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"The Daffy Doc" (Clampett; 1938):

    Nickelodeon: The sign that Daffy holds briefly, reading as, "Hush Yo Mouf!" is gone from the computer-colorized version of this cartoon. The redrawn colorized version was edited heavily: not only was the "Hush Yo Mouf!" sign cut but the "Silence is Foo" sign with its earlier Hebrew text was excised as well. Additionally, the scene where Daffy consults his three ghostly "selves" after hitting himself with a mallet was gone. Also missing was Daffy's second tumble (this time with Porky) into the iron lung; so, the cartoon abruptly went from Daffy chasing Porky with a saw to Daffy and Porky with inflating heads, feet, etc.

"Daffy Duck and Egghead" (Avery; 1938):

    CN: Eliminated was Egghead shooting his gun at a person from the audience.
    WB: Same edit as on CN.

"Daffy Duck and the Dinosaur" (Jones; 1939):

    CN: A fade to black between two scenes near the end of this cartoon appears to be gone in the remastered print.

"Daffy Rents" (McKimson; 1966):

    CBS: Cut scene was this: Daffy pursues Speedy on electrical wires and burns away his feathers when he lunges at the mouse and grounds himself.

"Daffy's Inn Trouble" (McKimson; 1961):

    CN: Daffy twirling his gun, which blasts him in the face, is no longer in this cartoon. The CN version cuts out the entire part with a fake dissolve from Porky saying "No" to the boulder scene. Since 2005, however, this cartoon has aired unedited.
    TNT: Same edit as on CN.
    WB: Same edit as on CN, but edited differently. All that is seen is Daffy threatening Porky with an, "Okay, you're asking for it," while about to remove his gun from the holster, before a false fade to black.

"A Day at the Zoo" (Avery; 1939):

    CN: A visual gag of "smoking" camels is missing from this cartoon.

"Design For Leaving" (McKimson; 1954):

    ABC: Daffy presses a button for a tie to be mechanically placed on Elmer, and the "tie" is a noose that has Elmer hanging and saying, "Eeech, get me down!" Daffy replies, "Oops, wrong button. That's the Alcatraz Ascot." The cartoon was edited so that the viewer did not see Elmer in hanging position.
    Syndication: Some syndicated versions cut out the part where Elmer goes upstairs to take an "aspwiwin", only to notice that his staircase is gone.

"Detouring America" (Avery; 1939):

    CN: There is an entire sequence missing from this cartoon, involving a poor, black hitchhiker at the North Pole, singing "Carry Me Back to Ol' Virginny", and, as he does so, an Eskimo grabs and carries him- and drops him at the Virginia State Line! An Indian mother carrying her dopey, oversized, adult son on her back is removed from the middle of a scene in the Indian village.

"Devil May Hare" (McKimson; 1954):

    CBS: The Tasmanian Devil floats skyward after eating Bugs' bicarbonate-of-soda "chicken" and belching a huge bubble, and Bugs sling shoots a projectile to break the bubble and bring Taz to a sticky situation on a tree branch. CBS cut the slingshot, just showing in the distance the bubble breaking without any provocation.

"Devil's Feud Cake" (Freleng; 1963):

    ABC: Theatrical prints of this cartoon had Yosemite Sam going to Hades to meet the devil, who asks of him, "Well, who in hell are you?" For television, the line was changed to, "What the devil is your name?"

"D' Fightin' Ones" (Freleng; 1961):

    ABC: The dog clobbering Sylvester with a stop sign was missing. So too was the dog punching Sylvester, in response to Sylvester trying to, "...pull a switchblade claw on (the dog)," while the two characters are in the animal pound truck, and the dog and Sylvester sneaking each other inside of a suitcase to a bus station- only to discover that the bus' destination is Sing Sing, and their hasty withdrawal from the bus station.

"The Dixie Fryer" (McKimson; 1960):

    Merrie Melodies: A still shot of Foghorn Leghorn was superimposed over Elvis shooting Pappy with a "squirrelly rifle" as Pappy chases Foghorn around a tree.
    Nickelodeon: The part where Foghorn is shot in the head by Pappy and Elvis' "dueling pistols" was deleted, as too was Pappy eye-poking Elvis after Elvis does not see black on their black-eyed peas, plus the same edit as on Merrie Melodies, but without the still shot of Foghorn.

