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$21 a Day (Once a Month)
100 Pygmies and Andy Panda

Abou Ben Boogie
Ace in the Hole
Adventures of Tom Thumb Jr.
After the Ball
Air Express, The
Air Raid Warden
Airlift A La Carte
Alaska Sweepstakes
All Hams on Deck
Alley to Bali
Amateur Broadcast
Amature Nite
Andy Panda Goes Fishing
Andy Panda's Pop
Andy Panda's Victory Garden
Annie Moved Away
Apple Andy
Arabs With Dirty Fezzes
Arts and Flowers
Astronut Woody
At Your Service
Athlete, The

Baby Kittens
Bandmaster, The [1931]
Bandmaster, The [1947]
Banquet Busters
Barber of Seville, The
Barnyard Five, The
Barnyard Romeo
Bathing Buddies
Bats in the Belfry
Battle Royal
Beach Nut, The
Beach Combers
Bears and the Bees
Beau and Arrows
Beau Best
Beauty Shoppe
Bedtime Bedlam
Bee Bopped
Belle Boys
Big Bite, The
Big Cat and the Little Mousie, The
Big Race, The
Big Snooze, The
Billion-Dollar Boner
Bird on Nellie's Hat, The
Bird Who Came to Dinner, The
Birds of a Feather
Birth of a Toothpick, The
Birthday Party, The
Bolo-Mola Land
Bongo Punch, The
Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy of Company "B"
Boogie Woogie Man (Will Get You If You Don't Watch Out)
Boogie Woogie Sioux
Born to Peck
Bowery Bimbos
Box Car Bandit
Broadway Bow Wow's
Broadway Folly
Bronco Buster
Buccaneer Woodpecker
Bugged in a Rug
Bunco Busters
Bungling Builder, The
Busman's Holiday
Buster's Last Stand
Busy Barber, The
Butcher Boy, The
Bye, Bye, Blackboard

Calling All Cuckoos
Calling Dr. Woodpecker
Candy House, The
Candy Land
Canine Commandos
Canned Dog Feud
Careless Caretaker
Carnival Capers
Case of the Cold-Storage Yegg
Case of the Elephant's Trunk, The
Case of the Lost Sheep
Case of the Maltese Chicken, The
Case of the Red-Eyed Ruby
Cat and the Bell, The
Cat Nipped
Cats and Dogs
Charlie Cuckoo
Charlie in Hot Water
Charlie the Rainmaker
Charlie's Camp Out
Charlie's Golf Classic
Charlie's Mother-in-Law
Chew-Chew Baby
Chicken Reel
Chief Charlie Horse
Chili Con Corny
Chiller Dillers
Chilly and the Looney Gooney
Chilly and the Woodchopper
Chilly Chums
Chilly Con Carmen
Chilly Reception, A
Chilly Willy
Chilly's Cold War
Chilly's Hide-A-Way
Chilly's Ice Folly
Chris Columbus, Jr.
Clash and Carry
Clown, The
Cold Feet
Cold Turkey
Coming-Out Party
Convict Concerto
Coo Coo Nuts
Coo Coo Bird, The
Cool It, Charlie
Corny Concerto
Country School
Country Store, The
County Fair, The
Cow Cow Boogie
Coy Decoy
Crackpot Cruise
Crazy House
Crazy Mixed Up Pup
Crow Crazy
Crowd Snores, The
Crowin' Pains

Davy Cricket
Day Nurse
Deep-Freeze Squeeze
Destination Meatball
Detective, The
Dig That Dog
Dippy Diplomat, The
Disobedient Mouse, The
Dizzy Acrobat, The
Dizzy Dwarf, The
Dizzy Kitty
Do a Good Deed
Doc's Last Stand
Doctor Oswald
Dog Tax Dodgers
Dog That Cried Wolf, The
Dopey Dick the Pink Whale
Drooler's Delight
Duck Hunt
Dumb Cluck, The
Dumb Like a Fox

Egg Cracker Suite, The
Elmer the Great Dane
Everglade Raid
Everybody Sing

Fair Today
Fair Weather Fiends
Farmer, The
Farming Fools
Fat in the Saddle
Feed the Kitty
Feudin Fightin-N-Fussin
Five and Dime
Fine Feathered Frenzy
Fireman, The
Fireman's Picnic
Fish and Chips
Fish Fry
Fish Hooked
Fish Story, A
Fisherman, The
Flea for Two
Flim Flam Fountain
Flying Turtle, The
Fodder and Son
Foot Brawl
Football Fever
For the Love of Pizza
Fowl Ball, The
Fowled-Up Birthday
Fowled-Up Falcon
Fowled-Up Party
Fox and the Rabbit, The
Fractured Friendship
Freeloading Feline
Freeway Fracas
Fun House

Gabby's Diner
Genie With the Light Touch, The
Get Lost
Get Lost! Little Doggy
Ghost Town Frolics
Ginger Bread Boy, The
Going to Blazes
Gold Diggin' Woodpecker
Goldilocks and the Three Bears
Golfers, The
Good-Bye Mr. Moth
Goofy Gardener, The
Gooney is Born, A
Gooney's Goofy Landings
Goose in the Rough
Goose Is Wild, The
Gopher Broke
Gopher Trouble
Grandma's Pet
Great Who-Dood-It, The
Greatest Man in Siam, The
Greedy Gabby Gator
Guest Who?

