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The CENSORED Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies Guide

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"Half Fare Hare" (McKimson; 1956):

    ABC: Deleted from this cartoon was a scene wherein Norton offers to attend to Bugs' scarf. Norton lifts Bugs upward by the scarf and then hangs him up on the boxcar wall. Also missing was Ralph shoving Norton's face into the pot of hot water after Norton comments on Ralph looking like a boiled lobster. Norton comes out of the pot, his nose bright red, and says, "Gee, what a grouch!"
    CBS: Edited as on ABC but with Norton's statement of the scarf hanging offer retained.

"Hare-Abian Nights" (Harris; 1958):

    ABC: The excerpt from "Water, Water Every Hare", in which beautician Bugs gives to Gossamer/Rudolph a dynamite-roller "permanenenent", was completely gone.

"Hare-Breadth Hurry" (Jones; 1963):

    CBS: Part of this scene was excised: Wile E. Coyote fires a rifle at Bugs Bunny, who is substituting for the Road Runner. The gun sounds muted; so, Wile E. investigates and follows a protracted section of metal pipe attached to the rifle, until he reaches the end of the pipe, at which point the bullet that he fired shoots him in the face. Also edited out of this cartoon was another gun blast striking Wile E's backside after Wile E. is catapulted against a big rock that he had hung on a rope and over a teeter-totter.

"Hare Brush" (Freleng; 1955):

    ABC: Mental diseases can no longer be mentioned, much less ridiculed. Hence, the shot of the sign on "The "Fruit Cake Sanatarium- It's Full of Nuts" was removed from "Hare Brush". ABC also edited away the part where Bugs points a gun at Elmer, and Elmer sticks his finger in the barrel of the gun, which then explodes in Bugs' face. Gone too was the scene of Elmer diving into the water because Bugs hits his head on a rock and then shoots his rifle at Fudd.

"Hare Do" (Freleng; 1949):

    ABC: The scene of the theatre patrons puffing a haze of cigarette smoke during Bugs' intermission gag was removed so that one sees only the patrons scrambling to the theatre lobby then back into the screening area. Further, after Bugs and Elmer repeatedly climb over people in their seats, Bugs dresses as an old lady and begins shaking Elmer. Deleted was a part after this, of Elmer sitting on the seat next to Bugs, realizing that the old lady is really Bugs, and then beginning to strangle Bugs, at which point Bugs calls for the usher, the point at which ABC rejoins the scene.

"Hare Force" (Freleng; 1944):

    TBS: Cut from this cartoon was Bugs' line, "It's the hot seat for you, sure."

"A Hare Grows in Manhattan" (Freleng; 1947):

    WB: The scene in which Bugs becomes part of the Egyptian cigarette billboard was butchered, removing the parts of the billboard that show one Egyptian giving to another a hot-foot, and the victimized Egyptian picking up from the ground at his feet the other Egyptian's cigarette butt. The shot of the billboard was also enlarged so that the word, cigarettes, could no longer be seen. Further was the description of Bugs' property shortened, so that one only heard Lola Beverly mentioning Bugs' swimming pool.

"Hare-Less Wolf" (Freleng; 1958):

    ABC: Wholesale deletion of this cartoon's gags. Missing parts: 1) Charles M. Wolf confides to the audience that he hates his wife and is hit in the head with a frying pan thrown at him by her; 2) Bugs comments that Charles M.'s gun may be faulty and as a test of it fires it at a tin can that he has thrown upward and which has dropped to directly in front of Charles M.'s face, which receives the gunshot- and Bugs then says, "Nothing wrong with this gun. Eh, must be you;" 3) Bugs places a box with a hand grenade in front of Charles M., who tries to use the grenade against Bugs but too slowly reads the grenade instructions and does not throw the grenade at Bugs prior to the expiration of 10 seconds following his pulling of the pin; 4) Bugs lights a long fuse that Charles M. follows, leading to a TNT cannister that explodes when Charles M. is standing beside it.

"Hare Remover" (Tashlin; 1946):

    Syndication: A scene appears to have been edited from the original release print of this cartoon. An abrupt jump cut occurs between Elmer celebrating Bugs' capture and Elmer sternly carrying Bugs to his laboratory.

