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The CENSORED Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies Guide

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"Baby Bottleneck" (Clampett; 1946):

    CN: The dubbed version of this cartoon now airing removes some of the baby alligator delivered to the mother pig scene, so that the cut does not seem as abrupt as it is when the cartoon is unedited here. There is an abrupt fade to black after a newspaper headline says that, "Daffy Duck (is) appointed Assistant Traffic Manager," although nothing was dropped. Recently removed on CN is the scene near the beginning of the cartoon, with the drunken stork at the Stork Club.
    Syndication: The abrupt cut that appears in the baby alligator delivered to the mother pig scene is exactly the way the film was originally released. Director Bob Clampett told historian Jerry Beck that the original scene ended with Mama Pig saying to the alligator: "Ah, ah, ah, don't touch that dial!"

"Baby Buggy Bunny" (Jones; 1954):

    ABC: The scene wherein Bugs puts Baby Face Finster in the washing machine after Finster has played with the "dirty money" was removed from this cartoon. Also gone was Bugs throwing Finster up in the air, saying, "Oh dear, I do believe I have forgotten my fudge," walking away, and letting Finster land flat on his face; the cut was done so that it appeared that Finster fell from atop a bookshelf. Deleted too was Bugs learning painfully the truth about Finster's "toy" gun. "Yeesh, some toy!"
    CN: The aforementioned scene with Finster's gun is dropped.
    Merrie Melodies: Same edit as on CN.
    Syndication: Trimming was done at the point that Bugs shakes Finster violently while saying, "How many times have I told you not to play with the dirty money?"

"Bacall to Arms" (Clampett; 1946):

    TNT: This cartoon ended rather abruptly because in the uncut version it shows two forbidden gags that cannot be shown on television nowadays. Bogey Gocart pistol-shoots the Tex Avery-ish wolf over the sexy Laurie Becool's cigarette butt, which then explodes in Bogey's face, so that he does a Rochester impression: "My! Oh, my! I can work for Mr. Benny now!"

"Back Alley Op-Roar" (Freleng; 1948):

    WB: Removed were the three times that Elmer runs down the stairs and steps on the thumbtacks.

"Ballot Box Bunny" (Freleng; 1951):

    CN: The Bugs Bunny and Yosemite Sam Russian Roulette ending gag is cut; so, this cartoon short ends with "dark horse" being elected as the "New Mare". The term of "dark horse" refers to one who receives unexpected support as a candidate for the nomination in a political convention.
    FOX: Same cut as on CN.
    Merrie Melodies: Same cut as on CN.
    Nickelodeon: Same cut as on CN. Sometimes gone was the scene in which Sam shoots his gun at Bugs' "jukeybox".
    WB: Same cut as on CN.

"Barbary Coast Bunny" (Jones; 1956):

    CN: The ending of this cartoon has Nasty Canasta pulling a gun on Bugs and Bugs winning a jackpot from the gun. Canasta tries to repeat Bugs' success but blasts himself in the face. When aired on Cartoon Network, this was replaced by a shot of Canasta's reaction to Bugs' win.
    CBS: Same cut as CN, but with an abrupt jump after Nasty watches Bugs win his fortune from the gun to Bugs saying the cartoon's closing remark: "Don't try to steal no 18 karats from no rabbit!"
    Merrie Melodies: Same cut as on CN, but with a freeze-frame shot of Bugs at the point where Canasta is the victim of his own weapon.

"Beanstalk Bunny" (Jones; 1955):

    CBS: Giant Elmer trying to "smoke" Bugs and Daffy out of his head was excised.

"Bear Feat" (Jones; 1949):

    WB: The ending of this cartoon was gone: Papa Bear asks, "What did I ever do to deserve such a family?" He next says, "Well, there's still one way out," and throws himself off of a cliff- only to be spared from suicide by Junyer.

"A Bear For Punishment" (Jones; 1951):

    ABC: In the "Let's Give a Cheer For Father" song, cut were a few seconds at the end of a verse wherein Ma and Junior fire their guns in the air twice.
    Nickelodeon: After Junyer hushes the alarm clocks, his father hits him in the face with one of the clocks, and as a result, Junyer has a clock parts face. This scene was edited out of the cartoon. Also missing in the Nickelodeon showing: "G-U-N-P-O-W-D-E-R. Duh, tobacco!"

