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The Tex Avery Show Episode Guide

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"Tex Avery Show" Episodes - The Second Series

Beginning with its Sunday, January 10, 1999 primetime telecast, "The Tex Avery Show" began to present a new *series* of episodes with an emphasis on showcasing MGM cartoons not previously seen on the program. However, these episodes are not shown in the common themed format, and the first telecast that aired under this policy with these three titles on the date mentioned above were "Northwest Hounded Police", "The Hick Chick" and "The Counterfeit Cat".

On the Sunday, October 1, 2000 telecast, an MGM cartoon titled "The Hungry Wolf" (not directed by Tex Avery) was aired instead of "Hound Hunters" as announced. Almost all of the Warner Bros. cartoons currently playing on "The Tex Avery Show" are "dubbed versions", except "Detouring America".

Warner Bros. Cartoons Directed By "Fred Avery" Aired As Of 12/29/2002 (12):

    "The Crackpot Quail" "Tortoise Beats Hare" "The Cagey Canary" "Little Red Walking Hood" "A Wild Hare" [as "The Wild Hare"] "I Love To Singa" "Daffy Duck And Egghead" "Hamateur Night" "The Heckling Hare" "Egghead Rides Again" "Believe It Or Else" "Detouring America" (w/A.A.P. logo; edited)
MGM Cartoons Directed By "Tex Avery" Aired As Of 12/29/2002 (59):

    "Northwest Hounded Police" "The Hick Chick" "The Counterfeit Cat" "Cellbound" "Droopy's Good Deed" "The Screwy Traunt" "TV of Tomorrow" "Billy Boy" "Slap Happy Lion" "Symphony In Slang" "Cock-A-Doodle-Dog" "Out-Foxed" "What's Buzzin' Buzzard?" "Jerky Turkey" "Who Killed Who?" "Wild And Woolfy" "Drag-Along Droopy" "Deputy Droopy" "Happy-Go-Nutty" "The Car Of Tomorrow" "Wags To Riches" "Garden Gopher" "Doggone Tired" "One Ham's Family" "The Chump Champ" "Lonesome Lenny" "Senor Droopy" "Three Little Pups" "One Cab's Family" "Swing Shift Cinderella" "Daredevil Droopy" "Rock-A-Bye Bear" "The Farm Of Tomorrow" "The Flea Circus" "Dumb-Hounded" "Field And Scream" "Droopy's Double Trouble" "Henpecked Hoboes" "The Cuckoo Clock" "Dixieland Droopy" "Little Rural Riding Hood" "The Cat That Hated People" "Ventriloquist Cat" "The House Of Tomorrow" "King-Size Canary" "Magical Mastero" "The Peachy Cobbler" "Batty Baseball" "Red Hot Riding Hood" "Bad Luck Blackie" "Screwball Squirrel" "Little Johnny Jet" "Hound Hunters" "Lucky Ducky" "Homesteader Droopy" "The First Bad Man" "Red Hot Rangers" "What Price Fleadom?" "Little 'Tinker"

Toonheads Episode Guide

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"Toonheads" Episodes - The Second Series

Beginning with its Friday, November 13, 1998 primetime telecast, "Toonheads" began to present a new *series* of episodes with an emphasis on showcasing mostly Warner Bros. cartoons (also some MGM and Fleischer Studio 'Popeye' titles) grouped into themed subjects. These revised formatted episodes feature a female voice-over announcer, some cartoon and live-action clips plus still archival photos, and a sequeway audience teaser segment called "Toon Heads Trivia".

All of these "Toonheads" episodes have aired to date as of Sunday, December 29, 2002 with their initial weekend telecast dates in parentheses. The Turner-owned pre-1948 Warner Bros. "dubbed versions" have been assigned here with an asterisk symbol.

