its standards slip when it comes to their DVD cover artwork. Still, it's not as worse as the "Tom & Jerry - Hijinks and Shrieks" cover." - Lee Glover

"They could have at least made the characters the right sizes (Sylvester's waaaaay too big, for example)." - Jon Cooke

"It looks like a pencil box I could pick up at the dollar store, or maybe a cookie tin with cheap wafers in it." - Jack

"People will see my DVD collection and they will say, "What the heck is that ugly crap?" And then I would say, "Oh, I paid $65 for that." - dacp3

"Well, I'll still buy it regardless of the artwork, but I really hope that isn't the final design." - KRnut82

"What the heck is up with the Road Runner's one wing in that picture anyway? Pretty pathetic if you can't even color a character right on a DVD cover.." - Thad K

Warner Home Video actually paid money for somebody to slap that DVD cover together. You would think a DVD release as long-awaited as the Looney Tunes collection would have a cover that actually looked special.

Just for for fun, I proposed a do-it-yourself TTTP project: Make your own Looney Tunes DVD cover!

All you need is:

  • Five minutes (or less)
  • Some generic modern clip-art poses
  • A paint program

... and presto!! A DVD cover that looks as hastily assembled as the one the professionals at Warner Home Video put together!

Click for larger images

by Jon Cooke

by Thad K

by Jack Tatay

by "Dacp3"

Finally, we proudly present the cover by our friend, Larry T, who submitted this hilarious cover:

by Jack Tatay

We expect Larry to be offered a job at Warner Home Video any day now...