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The Classic Felix Filmography

(c) 2007 David A. Gerstein
This list, compiled from various sources, is more complete than any that I am aware of. Special thanks to Howard Beckerman, Dave Butler, Colin and Timothy Cowles, Denis Gifford, Mark Kausler, Cole Johnson, Ron Magliozzi, Pietro Shakarian, Zoran Sinobad, and Tom Stathes. Please see the Classic Felix Encyclopedia Word file for an extensive update on the archival holdings that were formerly part of this page.


Famous Players/Lasky release as a segment of the Paramount Magazine
  • Feline Follies (Nov. 9)

    Master Tom (Felix) is lured by a "meow" to the home of Miss Kitty White. He makes a date with her, spruces up, and meets her at "the trysting place", the fence where he sings "I have nine lives to live". Felix doesn't know that mice are raising Cain while he's away from home, and on his return he is ejected. Reapproaching Kitty he finds that she already has a litter. Felix decides to commit suicide. Video: Felix! (Lumivision), Presenting Felix the Cat Vol. 1 (Bosko Video). DVD: Felix! (Lumivision), Presenting Felix the Cat (Bosko Video)
  • The Musical Mews (Nov. 16)

  • The Adventures of Felix (Dec. 14)

  • Titles and release dates derived from a complete set of Paramount copyright synopses and booking information. Past reference sources (including this page) date The Musical Mews at Feb. 22, 1920—apparently in error.


Famous Players/Lasky release as a segment of the Paramount Magazine
  • A Frolic With Felix (Jan. 25)

  • Felix the Big Game Hunter (Feb. 22)

    Felix is begging a man for milk when a woman hires him to de-mouse her house. Felix tries trapping Skiddoo the mouse, spinning him dizzy on the Victrola, and finally chasing him round the basement before a flask of booze turns cat and mouse into pals.
  • Wrecking a Romeo (March 7)

    Felix and Kitty (here called Nell) are country lovers when a city slicker cat comes to town. Felix wins a swordfight with the slicker, then saves his girl when the villain entraps her high on a cliffside.
  • Felix the Food Controller (April 11)

    Felix fears he'll starve when his mistress goes on a diet. He fails at mooching frankfurters, catching birds, and begging from a fisherman before finally catching a fish himself.
  • Felix the Pinch Hitter (April 18)

    Felix's human boy pal Willie Brown (likely making his first appearance) hopes to escape piano practice to play ball. Felix plays the piano in Willie's stead till his mom catches on. Later, Mrs. Brown demands Willie toss a cord of wood into the cellar, but Felix and Willie trick a tramp into doing the job for them.
  • Foxy Felix (May 16)

    Felix and a dog both belong to the same mistress. But when she gives them a bone to share, Felix hogs it all and battle is joined. Felix later declares an armistice, but only to let the dog's guard down. Then Felix again swipes the bone for himself.
  • A Hungry Hoodoo (June 6)

    Felix fears he'll be unlucky on Friday the 13th, but sets out to find a meal anyway. After trouble with a tramp and a Chinese chef, Felix successfully steals a boy's basket of fish. But he gets home to find Kitty with a new litter of kittens—proving Felix unlucky after all.
  • The Great Cheese Robbery (June 13)

    Rats in the barn have stolen Felix's beer stash. But Felix gets even, luring the rats into a trap with the promise of a cheese shop delivery. The climactic sequence was remade later on in Felix Laughs Last (1923, c. f.)
  • Felix and the Feed Bag (July 18)

    When Felix fails at a fishing expedition, Kitty (here called Maria) asks him to scrape up dinner some other way. Felix steals apples, knocks out a chicken and pilfers a pie, but unwittingly loses all three items on his way home. Adding insult to injury, Kitty turns out to have gone to a restaurant instead.
  • Nifty Nurse (Aug. 22)

    A father bugged by his pesky kid hires Felix to babysit. Felix accidentally teaches the baby to smoke a pipe, the effects of which knock the baby unconscious. Felix revives the kid with liquor, making him drunk. Angry dad plans to spank the baby, but the now-rowdy baby throws his pop out of the house.
  • The Circus (Sept. 26)

    Felix is relaxing with his animal trainer master when a mouse scares the trainer's elephant away from the circus. Angry Felix first gets even with the mouse, then recovers the elephant (from a hole in a tree!) and rides him back to the circus.
  • My Hero (Oct. 24)

  • Felix the Landlord (Nov. 21)

    When Felix is evicted by his landlord, he decides to make money by becoming a landlord himself. He sets up two tents in the forest and rents them to bears and a stork. But the bears have too many cubs to fit in their tent, and the stork sublets his tent to a skunk.
  • Felix's Fish Story (Dec. 26)

    Fishing on the dock, Felix is pulled underwater by a giant fish. He is rescued and brought aboard a ship, but the sailors consider Felix bad luck. A storm washes Felix back into the sea, where he's pursued by a shark but manages to hide in a bottle.
  • Titles and release dates derived from a complete set of Paramount copyright synopses and booking information. Past reference sources (including this page) dated My Hero at Sept. 26 and Felix the Landlord at Aug. 29, as well as citing untitled Felix cartoons at May 30 and June 20—apparently in error.


Famous Players/Lasky release as a segment of the Paramount Magazine
  • Felix the Gay Dog (Feb. 6)

    Felix longs to escape the wife and kid for a night at the burlesque theatre. There he tries to pick up Kitty, burlesque girl dancer, only to discover that she's got an entire litter of children herself. Felix beats a retreat and ends the night asleep against a lamppost.
  • Down on the Farm (Feb. 13)

    In the hick town of Pepville, Felix chases Skiddoo around a train depot and encounters a satchel of whiskey. Felix later uses the whiskey to kill a flock of crows in a nearby farmer's cornfield. Much of the crow sequence was reused verbatim in Felix Finds A Way (1922, c. f.)
  • Felix the Hypnotist (March 20)

    Thrown out of the house by his wife, destitute Felix becomes test subject for a human hypnotist. Felix uses hypnotism himself to turn a pig into a corkscrew and make a fish terrorize the fish market. Felix tries to hypnotize his wife, too, but fails and is in for another thrashing.
  • Free Lunch (April 17)

    Deciding he's hungry, Felix fails at catching a frog, swiping a dog's bone, and trapping a rabbit. He invades a house to steal food, but finds the house is owned by a foodless, starving poet. In the end, Felix successfully tricks a hound out of some sausages.
  • Titles and release dates derived from a complete set of Paramount copyright synopses and booking information. Past reference sources (including this page) dated Felix the Hypnotist at March 13—apparently in error.


Famous Players/Lasky release in Paramount Cartoons split-reels
  • Felix Goes On Strike (May 15)

    When Felix's owner demands that he spend overtime chasing rats, Felix begins picketing the house. His owner gets a dog to take Felix's place, but Felix brings allies from "Cat's Union Local 99" to beat up the "strikebreaker." In the end, Felix's owner apologizes, the hatchet is buried, and together they trick the rats into moving to a nearby shop.
  • Felix Out of Luck (June 5)

    "I ain't gotta home, a girl, nor a job. Life's all bunk!" Felix is about to commit suicide with a pistol, but shelves his plans upon accidentally rescuing farmer's daughter Kitty from drowning. All seems well for awhile—until Felix loses Kitty to a big-city artist cat. Our hero returns to his pistol, fires that suicidal shot... and misses.
  • The Love Punch (July 3)

    On a picnic with Kitty, Felix flees from a bear, leaving Kitty to be rescued by passing boxer Battling Thomas. When Kitty spurns Felix later, Felix vows to kayo Thomas in the ring at Madison Square Garden... with the help of a cat salesman and "Muck's Marvelous Muscle Maker," a highly suspect elixir in a bottle.
  • Felix Left at Home (July 17)

    Felix's owners go out for the day, leaving Felix a can of salmon. Alas, the fish in the can is alive and escapes into the bathtub. As cats hate water, Felix and his unnamed brother must catch him without getting wet—a plan that backhandedly leads to the two cats drinking Felix's master's home brew.
  • Felix the Gay Dog

    (c. f., above) was rereleased Oct. 30 to finish off this series. Copyright synopses show that The Love Punch and Out of Luck were originally to have been released in the opposite order (with Love Punch intended for June 5), but theatre booking information shows that they ultimately swapped dates.


