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This page serves as a tribute to individual Warner Bros. cartoons from all different eras and featuring all different characters. These synopsis articles represent my personal favorites, seasonal-themed shorts, or just cartoons that are influential, interesting, rare, or important. Having seen nearly every Warner Bros. cartoon and collected the series on tape, for most cartoons I can provide information that you will not find anywhere else. This will be, for the time being, an archive of the cartoons featured on the main page, but I eventually hope to add more cartoons to it that are not featured there. When archived, the cartoons will be placed in alphabetical order by title.. I have given plot summaries and/or interesting details, as well as credits and, where available, some pictures.

I would like to point out a few other pages that have been or will be consulted for certain details:

Dave Mackey's Warner Bros. cartoon filmography

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Cartoon Research

I would also like to express my sincere appreciation for the work of Jerry Beck and Will Friedwald, whose book Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies has been an extremely helpful reference for dates as well as credits to cartoons with reissued "Blue Ribbon" title cards. Without their research, this page probably would not be here.

The cartoons:

"The Astroduck" (1966, Looney Tune)

astroduck1.jpg (68494 bytes)

Daffy's Mexican vacation house has a mouse problem-and he'll do anything to keep from sharing it with Speedy Gonzales.

"A-Haunting We Will Go" (1966, Looney Tune)

Daffy Duck has a very strange Halloween!

"Buckaroo Bugs" (1944, Looney Tune)

Bugs Bunny, the "Masked Marauder", plunders the wild west of all its carrot crops. With the moronic Red Hot Ryder on his trail, he has nothing to worry about.

"Cannery Woe" (1961, Looney Tunes)

canwoe1.jpg (63115 bytes)

Speedy Gonzales helps a town of mice get some cheese for their mayor's re-election fiesta, but he has to get past Sylvester the cat first.

"A Cartoonist's Nightmare" (1935)

nightmare1.jpg (56120 bytes)

A cartoonist learns that working late at night in a 1930's cartoon studio might not be such a good idea!

"The Cat's Bah"(1954)-Looney Tune, featuring Pepe Le Pew

Pepe Le Pew travels to French Morocco. Yes, there's a jab at "Casablanca" in there.

"Claws For Alarm"(1954, Merrie Melodies)

clawscap3.jpg (99337 bytes)

Porky Pig and Sylvester check into an abandoned hotel filled with killer mice!

"D'Fightin' Ones" (1961, Merrie Melodies)

fighttitle1.jpg (16628 bytes)

Sylvester's been picked up by the stray animal patrol, but falls off the dogcatcher van chained at the wrist to a bulldog!

"Ding Dog Daddy" (1942, Merrie Melodies)

dingdog1.jpg (85670 bytes)

The wacky love story of a dog and...a metal statue?

"The Eager Beaver" (1946)

eagbeav1.jpg (62074 bytes)

A crew of beavers builds a dam, and one beaver, anxious to participate, just can't get in on the action without getting in the way. His persistence ends up saving his friends from disaster.

"Early To Bet"(1951) Merrie Melody

The Gambling Bug will get you if you don't watch out. A cat learns this the hard way.

"Eatin' On The Cuff" (1943)

It's wedding day for a moth and a bee, but the moth groom (straight as a broom, all purtied up with ten cent perfume!) gets a little sidetracked. 

"The Foghorn Leghorn"(1948)

fhlh1.jpg (62459 bytes)

Foghorn Leghorn tries to convince Henery Hawk that he's a chicken, not a schnook!

"Fool Coverage" (1952, Looney Tunes)

Daffy Duck as a squinty-eyed, obnoxious insurance solicitor!

"Gold Diggers Of '49" (1936, Looney Tunes)

golddiggers1.jpg (52011 bytes)

Beans the cat discovers gold in the gulch, and invites Porky Pig to help him dig for it. When Porky Pig's sack of what we assume is gold gets stolen,. Beans comes to the rescue in exchange for Porky's daughter's hand in marriage.

