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The first Felix books were English Felix Annuals, published by Daily Sketch and Sunday Graphic Ltd. from 1924. We're not sure quite how long the series lasted, but it certainly survived through 1929. From left to right, examples shown are issue 2 (1925), 4 (1927), and probably 6 (1929).
The first American publication seems to have been the oblong one-shot Felix the Cat Book (1927) by McLoughlin Bros. Later came Western Publishing's Big Little Books and Four Color Comics; examples shown are BLB 1129 and FC 15 (first Felix numbers, 1936 and 1943).
In France the publisher Hachette issued a comic album series starting in 1931. From left to right, examples shown are issue 1, 3 (1932), 9, 10 (both 1935), and 17 (1939).
All of these collections contained vintage Sunday and daily comic strips, sometimes reformatted to serve as illustrations for a story told in prose.


An early Felix doll was the classic 1920s jointed wood figure from Schoenut, shown at left. Available a bit later was the Borgfeldt bendy toy pictured on the red background. Bike-riding stuffed Felix and the English figural jigsaw are two items whose makers we haven't yet tracked down.

We don't know as much as we'd like to about this famous British series. We are aware that they were published by Bamforth from 1925, with the design of Felix evolving over the years of issue. English/German bilingual variants of some cards exist, as do variants pairing an individual image with more than one caption. We invite our readers to contribute more detailed information.


The chinaware is British in origin; note the images' similarity to some of the postcard vignettes above. Felix Orange Dry soda would seem to be a 1920s or 1930s item, but we haven't been able to learn anything more. Finally, what's your kitchen wall without a decorative poster? The "Howling Hot Dogs" image advertises a 1930s mutoscope reel derived from the cartoon One Good Turn (1929).

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