"Beauty and the Beast" (Freleng; 1934):

    Syndication: In some old prints of this cartoon, the scene in which Humpty Dumpty topples off of the wall and shatters into a half-dozen dancing or skating wooden ducks, was shortened, perhaps for time.

"Bedevilled Rabbit" (McKimson; 1957):

    ABC: The ending where the She-Devil hits Taz on the head with a rolling pin is shortened. Also, when Bugs serves to Taz wild turkey surprise, the explosives were not shown, although the ensuing explosion inside of Taz was. "Pardon."

"The Bee-Deviled Bruin" (Jones; 1949):

    WB: When That's Warner Bros.! became Bugs N' Daffy, this cartoon short was removed from the lineup, presumably for violent content, and replaced with other cartoons.

"Beep, Beep!" (Jones; 1952):

    Nickelodeon: In the original version of this cartoon, Wile E. Coyote falls off of a cliff and before he hits gorge bottom, he swallows two Aspirin. Nickelodeon removed the Aspirin.

"Beep Prepared" (Jones; 1961):

    ABC: Removed were the following: Wile E. preparing electric eye machine guns on each side of the road that fire only on him, literally reducing him in size; an elaborate rocket outfit "revving up", only to explode.
    CBS: During the 1984-5 season of The Bugs Bunny/Road Runner Show, there was a brief edit in this cartoon's opening scene, after the Road Runner blasts a gun and Wile E., who is standing on air, begins to fall. Before Wile E. reaches the ground, the scene abruptly changed to him walking, pondering his next move. This was a sloppy edit as one could hear the impact- it was heard as Wile E. was walking.

"Believe it, or Else" (Avery; 1939):

    CN: The "berth of a baby" sight gag is edited out of this cartoon. This gag briefly involved the use of two black on-board train employees.

"Bewitched Bunny" (Jones; 1954):

    Syndication: This cartoon has caused a Canadian controversy. Click here for details.

"Big House Bunny" (Freleng; 1950):

    ABC: Bugs runs up onto a hanging noose's scaffold and presses a button and the platform beneath him lowers like an elevator. Yosemite Sam "Schultz" tries this and is hanged before the prison warden screams, "Schultz! Office!" This entire gag was omitted. Banned also from ABC: Bugs, disguised as the warden, offers to Sam a cigar and a seat- on the electric chair, with the predictable result!
    CN: Same noose scene cut as on ABC.
    Nickelodeon: Same noose scene cut as on ABC.
    Merrie Melodies: Same noose scene cut as on ABC. Also missing: Sam trying to tunnel out of prison.

"Big Man From the North" (Harman and Ising; 1931):

    Nickelodeon: Eliminated was Bosko stabbing the villain in the backside, but not his firing of a machine gun into the same region.

"The Big Snooze" (Clampett; 1946):

    CN: Bugs "looking into" Elmer's dream by swallowing sleeping pills is gone. The cartoon goes to black for a second when the taking of the pills occurs, then resumes with Bugs singing "Somebody's Rockin' My Dreamboat".
    Syndication: Same scene deleted but differently, with a jump cut.

"Bill of Hare" (McKimson; 1962):

    ABC: Bugs' poking of Taz's eye was removed, as was the explosive shish kabob. An off-camera explosion (of the shish kabob) is therefore heard before Bugs shuts a door but without any context.
    CBS: Bugs' bath in the cauldron was spliced to remove Taz's hand caught in a mousetrap. The scene in which Bugs plays a violin, which Taz eats, and then Bugs returns with a shish kabob of dynamite sticks, was edited so that it seemed that it was the violin itself that exploded!

"Billboard Frolics" (Freleng; 1935):

    Syndication: A scene appears to have been excised from the original release print of this short. An abrupt jump cut in the music score occurs during the scene transition between the exotic dance of the women's outfit and the chick spotting and chasing after the worm.
    Video: Removed from the print on volume three of Shokus Video's Cartoon Collection series was the sequence wherein the chick, attempting to catch the worm, is inflated with a tire pump.