"Dog Collared" (McKimson; 1951):

    ABC: The scene of Porky disguising himself as a Chinaman and as an Indian, was cut. Another taboo was the ridiculing of stuttering. When Porky hears on his radio that the reward for returning the dog to its owners will be $5,000, he responds with his usual stutter, "Oh, boy! A thousand b-be, b-be bucks!" That much was uncensored, but when the announcer on the radio corrects Porky, "No, five thousand b-be, b-be bucks," gone was the announcer's mocking stutter, and the result sounded incredibly lame.
    CN: The entire scene of Porky disguising himself in various costumes to escape the dog, was removed. This scene was later reinstated.

"Dog Daze" (Freleng; 1937):

    Syndication: There was possible long-lost footage omitted between the scene of William Powell and Asta walking by a pole with Asta immediately stopping off screen and the scene of dogs and their owners walking into the dog show.

"Doggone Cats" (Davis; 1947):

    CN: Removed from this cartoon is the part where a trash can cover lands on Wellington's head and Wellington does an impression of a Chinaman.
    WB: Same edit as on CN.

"Don't Give Up the Sheep" (Jones; 1953):

    ABC: When originally broadcast on The Bugs Bunny Show in 1961, the following scenes were deleted: Ralph Wolf seeing the sheep as mutton cutlets, setting the time clock to noon hour for Sam Sheepdog to eat his lunch, and cutting the edge of the cliff after Sam chops down the tree. When broadcast on The Bugs Bunny & Tweety Show, these scenes remained intact but the ending of this cartoon was deleted. Quitting time comes, and Sam is ready to "punch out". His replacement, Fred, greets him, but Sam hits Fred over the head with a thick stick, and "Fred" is revealed to be Ralph in sheepdog disguise. Sam then clobbers Ralph in the backside with the stick when the real Fred appears and continues this action.

"Don't Look Now" (Avery; 1936):

    Syndication: A scene appears to have been removed from most prints of this cartoon and it is uncertain whether it was excised from the original release print or from the Blue Ribbon reissue. An abrupt cut occurs between the devil telling the girl bear to "sit on a tack" (making her believe it was the boy bear) and the devil laughing. Evidently there was something inappropriate about her reaction or the boy bear's reaction to her reaction.

"Double or Mutton" (Jones; 1955):

    ABC: Sam pounding Ralph to a pulp after Ralph's Little Bo Peep disguise ploy ultimately fails, fades to black at the point where Sam places his hand around Ralph's neck while Ralph is trying to flee. Sam's violent response to Ralph's applying of hair growth formula to him and to Ralph's grabbing of a sheep's leg, was shortened. Earlier broadcasts on ABC of this cartoon betrayed further editorial discretion, in that Sam hitting Ralph on the head with a stick after Ralph's rocket failed to carry Sam far enough away to enable Ralph to filch a lamb, was gone. All that the viewer saw was Sam being pulled by the rocket out of his meadow-overseeing position, and there was a jump to the next scene, of Ralph dressed as Little Bo Peep and Sam seated in his usual place. Later broadcasts of this cartoon gave us more of a fitting ending to the rocket scene. We still got to see Ralph making off with one of the sheep, and Sam bashing the wolf with a thick stick. However, gone was Sam taking his sheep back to the flock, and Ralph's lying down dazed with a large lump on his head.

"Dough For the Do-Do" (Freleng; 1949):

    ABC: The black duck saying, "Mammy, mammy," the three-headed freak slapping and eye-poking itself, and the Do-Do popping into frame on the Warner Brothers shield and sling shooting a projectile to force Porky's head underground were all omitted from this cartoon on Bugs & Tweety.

"Dough Ray Me-Ow" (Davis; 1948):

    FOX: The following scene was removed from this cartoon: Louie has Heathcliff play an ostensibly lethal game of "radio" so that the greedy Louie will inherit their master's fortune in lieu of Heathcliff. "Radio" involves plugging wires in Heathcliff's ears and then into a power socket on a wall. All that this accomplishes when Heathcliff does it is to transmit radio programs through Heathcliff. Louie therefore tries it and is violently zapped by the electric charge. Also excised was the scene of Louie persuading Heathcliff to play "train", by walking along railway tracks with a bucket on his head, and though a real train is derailed when it strikes Heathcliff, Heathcliff is uninjured, to Louie's dismay.
    Nickelodeon: Same edits as on FOX.