M. J. Winkler release
  • Felix Saves the Day (Feb. 1)

    Felix acts as mascot for his friend Willie's baseball team, the Nifty Nine, as they practice for the big game against the Tar Heels. When Willie knocks off a policeman's hat with one ball, he is thrown in prison. Felix takes over for Willie and hits a ball so high that it hits Jupiter Pluvius in the clouds, who reacts by raining out the rest of the game. Video: Felix! (Lumivision), Presenting Felix the Cat Vol. 1 (Bosko Video). DVD: Felix! (Lumivision), Presenting Felix the Cat (Bosko Video)
  • Felix at the Fair (March 1)

    At the fair, Felix is smitten by Marie, the dancing cat and star performer, but gets in bad with Razoo the snake charmer. Later Felix convinces Marie to retire from show business, marry him, and raise a litter of kittens (who are seen marching past the camera as we iris out).
  • Felix Makes Good (April 1)

    Felix loses his tail while stealing some bones, but gets a new tail in a shop. He gets a new job as a mouser, but is nearly fired when the mice frame him as a food robber.
  • Felix All at Sea (May 1)

    Dragged out to sea while fishing and tormented by the briny fauna, Felix is picked up by a rum-running ship. He escapes in a lifeboat with booze of his own, and bribes a coast guard man into letting him free upon arrival at shore.
  • Felix in Love (June 1)

    Serenader Felix is knocked off the fence with a magic lamp while serenading Kitty. Felix decides that absence makes the heart grow fonder, so utilizes the genie's help to travel to Africa in the belief that this will increase Kitty's love for him. The journey turns out to have been a dream, after which Felix and Kitty marry and (one year later) have a litter of kittens.
  • Felix in the Swim (July 1)

    Felix helps Willie avoid his piano lessons in favor of swimming by convincing Skiddoo the mouse and his family to jump around on the piano keys, which simulates the desired music. Video: Presenting Felix the Cat Vol. 1 (end of last scene missing, Bosko Video). DVD: Presenting Felix the Cat (end of last scene missing, Bosko Video)
  • Felix Finds a Way (Aug. 1)

    Felix is sent in a box as a gift to an impoverished old country man, then tries to help him run his farm—milking a cow (and putting the milk back in), being chased by bees, and finally using whiskey to kill a flock of crows in the cornfield.
  • Felix Gets Revenge (Sept. 1)

    Felix befriends a small boy, but the boy's father won't let him keep Felix as a pet. Felix sneaks into the house several times but is thrown out each time by dad, who finally fires a shotgun to drive him off. Felix gets revenge, first by using "very old cheese" to lure mice into the house, then by refusing to help daddy drive the mice away.
  • Felix Wakes Up (Sept. 15)

    After falling asleep on his way home from the nightclub, Felix dreams of meeting a doctor who's distributing a fantastic youth tonic. Upon taking the tonic, Felix feels capable of anything and heads to the jungle to capture a lion. He takes the worst of the encounter, which in the end he awakens from.
  • Felix Minds the Kid (Oct. 1)

    Felix takes a babysitting job for a human infant. When the child floats out of the house (don't ask) and runs away to join an orphanage, Felix has a tough time picking him out in the crowd. Video: Felix the Cat Sound and "Silent" (Video Yesteryear), Presenting Felix the Cat Vol. 1 (Bosko Video). DVD: Presenting Felix the Cat (Bosko Video)
  • Felix Turns the Tide (Oct. 15)

    Felix joins the army when rats declare war—and wins, when a troupe of living sausages helps him. He returns home to find his girlfriend married with a houseful of kitties. The basic plot was reused later in Hootchy Kootchy Parlais Vous (1930, c. f.) Video: Felix the Cat Cartoon Compilation (1/2-Inch Heaven), Felix the Cat (Congress Video Group: Fred Ladd colorization retitled "The Inventor"), Felix the Cat Vol. 1 (Grapevine Video), Felix the Cat and Krazy Kat Vol. 1 (Ed Finn), Presenting Felix the Cat Vol. 1 (Bosko Video). DVD: Presenting Felix the Cat (Bosko Video).
  • Fifty-Fifty (Oct. 22)

    Felix agrees to split everything with a tramp he has befriended. But when the tramp eats all of a found meal, Felix gets revenge by framing the hobo as a crook.
  • Felix Comes Back

    Felix captures a butcher's sausages even when they lead him a merry chase. The butcher traps Felix and sends him far away to the frozen Arctic, but fails to get rid of him, and he returns home in a cake of ice.
  • Felix on the Trail (Nov. 1)

    Felix gets in bad with some Kentucky bootleggers, mixing up booze underground in an enormous metal keg. The bootleggers try to shoot Felix, then sic their guard bear on him—a mistake as Felix ultimately turns the bear against its masters.
  • Felix Lends a Hand (Nov. 15)

    Armed with a carpet that flies when he says "kosher," Felix wings it to Egypt to rescue the fat girlfriend of his Arab rug-salesman friend. He duels with a mouse in the tent of the girl's sheik captor but finally learns the girl is too heavy for the carpet to carry her. Video: Presenting Felix the Cat Vol. 1 (Bosko Video). DVD: Presenting Felix the Cat (Bosko Video)
  • Felix Gets Left (Dec. 1)

    Felix's mistress leaves him a note encouraging him to find food himself today. Felix is unable to milk a cow, then drinks a baby's milk bottle after a lengthy, unsuccessful Skiddoo chase. Felix does save the mouse from drowning in a liquor basin, though, and makes him promise to return later as Felix's supper course—a promise Skiddoo breaks.
  • Felix in the Bone Age (Dec. 15)

    Felix longs to devour the huge prehistoric bones in a museum, and is transported back in time. A cavewoman asks her beau to catch her a catskin coat, and the burly lug does his best to lay his unshaven hands on Felix. Felix also fights against a big ape with the help of various monkeys. Video: Presenting Felix the Cat Vol. 1 (Bosko Video: fragmentary copy incorrectly titled "Felix in the Stone Age"). DVD: Presenting Felix the Cat (Bosko Video: same fragmentary copy as on VHS)
  • Starting in 1922, the full title of any film which—in this list—doesn't contain Felix's name is in fact "Felix in..." or (from 1925) "Felix the Cat in... [title of cartoon]". Here Felix's name has been kept only when integral to the title.