"A Bird in a Bonnet" (Freleng; 1958):

    ABC: Instead of seeing Granny actually whack Sylvester over the head with her umbrella when he follows her out of the hat shop, one saw Granny produce the umbrella, holding it in her hand, but without the hitting action. There was a jump cut to a rather dazed-looking Sylvester.

"A Bird in a Guilty Cage" (Freleng; 1952):

    ABC: Sloppily cut was the gun-in-one-end-out-the-other gag also used in "A Star is Bored" and "Tease For Two". Viewers did not witness Sylvester bullet-riddling his rear end. The sound of the gunshot came off-camera as Tweety was shown exiting a hole in the department store wall. The entire chase through the dollhouse was excised, too.
    CBS: Trimming to the dollhouse scene was done to remove this violent moment: Sylvester blasts his own finger with a revolver after the finger had been dunked into a can of yellow paint that Tweety placed in the finger's path, Sylvester then mistaking his yellow finger for Tweety.

"Birth of a Notion" (McKimson; 1947):

    WB: The scene in which Daffy sneaks into Peter Lorre's bedroom during the night with a knife and starts stabbing only to discover that Lorre has a shield protecting himself, was dropped, as was the rest of the scene inside of Lorre's bedroom.

"Blooper Bunny" (Ford and Lennon; 1991):

    WB: In the original version of this cartoon, Daffy utters, "You smug son of a..." to Bugs before being discretely halted by a fade-out from completing the sentence. For The Bugs N' Daffy Show, his line was shortened to, "You smug..." Also, the ending of this cartoon was missing the closing credits over which Yosemite Sam is cursing and Bugs says, "Eh, maybe we can fix it (this cartoon) in the editing."

"Bonanza Bunny" (McKimson; 1959):

    ABC: Everything between Blacque Jacque's loss to Bugs at card game 21 and Bugs running into a storage room, including the cork-pulling gag in the rumpus room and the dynamite telephone, was deemed too violent and removed from this cartoon.

"A Bone For a Bone" (Freleng; 1951):

    ABC: Two scenes cut: 1) Goofy Gopher hitting George P. Dog on the head with a mallet; and 2) the dog inadvertently lighting some of the effluent from his gunpowder keg.

"Boobs in the Woods" (McKimson; 1950):

    ABC: Deleted was the entire scene wherein Daffy dresses as Pocahontas to plead for Porky's reprieve from the axe blade of an executioner. So too was the part in which Porky pulls the "choke" button in his car to persuade his functional Daffy Duck engine to peddle and thereby move the car.
    CN: Pocahontas scene was removed for awhile, but recently restored.

"Book Revue" (Clampett; 1946):

    CN: Daffy and the wolf briefly running through the book, Uncle Tom's Cabin, is now removed.
    WB: Daffy's line, "So round, so firm, so fully packed, so easy on the draw," was omitted.

"The Booze Hangs High" (Harman and Ising; 1930):

    Nickelodeon: The father pig regurgitating a corncob, flicking off the one kernel that remains on it, and putting it back into his stomach through a trapdoor, was cut.

"Bosko the Lumberjack" (Harman; 1932):

    Nickelodeon: Bosko supposedly fires his gun through a moose head on a wall, and that was certainly not in a version that Nickelodeon ever showed.

"Bosko's Knight-Mare" (Harman; 1933):

    Nickelodeon: From 1987 to 1989, some scenes of the Knights of the Round Table being movie star caricatures were deleted. Probably done just to shorten the cartoon.