1.   TRAVELOGUE CARTOONS (11/13-15/1998):
     "Detouring America" (w/A.A.P. logo restored 02/23-25/2001; new edit =
          scene with an adult American Indian riding on his mother's back
     "Crazy Cruise"*
     "Fresh Fish"*

2.   EMILY THE CHICKEN (11/20-22/1998):
     "Let It Be Me" (w/A.A.P. logo)
     "A Star Is Hatched" (w/A.A.P. logo)
     "Strangled Eggs"

3.   BASEBALL CARTOONS (11/27-29/1998):
     "Gone Batty"
     "Batty Baseball" (MGM)
     "Baseball Bugs"*

     "The Night Watchman"* (1938 W-B logo/Vitaphone title opening plus
          two new 'Blue Ribbon/Merrie Melodies' cards with one of them
          displaying a 1938 copyright; see The Blue Ribbon/Merrie
          Merrie Melodies Oddities Gallery section.)
     "Dog Gone Modern"*
     "Toy Trouble"* (two edits = no blackface music toy band seen)

5.   SOUTHERN FRIED CARTOONS (12/11-13/1998):
     "Southern Fried Rabbit"
     "Backwoods Bunny"
     "The Dixie Fryer"

6.   MIDNIGHT IN THE BOOKSTORE (12/18-20/1998):
     "Speaking Of The Weather" (w/A.A.P. logo)
     "You're An Education" (w/A.A.P. logo)
     "Book Revue"* (as "Book Review")
     [Note: During the weekend of 03/19-21/1999, "You're An Education" was
     replaced with a hand-colorized print of "I Like Mountain Music" as the
     first title played.  "Speaking Of The Weather" became the second
     cartoon to be shown, followed by "Book Revue".  New wraparound intros
     were made for "I Like Mountain Music" and "Speaking Of The Weather",
     now as a "dubbed version", during the weekend of 10/06-08/2000.]

7.   THE MANY FACES OF ROBIN HOOD (12/25-27/1998):
     "Robin Hood Makes Good"*
     "Robin Hood Daffy"
     "Robin Hoodwinked" (MGM)

8.   HOLLYWOOD NIGHTS (01/01-03/1999):
     "The Coo-Coo Nut Grove"*
     "Hollywood Steps Out" (w/A.A.P. logo)
     "Slick Hare"*

9.   FUTURE SHOCK (01/08-10/1999):
     "Dog Gone Modern"*
     "House Hunting Mice" (w/A.A.P. logo)
     "The House Of Tomorrow" (MGM)

10.  MOVIE STAR BUGS (01/15-17/1999):
     "A Hare Grows In Manhattan"*
     "What's Up Doc?"
     plus many clips from Bugs Bunny cartoons

11.  SHUT EYE (01/22-24/1999):
     "Good Night Elmer"* (no "dubbed version" notice, with original end
        title card)
     "Back Alley Oproar"*
     "Daffy Duck Slept Here"*

12.  EGGHEAD (01/29-31/1999):
     "Daffy Duck And Egghead"* [see The Blue Ribbon/Merrie Melodies Oddities
        Gallery section]
     "Count Me Out"*
     "A Day At The Zoo"* (one edit = no 'smoking' camels seen)

13.  THE DREAMS OF BOB CLAMPETT (02/05-07/1999):
     "The Old Grey Hare"* (dubbed end title card = not "shaking" at all)
     "The Great Piggy Bank Robbery"*
     "The Big Snooze"* [dubbed version debut on 11/24-26/2000]

14.  GOOFY GOPHERS (05/14-16/1999):
     "The Goofy Gophers"
     "I Gopher You"
     "Tease For Two"

15.  MOTOR HEADS (05/21-23/1999):
     "Streamlined Greta Green"*
     "One Cab's Family" (MGM)
     "Little Johnny Jet" (MGM)

16.  FIGHT NIGHT (05/28-30/1999):
     "Let You And Him Fight" (Fleischer 'Popeye', hand-colorized)
     "To Duck Or Not To Duck"*
     "Rabbit Punch"*

17.  THE EVOLUTION OF TWEETY (06/06/1999):
     "A Tale Of Two Kitties"*
     "Tweetie Pie"*
     "Canary Row"

18.  THE YEAR ELMER FUDD GOT FAT (06/13/1999):
     "Wabbit Twouble"*
     "The Wacky Wabbit"*
     "Fresh Hare"* (one edit = closing "ministrel show" end gag removed)