M. J. Winkler release
  • Felix the Ghost Breaker (Jan. 1)

    Felix follows a ghost from a graveyard to a farmhouse, where the farmer and then a police squad are terrorized. Felix is unfazed by the ghost, suspecting (correctly) that the phantom is actually a real-estate shark hoping to lower the building's property value. With the aid of a mule, Felix "exorcises" the scheming shyster. Video: Felix the Cat Vol. 1 (Grapevine Video), Presenting Felix the Cat Vol. 2 (Bosko Video). DVD: Presenting Felix the Cat (Bosko Video)
  • Felix Wins Out (Jan. 15)

    Felix joins the circus and helps the Fat Lady slim down so she can date the Skeleton Man. When this causes the ringmaster to fire Felix, the cat purposely lets his entire menagerie loose. Video: Felix the Cat Vol. 1 (Grapevine Video), Presenting Felix the Cat Vol. 2 (Bosko Video). DVD: Presenting Felix the Cat (Bosko Video)
  • Felix Tries for Treasure (April 15)

    Felix and Sammy Johnsin discover a map to Pirate Queen Lizzie Tish's pearl treasure. But upon travelling under water, they're cheated out of the hoard by a loan shark.
  • Felix Revolts (May 1)

    Upon finding that the city fathers consider cats a nuisance, Felix arranges a feline strike. When fish-stores are emptied by marauding cats and rodents take the town by storm, Felix and his brethren are given the recognition they deserve. Video: Felix the Cat (Video Rarities), Felix the Cat Frolics #2 (Festival Films), Felix the Cat Sound and "Silent" (Video Yesteryear), Presenting Felix the Cat Vol. 2 (Bosko Video). DVD: Presenting Felix the Cat (Bosko Video)
  • Felix Calms His Conscience (May 15)

    Felix finds Kitty's affections lured away by a Bowery rival. He manages to get the rival tied in a sack with plans to be thrown in the river, but Felix's conscience haunts him until he averts the murder.
  • Felix the Globe Trotter (June 1)

    Felix's tough mistress kills a boxing kangaroo in a fairground competition, and the kangaroo's owner makes a deal with Felix to go to Australia and bring back a replacement. The owner tries to stiff Felix of the payment on his return, but Felix produces small roos from the big one's pouch and collects in full.
  • Felix Gets Broadcasted (June 15)

    A fisherman whom Felix has been bothering throws Felix onto some electrical wires. The cat is sent by radio waves to ancient Egypt, where he finds no end of trouble. Video: Video: Presenting Felix the Cat Vol. 2 (Bosko Video), Felix the Cat Cartoon Compilation (1/2-Inch Heaven). DVD: Presenting Felix the Cat (Bosko Video)
  • Felix Strikes It Rich (July 1)

    Felix is running a dance contest for hens, getting himself in bad with a farmer when an egg quota isn't met. The farmer forces Felix to dig his own grave, but in doing so, he strikes oil.
  • Felix in Hollywood (July 15)

    Felix helps his actor owner get to Hollywood. The cat auditions for a film job himself, but must perform celebrity impressions and save Douglas Fairbanks from huge Jersey skeeters before he gets "one of those long-term contracts." Video: Presenting Felix the Cat Vol. 2 (Bosko Video), Felix! (Lumivision), Felix the Cat Frolics #1 (Festival Films), Felix the Cat Vol. 1 (Grapevine Video). DVD: Felix! (Lumivision), Felix the Cat (Delta Entertainment), Presenting Felix the Cat (Bosko Video)
  • Felix in Fairyland (Aug. 1)

    Felix saves the life of a fairy stuck to flypaper and gets his wish to travel to Fairyland. There he outwits the giant from "Jack in the Beanstalk" and gives his castle to the Old Woman in the Shoe. Video: Video: Presenting Felix the Cat Vol. 2 (Bosko Video), Felix the Cat Cartoon Compilation (1/2-Inch Heaven), Felix the Cat Vol. 1 (Grapevine Video). DVD: Presenting Felix the Cat (Bosko Video)
  • Felix Laughs Last (Aug. 15)

    The mice are abusing Felix. They steal a sausage dinner from Felix's boss while he's saying grace, and Felix takes the blame. Then, when Felix tries to help a neighbor carry a sack of grain, the mice slit the sack so the grain drops out. But Felix finally gets even, luring the mice into a trap with the promise of a cheese shop delivery.
  • Felix and the Radio

  • Felix Fills a Shortage (Nov. 15)

    Felix hears of a banana shortage, so figures he'll make big money travelling to Banana Island and boating some home. On the island, he's chased by a cannibal chef, but finally tricks the native into supplying him with the desired fruit.
  • Felix the Goat Getter (Dec. 1)

    Felix is a bad influence on little Willie, tempting him to smoke his father's pipe, then juggling stolen doughnuts from a plate. Felix redeems himself in Wilie's eyes by doing a dishwashing job for him and then manipulating a goat to butt a carpet, thus beating it and saving Willie from his chores.
  • Felix Goes A-Hunting (Dec. 15)

    Felix and his owner go hunting rabbits to make the lady of the house a fur coat. They accidentally round up a bear and lead it back to the house, where the missus is waiting for her gift. Video: Presenting Felix the Cat Vol. 2 (Bosko Video: shortened home movie version). DVD: Presenting Felix the Cat (Bosko Video: shortened home movie version)
  • Unidentified Felix films probably fill some of the gaps, but their titles have not been ascertained.


M. J. Winkler release
  • Felix Out of Luck (Jan. 1)

    Felix lets Skiddoo go free, and refuses to beg for food from a butcher, believing that he has a hefty feast waiting for him at home. But it isn't so. Now Felix tries and fails to catch Skiddoo. He is rebuffed by both a fisherman and a fish. He climbs a washline to siphon milk from a bottle, but is knocked to the ground. Finally he steals meat from a lion's cage and takes the lot, along with his lumps. Video: Presenting Felix the Cat Vol. 2 (Bosko Video: shortened home movie version). DVD: Presenting Felix the Cat (Bosko Video: shortened home movie version)
  • Felix Loses Out (Jan. 15)

    Felix tries to compete with his rival's motor scooter by building a soapbox derby to impress Kitty. Felix's car is powered by Skiddoo running on a belt inside and the rival lets him out, embarrassing Felix in the end.
  • Felix 'Hyps' the Hippo (Feb. 1)

    Felix uses his newfound powers of hypnosis to cause trouble until, by subduing a rare, escaped horned white hippopotamus, they help to make him into a celebrity.
  • Felix Crosses the Crooks (Feb. 15)

    Felix helps a cop catch a bank robber by hiding in a money sack and leading the robber on a chase. Felix next catches a second crook who is stealing sponges from a drygoods store. By using an elephant to squirt water on the crook's clothes, he makes the sponges inside swell up, turning the man into a sphere.
  • Felix Tries to Rest (Feb. 29)

    Felix tries to nap in a watchdog's kennel while the dog is away chasing a tramp. But Felix ends up victimized by the tramp, kicked skyward by a donkey, carried tail-first by a bird, and falling to earth to land on a hog.
  • Felix Goes West (March 1)

    After misadventures among an Indian tribe and a chase with a bear, Felix is frightened by the wooden Chief outside a cigar store. Video: Felix the Cat Cartoon Compilation (1/2-Inch Heaven). DVD: Felix the Cat (Delta Entertainment)
  • Felix Doubles for Darwin (March 15)

    A scientist wants to learn whether "man comes after monkey" on the family tree. To help him find out, Felix travels to Ape Town, where he asks some apes if humans are their relatives. Looking over the photos of humans that Felix has brought with him, the apes are insulted and chase Felix home. It turns out that "monkeys come after man" in the end. DVD: Felix the Cat (Delta Entertainment)
  • Felix Finds Out (April 1)

    Felix's owner Willie can't figure out why the moon shines, so Felix goes in search of the answer. After various adventures, Felix finds the "moonshine" that bootleggers have brewed and staggers home drunk for the closer. DVD: Felix the Cat (Delta Entertainment)
  • Felix Cashes In

  • Felix Fairy Tales

  • Felix Grabs His Grub

    Felix battles for his morning meal by trying to steal milk, pursuing a chicken for her eggs, and fighting with a turtle, an octopus, and a shark. Finally he settles for stealing and devouring a fisherman's lunch.
  • Felix Pinches the Pole (May 1)