"Golden Yeggs"(1950, Merrie Melody)

goldyeggs1.jpg (59451 bytes)

Daffy Duck gets mistakenly accused of laying a golden egg, and gangster Rocky sees dollar signs...

"The High and the Flighty" (1956, Merrie Melody)

Daffy Duck meets Foghorn Leghorn and the Barnyard Dawg, as a salesman furnishing the weapons for their constant feud.

"Hittin The Trail For Hallelujah Land" (1931)

hittinthetrail1.jpg (65645 bytes)

An old South riverboat party with a couple of pigs, interrupted by a coachman haunted by ghosts!

"Hook, Line and Stinker" (1958)- Looney Tune

Wile E. Coyote chases the Road Runner to the tune of what would later become the theme song to TV's "Dennis the Menace"?

"I Taw A Putty Tat" (1948)

itapt1.jpg (65865 bytes)

"Hello, pet shop? Have you any more canaries?"

"Joe Glow, The Firefly" (1941)

jglow1.jpg (72850 bytes)

A camper gets a late-night visit from a curious insect.

Looney Tunes on Nickelodeon. (1988)

nickopen4.JPG (21577 bytes)

As a special bonus, here is a "spotlight" feature devoted to the first (and, in my opinion, best) of two title openings to the now-defunct show!

"Louvre, Come Back To Me" (1962, Looney Tune)

louvretitle.jpg (42040 bytes)

Pepe Le Pew chases his "little object of art" through the Louvre Museum in Paris.

The Night Watchman" (1938, Merrie Melodies)

A young kitten has to fill in for his father's job at keeping rats and mice out of a kitchen one night. BIG mistake!

"Pancho's Hideaway" (1964, Looney Tune)

pancho-title01.jpg (17695 bytes)

Speedy Gonzales spars with a bandit who looks suspiciously like Yosemite Sam...

"The Pied Piper of Guadelupe" (1961, Looney Tunes) 

Speedy Gonzales rescues his friends from Sylvester's hypnotic flute playing in this Academy Award nominated cartoon short.

"Pilgrim Porky" (1940, Looney Tune)

Porky Pig discovers Amer-uh-Americ--a-m-m-m-, aw, the U.S.A.!

"Porky's Last Stand"(1940, Looney Tune)

Porky and Daffy's lunch counter gets wrecked by a bull who refuses to "meat" his demise.

"Rabbit's Kin" (1952, Merrie Melodies)

rabbitkin1.jpg (72340 bytes)

A cute little bunny is on the menu for Pete Puma. Unfortunately for Pete, he enlists the help of the ultimate bodyguard: Bugs Bunny.

"Run Run Sweet Road Runner" (1965, Merrie Melodies)

rrsrr1.jpg (85959 bytes)

Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote enter the low-budget 1960's.

"Sky Scraper Caper" (1968)

ssc1.jpg (55627 bytes)

Daffy Duck walks in his sleep, and Speedy Gonzales agrees to keep him in bed-but when Daffy sneaks by him, it's up to Speedy to save him from disaster!

"To Beep Or Not To Beep"(1963)

tbontb1.jpg (116767 bytes)

Wile E. Coyote has a rough time with a catapult....

"Tom Turk and Daffy" (1944)- Looney Tune

Daffy's no stool pigeon when it comes to his pal Tom Turkey. That is, unless Pilgrim Porky bribes him with candied yams.

"Two Crows From Tacos" (1956)

tacos3.jpg (64841 bytes)

Two crows from south of the border have some trouble catching a green grasshopper.

"The Wild Chase" (1964, Merrie Melodies)

wildchase1.jpg (65265 bytes)

Speedy Gonzales and the Road Runner try to settle the age old question of who would win in a race. Sylvester and Wile E. Coyote show up just in time for lunch-and complicate things for each other more than they do for their prey.

"A Wild Hare" (1940)- Merrie Melody

The first appearance of Bugs Bunny as we know him today. Be vewwy, vewwy quiet...

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