"Hare Ribbin'" (Clampett; 1944):

    CN, TBS, TNT, WB: After thinking that he has killed Bugs, the dog wishes that he were dead. Bugs asks, "Do you mean it?" and hands the canine a gun. The dog then proceeds to shoot himself. The gun blast is cut to the scene where the dog is laying down and rises to say, "This shouldn't even happen to a dog!" In other showings of this cartoon, an alternate editing job was apparent. The dog says, "Oh, I wish I were dead!" Then, Bugs says, "Do you mean it?" After this was a cut to the part where the dog is laying on the ground. No gun at all. The short was shown unedited only on Cartoon Network's Bob Clampett Show in 2000.
    Syndication: The original version (or "director's cut") of this cartoon featured an ending wherein Bugs pulls out a gun and shoots the dog right through the mouth. This scene did not make it passed the censors and thus was never seen by audiences when the short was originally released in 1944. In the early 1990s, historian Jerry Beck discovered that film collector Phil Johnson owned a 35mm Technicolor nitrate print of the alternate version. This print was subsequently released on volume five of The Golden Age of Looney Tunes laserdisc set in February 1997 and on volume five of the Looney Tunes Golden Collection DVD series in October 2007.

"Hare Splitter" (Freleng; 1948):

    ABC: This was censored. When Casbah becomes wise to Bugs' trickery, he says, "You can't fool me no more. You're dat screwy rabbit," and readies to punch Bugs. Bugs dons a pair of glasses and says, "You wouldn't hit a guy with glasses on, would you?" Casbah responds by delivering a punch into Bugs' eyes, breaking the glasses, and Bugs utters, "You know, I believe he would."
    CN: After the novelty-carrot-induced explosive kiss between Bugs and Daisy Lou, was a deletion of their responses of, "What a man!" and "What a woman!" The scene cuts to the two rabbits happily jumping around the room. The scene has been restored.

"Hare Trigger" (Freleng; 1945):

    WB: A scene of Bugs and Yosemite Sam shooting six guns at each other on the train was shortened.

"Hare Trimmed" (Freleng; 1953):

    ABC: This network's favorite cartoon, as it aired more often than any other, was riddled with deletions. After Bugs in the guise of Granny pushes a piano on top of Yosemite Sam, there was a cut to bona fide Granny scurrying up a flight of stairs, saying, "Oooh, he flipped his lid." Missing here was the real Granny's comment that Sam, laying on her floor after the piano flattened him, is "looped" and her offer to Sam of some coffee. Bugs again disguised as Granny appears and asks of Sam how many "lumps" that Sam wants in the coffee. Sam answers that he wants two lumps, and Bugs mallets him twice on the head. Real Granny, unaware of this incident, brings coffee to Sam and too inquires as to how many "lumps" he prefers. Sam irately kicks the coffee out of Granny's hand, and Granny is shocked by Sam's seemingly inexplicable rage. She then runs up the stairs. Further edits occurred when Sam peeks through the keyhole of the door to Granny's bedroom (where the terrified Granny is) and is blasted in the face by Granny's rifle and again incurs gunshot from Granny when he tries to gain access to her room through a window above the door. These violent acts were gone, but the effect of them on Sam's clothes remained and thus made no sense to the viewer. Finally, Bugs as Granny administers another two "lumps" to Sam before proposing an elopement. The dual impact of the mallet and their product on Sam's noggin were excised.

"Hare-Um Scare-Um" (Hardaway and Dalton; 1939):

    Syndication: When the hunter tells the rabbit that he can whip him and his whole family, a bunch of look-alike rabbits suddenly appear and start waving their fists at him. The picture then fades to black rather abruptly. The original ending involved all the rabbits beating up the hunter. When the cloud of dust clears, we see a beaten-up and dazed hunter who is then confronted by the rabbit again. The rabbit throws the hunter's shotgun in front of him and says "You oughtta get that fixed. Somebody's liable to get hurt!" He then bounces on his head, whooping into the distance. The hunter goes mad and does the same. This scene was excised most likely because it was too similar to the ending of "Daffy Duck and Egghead" released a year earlier. Previously, this website erroneously reported a much more violent ending in which the hostilities clear and the decapitated heads of the hunter and his dog roll off into the sunset. This was debunked by animation historian David Gerstein with the help of Jerry Beck and Mark Kausler in 2009. Click here to read more.