    Felix uses pepper to make a man sneeze his roast chicken out of his house—but a snake steals the chicken from Felix. When a barber feeds Felix instead, he later volunteers to replace the barber's stolen pole. He heads north and, after some wild escapades, secures the North Pole and brings it home.
  • Felix Puts It Over (May 15)

    Felix, gang leader, woos Kitty, but looks shabby in comparison with the Bronx leader of a rival feline gang. He wins Kitty's affection back at a dance, but then must rescue her when the rival gang kidnaps her.
  • A Friend In Need (June 1)

  • Felix Finds 'Em Fickle (June 15)

    Kitty tells Felix that if he loves her, he'll get her a flower from the summit of a huge mountain. Braving a bear, a huge raven, human mountaineers and other dangers, Felix heads for the heights. In the end, Felix brings down the flower he sought, only to discover Kitty really wanted the one next to it! Video: Presenting Felix the Cat Vol. 2 (Bosko Video: shortened home movie version). DVD: Presenting Felix the Cat (Bosko Video: shortened home movie version)
  • Felix Baffled by Banjos (June 15)

    Felix is sick of banjo playing in the apartment above his home, so takes a vacation in the South Seas to heal his ears. When the natives there are also banjo mad, Felix commits suicide to escape, but even in heaven the angels are playing banjos.
  • Felix All Balled Up (July 1)

    On the golf course, Felix's owner brings along a "club" that's really Felix in disguise. Felix tries to teach his owner to play golf, but loses the man's only ball and is sent to recover it or die. Felix finally satisfies his owner by discovering a nest where a bird has been hoarding lost balls as eggs.
  • Felix Brings Home the Bacon (July 15)

    A girl cat spurns Felix for not having the latest style—a bobbed tail. Felix gets a bird to clip his tail short (by biting it) but then learns long tails are the rage again, so commits suicide by jumping off a cliff. He cancels his plans, though, to save a bug from a frog. The bug turns out to be a fairy who takes Felix to Fairyland. There Felix outwits a witch to help keep Mother Hubbard's cupboard full.
  • Felix Minds His Business

  • Felix Goes Hungry (Dec. 1)

    A starving Felix must chase the mouse who steals the money he received from pawning a stolen hatpin.
  • Felix Finishes First (Dec. 15)

  • Unidentified Felix films probably fill some of the gaps, but their titles have not been ascertained.


M. J. Winkler release
  • Felix Wins and Loses (Jan. 1)

    Felix steals some sausages from a man's basket, then causes the pursuing man to slip on banana peels outside a shop. The shopkeeper calls the police, but Felix "skates" away using peels as skates. Later, Felix redeems himself by capturing an escaped bear and returning him to a circus.
  • Felix All Puzzled (Jan. 15)

    To help his master solve a crossword puzzle—"seven-letter word found chiefly in Russia"—Felix travels there by mule kick. A peasant mistakes Felix for a bomb; then revolutionaries mistake Felix for a spy. Felix escapes with the help of a goat, then by disguising himself as a cactus, only to find he's taken the revolutionaries' plans with him, and now sentries are on his trail. In the end Felix says his trip to Russia was nothing but "trouble" ...that being the puzzle's seven-letter word. Video: Before Walt (Inkwell Images Ink), Felix the Cat and Other 1920s Rarities (Snappy Video: shortened home movie print), Felix the Cat Cartoon Compilation (1/2-Inch Heaven: shortened home movie print). DVD: Felix the Cat (Delta Entertainment: shortened home movie print)
  • Felix Follows the Swallows (Feb. 1)

    It's a cold winter and Felix is bothered by a snowball-throwing boy and his snowdog. Hoping to go south like the birds, Felix fashions wings and flies to the jungle, only to be chased by cannibals, a monkey, and an elephant. In the end, returning home, Felix shakes hands with a snowman: "it was too hot for me down there!"
  • Felix Rests in Peace (Feb. 15)

  • Felix Gets His Fill (Mar. 1)

    Felix, hungry as usual, hears from a cafe singer and a billboard character that food is plentiful down south, and decides to hie him thither. The Cotton Exchange pays for cotton in chicken dinners (!) so Felix goes picking-getting in trouble when he mistakes an old man's beard for a cotton plant. The man pursues Felix but is attacked by an alligator; Felix rescues the man and is rewarded with a feast.
  • Felix Full O' Fight (April 13)

    Kitty spurns Felix as a coward when he runs from a bear. Felix decides to prove his bravery by going on a dangerous quest for treasure, but finds only a pirate's bootleg hooch. Getting drunk on it, Felix beats up an ape, then returns home to beat up his rival too.
  • Felix Outwits Cupid (April 27)

  • Felix Monkeys with Magic (May 8)

    Felix's master practices magic and plays tricks on Felix. Felix dares his master to transform into a mouse, then knocks him out and steals the book. On his own, Felix practices some tricks, then tries to help an artist paint by magic. A painted bear chases Felix into the painting, where he fights a lion, a stork, and a hippo with magic. He turns the hippo into a car to drive home (somehow escaping the painting—it's never explained!), where his irate master reclaims the book, reassumes human form, puts Felix under the spell and kicks him away. DVD: Felix the Cat (Delta Entertainment)
  • Felix Cops the Prize (May 25)

  • Felix Gets the Can (June 8)

    Felix is advised to travel north in search of salmon. In Canada, the feline is shot at by bandit Dan McStew, is tricked by the local fish, and winds up in a can along with them. Back home at a restaurant, Felix emerges from the can and eats the salmon pictured on the label. Video: Felix the Cat and Krazy Kat Vol. 1 (Ed Finn). DVD: Felix the Cat (Delta Entertainment)
  • Felix Dopes It Out (Aug. 15)

    Felix travels to a cannibal island in search of a legendary cure for red noses. His human hobo friend doesn't like the cure much at all—"keep on drinking and it'll turn blue"!
  • Video: Felix! (Lumivision), Felix the Cat and Krazy Kat Vol. 1 (Ed Finn). DVD: Felix! (Lumivision)


Educational Pictures release
  • Felix Trifles with Time (Aug. 23)

    Father Time gives Felix a chance to see if he prefers life in pre-history. But dinosaurs and a caveman tailor give Felix quite a run for his money. In the end, Felix is glad to leave the Stone Age and enjoy eating "the Garb-Age" back home. Archived: MTL. Video: Felix the Cat and Krazy Kat Vol. 1(Ed Finn)
  • Felix Busts Into Business (Sept. 6)

    Felix envies the money made by a doctor, so swims across the ocean to work as a doctor for the animals in Africa. But it's hard to feed pills to giraffes, ostriches and elephants, so Felix returns home and grumpily breaks the doctor's window.
  • Felix Trips Through Toyland (Sept. 20)

    Felix saves a doll from a dog. The doll falls in love with her hero and takes him to Toyland, where he must save her from the villainous Pierrot.
  • Felix on the Farm (Oct. 4)

    Felix keeps his owner awake and is punished by being sent to the farm. Farmer Cy is tough on Felix, but mosquitoes are even tougher, chasing him into a cider mill. The skeeters drink the cider themselves, then bite Felix and the farmer, making them drunk and ending their feud.
  • Felix on the Job (Oct. 18)

    Felix stows away on a ship at sea and is forced to swab the deck. He is blamed for causing a storm and thrown overboard. On a nearby coast he uses a lighthouse beam to divert rats onto the ship, getting his revenge on the skipper.
  • The Cold Rush (Nov. 1)

