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Feline Follies (1919)

Master Tom (Felix) is lured by a "meow" to the home of Miss Kitty White. He makes a date with her, spruces up, and meets her at "the trysting place", the fence where he sings "I have nine lives to live". Felix doesn't know that mice are raising Cain while he's away from home, and on his return he is ejected. Reapproaching Kitty he finds that she already has a litter. Felix decides to commit suicide.

Feline Follies

Felix Revolts (1923)

Upon finding that the city fathers consider cats a nuisance, Felix arranges a feline strike. When fish-stores are emptied by marauding cats and rodents take the town by storm, Felix and his brethren are given the recognition they deserve.

Felix Revolts

Felix Finds Out (1924)

Felix's owner Willie can't figure out why the moon shines, so Felix goes in search of the answer. After various adventures, Felix finds the "moonshine" that bootleggers have brewed and staggers home drunk for the closer.

Felix Finds Out

Futuritzy (1928)

Kitty's father won't let Felix marry her until he learns what his future holds. Felix visits an astronomer, who predicts a fine future for Felix, but in practice nothing happens as the prediction had suggested. In the end, an angry Felix breaks the astronomer's window.


Tee Time (1930)

Felix tricks his father into thinking that he's practicing the piano, then escapes to play golf with Skidoo. After raising the ire of the local fire department, he's shot overseas on a jet of water and lands in Africa, where jungle cannibals try to devour him.

Tee Time

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