"Hare-Way to the Stars" (Jones; 1958):

    CBS: Marvin finding his explosive in the Instant Martians glass and the explosion that damages Marvin's space platform and ruffles the broom blades of the woefully hurt Martian's helmet were cut out of this cartoon.

"Hare We Go" (McKimson; 1951):

    ABC: Excised from this cartoon was the scene where King Ferdinand II of Spain hits Christopher Columbus on the head with a mallet and says, "She's flat like your head" during their debate on the shape of the world.

"The Hasty Hare" (Jones; 1952):

    CBS: A short scene of Marvin Martian laser-blasting his dog, K-9, was censored.
    CN: Eliminated was an innocuous part at cartoon's end where the astronomer, having just seen Bugs in the flying saucer with all of the planets and stars attached thereto, writes a note that says, "I quit! When I start seeing things like this it's time to take up turkey farming." CN just cut from him seeing Bugs and the items to him walking out of the observatory.

"Have You Got Any Castles?" (Tashlin; 1938):

    Syndication: All Blue Ribbon reissue prints of this cartoon are missing the scenes with Alexander Woolcott, which were cut by his own request. Also excised was the ending gag wherein the cuckoo bird is silenced by Rip Van Winkle so he can sleep. These "lost" scenes were later restored and released on volume two of the Looney Tunes Golden Collection DVD series in November 2004. Click here to read more.
    TBS: Scenes which involve the animated version of Cab Calloway singing "I've Got Swing for Sale" and the scene wherein Rip Van Winkle appropriates Uncle Tom's hair to use as ear-plugs, were gone.

"The Heckling Hare" (Avery; 1941):

    CN, TBS, TNT: In the "dubbed" version of this cartoon, Willoughby's agreement to Bugs' closing comment is edited out.
    Syndication: Originally, director Tex Avery wanted to end the cartoon with Bugs and Willoughby falling through a second and then third hole, plummeting through air, their ultimate fate uncertain. After the third fall, Bugs was to turn to the audience and say "Hold on to your hats, folks, here we go again!" This caused an intervention by producer Leon Schlesinger for reasons that are not entirely clear. It is claimed that Schlesinger did not approve of the ending because it either alluded to a risqué joke or it implied the death of his newest cartoon star Bugs Bunny. In the end, the cartoon was edited for audiences so that Bugs and Willoughby would fall off the cliff only once. After making a safe, feet-first landing, Bugs says to the audience "N'yah, fooled you, didn't we?" with Willoughby agreeing "Yeah!" just as the film fades to black. Avery protested this change and walked out. He received a four-week suspension without pay, ultimately left Warner Bros., and found work at Paramount on the "Speaking of Animals" series before being hired by MGM. Overall, the original ending of this cartoon has not surfaced and is most likely lost.

"Heir Conditioned" (Freleng; 1955):

    ABC: Removed was this scene: an alley cat comes out of a dumpster and says, "Hey, Benny! Hear about Sylvester? Inherited..." A light from a building is illuminated and a person (off-screen) throws an iron at the putty tat, whacking him in the face. The dazed cat finishes his sentence, "... 3 million dollars," before collapsing.

"Hen House Henery" (McKimson; 1949):

    WB: Henery attempts to subdue Foghorn by striking his head with a hammer. The WB was the first network to eliminate this scene from broadcast.

"Here Today, Gone Tamale" (Freleng; 1959):

    CN: The part where the famished Mexican mouse named Fernando attempts to kill himself, pointing a gun to his own head, was cut from this cartoon.
    Nickelodeon: Same edit as on CN.

"High Diving Hare" (Freleng; 1949):

    ABC: When originally broadcast on The Bugs Bunny Show in 1961, Bugs' carnival barking was shortened and Yosemite Sam's line at the door on the platform "Ya notice I didn't say a-Richard?" was cut. When aired on The Bugs Bunny & Tweety Show, these scenes were left untouched but others were edited. The entire sequence where Sam runs to the top of the diving board and encounters Bugs dressed as an Indian was removed. Also gone: Sam grabbing Bugs by the throat and shaking him violently when first ordering Bugs to perform the high diving act, with Bugs then telling to Sam that he does not want to do the act because he, "...gets goosebumps on (his) goosebumps." Furthermore, as Bugs initially refuses to dive, Sam "talks him into it", by firing his guns wildly at the rabbit's feet. This, too, was excised.
    Nickelodeon: The Indian sequence was removed.