    Felix is accidentally locked in a refrigerator, where he hallucinates that he is at the North Pole. In the end he is rescued from the fridge in a block of ice and melted out on the stove. Video: Felix the Cat and Krazy Kat Vol. 1(Ed Finn)
  • Eats Are West (Nov. 15)

    Felix converts some flapjacks into a trolley and then, an airplane, to pursue a Pony Express rider and devour his sausage delivery. Upon landing in the Wild West, he meets the cowboys who would have received the sausages. They angrily engage him in some thrilling chases on horseback. Video: Felix the Cat (Ira Gallen), Felix the Cat Sound and Silent (Video Yesteryear: excerpt retitled "Felix With the Cowboys"). DVD: Felix the Cat (Delta Entertainment: untitled print listed on package as "A Felix Comic")
  • Felix Tries the Trades (Nov. 29)

    Job hunting Felix quits being nursemaid to a squalling baby in favor of laying bricks. He provokes the other workmen to go on strike and throw bricks at him. Felix grabs the flying bricks and rapidly builds a wall, earning his boss' acclaim.
  • Felix at the Rainbow's End (Dec. 13)

    After a rainstorm, Felix follows the rainbow to a pot of gold. A witch steals the gold. But Felix does a good deed and is given the use of Aladdin's lamp to make the witch disappear.
  • Felix Kept On Walking (Dec. 27)

    Felix is thrown out of his owners' home for walking on the piano keys. He meets a poet writing the maxim, "Roses are red; if you are blue, beyond the horizon lie riches for you." Felix walks across the ocean to England, where he is chased by customs officials and escapes on a horse borrowed from a statue. Soccer players kick Felix across France to Egypt. Later Felix re-encounters the poet and, having found no riches, knocks him toward the horizon with a cane.


Educational Pictures release
  • Felix Spots the Spook (Jan. 10)

    Sleepy Felix can't sleep in a bird's nest or a pig pen, so tries a nearby house—whose mice object to the intrusion. The mice disguise themselves as a ghost to scare Felix off. But Felix discovers the ruse, kills the mice and is rewarded by the homeowner.
  • Felix Flirts With Fate (Jan. 24)

    It seems everyone but Felix has a girlfriend. Then Felix spots an alien girl on Mars and travels up to meet her by rocket. At a Martian nightclub Felix introduces the Charleston, but it gets a bad reaction from the aliens. A bouncer kicks Felix back to Earth.
  • Felix in Blunderland (Feb. 7)

    A cop gives Felix directions to Alice's Wonderland. He follows Alice himself, but misses the train that she takes-ending up in Blunderland instead. Felix angers Old King Cole and fails to recover Bo Peep's lost sheep. Returning home Felix snubs the cop.
  • Felix Fans the Flames (Feb. 21)

    Felix dreams that he's in Hell, pursued by the Devil and his minions. Upon awakening, he turns in a fire alarm and saves his injured tail.
  • Felix Laughs It Off (March 7)

    Felix is worried that as a black cat, he's a jinx. He worries so much that he becomes thin and scrawny, so must teach himself to laugh and grow fat. Later Felix teaches other animals and people to laugh and grow fat as well.
  • Felix Weathers the Weather (March 21)

    After failing to take his kittens on a picnic due to bad weather, Felix travels into the clouds to see Jupiter Pluvius' weather-making machine. He turns the machine to his own benefit, punishing Jupiter in the process.
  • Felix Uses His Head (April 4)

    Felix finds a quarter and, when a kosher deli is closed for St. Patrick's Day, instead buys a tin of live fish-who unfortunately escape before being eaten. Felix next lassos a man's chicken dinner, but loses it out of reach on a far island across a pond. By allowing a hen to pull and stretch his tail, Felix makes it long enough to reach the dinner. (See the poster for this film.)
  • Felix Misses the Cue (April 18)

    Would-be goldfish thief Felix hides in a laundry basket. Pursued by Chinese laundrymen, the cat tunnels through the earth and ends up in China itself. Felix steals a basket of food and tries to escape with a skyrocket, then with vehicles made of coolies' hats and umbrellas.
  • Felix Braves the Briny (May 2)

    Felix hears an old sailor's plan to recover a sunken treasure by submarine. Felix builds his own submarine to get to the treasure first, but ends up fighting with sharks and then with the arriving sailors' diver. Video: Felix the Cat (Congress Video Group: Fred Ladd colorization retitled "Sunken Treasure").
  • A Tale of Two Kitties (May 16)

    Felix is unable to see Kitty when he visits her after curfew—and wishes he were in the big city, where curfews wouldn't be a problem. Traveling there, he meets a city girl who robs him and dumps him... precipitating his return to the country.
  • Felix Scoots Through Scotland (May 30)

    Visiting Scotland, Felix meets the thrifty golf player Sandy Hook. Felix offers Sandy his tail to use as a golf club but Sandy also takes his nose to use as a ball! Later, another Scot threatens to drown Felix in the river, but Felix's piteous meows in reaction are mistaken for bagpipe music, leading to his winning a piping contest.
  • Felix Rings the Ringer (June 13)

    The circus is in town but Felix cares only for his empty belly. He steals a hot dog from a circus kiosk and is chased through the circus by the hot dog man, where the pursuit is seen as so funny by the audience that both end up circus stars.
  • School Daze (June 27)

    After getting Mary in trouble at school, Felix attempts to help her answer the question, "where in the world is the hottest place?" With a makeshift airship, Felix travels to the equator, but the hot region's alligators, birds and a lion pursue him to the North Pole-where he concludes things were actually "hottest" (i. e. most troublesome!)
  • Felix Seeks Solitude (July 11)

    Felix steals a fish from the end of a man's fishing line, but cannot find peace to eat it in privacy. The moon, a tree, Felix's shadow and even the fish's father pursue him disapprovingly for his thieving actions. In the end Felix returns the fish to the man and is rewarded with a bottle of milk.
  • Felix Misses His Swiss (July 25)

    Felix foils Skiddoo and the mice when they try to steal cheese from a shop. The mice travel to Switzerland to steal cheese there, but Felix follows them and pursues them around the Alps. But in the end Skiddoo sails for home leaving Felix behind on shore. Video: Felix the Cat (Congress Video Group: Fred Ladd colorization).
  • Gym Gems (Aug. 8)

    Starving Felix fails to eat a shoe and drink paste from a billposter's bucket, then wanders into a boxer's camp where he wins the boxer's enmity and is punched away. Felix leads a mule back to the camp where the boxer is summarily beaten up and knocked out.
  • Two-Lip Time (Aug. 22)

    After chasing a mouse onto a ship and enduring a vicious bout of seasickness, Felix finds himself in Holland, where he woos a local maid and proves himself a terrible gardener—watering tulips with gin. The head gardener chases Felix, but Felix blows him away with a windmill. Video: Felix the Cat and Other 1920s Rarities (Snappy Video), Felix the Cat Sound and "Silent" (Video Yesteryear, excerpt retitled "Felix in Dutch")
  • Scrambled Yeggs (Sept. 5)

    Felix sleeps in an empty baby carriage—and is kidnapped by two crooks who believe the carriage to contain a rich family's baby. Angry Felix escapes and wants revenge. He gets it when the crooks later rob a bank—and Felix nails their shadows to the bank wall unawares. The shadows are later used as evidence to convict the crooks in court.
  • Felix Shatters the Sheik (Sept. 19)

    As an umbrella salesman's mascot, Felix has a hard time in the desert until he convinces birds to peck open the clouds above a sheiks' convention—creating a great need for umbrellas.
  • Felix Hunts the Hunter (Oct. 3)

    Felix's hunter master gets lost in the jungle and the animals capture his possessions and supplies. When an ostrich swallows his gun, the bird's lethal expectorations kill the entire group of animals. Felix claims credit for having dispatched them. Archived: MTL
  • Land O' Fancy (Oct. 17)