"Drip-Along Daffy" (Jones; 1951):

    ABC: Several scenes of gunfire introducing the "lawless western town" were cut, including the carrying of a dead body to Rigor O'Mortis, the Smiling Undertaker. Further, the scene of the bartender mixing the noxious drink for Nasty Canasta, was shortened.
    CN: Porky's final line, "Lucky for him it is a one-horse town!" is cut. The cartoon abruptly ends as Daffy is pushing his janitor cart.

"Dr. Devil and Mr. Hare" (McKimson; 1964):

    ABC: Gone was Bugs being the victim of an exploding cigar.
    CBS: Edited was Bugs spoon-feeding to the Tasmanian Devil some nitroglycerin. Bugs refers to a wonder drug that will, "...make (Taz) as good as new," and the cartoon jumps to Bugs strapping around Taz an exercise belt, which causes the nitroglycerin in Taz's stomach to explode in this cartoon's uncut form. As a result of the edit, though, it seems that it was the belt that exploded! In addition, Bugs giving to Taz a round black bomb disguised as a baby and Taz providing Bugs with an exploding cigar that leaves the bunny in blackface, was spliced out of the CBS print of this cartoon short.

"Dr. Jerkyl's Hide" (Freleng; 1954):

    ABC: A terrified Sylvester climbing into a trunk in Jerkyl's living quarters with Alfie watching from behind after entering and slamming the door to this room, was deleted from this cartoon when it aired on The Bugs Bunny/Looney Tunes Comedy Hour and on Bugs & Tweety. The cartoon cut from Alfie entering said room and slamming the door as seen from the laboratory to his walking in the living quarters to the closed trunk with Sylvester already inside the trunk.
    CBS: After Chester sees Alfie fleeing the fly that pummeled Alfie after drinking the potion, Chester slaps his erstwhile idol, Alfie, in the face, spits at his feet, and says, "You're yellow!" CBS censored this for some inexplicable reason.

"Duck Dodgers and the Return of the 24 1/2th Century" (Jones; 1980):

    ABC: This cartoon originally aired as part of Daffy Duck's Thanks-For-Giving Special with several scenes that never were shown when this cartoon was later run on Saturday morning. Porky's use of a straightjacket gun that enwraps Marvin in the requisite manner was deleted. Near the cartoon's end, after Daffy with a laser gun starts to chase Porky, there is a scene wherein Marvin (still in the straightjacket) aims his "Planet Smasher" missile toward Earth and fires it. He then turns to the audience with advice not to fret or worry, because the missile will hit target in three Earth days, giving Earthlings plenty of time to "...get all of (their) affairs in order." He also says, "Isn't it peachy? Just think, all of your fuel problems will be over!" The cartoon on ABC jumped from Daffy chasing Porky, to the "That's all, Folks!" ending card, with Marvin saying, "Don't worry, folks. It's only a cartoon!"
    CN: Same edits as ABC.
    Nickelodeon: Same edits as on ABC; plus, the "That's all, Folks!" closing was gone.
    Video: Same editing as with ABC on the videotapes Marvin the Martian & K-9: 50 Years on Earth, Marvin the Martian: Space Tunes, and the Bugs & Friends Japanese laserdisc set.

"The Ducktators" (McCabe; 1942):

    Syndication: For home and television distribution, Guild Films/Sunset Productions omitted the entire ending sequence encouraging audiences to buy war bonds. The complete short with ending intact was aired on the Norm McCable episode of Toonheads on Cartoon Network and released on volume six of the Looney Tunes Golden Collection DVD series in October 2008. Click here to read more.

"The Ducksters" (Jones; 1950):

    Nickelodeon: Daffy asks Porky if he would like to continue with the game, and after this, an audience member says, "You'll be sorry!" Daffy then has a gun and shoots it at the man who said this. The scene was edited so that viewers did not hear the audience member speak or see Daffy firing the gun.

"The Duxorcist" (Ford and Lennon; 1987):

    ABC: Eliminated was Daffy's reference to schizophrenia in describing the girl duck's demonic possession problem.

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