"Hillbilly Hare" (McKimson; 1950):

    ABC: The verse of the square dance wherein Bugs sings and commands to the hillbillies to hit each other with the fence posts and to poke each other in the eye was cut. This was just one of many edits of this cartoon. First was the scene in which Bugs mistakes hillbilly number one's gun for a camera and has his carrot shot full of holes. Next removed was the scene where hillbilly number one unties his rifle barrel and is blasted in the face. Subsequently, the viewer does not see Bugs reversing the barrel of hillbilly number two's gun so that the hillbilly incurs the discharge of bullets and gunpowder. Later, after the explosion in the shack, first hillbilly comes out of the shack with Bugs' lit lighter and says, "I think y'all are usin' too strong a fluid."

"Hippety Hopper" (McKimson; 1949):

    FOX: Gone on FOX was the mouse talking about committing suicide and about to jump off of the docks into the water. Also gone was Hippety stopping the mouse from the self-destructive deed. The edited cartoon just cut from the opening credits to the mouse letting Hippety out of Hippety's crate.

"His Bitter Half" (Freleng; 1950):

    FOX: Excised was Wentworth pretending to be shot by a gun.
    Nickelodeon: Wentworth lighting the fuse to the fireworks was deleted when this cartoon aired after 1992.

"His Hare-Raising Tale" (Freleng; 1951):

    ABC: In the "Rabbit Punch" segment (wherein Bugs tells Clyde about his career in boxing), the scene in which Bugs has the Crusher hold a giant slingshot and propels a boulder into the Crusher's face was gone.

"Hold Anything" (Harman and Ising; 1930):

    Nickelodeon: The scene where Bosko decapitates a mouse was excised.

"The Hole Idea" (McKimson; 1955):

    ABC: One section of the black-and-white "newsreel" depicting various uses for portable holes was deleted: the removal of a baby from a locked safe.

"Holiday For Drumsticks" (Davis; 1949):

    ABC: A scene at the beginning of this cartoon, in which a neighbor of Ma and Pa fires his rifle at them, was cut. Also gone was the scene where Daffy runs into a reducing machine to sweat away his fat, but Pa blasts a hole through the machine, causing it to shrink tightly around Daffy's neck.

"Hollywood Steps Out" (Avery; 1941):

    WB: This cartoon was definitely missing two scenes: first, Greta Garbo offering to Cary Grant a cigarette and then lighting a match for him on her giant shoe; second, Harpo Marx giving to Garbo a hot-foot.
    Syndication: Possible long-lost footage was edited between the scenes of Clark Gable sitting at a table and watching a woman walk by him and Bing Crosby introducing Leopold Stokowski, as well as after the scene which reveals Groucho Marx to be the woman whom Gable was following.

"The Home Front" (Tashlin; 1943; Private Snafu):

    Syndication: The narrator's line "it's so cold, it would freeze the nuts off a jeep" is edited from some prints of this Private Snafu short.

"Home Tweet Home" (Freleng; 1950):

    ABC: The scene where Tweety slaps Sylvester as a baby with a stick is removed.

"Homeless Hare" (Jones; 1950):

    ABC: Edited out of this cartoon was part of the scene wherein Bugs throws a brick onto the construction worker's head, with a message attached to the brick. The shot of the brick on the man's head with the message dangling off of it was removed.

"Honey's Money" (Freleng; 1962):

    Nickelodeon: Removed was a part of the scene where Yosemite Sam plays fetch-the-ball with his wife's oversized son, Wentworth. He throws the ball into traffic, and Wentworth obtains the ball without any problems ("I'm a good catch-the-baller, ain't I daddy?"). Sam says, "Go get it again, Wentworth!" However, before Sam can throw the ball, his wife grabs it and says, "YOU go get it!" Sam does as commanded and is flattened. Nickelodeon removed the part where Wentworth runs into the street and brings the ball back to Sam. Nickelodeon showed this cartoon uncut from 1993 to 1995.