19.  THE NICE MICE OF WARNER BROS. (06/20/1999):
     "Ain't We Got Fun"*
     "A Sunbonnet Blue"* [dubbed version debut on 05/12-14/2000]
     "The Mice Will Play"*

20.  TORO! TORO! (06/27/1999):
     "Bulldozing The Bull" (Fleischer 'Popeye', hand-colorized)
     "Bully For Bugs" ('scheduled')
     "Senor Droopy" (MGM) ('scheduled')
     [Note: Technical programming problem caused these cartoons to be
     played instead of the 'scheduled' titles: "The Mice Will Play"*
     and "Sheep Wrecked" (MGM), plus usage of bumper I.D. segments
     from episode #19.  The correct selection of cartoons and segments
     were played on the weekend installments of 10/01-03/1999.]

21.  DIRECTOR ROBERT McKIMSON (07/04/1999):
     "Daffy Doodles"*
     "Easter Yeggs"*
     "Walky Talky Hawky"*

22.  OUR MAN SAM (07/11/1999):
     "Hare Trigger"*
     "Along Came Daffy"*
     "Bugs Bunny Rides Again"*

     "Rhapsody In Rivets"*
     "Lights Fantastic"* (one edit = Chinatown residents scene removed)
     "Rhapsody Rabbit"* [dubbed version seen on 11/21/2002]

24.  NIGHT OF 1000 ELVES (07/25/1999):
     "Busy Bakers"
     "Holiday For Shoestrings"*
     "The Peachy Cobbler" (MGM)

25.  ONE TOON WONDERS (08/01/1999):
     "Ghost Wanted"*
     "The Crackpot Quail"*
     "One Froggy Evening"

26.  BATTLE OF THE BOOKWORMS (08/08/1999):
     "The Bookworm" (MGM)
     "Sniffles And The Bookworm"
     "The Wacky Worm"*

27.  CROONER TOONS (11/19-21/1999):
     "Bingo Crosbyana"*
     "I Only Have Eyes For You"*
     "Swooner Crooner"*

28.  TURKEY TOONS (11/26-28/1999):
     "Tom Turkey And His Harmonica Humdingers" (MGM)
     "Jerky Turkey" (MGM)
     "Tom Turk & Daffy"*

29.  HOBO FLEA (12/03-05/1999):
     "The Homeless Flea" (MGM)
     "An Itch In Time"* (one edit = closing "cat suicide" end gag removed)
     "What Price Fleadom?" (MGM)

30.  ROCKY & MUGSY (12/10-12/1999):
     "Bugs And Thugs"
     "Bugsy And Mugsy"
     "The Unmentionables"

31.  SALESMAN DAFFY (12/17/1999):
     "Yankee Doodle Daffy"*
     "The Stupor Salesman"
     "Fool Coverage"

     "Alias St. Nick" (MGM)
     "The Captain's Christmas" (MGM)
     "Peace On Earth" (MGM)
     "The Night Before Christmas" (MGM)
     "Bedtime For Sniffles"*

33.  ANTS LIFE (12/26/1999):
     "The Fighting 69-1/2th"*
     "The Gay Anties"*
     "Ant Pasted"

     [This one-hour documentary-style special featured mostly highlights
     and lengthy, sometimes edited, extracts from some films that were
     rarely seen or previously forgotten in public.]
     "Bosko The Talk-Ink Kid"
     "Crying For The Carolines"
     "Lady Play Your Mandolin"
     "Any Bonds Today?"
     "The Return Of Mr. Hook"
     "Two Guys From Texas"
     "My Dream Is Yours"
     "So Much For So Little"
     "Orange Blossoms For Violet"
     "Drafty Isn't It?"
     Tang Commerical [B&W] with Bugs Bunny and Marvin Martian
     "The Adventures Of The Road Runner"

     [A one-hour documentary special with four complete cartoons shown
     plus extended narration and a wide variety of clips from films with
     a wartime related theme.]
     "Blitz Wolf" (MGM)
     "Scrap Happy Daffy" [B&W]
     "Herr Meets Hare"
     "Russian Rhapsody"
"Toonheads" Episodes - The Third Series

After a lengthy hiatus, a new set of "Toonheads" episodes were introduced on Cartoon Network beginning on Sunday, November 4, 2001. Much of the basic format found in the program's second series of shows were retained, including a few hour-long episodes each focusing on an expanded topic with additional cartoons.