"Bosko's Picture Show" (Harman; 1933):

    Nickelodeon: Cut was the newsreel gag in which Adolf Hitler (seen for the first time in a Warner Bros. cartoon) chases Jimmy Durante with an axe. Later, when Dirty Dalton appears, Bosko points to the movie screen and says, according to animation historian Jerry Beck, "the dirty fox!" However, some viewers believe that Bosko actually utters the phrase "the dirty f--k" instead. The use of the latter term was stated as fact in the first edition of the book Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies: The Complete Illustrated Guide to the Warner Bros. Cartoons by Jerry Beck and Will Friedwald but was subsequently corrected to "the dirty fox" in the second edition. Despite the fact that this short was released during the Pre-Code era of American film, many film and animation historians conclude that it would have been unlikely for Bosko to explicity use the f-word. Nonetheless, controversy continues to persist. To err on the side of caution, Nickelodeon, after initially showing this cartoon completely unaltered, decided to dub over the ambiguous word with "cur". In October 2008, the film was released unaltered and fully restored on volume six of the Looney Tunes Golden Collection DVD series.

"Boston Quackie" (McKimson; 1957):

    Merrie Melodies: Some of the spy murder gags on the train were dropped, and so too were there brief cuts when Daffy is "hanging" in the mailbag.

"Boulder Wham" (Larriva; 1965):

    ABC: Removed was the entire scene in which Wile E. Coyote tries to hypnotize the Road Runner into walking off a cliff, only to do so himself.
    Nickelodeon: During the hypnotism scene, the Road Runner appeared to have been freeze-framed at some point right before Wile E. falls. Also, the closing of the lettering seemed to have been mismatched. The cartoon is a Merrie Melodie, but the closing shown said "A Vitagraph Release". Not only that; the closing lettering seemed to do a late fade-in.

"Bowery Bugs" (Davis; 1949):

    ABC: There is a scene of Bugs saying, "How about me readin' the bumps on your head?" to Steve Brody. Brody replies, "I ain't got no bumps on my head," and, naturally, Bugs creates some by striking Brody with a mallet. Originally, Bugs hits Brody seven times, but on ABC, he only hit him once. The scene where the policeman whaps Brody on the head was also clipped.

"Boyhood Daze" (Jones; 1957):

    ABC: The entire African jungle sequence of Ralph's daydream was removed from this cartoon.
    CN: Ralph Phillips daydreaming that he is a criminal in a jail cell awaiting punishment, is shortened to remove Ralph smoking a cigarette.
    Nickelodeon: A shot of the African cannibals doing their dance (not their shadows but their true, full-body figures) was trimmed.

"Box Car Blues" (Harman and Ising; 1930):

    Nickelodeon: In the original version of this cartoon short, Bosko goes through three tunnels atop a train, and while traveling through the third, he turns to the camera and shouts, "Mammy!" (a la Al Jolson) from the darkness. The shout was deleted.

"Box Office Bunny" (Van Citters; 1990):

    ABC: Daffy and Elmer chase Bugs into the movie theatre, the two slip and land in a "Friday the 13th"-style movie, and they start screaming for release from the theatre screen. Bugs comments, "It takes a miracle to get into pictures, now these two jokers wanna get out!" The viewer did not see the "That's all, Folks!" card with Daffy and Elmer screaming and Bugs saying the standard cartoon-closing line.

"A Broken Leghorn" (McKimson; 1959):

    ABC: Edited out of the cartoon was the scene in which Foghorn ties some corn to a rifle to fire at the little rooster but instead is himself blasted in the face by the gun. The same scene also includes a comment by Foghorn: "...that boy's so dumb that he thinks that the Mexican border pays rent!" In addition to the corn and rifle gag being deleted, the dynamite in the exhaust pipe scene is also gone.
    WB: Cut was the rifle and corn gag but not the dynamite in the exhaust pipe.

"Brother Brat" (Tashlin; 1944):

    CN: Baby Percy's Winston Churchill impersonation is not visible anymore.

"Buccaneer Bunny" (Freleng; 1948):

    WB: Removed was Bugs telling to Sam that, "Dead men tell no tales," and Sam then almost pistol-shooting himself in the head before realizing that he has been tricked.

"Buckaroo Bugs" (Clampett; 1944):

    Syndication: The shot of Red Hot Ryder's groin being covered by a fig leaf was gone from some film prints.

"Buddy of the Apes" (Hardaway; 1934):

    Syndication: Edited from the Guild Films/Sunset Productions print of this short is the scene in which the "look-out" cannibal native notifies the cannibal chief about Buddy and the animals.