"Hook, Line, and Stinker" (Jones; 1958):

    ABC: The scene in which Wile E. places a pot over the Road Runner and tosses a dynamite stick underneath it was deleted. Also missing was Wile E. trying to place dynamite under a bridge.

"Hop and Go" (McCabe; 1943):

    Nickelodeon: The bombing of Tokyo was "irised out" at the end of this cartoon.

"Hopalong Casualty" (Jones; 1960):

    ABC: Wile E. pours earthquake pills as bird seed onto the road. After the Road Runner eats them and runs away unaffected, Wile E. himself swallows one of them. After that, there is a cut to him throwing away the bottle in disgust. ABC removed him swallowing the entire contents of the bottle. Also, Wile E. attempts to sling a TNT stick at the Road Runner. Yet, the TNT becomes caught in a cactus. He tries to pull the TNT loose from the cactus, but is himself tangled with the cactus and the TNT and therefore caught in the explosion. ABC eliminated him being tangled but showed the explosion as though it happens far from Wile E..
    Nickelodeon: Wile E.'s ingestion of the larger quantity of earthquake pills was missing.

"Hoppy Daze" (McKimson; 1961):

    ABC: This scene was cut: Sylvester manages to lure Hippety back into Hippety's crate and nails Hippety inside of it. He then inserts a stick of dymamite into the crate through a hole, but Hippety sends out of the crate through more holes a bunch of dynamite sticks that form a circle around Sylvester and explode, blasting Sylvester's fur off.

"Hoppy Go Lucky" (McKimson; 1952):

    ABC: The aftermath of an explosion at the end was excised. The footage gone was the part with Sylvester saying, "Yup, I'm left hold the bag." After the dynamite explodes and produces a cloud, the "iris out" soundtrack was heard.
    CBS: Sylvester strikes Benny, the huge, stupid cat, over the head with a sledgehammer, and not only does Benny not notice this, but the hammer crumbles into a fine powder. This was cut.

"Horse Hare" (Freleng; 1960):

    Merrie Melodies: Deleted was the scene in which Bugs shoots his rifle at the Indians and runs a tally of the Indians that he has killed, singing "Ten Little Indians", while in "Tom-Tom Tomcat" on Merrie Melodies, the same song, performed by Tweety while Granny fires rifle at the Indian cats, was retained. Here is how the complete scene originally went. After counting six little Indians, Bugs corrects himself and says, "Oops, sorry, that one was a half-breed!" and erases half of the line that he has sketched on the Fort Lariat wall. He continues firing the rifle and an Indian sneaks behind him; so, Bugs kicks the Indian in the chin just while completing his song with, "Ten little Indian boys!"
    Nickelodeon: The "Ten Little Indians" scene was shortened to remove Bugs' "half-breed" comment.

"Horton Hatches the Egg" (Clampett; 1942):

    CN, TBS, TNT, WB: A fish version of Peter Lorre sees the elephant, Horton, on the boat and says, "Well, now I've seen everything!" followed by the gun to his head, which was edited out of this cartoon.
    TNT: A completely redubbed and re-edited version of this cartoon aired as part of the TNT special, In Search of Dr. Seuss.

"Hot Cross Bunny" (McKimson; 1948):

    ABC: The scene where the doctor activates the machine was missing the part at which the doctor, Bugs, and the chicken receive an electric shock.

"Hot Rod and Reel" (Jones; 1959):

    ABC: The scene wherein Wile E. uses a camera with a gun inside of it as a ploy to kill the Road Runner, was deleted. Also missing was Wile E. lighting the rockets to start his unicycle.

"Hyde and Go Tweet" (Freleng; 1960):

    ABC: In this cartoon's uncut form, Sylvester runs to a window and says, "I'll jump! I've got a choice?" However, on Bugs & Tweety, he was shown looking down to the street and not saying this line, presumably because of its allusions to suicide.

"The Hypo-Chondri-Cat" (Jones; 1950):

    ABC: A scene where Hubie slaps Bertie several times was shortened.

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