All "Toonheads" episodes in this set have aired as of Sunday, November 23, 2003. However, the final new episode of the program to be produced for and broadcast on Cartoon Network to date was titled "The Boys From Kansas City".

     "A-Lad In Bagdad" (w/A.A.P. logo)
     "Dangerous Dan McFoo"*
     "Elmer's Candid Camera"*
     "The Hardship Of Miles Standish"*
     "A Wild Hare"* [as "The Wild Hare"]

     "To Spring" (MGM)
     "Puss Gets The Boot" (MGM)
     "Gallopin' Gals" (MGM)
     "Officer Pooch" (MGM)
     "The Yankee Doodle Mouse" (MGM)

38.  MOON TOONS (11/25/2001)
     "Little Buck Cheeser" (MGM)
     "The Cat That Hated People" (MGM)
     "Haredevil Hare"*

     "Rhapsody Rabbit" [dubbed version seen in episode #23 on 11/21/2002]
     "The Cat Concerto" (MGM)
     "Tweetie Pie"*

40.  TASMANIAN DEVIL (12/02/2001)
     "Devil May Hare"
     "Ducking The Devil"
     "Dr. Devil And Mr. Hare"

41.  BEFORE BEDROCK (12/02/2001)
     "Daffy Duck And The Dinosaur"*
     "The First Bad Man" (MGM)
     "Wild Wild World"

     "It's Got Me Again"* [B&W]
     "Beauty And The Beast"*
     "Mr. And Mrs. Is The Name"*
     "I Haven't Got A Hat"*
     "A Star Is Hatched" (w/A.A.P. logo)

43.  NIGHT AT THE OPERA (12/16/2001)
     "Long-Haired Hare"
     "Rabbit Of Seville"
     "What's Opera Doc?"

44.  SUFFERIN' SUCCOTASH! (12/16/2001)
     "Life With Feathers"* [edited]
     "Crowing Pains"*
     "Scaredy Cat" [edited]

45.  BEAKY BUZZARD (12/23/2001)
     "Bugs Bunny Gets The Boid"*
     "The Bashful Buzzard"*
     "Strife With Father"

46.  BABY BOOM TOONS (12/23/2001)
     "The Stork's Holiday" (MGM)
     "Baby Bottleneck"* [edited]
     "Stork Naked"
     [Note: "Baby Bottleneck" was interrupted towards its end on the
     broadcast of 12/23/2001 for the "Toon Heads Trivia" sequeway
     teaser, but was seen as complete when repeated on 01/06/2002.]

47.  TISH TASH (12/30/2001)
     "Porky's Polutry Plant" [computer-colorized]
     "You're An Education"* [edited]
     "Puss 'N' Booty" [B&W]
     "Swooner Crooner"*
     "Nasty Quacks" (w/A.A.P. logo)

48.  CARTOON NEWS REELS (12/31/2001, early morning)
     "She Was An Acrobat's Daughter"*
     "Going Home" [B&W = unreleased 'Pvt. Snafu' cartoon]
     "The Hole Idea"

49.  RALPH PHILLIPS (07/21/2002)
     "From A To Z-Z-Z-Z"
     "Boyhood Daze"
     "A Waggily Tale"

50.  RABBIT SEASON, DUCK SEASON (07/28/2002)
     "Rabbit Fire"
     "Rabbit Seasoning"
     "Duck, Rabbit, Duck"

51.  HUBIE & BERTIE (08/04/2002)
     "The Aristo-Cat"*
     "Mouse Wreckers"
     "Cheese Chasers"

52.  THE GREAT RACE (08/11/2002)
     "Tortoise Beats Hare"*
     "Porky's Road Race" [computer-colorized; edited]
     "Tortoise Wins By A Hare"* [edited]
     "Porky's Naughty Nephew" [computer-colorized]
     "Rabbit Transit"*

