The CENSORED Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies Guide

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"A Gander at Mother Goose" (Avery; 1940):

    CN: The entire scene with Little Hiawatha has been eliminated.

"Gee Whiz-z-z-z!" (Jones; 1956):

    ABC: The scene with Wile E. firing a bullet at the Road Runner only to have the Road Runner zip away at such a speed that the bullet is dumbfounded and detonates in the hand of a puzzled Wile E., was deleted from this cartoon. Partially excised was Wile E.'s use of a spring attached to a dynamite stick; viewers saw him accidentally recoil into the wall, but there was a fake fade-out before the dynamite also recoils and explodes!

"Gift Wrapped" (Freleng; 1952):

    ABC: The dynamite in the bird cage explodes, and the viewer sees the explosion through the ceiling and the lowering of the cage back onto its clip, but the shot of Sylvester staggering down the stairs was eliminated. Also, Sylvester pulling the cork to "Hopalong Cassidy" Tweety's gun and receiving the gunshot was slightly clipped so that the discharge of the gun could not be seen.
    CN: The entire scene around the Christmas tree with Sylvester as the Indian and Tweety as Cassidy is cut.
    WB: Same edit as on CN.

"Gold Diggers of '49" (Avery; 1936):

    Nickelodeon: When shown its original black and white form, two scenes involving the Chinese laundrymen were omitted. The first was the scene where Beans alerts them about the gold rush and the second when, overwhelmed by the exhaust from Porky's car, they do a blackface impression of Amos 'n' Andy. When the computer-colorized print was broadcast, all scenes involving the Chinese stereotypes were cut as well as some of the firearm scenes, such as the villain putting a metal washtub in his pants as Beans' bullets bounce off of it, with the villain's pants opening like a pair of long johns.

"Golden Yeggs" (Freleng; 1949):

    ABC: An edit occurred when Rocky fires a bullet at Daffy's head as punishment for Daffy having not laid a golden egg. The gun was heard releasing its bullet, but there was a cutaway at this point to Rocky's thugs sitting around a table and looking to the right (from earlier in the cartoon). Daffy was then shown with the feathers gone from the top of his head, and the viewer was left to guess that the bullet razed away the feathers.
    CBS: After Porky refuses to sell Daffy to the gangsters, he is shown sprawled in a trough with a tool broken over his head and many matches between his toes and says, "They talked me into it." This scene was missing; therefore, viewers could only imagine what happened to Porky.
    Nickelodeon: A "fake iris" would make the screen go black as we heard Rocky's gunshot and reopen to show Daffy minus the feathers on his head.

"Goldimouse and the Three Cats" (Freleng; 1960):

    ABC: The scene of Goldimouse slapping Sylvester with a mallet was replaced by earlier footage of Sylvester Jr.

"Gone Batty" (McKimson; 1954):

    Syndication: An unusual cut by WNEW in New York City: The Schnooks' base runner, the Goons' catcher, and the umpire are arguing safe-versus-out. The catcher settles the question by clobbering the base runner with a bat. The umpire grimaces and says, "Yeesh, NOW he's out!" This line was muted, but astute lip readers could still decipher it.

"Gonzales' Tamales" (Freleng; 1957):

    CBS: Sylvester bears the brunt of explosions of a disembodied bullet and hand grenade, but while the detonations were intact, depiction of their effect upon Sylvester's body was not.
    Nickelodeon: Sylvester's line, "I'll get you if I have to eat every one of these things (chili peppers)," was cut out of this cartoon.

"Good Noose" (McKimson; 1962):

    Nickelodeon: Cuts occurred whenever Daffy has the noose around his neck. Also deleted was a scene wherein Daffy, trying to prove that he is a magician, locks himself in a trunk a la Houdini and asks not to be let out of it. Unfortunately, ten days later, the Charles Laughton-esque Captain and Mr. Tristan must release Daffy since Daffy is such a poor magician that he cannot exit the trunk on his own devices.
    WB: Same edits as on Nickelodeon.

"Goofy Groceries" (Clampett; 1941):

    CN: "Jack Bunny" is shocked to realize that he is still holding the lit stick of dynamite after the gorilla has been called home by its mother. The edit occurs after the viewer sees the explosion. "Bunny" turns into Rochester to comment, "My, oh, my! Tattletale gray!" Also deleted was the black children diving and swimming in a sink and a black native boy running away after seeing the gorilla swinging from the lamp.
    Syndication: KOFY in San Francisco cut this cartoon after the dynamite explodes. The blackface gag was not seen, but the audio was complete, over a very slow "That's All, Folks!" ending card.

"Goopy Geer" (Harman and Ising; 1932):

    CN: On Late Night Black and White, an early scene of the gorilla waiter dancing and saying "Yes, sir! Yes, sir!" was removed. The other scenes with the gorilla were left intact.

"Gopher Broke" (McKimson; 1958):

    ABC: On Bugs & Tweety, the scene of the anxious barnyard dog sedating himself with sleeping pills was shortened so that he is shown holding the pill box but not ingesting any of the contents.

"The Great Piggy Bank Robbery" (Clampett; 1946):

    WB: The scene in which Daffy inflicts rapid gunfire on a number of bizarre bad guys behind the door was removed from this cartoon short on Bugs N' Daffy and The Daffy Duck Show.

"Greedy For Tweety" (Freleng; 1957):

    WB: The scene in which the mouse hammers both Sylvester and the bulldog's feet in the leg casts was gone from this cartoon.

"The Grey-Hounded Hare" (McKimson; 1949):

    ABC: The part where the dog fetches the stick of lit dynamite thrown by Bugs and sustains the explosion while the dynamite is in his mouth, was removed in such a way that the dog seems to have acquired the consequent cuts, bruises, and powder stains simply by falling from his chase of a balloon bunny in Bugs' prior act of heckling, and there is hence no explanation for the charred remnants of red dynamite stick in his mouth.

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