"Buddy the Woodsman" (King; 1934):

    Nickelodeon: The Chinese cook announcing dinnertime was excised, with a very obvious computer-accomplished wipe effect, although scenes in which the cook says nothing were left in the cartoon.

"Buddy's Circus" (King; 1934):

    Nickelodeon: All scenes involving Ubangi circus performers were edited from this cartoon short.

"Buddy's Show Boat" (Duvall; 1933):

    Nickelodeon: A scene of blackface minstrels had the picture element replaced with a repeat of an earlier hound dog gag, but a later minstrel scene was unaltered. A Zulu native imitating Maurice Chevalier was untouched, but his introduction by name in the stage show (in which he is called Chief Saucer-Lip) was omitted.

"Bugs Bonnets" (Jones; 1956):

    ABC: The scene wherein the Indian hat falls onto Bugs' head was cut, and Bugs' as a mobster smoking a cigar was shortened.
    CBS: All scenes of Bugs smoking were spliced out of this cartoon.
    CN: Scenes which showed Bugs as a mobster and Elmer as General MacArthur were shortened to remove the smoking. The Pilgrim and Indian scene was also completely cut. These scenes were restored to CN showings in early 2001.
    WB: The opening scene with the pirate saying, "Kill the women and children first," was muted. Elmer bellowing, "Wet me see the cowor of your spurting bwood," and Bugs saying, "My spurting blood? Yipe!" was also removed. Cut too was the bit where gangster Bugs hands to policeman Elmer a wad of bills, and judge Bugs then sees the "bribe" in Fudd's hands.

"Bugs Bunny Rides Again" (Freleng; 1948):

    WB: Here is what was cut: the bullets stopping and then proceeding at the traffic lights; one cowboy firing a gun at another and then drinking his victim's beer; Sam shooting his gun at a cowboy like he would fire a gun at a duck in a shooting gallery; and Bugs rolling a cigarette.
    Syndication: In the original cartoon, Sam declared that he was the, "...roughest, toughest hombre," etc., and then said, "And I don't mean Mahatma Ghandi," but most reissue prints have that line redubbed as, "And I ain't no namby pamby."

"Bully For Bugs" (Jones; 1953):

    ABC: Gone was the bull swallowing the box of bullets and exploding. Same notation for the glue-and-sandpaper-and-lit-match-and-dynamite sequence. All that one saw was the bull going up the greased ramp and crashing into the fence.
    CBS: Same scene as on ABC was censored, but differently. CBS showed the bull sliding along the greased runway and being daubed with glue and sandpaper. Deleted were the lit match and TNT fuse and the explosion, but intact was the disheveled bull flying through the air before hitting the fence.

"Bunny and Claude (We Rob Carrot Patches)" (McKimson; 1968):

    Nickelodeon: During the final chase scene, the picture abruptly faded to black for closure; so, there may have been an edit involved.

"Bushy Hare" (McKimson; 1950):

    Nickelodeon: A scene wherein "Nature Boy" (as Bugs has nicknamed him) has "cornered" Bugs in a hole and starts jabbing his spear into the hole and Bugs meanwhile stands behind him, dramatizing all kinds of death shrieks, was edited. When Bugs finally finishes his death cries with, "Just go away and leave me to die in peace," "Nature" reacts by laughing with evil delight and jabbing his spear into the hole with more vigor, and Bugs watches with disgust and says, "Why, you little..!" and then kicks "Nature" into the hole. It is the latter two reactions that were cut so that the cartoon went from, "...leave me to die in peace," directly to where Bugs kicks him into the hole, tickles his feet, and says, "How 'Nature Boy' can you get?!"

"Bye, Bye, Bluebeard" (Davis; 1949):

    Nickelodeon: After the mouse flipped the coin, deleted was the short shot of Bluebeard putting Porky in the guillotine, so that this cartoon jump cut to the mouse ringing the dinner bell. Also gone was Bluebeard, after eating the "pop-overs", running to the medicine cabinet and mixing for himself all sorts of medicines, and then exploding. Nickelodeon had him eating the bombs and then exploding.
    WB: Same edits as on Nickelodeon.

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