    Felix wonders where smoke rings go-and finds that their destination is a land of clouds, home of Jack's giants. Felix steals a giant bottle of milk and is chased, ultimately ending back on earth where the smoke rings originated in a cigar. Video: Felix the Cat (Ira Gallen)
  • Felix Busts a Bubble (Oct. 31)

    Felix's mistress could care less about feeding him—she'd rather go to Hollywood and get a job as an actress. Felix is determined to bust this bubble, so follows her to foul up her screen tests. Video: Felix the Cat Vol. 2 (Grapevine Video)
  • Reverse English (Nov. 14)

    Felix doesn't like being put out for the night and is ejected by his master, even after returning home by telephone. Master tries to drown Felix, but Felix is rescued by a lobster. Back on shore, Felix dreams of a situation where he is the master and his owner is the pet.
  • Felix Trumps the Ace (Nov. 28)

    Felix tries to earn meat at a fair. But when he makes a tent into a new dress for the Fat Lady, he is given no pay. Next, Felix's fight with a hen steals the audience from the nearby Ace of Clowns. The Ace chases Felix high in the air on the high wire, where Felix ultimately shakes the clown down into the mud. Video: Felix the Cat and Krazy Kat Vol. 1 (Ed Finn)
  • Felix Collars the Button (Dec. 12)

    Felix's sleep is interrupted when his mistress demands his master take her to a show-and again when master loses the mistress' collar button. Felix chases the button under a hippo and through a bakery's vat of dough, where he finds the button with a magnet.
  • Zoo Logic (Dec. 26)

    Caged zoo animals envy Felix's freedom, so Felix frees them—and they soon discover that life in the outside world isn't all it's cracked up to be. A hippo breaks traffic laws, a leopard's pelt is stolen by a mugger and so forth. In the end the animals return to the zoo.


Educational Pictures release
  • Felix Dines and Pines (Jan. 9)

    Felix can't catch a mouse, a chicken, or jumping beans, so decides to eat a shoe instead. This last item brings him a wild, hallucinatory nightmare. In the end Felix comes to his senses and takes the pledge—apparently not to eat shoes again. Video: Felix! (Lumivision), Felix the Cat Cartoon Compilation (1/2-Inch Heaven), Felix the Cat Vol. 1 (Grapevine Video), Felix the Cat and Krazy Kat Vol. 2 (Ed Finn). DVD: Felix! (Lumivision)
  • Pedigreedy (Jan. 23)

    Anxious to prove his noble lineage at the Kit Kat Club, Felix boasts of his ancestors, who showed the Pharaoh how to Charleston and who taught Columbus that the world was round. In the end Felix brings in his "family tree", a tree full of stray cats, for the Kit Kats to see. Video: Felix the Cat and Other 1920s Rarities (Snappy Video)
  • Icy Eyes (Feb. 6)

    Felix is attracted to Peaches, a girl cat who's skating on the pond and whom he rescues from an accident-but she spurns him with icy eyes. Later, Felix decides to win Peaches' favor by capturing a jewel thief and his pet crow. He succeeds, but Peaches has grown fat in the meantime and now it's Felix who spurns the girl.
  • Felix Stars In Stripes (Feb)

    Felix is disturbed from napping by a crying baby. To pacify the kid, Felix imitates Chaplin, then tries to steal a barber pole that the kid thinks is a giant peppermint stick. Felix is arrested for this effort and must break out of prison. He digs an escape hole which leads to a pond-which drains into the hole and floods the prison yard. Felix escapes on a horse, removing the stripes from his uniform to disguise the horse as a zebra. Felix gets away, but the "zebra" lands in a zoo.
  • Felix Sees 'Em In Season (Mar. 6)

    Spring is here and Felix is struck by sleepy spring fever. A bee awakens him, though, and he uses the same bee to wake an African-American washwoman who'd fallen asleep on the job. Felix then chases Skiddoo in an effort to eat him, but spring fever returns, and cat and mouse fall asleep together, forgetting their fight.
  • Barn Yarns (Mar. 20)

    Hungry Felix is chased away from a diner by having pepper shaken at him. He next pursues a duck with intent to kill, but the chae leads to a pond where the duck saves Felix from drowning. Indebted Felix next must save the duck from a farmer—who angrily throws Felix back in the river. This time Felix is saved by fish, whom Felix then teaches to avoid the farmer's hook.
  • Germ Mania (April 3)

    Felix inspects the test tubes in a laboratory to reveal Golf Germs and spooning Love Germs, who resent his intrusion in their romance. A scientist uses a fluid to shrink Felix to germ size, whereupon the cat makes his getaway. But the male Love Germ has used another fluid to grow large and chases Felix.
  • Sax Appeal (April 27)

    Felix escapes his owner's noisy sax playing, but is bothered by sax music on the radio. He knocks out the radio sax players (with a shoe thrown at the radio), but now his owner's music bothers him again. He buries owner's sax in the garden, but a mole finds it in the dirt and begins playing it once more. Felix finally seizes the notes coming from the sax, shoots them, and drowns them.
  • Eye Jinks (May 1)

    Felix answers an optometrist's advertisement for a mouse catcher. Catching forty winks after the hunt, he hasn't figured on the rodents returning and putting strong glasses on his face, leading him to a series of wild hallucinations.
  • Roameo (May 15)

    Felix is proposing marriage to Kitty when distracting, pretty singing carries him over the ocean to Spain. By fighting a bull, he wins the Spanish girl who'd done the singing, but her tough nature scares him away. In the Arctic, he meets a second girl but is driven off by a polar bear. In Hawaii, he meets a third girl and is driven off by her lover. Back home, Felix again proposes to Kitty, saying he'd never look at another girl—but the girls of his travels have followed him home, belying his words.
  • Felix Ducks His Duty (May 29)

    Felix deserts the army during a war under pretenses of marriage, marrying the first girl cat he can find. When his new spouse turns out to be a tyrant, though, Felix decides he prefers the battlefield and returns there in the end. Video: Felix the Cat (Ira Gallen), Felix the Cat and Krazy Kat Vol. 1 (Ed Finn)
  • Dough-Nutty (June 12)

    Felix tries to get adopted by a marketing man who's trying to invent a new form of doughnut. The man at first shuns Felix as unlucky (i. e. black cats), but then gets him to help him in his quest. In trying to find a shape for the doughnut, Felix gets lost in a maze and is still there at cartoon's end.
  • "Loco" Motive (June 26)

    Upon beholding a well-nourished Teuton, Felix decides that Germany is the land of milk and honey, then inflates a bratwurst to build himself a zeppelin and fly there. The journey is difficult, detouring through France and China but finally landing Felix in Berlin, where he meets a rousing welcome.
  • Art for Heart's Sake (July 10)

    Kitty spurns Felix for an aviator and Felix tries to drown his sadness in art, first painting and then sculpting images of Kitty Pygmalion-like. In the end, Kitty falls from the flier's plane and crashes through the roof of the art studio, returning to Felix and kicking the statue aside.
  • The Travel-Hog (July 14)

    Taking his morning bath, Felix is called to breakfast by Kitty but falls out the window, a number of accidents crrying him from one place to another and in effect all around the world. Finally a volcano blows Felix home, where he sits down to breakfast covered with travel stickers.
  • Jack from All Trades (Aug. 7)

    Kitty demands Felix find work. He first acts as barber, cutting the hair of an African-American janitor and his mop. He acts as dentist, putting new teeth on a farmer's rake. Finally he uses a tire pump to play a musician's sax, earning money that he brings home to a hero's welcome. Video: Felix the Cat (Congress Video Group: Fred Ladd colorization retitled "Mr. Do-All").
  • The Non-Stop Fright (Aug. 21)

