The CENSORED Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies Guide

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"A Kiddie's Kitty" (Freleng; 1955):

    WB: In both "A Kiddie's Kitty" and "A Waggily Tale", a scene in which an animal character (Sylvester, Junior as a dog) is thrown into a washing machine by a little girl and comes out of the machine as a big ball of fur, was excised.

"Kiss Me Cat" (Jones; 1953):

    ABC: When Marc Antony's master sees him giving cheese to the mice, the scene fades to black with Marc Antony sheepishly smiling at the master. Missing was the master several times spanking Marc with a newspaper and Marc's posterior turning red.

"Kit For Cat" (Freleng; 1948):

    ABC: Gone was the whole scene of Sylvester hypnotizing the kitten to hit sleeping Fudd on the head with a baseball bat and being himself hit by said bat, awakening Elmer, who throws Sylvester out of the Fudd bedroom. Also cut was Sylvester trying to plug a rifle with his finger.

"Kitty Kornered" (Clampett; 1946):

    BBC: Sylvester and his friends smoking and getting drunk on alcohol was removed.
    WB: Same edit as on BBC.

"Knights Must Fall" (Freleng; 1949):

    ABC: Edited out of this cartoon was the scene of Bugs stepping on a lever, lifting the top of the Black Knight's helmet, then hitting the Black Knight on the head with a hammer, producing a big lump.

"Knighty Knight Bugs" (Freleng; 1958):

    CBS: Black Knight Sam climbs a rope to enter the castle, only to have Bugs hit him with a mallet so severely that the impact knocks him of his suit of armor, and a battered Sam slides down the rope in polka-dot underwear! Bugs hitting Sam with the mallet was cut, though the humorous result of the violent act was uncensored.

"The Last Hungry Cat" (Freleng; 1961):

    ABC: Guilt-ridden Sylvester's act of swallowing sleeping pills was missing. Also, Granny hitting Sylvester with her broom was shortened.
    CBS: The sleeping pills and broom scenes were not censored, but Sylvester nervously chain smoking and drinking coffee was eliminated from this cartoon.
    CN: Edit same as on CBS. Sleeping pills scene edit same as ABC.

"The Leghorn Blows at Midnight" (McKimson; 1950):

    ABC: Some scenes of the barnyard dog being deprived of air by his rope were excised, and the fight between Foghorn Leghorn and the dog was edited so that the only violence evident to the viewer was off-camera (sounds only) as Henery Hawk is seen observing the fracas.

"Leghorn Swoggled" (McKimson; 1951):

    ABC: Foghorn goads the barnyard dog into chasing him up a ladder. At the top of the ladder, the dog is suspended on a pole, his restraining rope swinging back and forth, causing him to repeatedly have his buttocks colored by a strategically placed paintbrush. ABC eliminated this in addition to some of the footage of Henery Hawk's lasso around the neck of Foghorn and Foghorn's comparison of losing his voice in this way to being hanged.

"Lickety-Splat!" (Jones; 1961):

    ABC: Most of the scenes involving the dynamite darts were omitted from this cartoon short, specifically those of the jackhammer that, after a dart's blast, falls on Wile E.'s head and causes his eyes to register, "Tilt," Wile E's boomerang that returns to him with a dart attached to it and due to explode, and a dart plugging Wile E's rifle, triggering a double detonation, followed by a boulder propelled by another exploding dart on top of Wile E.

"Life With Feathers" (Freleng; 1945):

    CN, WB: Missing was the part where the lovebird thinks of different ways to kill himself.

"Lighter Than Hare" (Freleng; 1960):

    CBS: Bugs sneaks behind Sam and substitutes dynamite for Sam's rocket pack: "Yosemite Sam from outer (boom!) space?!"
    FOX: Reference to the Amos 'n' Andy Show was eliminated by a false "iris-out".
    WB: Same edit as on FOX.

"Lighthouse Mouse" (McKimson; 1955):

    CBS: A door quickly slides open and closed, alternately showing Sylvester punching the real mouse and Hippety pounding Sylvester. While shown as a cartoon clip for years on both CBS and ABC, this scene was not permitted in the cartoon proper.
    Nickelodeon: The mouse clips a power wire into two halves, but this part was replaced with a shot of parrot Polly squawking, "Lights out! Lights out!"
    WB: The scene wherein Sylvester resorts to a major dose of vitamin pills to improve his supposedly faulty eyesight was deleted. The electric shock received by Sylvester as he grabs both ends of the cut wire to keep the lighthouse lit was also dropped from this cartoon.

"Lights Fantastic" (Freleng; 1942):

    CN: On Toonheads and The Looney Tunes Show, these scene were censored: Chinese people are reading Chinese print and speaking in Chinese very fast. Also, during the end scene with the Egyptian cigarette ad, the last frame of the billboard where it shows a cheesecake picture of a redheaded woman in a green bathing suit.

"Little Boy Boo" (McKimson; 1954):

    ABC: Gone was Egghead Jr. incorrectly demonstrating the answer to Foghorn Leghorn's question: "Do you know what a (baseball) bat's for?"
    CBS: The chemical explosion suffered by Foghorn was edited out of this cartoon, though Foghorn was shown heavily bandaged immediately after this event.
    FOX: Same edit as on ABC.

"The Lone Stranger and Porky" (Clampett; 1939):

    FOX: Missing was the scene in which the Lone Stranger talks to his Indian companion, Pronto, in the mirror.
    Nickelodeon: The villain fires his gun at the Lone Stranger, who is sitting at a distance from him; yet, the villain succeeds only in gun-blasting all of the ground away from around the Lone Stranger. The narrator then calls the villain a "plug shot", prompting the villain to kill the narrator. This scene was removed from this cartoon.

"Long-Haired Hare" (Jones; 1949):

    ABC: Bugs coming backstage and dressed as a girl "bobby-soxer", looking for Giovanni Jones' autograph, to be signed by Jones with a lit dynamite stick that of course explodes in Jones' hand, was completely gone.
    CBS: In addition to the same one as on ABC, there were numerous other deletions: Jones smashing Bugs' banjo over Bugs' head; Jones slamming shut Bugs' harp on Bugs' neck; Jones tying Bugs' ears to a tree branch, pulling Bugs' feet and snapping Bugs back and forth so that his head repeatedly strikes the branch.

"Lumber Jerks" (Freleng; 1955):

    ABC: One of the Goofy Gophers siphoning gasoline out of the furniture delivery truck was deleted from this cartoon because he was doing so with his mouth by inhaling the gasoline through a rubber hose and hereby turning his face green due to the sickening fumes.
    WB: Same scene censored as on ABC.

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