Half Baked Alaska
Half Empty Saddles
Ham and Eggs
Hams That Couldn't Be Cured, The
Happy Scouts
Hare Mail, The
Hash Shop, The
Hassle in a Castle
Haunting We Will Go, A
Have Gun, Can't Travel
Hay Rube
Heap Big Hepcat
Hells Heels
Helter Shelter
Highway Hecklers
Hillbilly, The
Hi-Rise Wise Guys
His Better Elf
Hi-Seas Hi-Jacker
Hold That Rock
Hollywood Bowl
Hollywood Matador, The
Home Sweet Homewrecker
Hook Line and Stinker
Horse Play
Horse's Tale, A
Hot and Cold
Hot and Cold Penguin
Hot Diggity Dog
Hot Feet
Hot for Hollywood
Hot Noon (or 12 O'Clock For Sure)
Hot Rod Huckster
Hot Time on Ice
House of Magic
How to Stuff a Woodpecker
How to Trap a Woodpecker
Hunger Strife
Hunter, The
Hurdy Gurdy
Hyde and Sneak
Hypnotic Hick
Hysterical Highspots in American History

I'm Cold
I'm Just a Jitterbug
Indian Corn
International Woodpecker

Janie Get Your Gun
Jerky Turkey
Jittery Jester
Jolly Little Elves
Juke Box Jamboree
Jungle Jive
Jungle Jumble, A

Keeper of the Lions, The
Kentucky Belles
Kiddie Koncert
Kiddie League
Kiddie Revue
King Klunk
Kings Up
Kisses and Kurses
Kittens' Mittens
Kitty from the City
Knights for a Day
Knock Knock
Kounty Fair

Lad in Bagdad, A
Lamp Lighter, The
Legend of Rockabye Point, The
Let Charlie Do It
Let's Eat
Life Begins for Andy Panda
Lighthouse-Keeping Blues
Little Blue Blackbird
Little Skeeter
Little Tellevillain
Little Tough Mice
Little Woody Riding Hood
Loan Stranger, The
Log Jammed
Lonesome Ranger
Loose Nut, The
Lotsa Luck
Lumber Camp, The
Lumber Champ, The

Mackerel Moocher
Mad Hatter, The
Magic Beans, The
Making Good
Man Hunt
Man's Best Friend
Maw and Paw
Meatless Tuesday
Mechanical Handy Man, The
Mechanical Man
Merry Dog
Merry Old Soul, The
Misguided Missile
Mississippi Slow Boat
Monkey Wretches
Monster of Ceremonies
Moochin' Pooch
Mother Goose on the Loose
Mother's Little Helper
Mouse and the Lion, The
Mouse in the House
Mouse Trapped
Mouse Trappers
Mousie Come Home
Movie Phoney News
Music Hath Charms
Musical Moments from Chopin
My Pal Paul
Mysterious Jug, The

Nature's Workshop
Nautical Nut, The
Navy, The
Nellie of the Circus
Nellie the Indian Chief's Daughter
Nellie the Sewing Machine Girl (or Honest Hearts & Willing Hands)
Niagara Fools
Night Life of the Bugs
Not So Quiet
Nutty Notes
Nutty Pine Cabin

Oil's Well
One Horse Town
One-Armed Bandit
Operation Cold Feet
Operation Sawdust
Operation Shanghai
Ostrich Egg and I, The
Ostrich Feathers
Overture to William Tell
Ozark Lark
Ozzie of the Circus

Painter and the Pointer, The
Panhandle Scandal
Pantry Panic
Papoose on the Loose
Parking Space
Pass the Biscuits Mirandy
Paste Makes Waste
Paw's Night Out
Peck of Trouble
Pecking Holes in Poles
Permanent Wave
Pesky Pelican
Pest of Show
Phantom of the Horse Opera
Phoney Express
Phoney Pony
Pied Piper of Basin Street, The
Pig in a Pickle
Pigeon Holed
Pigeon Patrol
Pin Feathers
Pistol-Packin' Woodpecker
Pixie Land
Pixie Picnic
Playful Pelican
Playful Pup, The
Plumber, The
Plumber of Seville, The
Plywood Panic
Poet and Peasant, The
Polar Fright
Polar Pests
Poop Deck Pirate
Practical Yolk
Prehistoric Super Salesman
Prison Panic, The
Private Eye Pooch
Problem Child, The
Project Reject
Punchy Pooch
Puny Express
Puppet Show
Pussy Willie