    Felix builds a flying machine upon learning that he can win big money flying to Timbuctu. The trip there, however, detours through a weird fish community and into a cannibal encampment. Video: Felix the Cat (Video Rarities), Felix the Cat Vol. 1 (Grapevine Video), Weird Cartoons Vol. 2 (Rhino). DVD: Weird Cartoons (Rhino)
  • Wise Guise (Sept. 4)

    Felix hopes to outshine the "wise guys" in Kitty's eyes, so cheats to win a funfair swimming contest by riding fishback. He deflates a fat man and inflates a skinny one. He then poses for a silhouette cutter, but the resulting silhouette is so lifelike that Kitty falls for it-and Felix must duel with it. In the end, Kitty prefers Felix and tears up the silhouette.
  • Flim Flam Films (Sept. 18)

    Felix, Inky, Dinky, and Winky sneak into a movie theater to watch a Felix cartoon onscreen. Upon being kicked out of the show, Felix decides to make his own movies... but the kittens film him kissing a bathing beauty, then show the scene to an angry Kitty. Video: Felix the Cat and Krazy Kat Vol. 2 (Ed Finn)
  • Felix Switches Witches (Oct. 2)

    On Halloween, Felix is both victim and victor in mischievous and bizarre jokes, switching animals' heads and bodies around. An owl reads Felix's fortune in the cards, telling him how to meet the love of his life, but instead he seems to end up meeting a witch. Video: Felix the Cat (Ira Gallen), Felix the Cat (Video Rarities), Felix the Cat Vol. 2 (Grapevine Video), Felix the Cat and Krazy Kat Vol. 2 (Ed Finn)
  • No Fuelin' (Oct. 16)

    Felix goes searching for fuel for the fire to keep Inky and Dinky and Kitty from freezing in the winter. He goes on many adventures to find fuel, but he always ends up losing it and returns home without any—his bag ultimately contains a hungry woodpecker who's eaten the lot!
  • Daze and Knights (Oct. 30)

    Hungry Felix tries to steal a fisherman's catch, but is rebuffed-so envies a cat in a nearby castle who's being fed royally. He invades the castle, but is beaten up. In his daze, he dreams he's chased by a suit of armor, then a real knight, and that he has helped to repel an attack on the castle and is rewarded with the icebox key.
  • Uncle Tom's Crabbin' (Nov. 13)

    Felix is sick of the winter cold and decides to go down South where it's warm. He meets Uncle Tom and Topsy, dancing with the latter while the former plays the banjo. Simon Legree uses his whip to break the banjo, but Felix builds a makeshift replacement. Simon unsuccessfully chases Felix, then transforms his whip into a hound to pick up the pursuit. The hound chases Felix back north, where Felix finally fights with him and transforms him back into a whip.
  • Whys and Other Whys (Nov. 27)

    Why does Felix come home late to Kitty one night? Because, he says, he bought her a fur coat that was really a bear, and it took time to fight the bear off. Why are his knees wobbly? Because he defended her box of candy on stormy, rocky seas. Why does he have a blonde hair on his shoulder? Why, it came from the lion who ate Kitty's candy. Yeah, right. Video: Felix the Cat (Ira Gallen)
  • Felix Hits the Deck (Dec. 11)

    Transported into a land of playing cards, Felix tries to please the Queen of Hearts by digging her a diamond mine. But the angry King sends Felix to the Jack who ends up giving him the grand slam. Video: Felix the Cat (Video Rarities)
  • Felix Behind In Front (Dec. 25)

    Felix and his farmer friend join the army. Felix helps his friend get food and fight in the trenches. When the group is trapped in a foxhole by the enemy, Felix makes an expedition to get food himself. The sausages he brings back end up fired at the enemy in battle.


Educational Pictures release
  • The Smoke Scream (Jan. 8)

    Felix is the pet in a household where husband wants to smoke, but wife won't let him in spite of Felix's help. Eventually the old man's beard catches fire. Panicking, he runs out of the house and into a nearby hotel, causing a ruckus and requiring Felix to play fireman.
  • Draggin' the Dragon (Jan. 22)

    Felix rejects several offers of food, preferring to eat at a restaurant in Peking-where cats aren't allowed, leading Felix to steal the restaurant's secret chop suey recipe. The chef consults with a mandarin, leading to Felix's pursuit by a coolie. Felix and the coolie fight in the sky aboard rockets; other coolies, then a dragon join the fight back on earth. Felix finally kills the dragon, draggin' him home as a trophy.
  • The Oily Bird (Feb. 5)

    While Felix is asleep, an incredibly stupid hen makes its way into the cat's house—and eats the jewels owned by Felix's boss. Framed for the theft, Felix decides to find them himself. The eventual fight between Felix and the bird ends with the bird digging its own grave... and discovering oil. Video: Felix the Cat Frolics #2 (Festival Films), Felix the Cat and Krazy Kat Vol. 2 (Ed Finn), Felix the Cat Sound and "Silent" (Video Yesteryear)
  • Ohm Sweet Ohm (Feb. 19)

    After being buffetted by a lightning storm, Felix traps some lightning in a gigantic box, then attempts to make money by harnessing its power for various uses. It powers a broom too well, though, finally sweeping Felix away.
  • Japanicky (March 4)

    After watching a jiu jitsu exhibition, Felix tries the martial art himself on a lamppost, a cop, and a goat, who butts him to Japan. There, Felix finds that the locals don't know what chairs are, painfully squatting instead of sitting. Felix builds chairs in his usual style, enraging the emperor until he gets one too.
  • Polly-Tics (March 18)

    After saving a man's milk from Skiddoo and the mice, Felix is accepted as the man's pet-but Laura the Parrot, once the household favorite, objects heartily. Laura and other animals conspire to tie Felix to the town clock, pulling him out of the house. Felix returns to make peace. Video: Felix the Cat Frolics #1 (Festival Films), Felix the Cat Sound and "Silent" (Video Yesteryear).
  • Comicalamities (April 1)

    Felix's artist draws him uninked, whereupon a bootblack is needed to blacken him in. The artist draws Felix a girlfriend, Calamity Jane, but she is ugly and must be redrawn pretty. Felix travels to the oyster beds to please Jane with a chain of pearls, but in the end she throws him over anyway... and he tears her up. Video: Felix! (Lumivision), Felix the Cat and Krazy Kat Vol. 2 (Ed Finn), Felix the Cat Sound and "Silent" (Video Yesteryear). DVD: Felix! (Lumivision)
  • Sure-Locked Homes (April 15)

    Itinerant Felix tries to spend the night in a haunted house, but is heckled by wild, metamorphosing shadows created by a baby with a candle. Video: Felix the Cat (Ira Gallen), Felix the Cat Frolics #1 (Festival Films), Felix the Cat Vol. 2 (Grapevine Video)
  • Eskimotive (April 19)

    When Inky and Uncle Felix are blowing bubbles one day, Inky gets trapped in a bubble and floats to the Arctic. Felix chases the bubble and rescues Inky, but they are separated at night. On his own, Felix is chased by arctic animals but brings a pack of pursuing seals home to sell to a furrier. He then whistles for Inky who comes running home after him.
  • Arabiantics (May 13)

    Felix finds a flying carpet which takes him to Arabia. There, he swaps the rug for a chain of jewels, but must deal with a sultan and his pet rats—the Forty Thieves—who steal the jewels for their harem. Felix eventually gets the girls to shimmy until the jewels fly off of them for Felix to collect. Video: Felix the Cat and Krazy Kat Vol. 2 (Ed Finn), Felix the Cat Frolics #2 (Festival Films)
  • In and Out-Laws (May 27)