53.  CARTOONS IN THE REAL WORLD (08/18/2002)
     "Adventures of Popeye" [Fleischer 'Popeye']
     "You Ought To Be In Pictures" [computer-colorized]
     [Note: "Adventures of Popeye" has been presented in both B&W and
     hand-colorized formats on this particular episode, but only one
     version in each different alternate primetime airing.]

54.  DIRECTOR ARTHUR DAVIS (09/01/2002; also 09/02/2002, early morning)
     "Mouse Menace"*
     "Bowery Bugs"
     "Quackodile Tears"

55.  BEFORE THEY WERE STARS (12/21/2002, early morning)
     "A Tale Of Two Kitties"*
     "Fast And Furry-ous"
     "Stage Door Cartoon"*

56.  GANGSTER TOONS (12/24/2002, early morning)
     "I'm A Big Shot Now"*
     "Thugs With Dirty Mugs" (w/A.A.P. logo)
     "Bunny And Claude - We Rob Carrot Patches"

57.  THE MOVIE PARODIES OF PORKY & DAFFY (12/26/2002, early morning)
     "Drip-Along Daffy" [edited]
     "Duck Dodgers In The 24-1/2th Century"
     "Deduce, You Say"

58.  THE THREE FACES OF TOM & JERRY (12/27/2002, early morning)
     "Mouse Trouble" (MGM)
     "High Steaks" (MGM)
     "Purr-Chance To Dream" (MGM)

59.  DIRECTOR NORMAN McCABE (12/28/2002, early morning)
     "Who's Who In The Zoo" [computer-colorized]
     "Daffy's Southern Exposure" [computer-colorized]
     "The Ducktators" [B&W]
     "Gopher Goofy" [B&W]
     "Hop And Go" [B&W]

60.  SPEEDY GONZALES (12/31/2002, early morning)
     "Cat-Tails For Two"
     "Speedy Gonzales"
     "The Pied Piper Of Guadalupe"

61.  CAPTAIN & THE KIDS (10/19/2003, early morning)
     "Cleaning House" (MGM) [B&W]
     "Poultry Pirates" (MGM) [B&W]
     "Old Smokey" (MGM) [B&W]
     "Petunia Natural Park" (MGM)
     "Mama's New Hat" (MGM) [B&W]

62.  THE EARLY CAREER OF PORKY PIG (10/26/2003, early morning)
     "Gold Diggers Of '49" [computer-colorized]
     "The Blow Out" [computer-colorized]
     "Westward Whoa" [computer-colorized]
     "Porky's Romance" [computer-colorized]
     "Porky's Duck Hunt" [computer-colorized]

63.  PRIVATE SNAFU (11/09/2003, early morning)
     "Coming Snafu" [B&W]
     "Spies" [B&W]
     "Booby Traps" [B&W]
     "Snafuperman" [B&W]
     "Censored" [B&W]

64.  RED (11/09/2003, early morning)
     "Red Hot Riding Hood" (MGM)
     "Wild And Woolfy" (MGM)
     "Little Rural Riding Hood" (MGM)
65.  THE MANY MOODS OF DAFFY DUCK (11/16/2003, early morning)
     "The Wise Quacking Duck"*
     "Duck Amuck"
     "Ali Baba Bunny"

66.  PEPE LE PEW (11/16/2003, early morning)
     "Odor-Able Kitty"*
     "For Scent-imental Reasons"
     "Louvre Come Back To Me"
67.  THE BOYS FROM KANSAS CITY (11/23/2003, early morning)
     "Smile, Darn Ya, Smile!" [hand-colorized]
     "Porky And Gabby" [computer-colorized]
     "Porky's Hare Hunt" [computer-colorized]
     "Bottles" (MGM)
     "The Milky Way" (MGM)

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