Quail Hunt, The
Queen's Kittens

Rabbit Hunt, The
Race Riot
Radio Rhythm
Rah Rah Ruckus
Rain, Rain, Go Away
Ration Bored
Real Gone Woody
Reckless Driver, The
Recruiting Daze
Red Riding Hoodlum
Redwood Sap, The
Reluctant Recruit, The
Rest Resort, The
Roamin' Roman
Robin Hoody Woody
Robinson Crusoe Isle
Robinson Gruesome
Rock-a-Bye Gator
Rocket Racket
Romp in a Swamp
Roof Top Razzle Dazzle
Room and Bored
Room and Wrath
Rough and Tumbleweed
Rough Riding Hood
Round Trip to Mars
Rude Intruder, The

Saddle-Sore Woody
Sailor Mouse
Salmon Loafer
Salmon Yeggs
Salt Water Daffy
Scalp Treatment
Science Friction
Scrambled Eggs
Scrappy Birthday
Screwball, The
Screwdriver, The
Scrub Me Mama With a Boogie Beat
Seal on the Loose
Secret Agent Woody Woodpecker
Shanghai Woody
She Done Him Right
Ship A'hoy Woody
Short in the Saddle
Show Biz Beagle
Shriek, The
Shutter Bug
Silly Seals
Silly Superstition
Singing Sap, The
Sioux Me
Sissy Sheriff
Ski for Two
Sky Larks
Slaphappy Valley
Sleep Happy
Sleeping Princess, The
Sleepy Time Bear
Sleepy Time Chimes
Slingshot 6 7/8
Sliphorn King of Polaroo, The
Slumberland Express
Smoked Hams
Snappy Salesman
Snoozin' Bruin, The
Snow Place Like Home
Snow Use
Snuffy's Party
Socko in Morocco
Soft Ball Game
Solid Ivory
Soup to Mutts
South Pole Pals
Southern Fried Hospitality
Space Mouse
Spring in the Park
Springtime Serenade
Square Shootin' Square
St. Moritz Blitz
Stage Hoax
Steel Workers, The
Stevedores, The
Stone Age, The
Stowaway Woody
Stubborn Mule, The
Sufferin' Cats
Sunny South
Swing Your Partner
Swiss Miss-Fit
Syncopated Sioux

Tail End
Talking Dog, The
Teacher's Pests
Tee Bird, The
Teeny Weeny Meany
Tepee for Two
Tenant's Racket, The
Termites From Mars
Terrible Troubadour, The
Three Lazy Mice
Three Little Woodpeckers
Three-Ring Fling
Tin Can Concert (Presents "The Cinderella Overture" by Rossini)
To Catch a Woodpecker
Tom Cat Combat
Towne Hall Follies
Toy Shoppe, The
Toyland Premiere
Trade Mice
Tragic Magic
Trailer Thrills
Tramping Tramps
Tree Medic, The
Tree's a Crowd
Tricky Trout
Truant Student
Tumble Weed Greed
Turkey Dinner
Two Little Lambs

Unbearable Salesman, The
Under the Counter Spy
Under The Spreading Blacksmith's Shop
Under Dog, The
Under Sea Dogs
Unhandy Man, The
Unlucky Potluck
Unpopular Mechanic, The

Vicious Viking
Voodoo Boo-Hoo
Voodoo in Harlem

Wacky Weed, The
Wacky-Bye Baby
Watch the Birdie
Wax Works, The
Well Oiled
Wet Blanket Policy
Wet Knight, A
What's Peckin'
What's Sweepin'
Who's Cookin Who?
Wicket Wacky
Wild and Woody
Wild and Woolly
Wild Bill Hiccup
William Tell
Wily Weasel, The
Window Pains
Winged Horse, The
Wins Out
Witch Crafty
Witty Kitty
Wolf! Wolf!
Woodpecker From Mars
Woodpecker in the Moon
Woodpecker in the Rough
Woodpecker Wanted
Woody and the Beanstalk
Woody Dines Out
Woody Meets Davy Crewcut
Woody the Freeloader
Woody the Giant Killer
Woody Woodpecker
Woody's Clip Joint
Woody's Knight Mare
Woody's Kook-Out
Woody's Magic Touch
Wrestling Wrecks

Yankee Doodle Swing Shift
Ye Happy Pilgrims
Yokel Boy Makes Good
Yukon Have It

Zoo, The