The CENSORED Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies Guide

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"Napoleon Bunny-Part" (Freleng; 1956):

    ABC: Probably as a result of the controversy in the early 1980s concerning Mighty Mouse inhaling a flower, the Bugs Bunny & Tweety Show censors decided to delete a scene of this cartoon, that of Napoleon inhaling some snuff and Bugs trying the snuff himself, with the result of him sneezing all of the toy soldiers off of Napoleon's map.

"Naughty Neighbors" (Clampett; 1939):

    Nickelodeon: The redrawn version of this cartoon shortened the Porky and Petunia duet of "Would You Like to Take a Walk" (with modified lyrics).

"The Night Watchman" (Jones; 1939):

    WB: Tommy Cat punching mice was shortened.

"No Barking" (Jones; 1954):

    ABC: Omitted scene: Claude Cat emerges from under the manhole cover that has flattened him, resumes his quest of destroying Frisky Puppy, and is so startled by Frisky's next sudden barking outburst that he is thrown into the path of an elevated train, which smashes into him at high speed.

"No Parking Hare" (McKimson; 1954):

    ABC: Several scenes missing were the following: as Bugs is reading Edgar Allan Poe, the construction worker tries to chainsaw through Bugs' dwelling and is zapped with electricity when his chainsaw hits a fuse box; Bugs is in his hole singing "There Ain't No Place Like a Hole in The Ground" while the worker is flying over the hole with a helicopter, drops a bomb as Bugs rises from Bugs' bed to turn the page of Bugs' music, and is the victim of his bomb's explosion after the bomb bounces off of Bugs' mattress, rises out of the hole, and drops into the helicopter and into his arms; and the worker builds a ladder out of pipes and climbs to the top of Bugs' hole with a stick of dynamite, and Bugs blows through the pipes a lit match which ignites the TNT in the worker's hand- BOOM!
    CBS: The lit match, pipes, and ignited dynamite scene was spliced to lack the match, the igniting of the dynamite, and the explosion. The viewer saw the worker building the pipe ladder and then falling to ground as the ladder collapses from the unshown blast.

"Notes to You" (Freleng; 1941):

    FOX: A false "iris-out" ended this cartoon abruptly with Porky holding his ears to the cat's guitar song, and not seen was Porky killing the cat and the cat's nine lives all singing. Eliminated also was Porky pointing a gun at the cat's nose during the scene at the fence.

"Nutty News" (Clampett; 1942):

    Nickelodeon: A scene with the "new invention" (a jack-in-the-box Hitler) which a barber uses to keep children perfectly still in the barber chair, was excised from this black-and-white cartoon.

"Of Rice and Hen" (McKimson; 1953):

    ABC: This was cut: Foghorn readies to put lit dynamite in the dog's doghouse, and the dog grabs his house and places it over Foghorn, who receives the effect of the explosion underneath the doghouse. Later, Foghorn and the dog, who is disguised as another rooster, fight by hitting each other with their swinging fists, and after winning the hand-to-hand combat, Foghorn steps on the fake rooster's stomach as he walks away with Prissy from the fight site.
    Nickelodeon: The aforementioned fist-fight was trimmed to be less violent.

"The Old Grey Hare" (Clampett; 1944):

    CN: The new, standard "Dubbed Version" ending card has replaced the original one that "shook" in reaction to a dynamite blast incurred by Elmer Fudd, but the explosion sound effect can be still be heard on the audio track portion.
    WB: Removed as the part wherein baby Elmer points his cork gun at baby Bugs' face and baby Bugs then smashes his bottle of carrot juice over baby Elmer's head.

"One Froggy Evening" (Jones; 1955):

    ABC: The sign that reads, "Free Beer," that is placed outside of the theatre in the man's attempt to attract customers was excised.
    WB: Same edit as on ABC.

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