This is an archived version of the now defunct GAC website, reproduced here by the permission of the webmaster, Jon Cooke. We are currently working on reformatting and transferring all the files. On the main page, any link with an asterix next to it is one that has not been completed yet. Be patient ... we'll get there!

This is a collection of links to Looney Tunes and cartoon related sites elsewhere on the internet that I am sure can help you in your search for knowledge of  Looney Tunes and other classic animation. These represent my favorites,  many of the sites I link to here have their own link pages, with even more cool pages.

Looney Tunes Official WB Site

This is Warner Bros.' official Looney Tunes site. Not much here, someday maybe they'll start doing something with it again. 

The Unofficial Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies Page

Simply the best, in my opinion, Looney Tunes resource out there. Without Jon Cooke's LT/MM page, mine and many of these other sites below may have never existed. I owe a lot to Jon and to his site, particularly to his message forum, the Termite Terrace Trading Post, (also linked to through this site!) where you can discuss almost any topic pertaining to cartoons, and someone will ALWAYS know about it.

Jerry Beck's Cartoon Research Co.

This is the page of the guy who literally wrote the book on Looney Tunes...several of them actually. This includes news and commentary pertaining to all cartoons, classic and new, with special sections devoted to rare cartoon title art for any studio you can think of, plus reviews, a listing of animated feature films, and a page where Jerry can answer some pretty darn tough questions! This is a required visit for anyone reading my page!

Cartoon Brew

Yet another project by Jerry Beck, along with fellow animation fan/critic Amid Amidi. Lots of up-to-date news on classic animation and new stuff you might be interested in.

Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies: The Early Years

Brian Cruz's site devoted to the Harman and Ising years of Warner Bros. cartoons. Learn about such characters as Bosko, Goopy Geer and Foxy, plus see pictures and plot summaries of all Harman/Ising Warner output.

The Looney Tunes Hidden Gags

Here's a site I have fun reading...did you know that the animators put all sorts of hidden stuff into their cartoons? Ever wonder what "Friz" soda was? It's updated from time to time, and you can go in title-alphabetized order. Pictures of each hidden gag and an explanation are included in almost every entry.

The Looney Tunes Crash Course

Great fan site about Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote run by a guy named Ken Seaman.. Hasn't been updated in ages, but it's worth a look just the same. Anything and everything about these characters can be found here.

One Foggy Site

A very complete site featuring Foghorn Leghorn, that big, loud-mouthed southern rooster with a degree in dog torture. Ah say, ah say, very informative, boy...listen to me when I'm talkin' to ya!

Martin Juneau's Looney Tunes Page

frequent visitor to this site and member of the Termite Terrace Trading Post, our Canadian friend Martin Juneau has a great Looney Tunes site in French!

Walter Lantz Cartune Encyclopedia:

The Lantz-Opedia is a very in-depth site created by several fellow Golden Age Cartoons staffers. It's about, well, Walter Lantz cartoons. If you'd like to learn more about the studio that brought us Woody Woodpecker, Chilly Willy, Andy Panda and many more, this is the place.

Columbia Crow's Nest:

The average guy on the street might not know that the Columbia/Screen Gems studio ever had a cartoon department. Thanks to Pietro Shakarian, now they will! They may be slightly forgotten these days, but Columbia made good cartoons. The Fox and the Crow, Gerald McBoing Boing and Mister Magoo are among the favorite characters this studio created.You can view character filmographies, biographies, and learn more about the Fox and Crow's more successful run as a comic book!