    Felix steals eggs from a hen's nest and winds up owner of a fighting rooster. Felix and the rooster travel to Mexico where Felix trains the rooster to win a cockfight. A bandit tries to steal Felix's winnings, but Felix lassos him and spins him around, causing the money to whirl back to Felix.
  • Outdoor Indore (June 10)

    Felix is promised a job with a circus if he helps them get a new elephant, so the cat travels to India on what proves a successful journey. Video: Felix the Cat Sound and "Silent" (Video Yesteryear), Felix the Cat and Krazy Kat Vol. 2 (Ed Finn), Felix the Cat Frolics #1 (Festival Films), Felix the Cat Vol. 2 (Grapevine Video).
  • Futuritzy (June 24)

    Kitty's father won't let Felix marry her until he learns what his future holds. Felix visits an astronomer, who predicts a fine future for Felix, but in practice nothing happens as the prediction had suggested. In the end, an angry Felix breaks the astronomer's window. Video: Felix! (Lumivision), Felix the Cat Cartoon Compilation (1/2-Inch Heaven), Felix the Cat (Video Rarities), Felix the Cat and Krazy Kat Vol. 2 (Ed Finn), Felix the Cat Frolics #2 (Festival Films). DVD: Felix! (Lumivision)
  • Astronomeows (July 8)

    The "Democats" political party has its national meeting, wherein chairman Felix announces that he'll find better lives for cats in outer space. He shoots a rope skyward to Saturn, climbing up there and accidentally interrupting a bicycle race. He is thrown onto Mars where various aliens torment him—until he saves the King of Mars from a marauding comet. Video: Felix the Cat (Kids Klassics), Felix the Cat (Video Rarities), Felix the Cat Cartoon Compilation (1/2-Inch Heaven), Felix the Cat Frolics #1 (Festival Films)
  • Jungle Bungles (July 22)

    Felix decides to become a wildlife photographer, and jungle animals' efforts to get rid of him only make for better footage. An ostrich swallows his film, but by feeding her developer and using her as a projector, Felix can show it anyway—frightening the animals away with the images of themselves charging the camera.
  • The Last Life (Aug. 5)

    Felix insures his nine lives before taking up parachute jumping to impress Kitty. During the jumps, Felix loses two lives in nasty falls and six more in a bad fight with a bear. Cashing in on his deaths, Felix retires so as not to lose his last life.


First National Pictures release
Exact releases unknown, although a majority of re-releases (some with added sound) likely. Any information would be helpful.


Copley Pictures release
  • False Vases

    When Felix's piano playing causes Kitty's Ming vase to break, Felix must go to China to find another. When he steals it, he swiftly gets a Mandarin and his dozens of servants hot on his trail. In the end, Felix brings the vase home only to have it broken by a mouse—and Kitty blames him! Video: Felix the Cat (Ira Gallen), Felix the Cat (Video Rarities), Felix the Cat Sound and "Silent" (Video Yesteryear)
  • One Good Turn

    Felix wants to sleep, but can get nobody else to be quiet; even the hot dogs bark. He retires to the woods and ends up helping to save a fox from hunters, whereupon the fox helps to save Felix from a bear. Video: Felix the Cat Vol. 2 (Grapevine Video), Felix the Cat and Krazy Kat Vol. 3 (Ed Finn)
  • Romeeow

    Felix woos Felicia, a beautiful pussycat princess. He duels with a knightly feline rival, then builds a radio station to serenade his beloved. Video: Felix the Cat and Krazy Kat Vol. 3 (Ed Finn), Felix the Cat and Other 1920s Rarities (Snappy Video), Felix the Cat Frolics #2 (Festival Films)
  • Plus, perhaps, other films whose names have not yet been ascertained.


Copley Pictures release
  • April Maze

    Felix tries to take Inky and Dinky on a picnic, but a snake-charming rabbit and his bear friend steal the felines' repast. In the end Felix thinks he's recovered the picnic basket from a stork's beak, but it turns out to be a baby-delivering stork—and Felix's two kittens become many more. Video: Felix the Cat Cartoon Compilation (1/2-Inch Heaven)
  • Felix Woos Whoopee

    Felix is up all night at the Whoopee Club, then drunkenly tries to make his way home without his wife finding out. He successfully gets into the house but wakes up his wife in a final fight with a pillow that he mistakes for a chicken. Video: Felix! (Lumivision), Felix the Cat Vol. 1 (Grapevine Video). DVD: Felix! (Lumivision)
  • Forty Winks

    Felix's search for sleep leads him to Africa, where he fails to find a resting place until he's fought off dozens of animals. Video: Felix the Cat and Krazy Kat Vol. 3 (Ed Finn), Felix the Cat Sound and "Silent" (Video Yesteryear), Felix the Cat Vol. 2 (Grapevine Video)
  • Hootchy Kootchy Parlais Vous

    Mice have declared war on cats and Felix enlists, bidding Kitty adieu. At the front, Felix battles and plays music with fellow cat soldiers (who look remarkably like Krazy Kat, or like the alley cat in Messmer's contemporary Laura Sunday strip). Returning home a hero, Felix discovers that Kitty has had a litter in his absence. Felix considers suicide, but ends up beating a retreat by car.
  • Oceantics

    In search of a job, Felix first invents a makeshift player piano, then competes with a ship's goat mascot for money and food. The pair's explosive fight causes the Navy to think that the ship is under attack. Video: Cartoon Collection Vol. VII (Shokus Video), Felix the Cat and Krazy Kat Vol. 3 (Ed Finn), Felix the Cat Sound and "Silent" (Video Yesteryear)
  • Skulls and Sculls

    Felix is initiated into a college fraternity by way of a spooky hazing in a "haunted" house. Then he captains his college friends in the big college boat race. The team tires out, but by hitching the boat to a big fish, Felix pulls his crew across the finish line first.
  • Tee Time

    Felix tricks his father into thinking that he's practicing the piano, then escapes to play golf with Skiddoo the mouse. After raising the ire of the local fire department, he's shot overseas on a jet of water and lands in Africa, where jungle cannibals try to devour him. Video: Felix the Cat Cartoon Compilation (1/2-Inch Heaven), Felix the Cat (Video Rarities), Felix the Cat Sound and "Silent" (Video Yesteryear)
  • Plus, perhaps, other films whose names have not yet been ascertained.


RKO/Van Beuren release
  • Felix the Cat and the Goose That Laid the Golden Egg (Feb. 7)

    Felix produces free money for the poor from the eggs of his golden goose, Goldie. The pirate, Captain Kidd, steals the golden goose and sails away with her, leading Felix to pursue him and battle the buccaneer in a comic duel. Video: Cartoon Collection Vol. VI (Shokus Video), Felix the Cat (Kids Klassics) and other various public domain compilations
  • Neptune Nonsense (March 20)

    Felix travels underseas to find a mate for his goldfish, Annabelle. He raises the ire of the fish community and is captured, then told he'll be fried "until you're nice and brown." In the end Neptune discovers Felix's true goal and sends him home with a mate for Annabelle. Video: Felix the Cat (Kids Klassics) and other various public domain compilations. DVD: Felix the Cat (Delta Entertainment)
  • Bold King Cole (May 29)

    Fleeing a storm, Felix finds himself at King Cole's castle. The monarch, a real windbag, brags about his great adventures and conquests, leading the ghosts of his ancestors to try and prove him wrong. Video: Felix the Cat and Krazy Kat Vol. 3 (Ed Finn), Felix the Cat (Kids Klassics) and other various public domain compilations

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